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what "real life converstion" is it, for the ficlet heels by catherinegrant? they says in the tags we can asks u for a visuel, for the shoos too ...

Oh man.

I knew this would happen but I was praying for a miracle … Alright.
So, yesterday I went to a restaurant with my mother and one of my sister and we drank a LOT of red wine throughout the whole dinner. It was hot and I was very hungry so I got slightly drunk. I was totally dizzy and the world was spinning all around me but still, when we got out of the restaurant, I was able to walk straight while my mom and sister struggled to just keep their balance. My mother told me that I was cheating, because I was wearing flats and she was wearing this pink pair of stilettos … Since I’m such a stubborn ass, I asked her to switch shoes with me so I could prove a point. First time wearing heels (because I hate it, I really hate it) and I still got to the car walking a straight line. 

And of course, I told this story to my supercat fam and the one and only @catherinegrant who found that SO FUNNY she just wrote a fic about it. I only learned about it this morning, around 6am when I woke up, because two people pointed it out to me. I thought she was joking yesterday but apparently …

Still, you gotta admit, it’s an awesome little ficlet and it’s fluff and aaaw. You can read it (or re-read ithere

Finally, since she told everyone you could come here and ask for the visual …

And that’s what you missed, ON GLEE.

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fluffy cuddling scenario with akechi and female s/o on a particularly cold night when the heater breaks down

shdjhdk This is adorable!! Thank you for sending it! I’m sorry if it’s out of character, but I really wanted to bring out Akechi’s softer and playful side. I hope you enjoy it!!

“I’m afraid it’s reached it’s limits. After all, we’ve had it for a while. Why don’t we purchase a kotatsu instead, dear?” Akechi was making light conversation to distract his shivering girlfriend from their plight caused by the heater breaking down. 

“How about s-some warm blankets instead?” She tried to keep her voice playful, but the bitter chill in the air gave her a slight stutter. 

Akechi looked dejected. “Unfortunately, all the blankets are in the washing machine right now. Unless…” 

“G-goro?” S/o asked.

“Hold on a moment, my love. I’ll be right back!” he disappeared into the darkness and was replaced by a mass of neatly folded blankets.

“Where did you find those?” s/o asked incredulously.

“They were tucked away in the laundry room,” he explained as he set the pile on the floor next to her. “I had gotten them last year just in case a situation like this ever happened. No offense, but your heater is quite old.”

“You’re amazing.” The sincerity in her voice tinted his cheeks with red.

“It was nothing. I’ll go prepare some coffee.” He returned shortly with their matching mugs, and the comforting scent of coffee pervaded the crisp air. He sat down next to s/o and extended her mug for her to take. It was then that he noticed she was wrapped so intricately in blankets that she couldn’t free her arms without assistance.

Akechi chuckled. “Well, since my girlfriend has turned into a marshmallow, I guess I’ll just have to drink all this delicious coffee by myself.”

“You better not!” Her muffled voice provoked another laugh from him.

“Is there room for one more?” he asked playfully.

“There will be more than enough if you help me!” she cried. After one last chuckle and placing the coffee on a secure surface, Akechi attempted to free s/o. The waves of blankets were seemingly endless, but at long last he managed to liberate her from her prison. 

She greeted him with a gasp. “I’m saved!” She then threw herself onto him, taking a few other blankets with her along the way, and proceeded to shower him with kisses.

“H-hey!” The heat from Akechi’s cheeks melted away any trace of cold left in the room. The couple toppled on the floor with a tangle of blankets right behind them.

Akechi glanced at s/o, who was now nuzzling his neck with her hand gently placed on his chest. He couldn’t help but grin; she was just so adorable. They stayed like this for a while, with their eyes closed and their breathing in sync…

“You’re so warm,” s/o said with a small smile. “No wonder the cold has no effect on you.” 

“I’m honored to be your personal heater,” he replied, a light blush still coloring is face.

“Can I keep you forever?” she asked, her voice growing softer as she dozes off. 

“It’s a deal.” He paused for a few moments. “Please don’t throw me away if I break down.”

“Those were the conditions, right?” she breathed. “If you break down, I’ll find some way to help you regain your warmth, even if I have to share some of mine. Even if it takes forever. Okay?”

“…Yes,” he responded, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips. “I love you, s/o.”

“I love you, too. Sweet dreams, Goro.”

“You too, love.” Somehow, Akechi just knew he’d sleep peacefully tonight.

to a place where nothing shines

Pairing: Jace/Alec

Rating: M (again, just in case)

Summary: Where Alec is concerned, there isn’t much that can stop Jace from getting to him.

Notes: A fic I’ve been planning for a long, long time. Loosely based on the fact that Alec and Jace’s parabatai bond doesn’t seem to break when one of them dies and on the Orpheus and Eurydice myth, with an attempt at a happier (?) ending. All the warnings are inside; please mind them. Other than that, I hope you enjoy it!

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How about (UT, SF) Papyrus and (US, UF) Sans with a gloomy and pessimistic S/O who, one day, takes them by the hand and leads them to a firefly field at night and proposes there?

AHHHHHHHHH!!! Proposal ask, yes!! :’D AND normally pessimistic S/O thrown in! Thank you, anon.

Sadly, I do not write for UT!Paps and UF!Sans, so I will drop those. But I would love if someone added on what they think their reactions would be here!!

(also take this as an apology for the angst earlier)


– When you take his hand, he tilts his head at you. He’ll follow after you but start asking questions. Where are you going? Are you okay? 

– If you give him short answers or just stay silent, he’ll get the hint and just let you lead the way. But all the while he’s trying to guess where you’re headed. When you end up in a field, he thinks you want to star gaze and he perks up,


He’s cut short when he spots a glowing bug hovering by your shoulder. You tell him it’s a firefly and he’s absolutely fascinated. His gaze sweeps across the field, marveling at the way it’s lighting up. It’s like seeing the night sky up close, all around him.

– Part of him is surprised. He knows you as someone who’s not incredibly optimistic, someone who tends to look at the world in a “half glass empty” sort of way. You bringing him here - it seems like a hopeful act.

– He turns to ask you what made you bring him here, but the question is replaced with a gasp. His hands fly to his mouth at the sight of you on your knee, and when you propose, he tearfully shouts “YES!”. He throws his arms around you and kisses your face all over.


– Hound doesn’t question you when you take his hand, but he does raise a brow at you. He trusts you with his life so he allows you to guide him to your destination. He stays silent, observing the change in scenery with quiet curiosity. You’re not usually this… mysterious, so he’s intrigued.

– As you slow to a stop in the middle of the field, he looks around. And he doesn’t quite understand where or why you’re here yet, so it’s here where he finally asks. 

“what are we doing, sugar?”

– His question is answered as a firefly lights up before his eyes, rendering him voiceless in awe. He squeezes the hand that’s holding yours, swiveling his head around just as the field lights up with hundreds of tiny lightning bugs. For a moment, he looks like a giddy child who’s just discovered the magic of Christmas.

– His eyes are drawn back to you by a firefly that lands on the box in your other hand. Wait… a box?

– When you kneel down and propose, he’s frozen. He looks from the box, the ring inside, to you - it’s a cycle that’s broken by his own sudden laughter. It’s mirthful and he kneels down in front of you, wordlessly nodding his head. If you don’t take that as a yes, the following kiss should suffice.