Insightful graph: The Windows 95 ship date predictor

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The dotted line is a linear least-squares fit, and the green star is the actual ship date (July 14, 1995).

What& is that the linear approximation predicts the actual ship date with very high accuracy.

“August 1994February 1995"Completing this milestone by the end of the year is absolutely critical to the product gaining quick success.

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The Autumn Fitness Fashion Edit
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You may have noticed from our previous article, which looked at Foot Locker’s #DontGoUnnoticed campaign, that the Autumn colours of choice, as far as fitness fashion is concerned, are unequivocally black and red. Call us forward thinkers, but it looks like Be An Athlete were once again light-years ahead (just look at that logo at the top of your screen)! As such, today’s style round-up is made primarily of these shades, and we have to admit, when things look as strong as this, we hope its next season’s trend, too!1. Oppo PM-3 HeadphonesWeighing in at just over 10 ounces, the PM-3s are the world’s lightest closed-back planar magnetic headphones – FACT - making them the ideal choice for those wanting to listen to high quality audio on the go.Thanks to some exquisite workmanship, they provide deep bass, a smooth midrange and crystal clear treble – all in all, a music lover’s dream – but the ergonomic design means they are also a pleasure to wear, and look nothing short of m
Oppo PM-3 Review
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The Oppo PM-3 is Oppo’s 3rd planar magnetic headphone, following the Oppo PM-1 and Oppo PM-2. Unlike the Oppo PM-1 and Oppo PM-2, the Oppo PM-3 is a closed back design. The Oppo PM-3 block out surrounding noise from the outside world and also keep your music to yourself, making them perfect for public transport or different conditions where you might have to be more…

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New theoretical upper limit to error tolerance in error correction coding (ECC)

Bayesian Decision Theory: Error Bounds 01: Upper Limit

ECC has many applications, including in broadcasting, storage media (RAM, CDs, DVDs, hard disks), credit cards, QR codes, and deep-space telecommunications, to name a few.

As a side note, the author of the paper and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette hold a provisional patent on the new ECC methods described here.

The scientific paper, A New Theory of Error Correction Coding by Dr. Louis M. Houston, has been accepted by the journal of Theoretical Mathematics & Applications and will be published in volume 6, issue 1, in November 2015.

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