it was a good day. then kelley posted on instagram and i remembered that caitlin and sam went back to australia today.

now it’s a really really bad day because i don’t know what KO’s gonna do without her kangys they literally did everything together im crying i hope we play Australia during the victory tour now bc Sam and cait are the sweetest Aussies and 😭😭😭

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Moe Brian is slowly becoming a fav of mine. She's the youngest on the team. She's sorta like the team's little puppy / mascot. They all sorta play jokes and rib on her. She seems to always get captured with most awkward/dorky expression or action. Notice: KO's instagram of Moe w/ Ed Sheeran, the Gumby Jr pic, or the tunnel pic w/ Tobin and Chaps. It's hilarious. Plus, she is awesome player.. new staple in the starting XI. Though, I would prefer to see her play more advance role.

she’s a big dork (like 90% of the team are dorks so i’m not surprised,it might be a requirement) but she’s a really solid player that could be put in a DM and an AM and do well. She’s still really young so she could be converted as a DM even though she played a more attacking role in college.

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I feel like thee is a little Hypocrisy on KO's part, hasn't he flirted with just about everyone. Hell he flirted with Megatron but oh BD thinks a girl is kind of sorta pretty, even though he worships the ground KO walks on and repeatedly asked KO to Marry him over and over again?

Knock Out is a jealous bot and is probably too mad to think critically about it


College Station, TX, December 6, 2009

2009 NCAA College Cup: Stanford 0-1 UNC

UNC’s 20th national championship, a/k/a the end of the O’Hara era at the Cardinal.

Enough ink has been spilled on KO’s ejection at the 73rd minute but not enough about Baby Press soldiering on without the partner that helped make Stanford’s unprecedented 25-0 run possible.

I see you there, #4 Meghan Klingenberg…

I actually don’t have a problem with KO’s “Predacons Rising” heelturn. But I do think there was a more dramatic way they could have gone:  

Megatron does NOT kick Silas out of Club Decepticon.  Megatron doesn’t see him as an equal to a Cybertronian, but decides to wring what use he can out of Silas. Also totally expendable soldier, yes good.

Logical from Megatron’s POV, betrayal from Knock Out’s POV.

Imagine him fuming as he watches Silas walking down the halls in his partner’s animated corpse.  Imagine him having to attend meetings with this monstrosity.  Imagine him having to FIX him after missions.

Knock Out starts trying to sabotage Silas.  Fixing him in such a way that the repairs will fail later.  “Accidentally” leaking info on Silas’s upcoming missions to the Autobots.  Framing Silas so it looks like he’s leaking information to Unit E.  It doesn’t matter to Knock Out that Silas is the enemy of Unit E;  all humans are the same to him.

But all humans are not the same to Soundwave, who actually keeps track of such things, and Knock Out is caught.  Confrontation between angry Megatron and angry Knock Out.  Megatron is annoyed because he doesn’t want to kill his only medic over a stupid human, but he cannot be seen backing down either.  In the end he dumps KO off the ship, expecting him to come crawling back after a couple weeks.

Instead Knock Out joins the Autobots.  Out of spite.  Nothing about this is pleasant for the ‘Bots;  Knock Out is still seething, hates their crapass base, hates their soppy ideals, hates (and cannot be trusted around) the children, and only goes on missions where he thinks he’ll get a shot at taking down Silas.  Silas, Silas, Silas.  He also blames Optimus “for starting the war” which killed Breakdown.  (To be fair he blames Megatron just as much.)

All this overlaps with Starscream’s exile from the Nemesis.  And guess who Knock Out is helping on the side? Starscream.  Because that is yet another way to spite Megatron, and because oh my GOD the Autobots drive him crazy and he needs to talk to someone normal and Decepticon once in a while.  Eventually the Autobots catch on to this and of course they flip out, because their supposedly ex-’Con recruit is chumming it up with the Decepticon SIC, like what the hell Knock Out??  (Also KO has specifically given the Autobots the impression that Starscream is still on the Nemesis, ‘working on a special project’, so that they won’t go looking for Starscream. lol LIES.)

