okay from what i understand a lot of people dont care for vic as ed’s english va but in conqueror of shamballa he does such a great job in showing ed as depressed as he is. he talks softly, he sounds worn out, you can hear that ed is very detached. and not to mention in 03 during ed’s crying scenes and when he’s begging the homunculi in the lab five arc where he sounds actually near tears. i think vic, while the overall SOUND of his voice wouldn’t be my choice for Ed, is a great voice actor. and he also portrays the bratty teenager vibe well.

I honestly wish the sCRYed fandom had a larger presence on tumblr

It’s so fucking good
It’s the first anime I’ve ever watched that wasn’t pokemon.
Those 26 episodes full of lessons and feels man
It’s just so good.
I wish I could show my friends this anime. They seem too interested in more mainstream anime…

Kazuma the Shell bullet.
You are forever engraved in my personality it’s not even funny.


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Ooooh boy. Remember this one?