How People Think the DC Trinity Works:

Bruce & Clark: making dumb jokes

Diana: Children, I work with children

How the DC Trinity Should Work:

Diana: How can you defend a country where 5% of the people control 95% of the wealth?

Bruce: I’m defending a country where people can think, act, and worship anyway they want!

Clark: Hey, hey, hey, stop fighting. Now Diana, maybe Bruce’s right about America being a land of opportunity. And Bruce, Diana does have a point about the machinery of capitalism being oiled with the blood of the workers.


A giant turkey chases would-be Thanksgiving participants in the Magic Kingdom’s ‘America on Parade’ (circa 1976).

If that weren’t disturbing enough, this parade also featured these two unfortunate Colonials – a young blonde boy locked up in the stocks, and a scared-stiff Salem girl being repeatedly dunked on charges of Witchcraft.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Fuck coworkers who NEVER show up. It’s Election Day here in America’s armpit (New Jersey) and we’re busy af. Two employees no called/no showed (again) and the overnight guy is still here (8 am) and he was supposed to leave at 6. Off to the library I go to apply to more jobs.


Monday, November 20: AC/DC, “Go Down”

R.I.P. Malcolm Young (1953-2017), Bon Scott (1946-1980)

AC/DC’s invasion of America formally began with “Go Down”, Let There Be Rock’s opening track and thus the first song on the first AC/DC record to receive a proper international release via Atlantic Records.  And the song didn’t disappoint, as it fully captured every great thing about the band from top to bottom, and illustrated exactly why the guys never bothered trying to write or perform any other way.  It was all there from the beginning: Angus and Malcolm Young’s guitars crashed, stormed and grooved like a ‘roided out Chuck Berry, Phil Rudd drummed with gangster swagger and a bricklayer slap that couldn’t be replicated by anyone, not even by the guys AC/DC intermittently hired to replace him.  And then there was the incomparable Bon Scott, a force of nature like no other, hooting and hollering with menace and no small amount of good cheer.  Angus and Bon were the natural focal points, but Malcolm was seemingly the greatest rhythm guitarist the world has ever known from the day he was born, and “Go Down” showcased his unerring instincts in fine fashion and made this sound feel not only necessary, but inevitable.  Countless words have already been written about Malcolm’s passing, and yet it’s still not enough, as the man not only commandeered AC/DC through good and bad times, but was a defining force in rock and roll.  And now that he’s gone, we are once again reminded that there will never be another like him.

Sinterklaas VS Christmas

Netherlands: “Sinterklaas has got nothing to do with Christmas. They are two entirely separate holidays. We celebrate Christmas just like most countries, just without a ‘Santa Claus’ and without gifts. Because Santa Claus… is America’s weirdo Sinterklaas.”

((In 1773, Sinterklaas was still celebrated in America by the Dutchmen, who were very into their traditions. One theory is that the Americans chose Saint Nicholas [Sinterklaas] as the patron saint of New York [formerly New Amsterdam], to spitefully have a different patron saint than the English Saint George. However, after 1814 when the United States were already independent, it turned out that people weren’t really connected to Saint Nicholas at all.

A few years befofehand, in 1809, Washington Irving wrote a book called “Knickerbocker’s History”. However, he wrote many things mixing fantasy with facts including about a certain Sancta Claus instead of Sinterklaas. This was still fresh in people’s minds especially children’s, and it was used as a base for ‘Santa Claus’. This was then combined with new stories and poems in the 19th century about Sinterklaas, which were just as rich in fantasy. The Scandinavian Yule Man was suddenly added to the picture, along with Dutch sleds to carry goods. The theologian Clement Clarke Moore was inspired by his gardener; a chubby, jolly man with a beard and red cheeks. His poems about Saint Nicholas included new stories about how he filled stockings through the chimney, and how he was wearing a fur coat. Much later, Coca Cola painted a whole new appearance onto the American Santa Claus.

Sinterklaas has been pictured with a tree full of apples. In the 18th century, people in Switzerland and Elsass started taking in pine trees for Saint Nicholas on 6th of December, decorating them with candles and sweets. This may have been because of the mythological tree Yggdrasil, the tree of life and fertility which also bore apples. As Saint Nicholas is also a patron saint of fertility, it made sense to have such a tree in your house. Around 1835, this tradition was taken over for Sinterklaas in The Netherlands. However, when Saint Nicholas wasn’t allowed to be celebrated for a while in protestant countries, the “Klaas tree” was most probably moved to becoming a "Christmas tree” instead.))

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The fact that Taylor earned more than KP who had album out early this year, touring, got a lot of endorsements like covergirl, xfinity and her shoe line and america's got talent fee really is impressive.

