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so I have this friend who watches ouat and is not a hooker... we're arguing about colin's beard: I say is ginger, she says it's not. The pictures I showed her she says its photoshop effect, netflix cant screencap ouat so... could you help me? Do you have any photos of colin's beard showing all its gingerish to the world??

Okay, well, first you should send her over here and make sure she understands how common gingerbeards are and to see the example there of Michael C. Hall’s gingerbeard. Honestly, I had no idea this was a thing until I saw Colin’s, so I didn’t believe it at first, either - I just assumed his beard hair was a lighter brown than the hair on his head and looked auburn-ish in some lights. I’d just never heard of a dude actually having a completely different colored beard. But apparently, this is so common in Scotland and Ireland and nearby locales, it’s not even considered strange. Who knew? Not me.

As for pictures to illustrate it… Your best bet is to show her pictures straight from the source - Colin’s selfies! That way, she knows nobody’s messed with them (our Colin’s not gonna make his own beard ginger, lol, even if he knew how to, which I doubt he does). Here’s a good one. It definitely shows how his eyebrows are noticeably much darker than his beard. This is another good one, though it’s not a selfie, it clearly shows his beard being lighter (and redder!) than his eyebrows and what you can see of his head hair. And, again, fans might edit a dude’s beard to be ginger… but Colin and/or other celebs ain’t gonna bother to do that! ;) Here’s some summer day gingerbeard for your friend… and here’s a sure winner right here, as it contains a great example of a non-gingerbeard right next to Colin’s gingerbeard ;) Make sure to point out to your friend that their HEAD hair colors are nearly identical. Their beard colors would be, as well… if that one on the right there didn’t have a gingerbeard! <3

Hope that helps! Let me know how your efforts go!!