Brief interlude where Knock Out leaves the Autobots to live with Starscream in a sitcom the Harbringer

KO helps Starscream get the Omega Keys (including raiding Autobot base) and they return to the Nemesis with Starscream. Megatron offers Silas to Knock Out to lure him back.  Silas hasn’t even done anything wrong, Megatron is just like, “We need our medic back.  Here’s Silas, do whatever you want with him. I never liked that fleshbag anyway.”

Knock Out experiments on Silas, the Dark Energon Terrorcon thing happens, and Silas dies.  But the Nemesis is dark and depressing and Knock Out can’t help remembering how Silas was shambling down its halls for so long.  The only time Knock Out ever really liked Earth was when it was just him and Breakdown driving around in the bright sun looking for energon.

In the end he just leaves.  He scrapes by for a while, mourning a little bit because he finally can, without having PEOPLE all around him.  The Autobots eventually approach him, cautiously asking for any information he might have for breaking onto the Nemesis, because they need to rescue Ratchet from Megatron’s sexy clutches.  To his own surprise as much as anyone’s, Knock Out not only agrees to give them information, but joins the mission.  He is less surly than anyone remembers (though not friendly) and quieter than he used to be.

He doesn’t know why he’s taking this stand.

He just knows it feels right.

CDJapan released the full tracklist for the upcoming Shuuen Re:act album, and it also reveals who B-ko’s and C-ta’s seiyuus are! B-ko’s VA is Nao Touyama (Chitoge from Nisekoi, Yui from Oregairu, Nagisa from Assassination Classroom, Arisa from Honeyworks), and C-ta’s VA is Takuma Terashima (Shintaro from Mekakucity Actors, Tonkyun from Mikagura School Suite, Shiroe from Log Horizon)


November 8, 2009. 

Hands-down GOAT Stanford x Cal (x kellex) game: 


KO in her headband phase, and she was wearing a red one. Matchy-matchy with Alex.😻😻😻

Except for the hat trick, of course. Sorry Alex. ⚽️⚽️⚽️

Too much to get into. Brianna Bak, Alicia Jenkins, Ali Riley & KO at the coin toss…Ali at Amanda White’s heels…Allison McCann x Baby Horse…Mariah Nogueira and Baby Press celebrating KO’s brace (two consecutive headers)…KO celebrating for three…UNDEFEATED. 

—at least for another month.

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I don't believe you've been asked this before, but what do you think about Megumi and S-ko being the same person?

It’s been speculated by fans, but according to the GG Codex there’s no evidence to indicate it.

S-ko mistook Zappa for her former lover who slighted her… and in no way do Zappa and Axl look alike, though she once made a remark about Testament being a handsome man who might make her forget her old lover.

It’s also unclear what years S-ko was alive, or if she’s far older “as a ghost” than she appears.

Furthermore, it appears that Megumi’s last name is “Saito”, which is related to Axl Low’s fighting style “Saitoryuuko Bujutsu Rensen”… so in fact Megumi’s family ran a dojo of sorts that Axl seems to be a student of.

In addition, Testament claims to also be a practitioner of the style… but has something against the founder for unspoken reasons.

So it’s very unlikely S-ko and Megumi Saito are the same individual, especially considering S-ko’s name being a play on the titular horror girl “Sadako Yamamura” of the Ring movies (Ringu in Japan).

Sora for Smash!

I had this idea for Sora in Smash 4 that incorporated his drive forms, including Antiform.

Standard Sora:

Neutral B: standard attack

> B: Thrust, begins combos that would have finishers like explosion. This would work similarly to Marth’s, Roy’s, and Lucina’s > B.

^ B: Aerial Sweep

v B: Reflect/Drive. As Sora attacks and gives damage, it will fill a drive gauge that, when filled once, the player can press v B to change to either Valor or Wisdom form, and when filled twice, the player can use Master form or choose again Valor or Wisdom to be used for a longer period of time. (works like a combonation between Little mac’s KO meter and Shulk’s monado arts)

A moves would include various magic and standard attacks.

Down aerial would be like the dive in the Xaldin boss battle using the reaction command learn. Other aerials would be similar to Sora’s aerial combos.

Final Smash: Final Form


Neutral B: Berserk

> B: Ars Arcanum or similar combo.