Yeah, probably because of her two concerts (check out my last ask…) but I’m still surprised cause Katy got a lot from American Idol and she did perform at Glastonbury for example… I’m sure Katy did more than fine though, it actually makes me really happy to see women pull in big numbers and Katy is no exception 😉

Taylor has additional thing going for her which is that she runs couple more businesses and she seems to be in charge of them, which is obviously not very common with musicians. Plus she owns her music so she gets her royalties regularly - basically she has built a sustainable business model which allows her to have a completely comfortable off year and still earn a lot of money. We stan a business mogul 👏🏼

America’s treatment of minimum wage workers is so wack.
You are missing for a couple of days cus you are slorped into a banana figment and afterwards alien abducted and your co-worker didn’t make it and is now having alien wars as an immortal zombie with a brain portal
and now you have to take over his shift!! Capitalism is hell

Music Tag

I was tagged by best cat @kaguneko Thank you Kags 😚😚😚😚😚

Rules: if you can, list the top ten songs you’re listening to lately, then tag 10 mutuals to do the same!

1. Fall Out Boy- The Last of the Real Ones (This was part of my inspiration for the vampire fic I’m writing – If you listen on YouTube you might want to opt for the audio only version because the official video has a lot of violence, so if you’re squeamish with that stuff- this is a heads up)

2. Paramore- Brick by Boring Brick (If I had a theme song, this would be one of them lol)

3. Dua Lipa – Blow Your Mind

4. Lorde- Perfect Places

5. Elle King- America’s Sweetheart

6. Walk Off the Earth – All Time Low (it’s a cover of the Jon Bellion song but their covers are always amazing and really entertaining to watch! Really creative)

7. Panic at the Disco- Don’t Threaten me with a Good Time-( again some gore but there are tentacles in this video but probably not in the way you’d like @zedsdead1001 ;) )

8. Halsey- Bad at Love

9. The Neighbourhood- A Little Death (smut writing mood music)

10. Lana Del Rey- Gods and Monsters

Now you know the crap I’ve been listening to XD

I’m sure you all have better lists than me lol

I’m tagging @shippingeruri @absolute-eruri-trash @chuulain @teatimewithamz @valisi-clark @tsukinoyoukai @theforbiddenworld @thebritishteapot @kahleniel @sensitive-eruri

Only if you want to of course!


The Post had its first screening last night as it was shown to critics in the US. Though reviews are under a strict embargo, Spielberg and stars Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks (among others) took part in a Q&A session, which Gold Derby has captured some highlights from. 

Above, Spielberg talks about why it was so important to him that production was so rapid (The Post was only announced in March), while other highlights can be seen below. 

- Streep and Hanks discuss the relationship between their characters, Kay Graham and Ben Bradlee

- Spielberg on the parallels between the film’s depiction of The Pentagon Papers scandal and what’s happening in America today

- Matthew Rhys and Bob Odenkirk discuss their supporting roles in the film

- Hanks discusses knowing the real Ben Bradlee

  • America: 9:01! Germany is officially late for the first time ever. All right let's do this, who's got theories?
  • Japan: Uh... his alarm didn't go off.
  • America: All three alarms? All with battery back up? Come on, who wants to take this seriously?
  • Russia: Ooh, he was taken in his sleep.
  • America: That's what I'm talking about. Super dark, Russia, but way more plausible than Japan's idiotic alarm clock theory.
  • Italy: I bet he tucked himself into bed too tight and got stuck.
  • Romano: Hmm, maybe he fell into another dimension where he’s interesting?
  • [Britain sees the group huddled around the door.]
  • Britain: It's 9:00 AM, why hasn’t the world meeting started?
  • America: Germany is a few minutes late, and we're all trying to guess why.
  • Britain: I'd like to play. I'd say he’s... in line at the bank. This is fun.
  • America: It is fun. But you're all wrong. He clearly slipped through a subway grate and is having terrible sex with a mole man.
  • [Germany runs into the room.]
  • America: There he is! Germany! Where have you been? We've been worried sick, do you care to explain yourself?
  • Germany: I'm just 70 seconds late. It's not a big deal, don't worry about it.
  • Britain: Germany, you will tell us, and you will tell us now.
  • Germany: …There was a problem at the bank.
  • Britain: *claps his hands together* HOT DAMN!

My mom is a bartender so I like to go down and sit by her while she is working and naturally I overhear a lot of interesting conversations between intoxicated people but my favorite one was between two older guys, probably 60’s, watching Captain America. Here’s how the conversation went:
Guy 1: *looks up at TV and sees Chris Evans* “That guy is really nice looking”
Guy 2: “yea he is”
Guy 2: “wait, are you gay?”
Guy 1: “hell ya buddy. Since 1960, man!”
Guy 2: “dude same here!”
-High five-