Hôm nọ vợ đi chơi, anh được nhiều tờ rơi. Hôm kia trời đẹp quá, anh gạt tay vào má. Hôm qua ăn bị hóc, anh vuốt tay vào tóc. Hôm nay số đen xì, anh đi kiếm bánh mì.
Review of Side Hope episode



-K but legit tho

-I was screaming the entire time

-Hajime’s eyes being two colors is canon! That is so fucking cool!

-Hajime is such a badass

-I am so happy, Ko’s robo-hand is canon

-and his luck helping Naegi! :D

-Kuzuryu and Peko 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

-Sonia actually appreciating Souda makes me so happy


-Mikan and Tsumiki! :D

-Okay just all of the 77th class, I could go on for hours

-Mitarai confrontation was SO GOOD and it was EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED

-Hajime’s little nod at Naegi

-Mikan trying to talk to Naegi, but Ko knocking her over




-aww, Munakata…!

-cute little Chiaki moment!


-Komaeda even remembered Seiko’s medicine bottles! Good memory, kiddo

-but the antidote is called Antagonist?

-Kirigiri is alive and I don’t know if I’m okay with that… it feels like way too much of a fake out, and just right after people had finally accepted that she was dead NOPE LOL. My emotions feel cheated.


Muscle Warriors: Galaxy Warriors Bootlegs from the Trash Hole

There’s one particular MotU-KO line that lead to generations of knock-offs and bootlegs on its own. The Galaxy Warriors! Made by Sungold in 1983. 

Galaxy Warriors (GW) are the MotU-KO prototype. No other knock-off line was ripped off, recycled, and expanded as much as them. Covering the whole GW universe would be like writing a book on “The Universe’s Complete History of Uncertainty”. There’s simply no end to it with new lines popping up all the time. It’s the never ending story. And all that can save us KOllecting KOsmonauts from the big nothing - or how the Phealous put it: the Galaxy hole - is to stick to the part of the Galaxy we already know. 

The original Sungold Galaxy Warriors from 1983. 

Today I wanna focus on probably the gnarliest GW bootleg line of them all. The Muscle Warriors, or Les Super Monstres.

Not long ago we weren’t even able to tell when or by whom they were made. Packaging and figures don’t tell much in this aspect. But thanks to the revelations of Brian Heiler we learned that they were produced by a company named Tung Sing Toys in 1986, located in Hong Kong just like Sungold. Tung Sing happens to be the same company that also made the infamous Underworld Warriors btw.

I recently got my hands on a few carded Muscle Warriors from Peru. So let’s get right into it.

When I look at my carded “Anubi” sample, the first thing that hits the eye is the completely messed up spout, and the underworldish paint job. The real Anubi IMO is still the coolest looking Galaxy Warrior. I might change my mind about his Muscle Warriors (MW) counterfeit, though. This guy is just completely over the edge. He certainly has quite a story to tell though, about the horrors he’s been through.

The card art looks like it either comes from a very untalented and/or underpaid artist, or a genius child. It depicts some sort of barbarian with an axe in his hand, and a horned helmet on his head, fighting against what appears to be minotaurs? 

The barbarian’s axe looks alot like the one from the “original” GW artwork. When we put the GW and the MW artwork next to each other it’s obvious that the MW artist was knocking off the GW Frazetta bootleg*, where “Thor” is fighting against a hairy, horned creature. (*Further reading on the Frazetta Connection here -> http://galaxywarriorsbysungold.blogspot.de/p/artwork.html.) 

The original Sungold cardback.

Muscle Warriors cardback.

When we look at the MW cardback we can see the old familiar Galaxy Warriors drawings, showing the range of 12 GW figures and accessories. For some reason the figure names were left out, but not the name of the line. If the figure names were left out due to legal reasons why didn’t Tung Sing write Muscle Warriors on the back, too? They even took the effort to add a French description both on front and back of the card.

Let’s now take a closer look at what I’m guessing is the regular “whole range of [MW] figures and accessories” in direct comparison to the Sungold originals.

The whole range of Muscle Warriors.







Tiger Man



Dino Man



It seems like the “regular” MW line consists of 12 figures, just like the original GW line-up (without Raah and Deevil, which were carded as Swords & Sorcerers, and aren’t shown on the GW cardback). Except for some (not all!) accessory, Muscle Warriors aren’t straight bootlegs though. If you look at them closer you can see that they’re actually poorly made resculpts. Poor resculpts with a paint job done by blind child labourers that were using a piece of wood instead of a brush. (This is probably closer to reality than one is willing to admit. The face of “Anubi” is also telling the story of a completely fucked up economy, where the poorest of the poor were painting bootleg figures for “rich” western kids’ guilty pleasures.)

