• Child America: Canada, let's play together!
  • Child Canada: okay~! I'm coming~!
  • -Early 1700s-
  • Child Canada: America, let's play together~!
  • Young America: sorry, I can't now, I'm busy with these books.
  • -Mid 1700s-
  • Young Canada: America, do you want to play?
  • America: that's a bit childish for me now. Sorry, maybe with someone else?
  • -Late 1700s and 1800s-
  • Canada: um... America.
  • America: I can't talk to you... we're not... politically in the best of terms.
  • -1900s-
  • Canada: America, you're here-
  • America: huh? Sorry, gotta go! Super busy right now! Talk to ya later!
  • -2000s-
  • America: Canada, brooo! Wanna play together?
  • Canada: yeah, I'd like that~

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I find it hilariously hypocritical that you as someone who runs a small business, thus engaging in capitalism would have no problem posting memes that are blatantly trying to portray capitalism as something bad.

Welcome to living in Trump’s America :)

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Doctor!Reader

Warning: Swearing, Death, Heart Break, Angst, Fluff, violence and hostages//Take Over.

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Rule One of being a doctor, don’t get over attached to your patients.

Well that rules been broken.

Rule Two of being a doctor, don’t date your patients.

But what if he has blue eyes and a killer smile that make your insides throw a dance party when he’s near you??
Rule Three of being a doctor, don’t ever loose focus on doing your job, nothing comes between you and your career.

See comment above… was the smile mentioned? Or that he’s Captain America?

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These are some court-room sketches that appear in an exhibition at America’s Library of Congress titled Drawing Justice: the Art of the Courtroom. It sounds like a great show, exploring the museum’s collection of art illustrating court proceedings for use by the press whenever photographs are prohibited. 

I’ve had a serious itch to get into Washington DC for the past year, and this show might be another reason to try to visit soon. I am a huge fan of Courtroom sketch art, there is something powerful about a good courtroom sketch that catches the tension and emotion of the trial at hand. Plus it’s a great test of pure mechanical skill, since you have to draw quick for long  periods of time, and need to be good at catching someone’s likeness well. 

As a related extra, recently the news organization CNN sent courtroom sketch artist Bill Hennessy to one of Sean Spicer’s press briefings. This was done in response to the recent trend of the current administration’s tendency to refuse any cameras in the room during these briefings. The move is done with a tongue in CNN’s cheek, pointing attention to the controversy over refusing cameras at these briefings, while also making a nod at the possibility that the current presidential administration is currently under some hot allegations that may lead to some genuine courtroom sketches. 

what do you gun folks think about using ar-15′s to communist ends?

i think it’d be funny, using america’s most visible firearm against itself, plus these things are plentiful, they’re actually pretty great and affordable weapons

ak’s are obviously pretty intimately tied to the whole communism thing, but they’re a little more expensive and harder to get, they’re less accurate and fire a round that’s less friendly to a newcomer, etc

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Would you ever want to maybe do a snob episode of "The book of Henry"? Or is that going to be like doing a review on "Winter's Tale"? Or Hillary's America? Just to difficult.

I’d love to do an episode on all three of those. 


As ya’ll know next weekend is officially July 4th weekend! With that bein’ said I have decided, with the help of @ffsmizanin @bliissfulthinkin & @reigningmaryse to throw a kick ass BARBECUE BASH at my place down in America’s Heartland; GEORGIA!

Food and drinks will be provided by yours truly so all y'all need to bring is yourselves. There will be plenty of activities throughout the day along with a couple friendly competitions!! We will be havin’ a old fashioned Pie Eatin’ Contest as well as a Bikini Contest! So ladies make sure y'all bring your BEST!! We will also be givin’ out a prize for the best Display of American Pride. 🇺🇸So make sure y'all dress to the nines!