^ B: High jump followed by aerial combo finisher, works similarly to Shulk’s jumpslash

v B: Guard/Counter

A moves would include various jabs and swings with keyblade, could also include Strike Raid.

Aerials similar to Standard Sora aerials.


Neutral B: Magic bullets

> B: Blizzard (KH2)

^ B: Cure/Esuna (like DDD, gives little vertical height, heals, but could leave him extremely vulnerable)

v B: Thunder A moves could include spells like fire (KH1 or KH2), confuse, magnet, stop, or poison. Would have glide ability (like Peach’s mechanic) in this form.  

Master Form:

Neutral B: Combo moves combined with > B, ends in master strike. Alone is just standard attack.

> B: Sonic blade/initiates combo moves.

^ B: Disaster (i.e. the tornado move).

v B: Reflect A moves would include various spells and keyblade attacks.

Note: I also had the idea that if drive forms are used too much, the player may get Antiform, which has no B moves, but has powerful A attacks, jabs, and throws that can rack up damage but do not launch. This form would be lightweight, have little recovery ability, and no spiking moves.


College Station, TX, December 3-4, 2009

The Last Hurrah a/k/a Black Gloves

Images of KO’s penultimate game (and final win) as a Cardinal, and the dinner on the eve of Stanford’s 2-1 win over the UCLA Bruins in the NCAA Women’s Championships semifinals. The snapbacks have the College Cup/Pac-10 conference champions logo on them.

KO put Stanford on the board with an assist from Baby Press. Cheney then equalized for UCLA. Press scored unassisted in sudden death OT.

KO’s last win as an collegiate athlete. Cardinal brought a clean sheet (25-0) to the championship on December 6, but infamously lost to UNC.

KO & Press ended the season with a combined 123 points, the highest scoring tandem in the country, and were instrumental in reestablishing Stanford as a dominant power in NCAA Division 1.

Rachel Quon, Ali Riley, Alicia Jenkins, Kira Maker, Kristin Stannard, Hillary Heath, Lindsay Taylor, Morgan Redman, Madeleine Thompson, Courtney Verloo appear in pics. 

“uzaktakini çağırıyordu en uzaktakini.
mevsimlerin tekrar edemediği bir şeyi çağırıyordu,
gelmesi mümkün olmayanı.
ve bir adım öne çıkıyordu mayıs.

derindekini çağırıyordu, fırtınayı, tekneyi,
yokluğu fark edilmeyeni.

iyiliği çağırıyordu cücelerdeki, kamburlardaki,
kendi içine kıvrılanı çağırıyordu
gökadaların, çiçeklerin her şeyi içine alan sarmalını.

parmağının ucuyla aşka dokunuyordu
bir yıldızın ucuna dokunur gibi yanıp sönen.

yürüyordu sonra, birbirine açılan sokakların,
meydanların, pazaryerlerinin ezberini bozuyordu:
darmadağınık bir şarkıydı, çağrısı.
yürüyordu koşuyordu kreşendo toz duman
ne kadar eşlik etse de keman, dile gelmiyordu açışı.”

“mevsimlerin tekrar edemediği bir şeyi çağırıyordu derken ne demek istedin?

bana bunu yapma nihal, bana bunu yapma” 


September 12, 2008

Strange Goings On at The Farm

Stanford 1-1 UNC, 2OT

Yaaaas, that’s KO scoring on a certain Ashlyn Harris of the visiting Tar Heels to level the game 1-1. UNC struck first with a give-and-go from Casey Nogueira to Tobin Heath. The game would go on double overtime and despite Baby Press making life difficult for Ash in the latter stages, her goaltending (6 saves) preserves the draw.

That game is epic for several reasons. Three future recipients of the MAC Herman Trophy were on the pitch, all Cardinal (KO, Press & Teresa Noyola—all three would play for the national title, with Tess finally winning one for the Card in 2011.)

No less than six ’15ers (O’Hara, Press, Engen, Harris, Heath, & Klingenberg) saw action in the match. Many more players were current or former USWNT, U-WNT, WPS or NWSL (Nogueira, Noyola, Allie Long, Lindsay Taylor, Ali Riley, Nikki Washington, Allison Falk etc…).

#go stanford