s. pietro in vaticano


S. Pietro in Vaticano (Saint Peter’s) is the station for the Saturday of the First Week in Lent. As the greatest church in all Christendom, little other introduction is required. (Pictured, from top to bottom: the apse above the Altar of the Chair; Arnolfo di Cambio’s sculpture of Saint Peter; an image of Peter from the ceiling of the loggia outside the basilica; the inside roof of the baldacchino above the papal altar.


The Seven Pilgrim Churches of Rome are seven basilicas that are traditionally visited by those making a religious pilgrimage to the city. The classic list was finalized by 1595, after promotion of the devotion by Saint Philip Neri. They are (in order by photo): Saint Mary Major, Saint Lawrence Outside the Walls, Holy Cross in Jerusalem, Saint John Lateran, Saint Sebastian Outside the Walls, Saint Paul Outside the Walls, and Saint Peter’s Basilica.

The pilgrimage is a walking trip of about 15 miles.