Kids are welcome as my own will be here so don’t worry about findin’ a sitter. We will have plenty of kid friendly events as well as a massive Fireworks display that night. 🎆

Time: Saturday July 1st; Noon
Place: Allen’s house
We can’t wait to see y'all and CELEBRATE AMERICA’S BIRTHDAY!!!! 🇺🇸

‘Orphan Black’ Recap: What’s It All About, Alison?
Tatiana Maslany as Alison Hendrix in BBC America’s ‘Orphan Black’ (Photo Credit: BBC America)

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the “Beneath Her Feet” episode of Orphan Black.

Who are you, Alison Hendrix? Of all the surviving Clone Club sisters, this suburban homemaker has always seemed the least fully-formed in terms of her identity. If you were to describe the core four clones in Beatles terms, Sarah’s the Rebellious One, Cosima’s the Smart One, Helena’s the Crazy One, and Alison is… the Crafty One? The Stable One? The Pill-Popping One? Take your pick. The fact that she defies easy categorization is at once both a sign of her complexity and her confusion. Whatever personal journey she pursued early on in her life came to a halt when she traded rings with Donnie and she moved to a picture-perfect suburb, where she acquiesced to the community’s unspoken demand that she create and maintain the picture perfect family. Her own growth has been stunted in favor of what other people want from her.

It’s taken five seasons, but Alison is finally realizing how much she’s been shortchanged. “Beneath Her Feet,” then, becomes her declaration of independence. By the end of Season 5’s third hour, Alison has walked away from her neighbors, her sisters, and even her husband because, like the song goes, she’s been to paradise, but she’s never been to me. As she emphasizes to Donnie, though, their separation isn’t permanent. Team Hendrix will reunite just as soon as Alison decides what her new identity on this dynamic duo will be.

Taking a long view, “Beneath Her Feet” is the first step in Orphan Black co-creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson’s stated master plan to pepper character-based clone episodes into a season that also has to wrap up the show’s elaborate mythology. And it’s a strong way to begin that initiative, using flashbacks to pre-Season 1 events as a way to underline how Alison arrives at this point, in the present day, where she realizes she has to evolve or die. The episode even digs up the couple’s former friends, Chad (Eric Johnson) and Aynsley (Natalia Lisinka), the former of whom she slept with, while the latter she inadvertently killed.

Both of those actions resulted in the destabilization of another suburban nuclear family — a fallout that Alison hasn’t had to confront for some time. And Chad never does learn about her involvement in his wife’s death; just as she’s on the verge of owning up to the crime, he mansplains her confession away. But admitting it to herself is almost more important that admitting it to him. It’s all part of a past that she needs to take one last long look at, and then bury for good.

Maslany as Rachel Duncan in BBC America’s ‘Orphan Black’ (Photo Credit: BBC America)

Speaking of buried history, Alison’s not the only accidental murderer whose victim is exhumed in this episode. For four seasons now, the decaying body of former Dyad head, Dr. Leekie — the man that was on the receiving end of Donnie’s misfired bullet back in Season 2 — has lain beneath the concrete in the Hendrix garage. And that’s exactly where a determined Elyse and a reluctant Art, acting on the orders of Rachel, start to dig when a search of the Hendrix house proves empty of evidence of the cops’ actual target, the still-missing Helena.

With Donnie’s crime about to be exposed, Alison takes it upon herself to confess on his behalf to Rachel, bringing along Leekie’s remains as evidence. Believe it or not, it’s the first-ever in the flesh encounter between these particular sisters in the history of the show, and Alison walks away the winner, disposing of the only leverage Dyad had over them without sacrificing Helena in the process. Her selfless actions bring Rachel’s recent winning streak to an abrupt conclusion, and the two face each other on equal footing. “I should like to put my hands around your neck and squeeze,” Rachel snarls, to which Alison has the perfect reply ready to go: “Then we’re not so different, you and I.” After that encounter, is it any wonder why we’ve reshuffled the clone power rankings?

1) Alison
In the wake of “Beneath Her Feet,” Alison has a definite Beatles identity: The Bad-Ass Clone. Not only does she have the strength to stare down Rachel, she courageously confronts her own misdeeds and bravely bids farewell to her “rock” Donnie to embark on a solo journey of self-discovery. We can’t wait to see who she’s become when she returns.

