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GAHH today's episodes had me screaming. I had wanted Star to like Marco first all along and now it's a reality!!! Anyway, when do you think Star started liking him?

Ahem, I mean, hard to tell. We still don’t know what’s in Star’s journal, but if chapter 11 is about her confused feelings, then it means that she started having them before season 2. Maybe after Storm the Castle? Fearing for Marco’s life, giving up the wand for him, maybe she realized how incredibly much he means to her, just like what Marco did in Mewberty.

honestly, lets be honest with ourselves

R2-D2′s beeps and screams are literally just universal translators working overtime to censor this droids mouth to the point where it cant tell the difference between the actual words, swears, and screams. Droid speak is just them breaking the universal translator and it turned into a language all its own.

this means that BB-8′s beeps and screams are Words/Swears and Screams being muddled together and beeped out by the translators, however, BB-8 is a precious cinnamon roll who censors themselves, which is why their beeps are nice a soft and gentle.

'Scream Queens' Exclusive Video: See Lea Michele's Hester Go Full Hannibal Lecter
The Chanels visit their old sorority sister in prison to delve into the mind of a serial killer

We didn’t see much of Lea Michele’s Hester in last week’s Scream Queens premiere. Well, now we know why.

EW has an exclusive sneak peek at tonight’s installment of Queens which finds the Chanels (Emma Roberts and Billie Lourd), Cathy Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis), and Denise Hemphill (Niecy Nash) visiting Hester in a maximum security prison.

In a nod to The Silence of the Lambs, the women attempt to get Hester to take them inside the mind of this seasons’s killer, The Green Meanie. And she seems to know a fair amount about this new murderer and his/her motives.

Scream Queens airs tonight at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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Jealous cassian anon here, so okay, cassian is a pretty chill guy at times, but during that time when the mating bond is new and anything that even breathes the air around nesta is threatened within an inch of their life and nesta, being nesta, knows this. So one day at Rita's some guys is flirting with nesta, and she knows cassian is on edge, knows that he's practically breathing fire that this guy even has the audacity to talk to her when he's right there----

and makes nesta regret her every action, but of course nesta doesn’t regret it in the morning when her throat is so hoarse from practically screaming cassian’s name last night, her body still trembling, and cassian’s just there all smug like ‘what did you expect?“ and nesta pretends she’s mad, but we all know she’s not and she’s already planning to do it again. and I just love these two so much. ^.^


Hello doll. 

I don’t think that nesta would make cassian jealous intentionally, because they are both on edge and both ready to chop the head of someone who gets too close. But she just goes to get a drink, when a prick gets close to her and starts talking and even if her answer is just a raised brow and the coldest expression ever known to men, the idiot keeps on talking.

There’s a moment between the dude trying to hold nesta’s wrists and his face being mashed on the floor by cassian. Nesta ofc, being Nesta, says that it wasn’t necessary bc she can defend herself, thank you very much but she doesn’t end the sentence that cassian kisses her and she can feel the vibrations of his chest as he growls.

Cassian on the other hand is mad as all hell, can barely breath bc that male tried to touch his mate and is too soon, his emotions for nesta are already strong normally, but now that the mating bond is so new they’re a fucking forest fire, a whirlwind. It’s not just jealousy or being territorial, he feels like he can’t fucking breath when someone gets close to nesta.

So he just-just wants to go home with her, wants to bite and scratch and make her back arch and make her scream his name in pleasure until all of the world knows that it’s HIS name coming out of her mouth, that he is hers and she is his, until their scents are mixed beyond recognition, until she trembles so hard after coming and coming and coming and the only word she can mutter is “yours.”

This thing happens, on both sided, quite often and at some point *cough*AFTER CENTURIES*cough* the mating bond excuse fools exactly no one. But Nesta, when she’ trying to remember how to breathe and has Cassian sprawled all over her, wouldn’t have it any other way.

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(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-to0TAz4n0M)

one of the most stunning performances i’ve seen. tyler’s screaming “tell our dad i’m sorry!” at the end is breathtaking. 

watch this right now

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Aria had one damn job and she couldn't do that. What is the purpose of her and Ezria. They add nothing to the main story

Hon, you have a point. I have just finished watching season 1 & 2 and Aria and Ezra’s storyline screamed filler to me. Because of Ezra Aria is missing out on the action most of the time…

Ah yes, I’m doing one of these things; Permanent Starter Call.
In other words, if we are mutuals and you’re liking this, you’re
allowing me to–

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  • Have 45 threads going ( maybe not that many but you get what i mean )
  • Discuss having a pre-establish relationship if you so choose. 

Basically, I’m a huge loser and always worry whether or not I’m 
mutual enough” with some people, so this is just a way for you
 to tell me I’m being an idiot and you actually want to interact with
me. The same goes vice-versa; liking this lets me know you are
wanting to do the same, which is perfectly alright with me as long
as we are mutuals. Looking forward to interacting with you!!

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louise + pj's for the character outfit meme!

this is because of Flu-ouise, isn’t it? XD but here ya go! it’s just a sketch for now, but I wanted to get this done quick. I whipped this up on a piece of computer paper XD y’know, drawing this made me realize that everything about Louise’s physical appearance screams CUTE TINY INNOCENT CHILD–I mean, she’s super small, her hands and feet are small, her nose is little, her eyes are huge, not to mention the bunny ears and pigtails combo–but we all know the same cannot be said about her personality. XD