Flags in 2015

Soldiers from the 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) have a duty to respectfully honor America’s sons and daughters who have lost their lives in defense of this great nation. “Flags In” is a four hour event in which over 1,000 Soldiers from The Old Guard remember Service-members in Arlington National Cemetery, Va. by placing a flag on the over 228,000 headstones in the cemetery. Soldiers in The Old Guard have held this honor and privilege of conducting “Flags In” since 1948.


The dominant corporate news media have used the Baltimore uprising and other similar events to attack Black America’s character, values, and culture. The argument is clear: The events in Waco were committed by white men who happen to be criminals; the Baltimore uprising was committed by black people who, because of their “race” and “culture,” are inherently criminal. Racial bias in news reporting has been repeatedly documented by scholars in media studies, critical race theory, political science, and sociology. As anti-racism activist Jane Elliot incisively observed, “People of color can’t even turn on the televisions in their own homes without being exposed to white racism.” The centuries of racism, and resulting stereotypes about the inherent criminality of Black Americans, are central to why the events in Waco and Baltimore have received such divergent news coverage.

The contrast in media narratives about Baltimore and Waco are undeniable—but many white Americans are blind to them

Frank Grillo Has Completed His Captain America: Civil War Scenes

That was quick! Frank Grillo has announced via instagram that he has wrapped filming his scenes for Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War.

Filming only just began several weeks ago, but Frank Grillo (Warrior) has already completed his Cap 3 obligations. He’s reprising his Captain America: The Winter Soldier role, Hydra agent Brock Rumlow. Although, this time he’s sporting a new Crossbones costume. It’s to give him a fighting chance against our favorite super soldier Steve Rogers, as well as to hide the scars he received in the last film.

Grillo was spotted in that costume battling Cap on the Atlanta set, which has been designed to look like an African shanty town.

Check out Grillo’s announcement below. [x]


“Hear those sirens in the background? My name is Chris Pratt, your watching America’s most wanted.” He’s sooooo funny!

Where’s the best place to look for wildlife when visiting America’s public lands? Sometimes you have to look where you least expect. Case in point: This pic of bobcat hiding in a cactus at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in Arizona.
Photo by National Park Service.


We’re kicking off Memorial Day Weekend with a My Public Lands Instagram Takeover by American Hiking Society!

As the national voice for America’s hikers, American Hiking Society promotes and protects foot trails, their surrounding natural areas, and the hiking experience.   AHS and BLM work together to provide hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts many ways to get involved and take advantage of our country’s public lands through Volunteer Vacations and National Trails Day. 

Follow us here and on My Public Lands Instagram all weekend to learn more about how you can get involved on BLM lands to help protect these beautiful places we all love to hike on.

Photos of BLM’s King Range National Conservation Area in California by Mike Pittsley and American Hiking Society

Morning News Rundown

Displaced children bear brunt of South Africa’s crime crackdown

Grand jury indicts Baltimore police in death of Freddie Gray

Zambia: Wildlife poachers trade guns for gardens and bees

Opinion: TPP is in trouble, thanks to public interest

One union keeps their grip on supply chain

Amnesty: Torture ‘commonplace’ in Ukraine

Malaysia, US to search for Rohingya at sea

Ireland voting on gay marriage referendum

Study: Confiscate guns to prevent violence

Report: ISIL now controls half of Syria

California beaches covered with oil after spill 

Transgender Calif. inmate in surgery limbo

Honolulu mayor kills expanded sit-lie ban

S. Korea court frees woman in 'nut rage’ case

Clashes in Chile during Bachelet’s address

Raw tuna suspected in salmonella outbreak

Opinion: Fear and resignation grip Pakistan

Teachers strike across Washington state

Opinion: America’s private surveillance fiasco

Senate clears hurdle for Pacific trade deal

Violence grips Mexico ahead of elections

school idol festival asks (part 2)!
  • 1. which do you do more often - solo scout or save 50 lovegems?
  • 2. do you perform any rituals before you scout?
  • 3. best pull from a solo scout?
  • 4. favorite type of event (token, scorematch, medfes)?
  • 5. have you ever t2'd an event? if so, which event was it and which version?
  • 6. t1'd?
  • 7. song you always skip during score matches?
  • 8. song you used to like playing but now hate because you've played it so many times?
  • 9. favorite daily song?
  • 10. besides snowman kotori and vegas nozomi, do you have any promo cards?
  • 11. song you're proudest of fc'ing?
  • 12. in your opinion, is there an expert song in which the lower difficulties are harder?
  • 13. favorite card set?
  • 14. least favorite card set?
  • 15. what do you think about klab america's censorship on some of the stories?
  • 16. most disappointing 50 scout?
  • 17. worst mistake you've made while playing sif?
  • 18. have you found that you have a better rhythm after playing sif?
  • 19. best card of your favorite girl?
  • 20. worst card of your least favorite girl?
  • 21. worst card of favorite girl?
  • 22. best card of your least favorite girl?
  • 23. do you think they should start giving out urs in events?
  • 24. how many idolized srs do you have?
  • 25. urs?
  • 26. best event card?
  • 27. worst event card?
Shill Alert?

