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Can you tell us more about Ridyae?

Ridyae Ferriwyn is a Fiend-Pact Aasimar Warlock from the the Theocratic Hegemony of Zurn, a country known for it’s shady worship of potentially demonic powers.

Ridyae grew up a noble for her family’s angelic blood (extra-planar beings are highly valued in their society,) but did not know much of her country’s dark dealings. When she was very young (early teens?) she met a commoner boy by the name of Kandan, and the two become close friends, and eventually grew to be more.

Commoners disappearing off the streets was never a phenomenon known to Ridyae, so when Kandan did not show up to meet her when they agreed she was confused. She searched everywhere for him, but was unable to find him anywhere in town. Eventually she found a ritual chamber, with the remains of a ritual completed not too long before still around, but no one in sight except for the body of her lover.

Devastated, she pleaded with whatever power had been summoned here to take her life instead. Eager to claim the soul of a being with angelic blood, the devil Alkorath agreed to grant her audience. Ridyae demanded that her lover be returned to her in exchange for her soul, and the devil agreed to make a deal. After slicing their palms and shaking hands the deal was struck and Ridyae was consumed by shadows.

When she awoke, she was lying next to a living Kandan, and was overjoyed. He seemed normal. But eventually as time went on he became more and more strange and cruel. Ridyae soon figured out that Kandan was no longer himself and that she had been tricked. Calling upon Alkorath again and demanding an explanation, the devil informed her that he in no way went back on their deal and that she belonged to him now and would soon be called upon to follow his orders. After that she fled Zurn, hoping to find something that would lift the fiendish curse tainting her angelic lineage.

Recently in game (about 8 years after the events of backstory) the party was visited by ghosts of dead loved ones and Ridyae learned that the real Kandan’s soul is now trapped in hell, which is something she feared may be the case. She has now forgotten her original mission to try to separate herself from her tainted powers and the deal with the devil and now wants to do everything in her power to free his soul.

In the last session he showed up aboard an enemy ship commanding an army of zombies as a full on half-demon, demanding that she be handed over for reasons unbeknownst to her.

(sorry if this was a lot I really like telling stories ;-;)

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Hi! I don't know what all this talk is about Bolas and planar portals or teleporters. I thought the Planar Bridge was destroyed at the end of Aether Revolt? I haven't really been able to keep up with all the stories since Eldritch Moon. Sorry in advance lol

While the Planar Bridge’s superstructure was destroyed by Gideon and Chandra, Tezzeret had already incorporated the modular core, the important part of the Planar Bridge, into his own etherium arm.