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Comic Relief in season 2 (we’re going to need some happiness)

-Dustin and Lucas’s crush on Max

-Hopper interacting with Joyce’s new boyfriend Bob

- Bob being super confused because he has no idea what’s going on

- the boys explaining everything that’s happened to Max

- Steve and Jonathan trying to interact with each other

- Hoppers punching people face

- the kids ghostbuster costumes

- Ted Wheeler

The Map

The summer before he leaves Hawkins for college, Mike spends hours drawing up a detailed map of the town, marking a tiny x on each of the spots that have a special meaning for he and El—somewhere in the middle of Mirkwood, where they first met on a rainy November night; the movie theatre, where they went on their first date to see Back to the Future; the lake, where he asked her to be his girlfriend; the quarry, where he first whispered a tentative I love you into her ear before kissing her as the sun set. 

On a warm morning in late June, Mike takes an early drive out to the Hopper-Byers’s place and slides the map in through the mail slot. It’s just after dawn so he doesn’t ring the bell—he knows Hopper will find the map soon enough, as soon as he wakes up to make coffee and breakfast for the family. He knows it’ll be in El’s hands as soon as she wakes up. 

Sure enough, an hour later, El pulls the map from an envelope addressed to her in a messy scrawl she immediately recognizes. El beams, brimming with happiness, as her eyes travel across the map and take in all the little markings. She knows, immediately, what each is meant to signify. 

Except for one. 

Right by the edge of the map is another small x, this one with a question mark next to it. It’s a spot that she can’t quite remember having any significance to her and Mike, a spot where Hawkins turns in to open road leading to the next town. When El calls the Wheeler’s house to ask Mike about it, she’s only slightly surprised to find that he’s not home. She asks Jim—dad, these days—if she can borrow his truck just for a little while. 

David Bowie on the radio, El drives with the window down until she reaches the very eastern edge of Hawkins and sees Mike’s car—an ‘87 Chevy in dark blue, pulled over on the side of the road. Mike’s sitting on the hood of the car, stretched out so that his back is resting against the windshield. El parks behind his car and jumps out, her stomach fluttering with what feels like hundreds of tiny butterflies.

Mike waves as she approaches and shifts his body so that she can join him on the hood, which she does without a word, resting her head against his shoulder.

“You got the map,” he says with a grin and El laughs, nodding.

“What’s this all about?” she asks, her hand coming up to play with the piece of hair that was constantly sticking up at the top of his head. 

“Did you know,” Mike begins, gesturing ahead of them, “That a few more feet in that direction and we’re not in Hawkins anymore?” El doesn’t say anything is response. She knows that Mike knows she is more than aware of the eastern border of Hawkins. Each time they visited Steve’s cottage, they drove past the large green sign that read: Now Leaving Hawkins. 

“Mike,” she says quietly after a moment of silence, “Why did you—” Her words get caught in her throat as Mike turns to look at her, the expression on his face one she barely recognizes—anxious, eager, hopeful. His bottom lip is quivering as he intertwines his hand with hers. 

“El, I love you.” He leans forward and presses a soft kiss to her forehead, the smell of peppermint gum filling what little space there is between them. 

“I love you too,” she sighs, eyes closed as she settles closer into the crook of his arm. 

“I thought this spot could become another one of ours,” he says, speaking quietly. 

“Oh?” El chances a glance up at him. She’s unsure what’s going to happen next and she has to consciously stop her knees from shaking.

“Will you come with me, El?” Mike asks, squeezing her hand gently, “Will you move to the city with me?” 

“Is that what you want?” she whispers against his shoulder and hears Mike laugh gently in reply.

“Of course,” he assures her, “But only if you want it to.” 

“I do,” El smiles and pushes herself ever so slightly upwards to kiss his cheek. “Love you, Mike.” 

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David Harbour gives speech (and tells us all to punch Nazis in Jim Hopper’s honour) after Stranger Things wins best Drama Ensemble Cast at SAG!!!

I’m honestly crying, just look at Winona’s reactions throughout the speech lmao

Stranger Things Asks
  • Mike Wheeler: How far would you go for the people you care about?
  • Eleven: If you could have one power, what would it be?
  • Dustin: What snack would you pack for a long adventure?
  • Lucas: What do you value more, loyalty or strength. Why?
  • Will: If you were stuck in a different world or dimension, what would you do?
  • Nancy: What essentials would you pack for monster hunting?
  • Jonathan: What songs would be on your mixtape?
  • Steve: Do you think you have changed over the past year? If so, how? If not, why do you think you haven't?
  • Joyce: Do you believe in the unknown? Are there unexplained reasons out in the world? Does it scare you?
  • Hopper: What's your morning routine?
  • Demogorgon: Top 3 Horror/Thriller films/shows?
  • Barb: What's the most inconvenient thing you have ever done for a friend?
  • Karen: Would you lie for a friend or family member if there was an extreme consequence?
  • Ted: How do you like your chicken?
  • Brenner: What's the last evil thing you did?
  • Mr.Clarke: What is your favorite school subject? why?
  • Benny: Have you ever been tricked into believing something that wasn't true? What happened?
  • Eggos: Favorite Breakfast food?
  • Snowball: Do you crush easily?
Hopper’s blue bracelet

So I noticed this and I wasn’t sure if anyone else had talked about it yet: the blue bracelet that looks like a friendship bracelet or something that Hopper wears on his wrist (watch on the left wrist, the blue bracelet on the right- in every scene.) 

Seen here in his opening scene (not too long after seeing Sarah’s drawing on the wall) 

And here, in the bar scene, where he’s lying about Sarah winning the spelling bee to try to get info from the guy who found Will’s body. 

And here, a third time, in the flashback with Sarah in the hospital. 

Now, I was thinking, to play devil’s advocate, maybe it’s just an old bracelet, it doesn’t necessarily have to do with Sarah, but in the earliest flashback we see: 

No bracelet. (His watch is on the other wrist- I checked) 

Which means at some point in Sarah’s treatments, he acquired the bracelet (whether it was given to him by her, or his wife, or one of them made it?) And he still has it on, 5 years later.