Back in March, when President Obama sat down with Vice to discuss climate change, he was asked why resistance to act against this global threat is so strong.

Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia recently introduced a bill that would block the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan, which would reduce America’s carbon pollution and shift us to a clean energy economy.

I wonder why?

Polluters gave @SenCapito $1.3 million dollars; now she proposes #Polluterprotectionact to let them keep polluting our air. #whovotesdirty.

— Peter Altman (@petealtman13)

May 13, 2015



The Birders of Prospect Park, Out in Peak Season

It’s peak bird-watching season, when North America’s most colorful birds return from the tropics. Prospect and Central parks are prime stopovers, each “an island of green in a sea of concrete and tar,” says Robert Bate, president of the Brooklyn Bird Club. This year’s been slow, owing to a lingering winter and a north wind, but on May 9, club members flocked to check species off their life lists. “The Holy Grail is different for everyone,” says birder Ben Chase, “but for New York State it’s probably Bicknell’s thrush, which breeds in the Adirondacks.” None turned up; better luck next week.


anonymous asked:

I find it funny that American SJW always mock America's alleged lack of culture when there is a mass panic among European artists because they fear America's culture is too dominant and will cause European cultures and arts to go extinct.

Now's Not the Time to be a Gentleman! (Steve Rogers Smut)

“Psst! Steve!” I whisper yell. He turns around. “Yeah! Come here!”

“What’s wrong (Y/N)?” I pull him into my bedroom and sit him on the bed. I sit on his lap and start kissing him. “What are you doing?”

“I need release.” I say in between kisses. I lift up his shirt and start kissing his neck.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“And why not?”

“What if we get caught?”

“Then we get caught. It’s my room anyway.” I whisper in his ear. “And you know you want it too.” He takes off my shirt and throws it aside. His hands rubbing up and down my back. He lightly tugs on my hair to tilt my head to the side, giving him better access to my neck. I moan softly as he starts sucking. I fiddle with my pants and underwear and drop them. By bare clit on his pant covered crotch. “Get rid of these.” I say as I tug on his pants.

“Only if you get rid of this.” He says tugging on my bra. I unclasp my bra as he unbuckles and drops his pants. I slightly stand up and get ready to align
myself. “(Y/N)?”


“What are you doing?”

“I’m getting ready to ride you like a pony.”

“But men are supposed to be on–”

“Now’s not the to be a gentleman!” I snap. I sit down and we both moan. I slowly bounce up and down, wiggling my hips. Steve pulls me back for a passionate kiss as I ride him a little faster, his hands exploring my back, my hands running through his hair. Then there’s a knock on the door.

“(Y/N)?” Natasha says on the other side.

“Yes?” I answer, trying to sound as normal as possible.

“We’re supposed to do training today.”

“Right! Sorry. Uh give me…” Steve puts his mouth on my breast and starts kneading the other one. His tongue sucking on my nipple. “G-give me uhhh t-t-ten minutes.”

“Are you alright in there?”

“Yep! Just fine.”

“Ok…” I push him down on the bed and slide up and down. We kiss again and Steve grabs my butt as I slide faster and faster and he moans into my mouth. There’s ANOTHER knock on the door.

“Hey (Y/N)?”

“What Tony?”

“Have you see Capsicle?”

“No Tony.”

“It’s funny because I thought I saw him go into your room.” Steve’s head falls back on the bed and his eyes roll back. I’m so close right now and I think he is too.

“Nope.” I say breathlessly. “Haven’t seem him.”

“Are you sure because–”

“Go away Tony!”

“Alright, alright. Don’t get your panties in a bunch.” They are in a bunch. On the floor.

“Oh… Steve…” I moan. I wiggle my hips as I allow his full length inside me.

“(Y/N)… Ugh…”

“God… S-Steve…” I bounce faster as my release sneaks closer and closer. “STEVE!” I moan as I cum. I pump a little more until I feel him release under me. I get off of him and lay down next to him as we try to catch our breaths.

“I’m glad I wasn’t a gentleman.”