Most likely to save money on rubber bands (and to speed up production) waist and legs have been worked into one single lower MW body part. Which reduces the original GW points of articulation from six to just four. Like the GW torso, the MW one is made of two parts, allowing for shoulder and neck articulation. 

There’s (at least?) three different versions of chest plates, four different versions of weapons, and two different versions of shields. Quality and color of the accessories vary. Unlike the GW originals, MW shields don’t have stickers. Tung Sing was smart enough to invert the heraldic eagle shown on GW shield stickers, and directly sculpt it on front. The other MW shield is a straight Sungold bootleg, just like all MW weapons. AlI chest plates are resculpts. Version 1 shows some sort of inverted version of the sun, shown on the original GW armor. Version 2 is knocking off the other GW version, but with something like a castle, an eagle, or an angel on it. Hard to tell. And last but not least there’s MW version 3 that again shows the inverted GW eagle on front.

This wouldn’t be about KO’s if it wasn’t for all sorts of variations, re-boots, and weird combinations. Telling from the “Anubi” figures that I have (and their varying accessory) there must have been at least three different generations (and molds?) of Muscle Warriors.

I have a long-legged, black headed Anubi, marked “Made in China” on the back, with his snout still (?) intact. A short-legged, grey headed guy without any markings, and with his snout screwed up. And last but nut least a “middle-legged” dude, also grey headed, without markings, and with his snout completely screwed up. The grey on this guy isn’t even dyed, it’s sprayed on. I also have two MW variants of Sahak. 

For some reason Muscle Warriors were also sold as Galaxy Heroes in some places of the world. Or as Les Combattants De La Galaxie (LCdlA), which apparently consisted of only 6 instead 12 figures. I wouldn’t wonder if the back of the card was again showing the old familiar range of GW figures and accessories, though. Including the wrong name!

Pic courtesy of eBay.

There must be an explanation why both the original MW card and the LCdlA version are in French. Probably because Muscle Warriors were mainly sold in English and/or French speaking countries. Like France, Belgium, Canada… Although they were available in Middle- and South-American countries, as well. Peru f.ex., where I got my carded MW samples from. From a seller who told me that he had had the figures in storage for like 30 years. But wouldn’t make a Spanish card make more sense then? Didn’t Tung Sing had Spanish Underworld Warriors called  “Ultra Tumba Luchadores", as well?

Maybe they sold the English-French MW’s to South-American distributors simply because they still had a shit load of stock laying around? It was cheaper not to get another version of cards printed. End of story. The language thing isn’t the most interesting question anyway. It’s rather how on earth those Combo Hero / Warrior heads did end up on the other three Muscle Warriors samples that I got.

What can I say? The Galaxy Hole strikes again. Yes, it’s probably “correct” to assume that the Combo versions weren’t “official” part of the “original” MW line. Especially because they aren’t pictured on the card they were sealed on. But you know, we’re talking about Masters of the Universe knock-offs here. Leaving us with an infinite number of possible worlds, galaxies, and specimens in the Galaxy Hole’s orbit. We can never know what comes next. Another carded sample maybe, telling a completely different story of how the known universe doesn’t make any sense at all.

don’t want to say goodbye... (aka pointless maudlin rambling you can ignore)

I should be celebrating Hope: Side and thanking the gods that Kodaka was merciful enough to not shatter every piece of my heart and drop them into oblivion. And really, I am so happy. I really, truly am…so relieved and happy..

…but if I can just have a moment to get these overly melodramatic feelings of mine out…


I’m not ready to part with my babies from the 77th and 78th Class!

I mean, I know I’ll grow to love the students in V3 and I’ll cry my entire soul out for them all in good time…but in honest truth, I never wanted to say sayonara to the original 32 whom I practically devoted the past 3 years of my life to!

I don’t want to think that I’ll never sit through another one of Ko’s crazy ramblings again, never laugh at Hinata’s snark again, never marvel at Kirigiri’s brilliance and beauty again and never see any of these precious, quirky dorks again after this last episode. Most of all, I don’t want to ever think I’ll never see or hear from the one who inspired so much hope and love in me again…who moved my heart so much that it literally changed me and the way I see things.

I don’t want to say goodbye to Naegi Makoto, whom I’ve grown to love so much that it hurts. I don’t want to say goodbye to any of these kids who I just want to hold onto forever.

I’m not ready to let go…and I’m just going to miss them so much…

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…but really, thank you, 77th and 78th class. Thank you Hope’s Peak Academy for everything…

…*sniff*…ok, I’m done.

