s. 968

Call me crazy

But I’ve read a lot of things about this Protect IP bill…also titled S.968, and there are a couple of things that I’d like to point out. 

A lot of people seem to want to blame the right for this…because of the MPAA and bigger corporations supporting it, but it was drafted by a democrat. It’s bi-partisan…there are left and right wingers on both sides of the bill. 

Maybe it’s just because I feel like such a minority here on Tumblr, where even though I have my liberal stances, my political belief structure leans more to the right, where I read things like “Even RON PAUL and Michelle Bachman oppose S.968” and it just rubs me in an awkward way. 

First off…Michelle Bachman can leave. Second: Ron Paul has NEVER been for too much government. He wants to take government out of our lives entirely. For most people, most people my age…they see the idiots behind the right - look up Tea Party - and think it makes up the vast majority. 

But quite the contrary…Ron Paul is the real “right”, but since he’s COMPLETELY AGAINST big business, despises government intervention, and has a proper foreign policy, he gets absolutely NO EXPOSURE. 

I think all of this is stemming from this ridiculous bill, and everyone’s diverse blame of said bill. I’ve read enough to see the right blame the left, the left blame the right, and the people in the middle just straight up blame the government as a whole.

I think the latter would be the most correct.

I’m not saying that everything is a conspiracy…but I AM saying that there is more than just a parties interest pushing these bills out. Individual politics? Perhaps. Money? More than likely. You have these big, big corporations behind this bill, the MPAA, NBCUniversal, Ford, CBS, MLB, NFL, NBA, Disney, Pfizer, etc. and you think for ONE SECOND, a politician trying to keep his seat, is going to tell these corps. to go fuck themselves? Especially if one of them helped them get office in the first place?

I don’t know WHAT I’m trying to get at here…

Just that I’m sick of there being a right and a left. That, when something like this comes along, and our rights are potentially being threatened, maybe there isn’t ONE side who’s right and one sides who’s wrong. That politics is never black or white…but now-a-days purely black. And that we should stop living on either end, and just fucking grow up, and KNOW that neither is right, and that we don’t have to agree on EVERYTHING, but we have to know what IS right, and we have to make sure that the right thing is done.  

I’m just babbling right now…and I’m getting nothing accomplished.  

But, we’ve come to a point…as a nation, that we have to stop labeling sides. It’s not left vs right…it can’t be anymore. We may not agree on many things, or believe in the same things…but there is one thing we can all believe in: that freedom is more than just a slogan and internet meme. 

And that taking away any of our rights…is nothing short of an abusive of power…no matter who does it. 

To the dumb asses

Who are blaming Obama for the censorship: he has issued a veto threat.  This bill is sponsored in the senate by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson and has 42 REPUBLICAN co-sponsors and NO Democratic co-sponsors.

DO ANY OF YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND WHAT ‘NET-NEUTRALITY’ EVEN MEANS?!  Please, for the love of GOD do some research before you open your big, ignorant mouths!


Arashi won guys! Huge thanks to all that voted!

Wow what a drastic turn of results!

As you can see, at first KAT-TUN and Arashi was going neck and neck. but somehow at the end of the poll, Arashi won by a huge margin. (10,000+ votes out of 24,968?! That’s half! )

What most likely happened was that Arashians freaked the hell out and started voting like crazy :D