s. bar david


Despite the fact that episode writer Shimon Wincelberg had been a key figure in the scripting of Irwin Allen’s Lost In Space (a show that Gene Roddenberry had an understandable hatred for) he was invited into a pitch meeting after a writers’ screening of “Where No Man Has Gone Before” at Desilu. Roddenberry was eager to find writers who understood television as well as they did science fiction, and he took to Wincelberg’s proposed episode, “Dagger of the Mind” because he was drawn to the irony of a psychologist becoming a cause of mental illness.

However, after seeing Roddenbery’s extensive rewrites for his script, Wincelberg took his name off the finished script, choosing the pseudonym “S. Bar-David.” In a later interview, Wincelberg said “In those days, I was very stuffy about that sort of thing. I had plays on Broadway and didn’t want my name associated with lines of dialogue I wouldn’t have written.”

Wincelberg’s only other contribution to Star Trek was a rewrite of “The Galileo Seven,” which he had performed while waiting to get Roddenberry’s input on “Dagger of the Mind.”