…ugh, I’m so sorry if this post spoiled your dash…but if you feel the same way, can we hug it out? Please? ;________;

anonymous asked:

Is it possible that the OVA is about when the jabberwokky kids wake up from Ko's perspective? Isn't the destroyers of the world them, the remnants of despair? What would you like to see in the ova?

It’s confusing, because it says he wakes up in it, but he’s already awake as of the hope episode, but it also says it takes place after that.

I’m still going with hope video theory but even if that isn’t true

I would definitely like to see? Hinata and Komaeda interaction. I think it might just be the episode from his POV, because remember, Monokuma called the FF World Destroyer, so it could just be a clever choice of words.

At this point, I really don’t know? But I am excited. I just really wanna get some Komahina tbh.


OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo Original Short: KO

Hey! Here’s the first original short with FULL CREDITS listed under the cut!

Last year the fine folks at Cartoon Network gave us the chance to create shorts to get the word out about the OK K.O.! Game! We get to do original shorts based on a game?! What!!!! Cartoon Network fully believes in the game and the idea so doing a cartoon for it was a no-brainer!

The idea for this short came from the development process between us and the game developers at Double Stallion.

We all felt super good about the controls, the punching, the throwing and the ground-pounding all felt great. The team had the brilliant idea to add slide kicks to KO’s moveset which was awesome! I collaborated with the games’ Art Director Eric Angelillo on the ingame animation:

Slide-kicking eventually became so fun that I was doing it all the time in the game, which influenced the story for this short! (Storyboarded by Toby Jones and Stu Livingston)

In a chance of a lifetime, I got to work with one of my FAVORITE studios, Science SARU on the creation of this short. The studio is headed by Masaaki Yuasa and Eunyoung Choi who are both huge inspirations for me. I got the chance to visit the studio during my visit to Japan last year and they are doing some amazing, next-level stuff. I’m completely humbled that they wanted to work with us and I really enjoy the energetic direction of this short which was thanks to Abel Gongora and Juan Manuel Laguna. We used several of the elements from the old pilot, but as you can see, Science SARU gave the look a distinctive twist!


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Friendly reminder

When Junko tried to kill Izuru

He stepped on her like stepping on trash

When Mukuro tried to kill Izuru

He bitch slapped her as if she was a small fly

When “this guy” tried to kill Izuru

This’s what “this guy” got (look hurt af and he died. Not Izuru’s faul tho)

When Komaeda tried to kill Izuru

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*gently put hand around Ko’s waist*

*gently took Ko’s gun*

*whispered to him*

Shot through Komaeda’s heart

See the difference  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

*Edit: Komaeda said he loved Hinata’s sleeping hope, didn’t he? Izuru’s (former) SHSL Hope and he’s “sleeping” inside Hinata at that moment. It makes sense now.


S O  I  H A V E  A  S T U P I D  H E A D C A N O N 

teruteru;s not gonna let u forget boi

is the wedding cake cutting thingy even a japanese tradition too or is that just a western thing idk I’m american af


Don’t think for a second that when the album drops I won’t come back at this and look at it again in context, but shit, son.  I can’t just not say anything about this.  I have SO MANY FEELINGS OKAY, here we go.


HARRY.  FUCK.  Harry has taken on the Zayn role and hot damn is the boy stepping up.  He sounds like fucking Adam Lambert in the chorus.  (Have I said that before?  I’m pretty sure I’ve said that before about Harry’s higher register.  I’m fucking gone at the knees for that sound.)  

Louis.  I’m dying.  He just swoops in and does the thing, he just does that thing, and then I’m finished.  This song opens with a perfect one-two Harry-Louis and that’s it, bell, KO.  And there is still THE REST OF THE SONG.  But really, every interjection Louis has is so perfect.

That’s really a consistent thing on this track, actually: the vocal distribution is perfect.  I’m going to be really interested to see what happens with their vocal style as a whole now that they no longer have an embarrassment of vocal riches and have to actually be thoughtful about how they deploy.  This is also pretty harmony-light, which is a pretty major departure from the last album’s focus.  I hope they’ll put some tightly harmonised tracks on the new record because I believe they still can and should pull it off, but that’s not what this track is about, and I respect that.

But back to individuals.  LEEYUM.  Casually singing octaves with himself in the pre-chorus, and then Niall just arrowing in on the repeat and completely flipping the focus.  FuckinG, this is one thing this band has always been good at, switching things up on the repeats to intensify things.  Giving Niall the repeat of the verse, and then giving Louis’ line to Harry, completely alters the sonic landscape and builds tension and it’s fabulous.

