s. hopper

concept: chief jim hopper anxiously sitting in a school hallway along with other parents waiting to go in and meet one of eleven’s teachers and discuss how she’s doing in school so far and ask questions like if she’s fitting in alright with the other kids and if she’s doing well with her homework and if she likes science class as much as mike, dustin, lucas, and will

El Turns 13

In a world where Benny is still alive, he opens his diner for El to throw her 13th birthday party.

A year had passed since that fateful day on Maple Street last November. Three hundred and sixty-five days since Mike, Dustin and Lucas found the girl tattooed ‘011’ in search of Will Byers.

A few weeks ago, after Mike’s 14th birthday, the topic of El’s came into discussion. She had never even heard of a ‘birthday’, let alone ever celebrated hers, so she was unsure of when it was. The five children were sitting in a booth at Benny’s Burgers, accompanied by Joyce and Hopper. The diner was Hopper’s favorite place to eat; they frequented the place at least twice a week.

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Big spoilers ahead for Stranger Things and Twin Peaks.

Stranger Things is rife with nostalgic pop-culture references, but here’s one that struck me immediately that I haven’t seen commented on anywhere else: the discovery of Will Byers’ “body” in Stranger Things’ third episode, “Holly, Jolly”, is shot almost identically to the discovery of Maddy Ferguson’s body in Twin Peaks, “Drive With a Dead Girl”. The central law enforcement figures of both series exit their cars, sirens blazing, and are shot in a tracking closeup facing the camera as they approach a lakeside, where a body is being brought to the surface. It’s that final slice of context (discovery of a body by a lakeside) that makes me think this is more than coincidence.