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Can you write something tiny where El accidentally picks up on Mike's and Dustin's and Hopper's swearing and Hop is just shocked when she drops a FUCK or something?

I’m going to try to work this in to a fic at some point, but now I’m just imagining El boiling water for pasta or something, and she accidentally burns herself and practically shouts an F-bomb—while all the lights in the house flicker—and Hop’s like “HEY! Where’d you learn that?” And she turns around and fiercely shouts: “YOU!” And then they both stare at each other and Hopper starts laughing because he knows it’s true. 


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”What are you kids doing?” Your uncle Hopper asked approaching you and the rest of the group. You grinned up at him and proudly stated what exactly you all were working on.

”Oh we’re just planning your proposal to Mrs Byers” you explained. Hopper’s face stealthy pale for a moment but he quickly regained his composure.

”I didn’t ask you to help me do that”.

”I know but, no offence uncle Jim but we all agree that there’s no way you’ll be able to pull this off by yourself. So just let us handle it okay?”.


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how do you think billy deals with mothers day?

Alright, here it is.

It wouldn’t be too big a deal beyond a day long sting  except that Susan and Max have their Mother’s Day thing and that makes it hurt more and Neil kind of tries to shove Billy into appreciating Susan as a mother and all that and Billy just isn’t having it. He gave her a card because he had to and even that pissed him off. He could just be away from all that ‘dumb Mother’s Day shit’ (it’s just annoying is all) but there Max is with like baked goods with her mom in the kitchen and Billy thinks of his mom and when he looks in the mirror he sees her eyes and it just hurts a little too much-not as much as it does on her birthday but fuck. And Steve is off taking his mother to some fancy restaurant in the city for lunch because that’s what the Harringtons do.

And somehow he ends up at Hopper’s. He didn’t even plan to, he just started walking and there he is. It doesn’t occur to Hopper right away why Billy showed up but the day’s been on his mind certainly- he’s got those sweet sad Mother’s Day memories of like doing a little ceramic print of Sarah’s hand for Diane and all that.  So he’s down too and Eleven can tell. She’s sort of trying to suss out how she feels about it too. She knows what Mother’s Day is because of some commercials on TV and she saw a special day marked on the calendar.  She feels robbed and it makes her sad about Terry all over again.

Hopper’s just bought some games to have around. So he puts on the Jim Croce (Billy allows it because he respects Hopper more than any other adult he knows) and they play Connect Four and Sorry and even Operation and Hopper gives Billy a beer and lets them eat nothing but junk food. And it’s nice really; this Motherless Club. They have each other. And when Eleven falls asleep on Billy’s shoulder and then Billy falls asleep, Hopper just throws a blanket over them and smiles to himself.

maxine: i’m cold

lucas: here, take my jacket

eleven: mike, i’m cold too

mike: what? *taking off jacket* i told you to bring more layers but of course you didn’t listen and now *piling scarves on her* now look, i’ve got to make sure you don’t FREEZE to death and *taking somebody else’s hat* how long have you been cold you should’ve said something sooner

actually hands down the funniest moment in all 17 episodes of stranger things is when joyce and bob have just finished hacking hundreds of living vines off of a suffocating hopper in a paranormal underground tunnel and hopper’s like purple and gasping for air and he’s casually like “hi bob” and bob goes “hi jim”

concept: chief jim hopper anxiously sitting in a school hallway along with other parents waiting to go in and meet one of eleven’s teachers and discuss how she’s doing in school so far and ask questions like if she’s fitting in alright with the other kids and if she’s doing well with her homework and if she likes science class as much as mike, dustin, lucas, and will

headcanons for eleven’s first day of high school

- Hopper won’t leave her alone and insists on driving her to school in his cop car

- They spend the whole time going over modified Don’t Be Stupid rules

- El gets nervous about how she looks and if she’s pretty and Hopper tells her she looks bitchin

- She makes a straight line for Mike and the other members of the party but mostly for Mike

- She still doesn’t like Max

- When they get to their first period class El tries to sit down beside Mike but the teacher insists she introduce herself

- She’s really nervous but Mike gives her an encouraging smile

- The teacher starts her off by saying her name is Jane but El interrupts

- “Eleven.”

- “Excuse me?”

- “My name is Eleven.”

- Everyone else is like “okay this one’s weird” but Mike and the party are just smiling proudly

- She has a member of the party in every class and it’s all going smooth

- Until gym when she realizes the only person in there she knows is Max

- And Eleven is fine being alone but Max is determined to be this girl’s friend

- So she sits her ass down on the bleachers beside El and gives introducing herself another shot

- They form a shaky friendship that only grows stronger as the year progresses

- El managed to convince Hopper to let her go to Mike’s after school

- So she rides on the back of his bike just like good old times and Max skates by their side

- And when not one but TWO pretty girls show up with the party, Karen thinks she’s seeing things

- And then she finds out that her BABY has a girlfriend?????

- Tis overwhelming and she has to sit down

- The boys teach Max and El how to play D&D and El fucking kicks their asses

- When Hopper shows up at 8 to pick Eleven up she gives Mike a kiss right in front of Hopper

- Mike wants to crawl into a hole because his mom is cooing, the boys are making kissy faces, and Hopper looks like he wants to string him up by his toes

- But all is forgiven when they get in the car and Hopper asks El how her day was

- And she responds with a new word she learned

- “Fantastic.”


Thomas Hamilton fought to introduce the pardons to make a point. To seek to change England. And he was killed for it. His wife and I went to Charles Town to argue for the pardons, to make peace with England. And she was killed for it. England has shown herself to me. Gnarled and gray, and spiteful of anyone who would find happiness under her rule. I’m through seeking anything from England except her departure from my island.

Black Sails || Season Three

Mike during Eleven’s first day of school
  • Mike goes to Hopper’s house early in the morning to give El a ride to school on his bike
  • Hopper wanted to drive her but the kids insisted that the only thing less cool than riding the bus to high school was getting dropped off by your parents
  • (Mike and Eleven don’t notice but Hopper follows them the entire way to make sure they get to school ok)
  • On the way, Mike and Eleven go over the rules they talked about over the last couple weeks (“ask permission to go to the bathroom,” “say ‘here’ when the teacher calls your name for attendance,” “don’t make eye contact with any of the seniors”)
  • Hopper pulled some strings with the administration to make sure at least one member of the party was in each of Eleven’s classes
  • That said, when Mike finds out that he doesn’t have all his class with her, he goes to the school counselor to change his schedule
  • The counselor refuses. (“You got a B+ in algebra last year, Mr. Wheeler! You can’t drop geometry to retake a class you’ve already passed!”)
  • It’s probably good for his math grades because he can’t stop staring at Eleven in every class they share (he just can’t believe the girl he lost for 353 days is right! There! In the seat next to him!)
  • Mike’s stomach growls all morning because he had to leave before Karen even started making breakfast in order to have enough time to pick up El
  • At lunch, he finishes his sandwich in about 30 seconds, and Eleven can tell he’s still hungry so she gives him her grapes
  • Mike falls asleep in his last class of the day because he only got a couple hours of sleep between talking with Eleven the night before and getting up early to pick her up
  • But it was all worth it, especially when Eleven smiles at him at the end of the day and quietly says, “thank you.”
  • “For what?” asks Mike
  • “For being there.”
  • “I’ll always be there, El.”

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