Also I think it might be written into their contracts that Niall provides all the laughter that’s used in the background of 1D’s tracks.  I swear it’s him every time.  Find me a laugh that isn’t Niall and I will crown you monarch of caring about minor shit to an unhealthy degree.  I could definitely stand to abdicate.


Okay, in terms of structure this is a really conventional dance track, but one thing 1D’s been doing really well lately is archetypes.  By this I mean that they take a genre they like, mine its essence, and then produce a song that is very close to an ideal specimen of that genre (e.g. LBD, WDBHG).  This is very close to being another archetype, combining the current standard techno build with, what the actual fuck, a deconstructed funk layer that you really see exposed in the chorus.  This is a jam.  Somehow, in among the electronica, it manages to be cool as hell.  Part of this is about the bass and the funk rhythm, part is just that they kept the 70s-flavoured rhythm guitar they started implementing last album.  I really want to know who arranged this.

I also love the spacey build of the intro just landing on the bass and dropping into the momentum of it immediately.  It’s a perfect forerunner to the prechorus-to-chorus situation.  


Okay, listen, first things first, we need to talk about the reversal of the lights metaphor from Don’t Let Me Go, like, “all of a sudden these lights are blinding me” vs. “all these lights, they can’t blind me” TELL ME HARRY WROTE ON THIS SINGLE PLEASE (do we have writing credits yet? help a sister out)

I also adore, idk, EVERY SINGLE METAPHOR HERE.  Fire for a heart, a river for a soul & you’re a boat, these metaphors are basically so far up my alley they’re living in my back yard.  The river/boat/”nobody can drag me down” business is especially resonant because [LARRIE ALERT] let’s be real, guys, nautical metaphors have kind of been a staple of the symbolism we’ve been consuming for years, and here we are with an intense song about how the person you love keeps you afloat, like, what kind of jokers are these guys, please.


In conclusion, this song is really good and I’m not scared for OT4 anymore.  They’ve totally got this.

Spring Summer 2016 Trend Report.

Gender Bender

A shift toward androgyny has been building over the past two years with big names like Hedi Slimane and Riccardo Tisci who favor traditional feminine elements such as capes, skirts, and tights in their menswear runway collections. Now brands like Baja East and Gucci address this issue by creating androgynous clothing.

Runways don’t care of your gender. They blend it all and mixed them up together. It’s okay for men wearing make up and dress all feminine. The same way it is okay for women to be all androgyny with the pantsuit and the super short pixie hair.

Androgyny, gender blurring, unisex clothing, cross-dressing or however you refer to it is by no means a new movement, but it is definitely having a moment now and it’s here to stay.

44, Francis Montesinos, Givenchy, Hibu, Hood by Air, João Pimenta, Ronaldo Fraga, Rynshu, Schet-Ko & Vivienne Westwood.

  • “Mahal kita. Pero mahal ko din siya.”

“Alam mo ba number ni Kuya Kim? Itatanong ko lang sana kung anong klaseng hayop yung may dalawang puso.”

  • “I just realized that i don’t want to be attached." 

"Isa kang malanding stapler!" 

  • You’re too good for me.”

"Alam ko. Dahil demonyo ka. Demonyo! Magtropa tropa chill chill kayo ni Satanas! Kasalanan ko pa ngayon kung bakit mabuti ako?" 

  • I need to find myself on my own“.

Eto cellphone ko, may GPS yan ha. Go find yourself. 

  • “Hindi pa pala ako ready.”

So anong gusto mong palabasin, nag OJT ka lang ganon? 300 hrs training? 

  • “It’s not you, it’s me.

Oo na. It’s not me. It’s your face. Matagal ko ng alam yun 

  • "Mahal ko pa rin ang ex ko. Sorry.”

“Naks. Ume-ex. Pogi natin ah.”

  • “You deserve someone better.”

Alam ko yun. Pero sinabi ko bang gusto ko ng better? Marunong ka pa eh no? 

  • “I need space.”

At si Space pala yung pinalit mo sakin. Mga hayoooop!“

  • "We’re too different from each other.”

“I know right. Tao ako. Dinosaur ka." 

  • "Break na tayo!”

“Tara. Gutom na din ako.”

  • “Kung tayo talaga, tayo rin in the end di ba?”

“Ending pala hanap mo ha. *sabay tusok ng bolpen sa throat niya*

  • We’re not growing anymore.“

Nakikita mo ba yung garden na yan? Dito kita ibabaon para maggrow ka.”