2) Helena
Thanks to the kindness of friends, strangers and, now, nuns, Helena continues to evade Rachel’s grasp. The episode’s closing shot reveals her safely ensconced in an as-yet undisclosed sanctuary, furiously scribbling away in her journal. We’ll assume the nuns are meeting her unique dietary requirements.

3) Rachel
The Neolution true believer was knocked down, but not out this week. For one thing, she’s slowly winning Kira to her side, introducing the girl to freaky genetically-altered mice who can shed their skin to avoid predators and, in general, being a calmer presence than her often-absent mother. Turning the kid against Sarah would be a victory sweet enough to make up for being outmaneuvered by Alison.

Skyler Wexler as Kira in BBC America’s ‘Orphan Black’ (Photo Credit: BBC America)

4) Sarah
With Kira slipping from her grip, Sarah clings tightly to foster brother, Felix, even agreeing to pose for him while he indulges in his favorite pastime: painting in the buff. She may not have her daughter’s affection right now, but she’ll go home with a great piece of artwork.

5) Cosima
Largely off-screen this week, Cosima’s primary job was to convince Alison to join the Clone Club in the flashback sequences. It’s a task that she failed to complete although, to be fair, you try explaining the mysteries of human cloning to someone tripping on magic mushrooms.

Non-Clone MVP: Donnie
Here’s to the world’s greatest highlander husband not named Jamie Fraser. Having long since forsaken his Leekie-assigned role as Alison’s monitor, Donnie has instead given his wife the space to be herself, even if that means her no longer being with him.

Orphan Black airs Saturdays at 10 p.m. on BBC America.

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Oh!! I really liked the Yandere Daughter one!! Can I have Parent S/O accidentally walking in on Yandere Daughter yelling at their s/o who is on the ground, crying? Maybe we could have Parent S/O capitalized then Younger s/o be lower case?

I’m glad you liked it!

Y/D= Yandere Daughter

S/O= Mother

s/o= Yandere Daughter’s Girlfriend

S/O had been strolling around the halls. Allen was out buying groceries and she was a bit worries about her daughter’s girlfriend. She heard screaming and crying from down the hall. S/O walked in to see her daughter screaming at the other girl, who was on the ground in tears. Cuts and Slashes. Just like I had been battered and bruised. “Y/D stop it right now!” she commanded. “But Mom-” her daughter whined, only to boldly cut off by her mother. “No! Just stop it! I can’t let another person get hurt like this! Is this what you call love?” S/O asked, watching the fear become more apparent. “Mom I-” Y/D started off, but only to be interrupted once more. “You said you loved her…does this look like ‘love’ to you?” her mother protested, pointing at s/o’s cuts. “Mom please…I’m sorry I didn’t know…” Y/D apologized softly, feeling ashamed of herself. “Well now you did. Time to fix this…how about you start off by helping heal her physical wounds?” her mother offered, handing her the first aid kit. I can’t let her turn into a freak like Allen…no more monsters.

  • America: 9:01! Germany is officially late for the first time ever. All right let's do this, who's got theories?
  • Japan: Uh... his alarm didn't go off.
  • America: All three alarms? All with battery back up? Come on, who wants to take this seriously?
  • Russia: Ooh, he was taken in his sleep.
  • America: That's what I'm talking about. Super dark, Russia, but way more plausible than Japan's idiotic alarm clock theory.
  • Italy: I bet he tucked himself into bed too tight and got stuck.
  • Romano: Hmm, maybe he fell into another dimension where he’s interesting?
  • [Britain sees the group huddled around the door.]
  • Britain: It's 9:00 AM, why hasn’t the world meeting started?
  • America: Germany is a few minutes late, and we're all trying to guess why.
  • Britain: I'd like to play. I'd say he’s... in line at the bank. This is fun.
  • America: It is fun. But you're all wrong. He clearly slipped through a subway grate and is having terrible sex with a mole man.
  • [Germany runs into the room.]
  • America: There he is! Germany! Where have you been? We've been worried sick, do you care to explain yourself?
  • Germany: I'm just 70 seconds late. It's not a big deal, don't worry about it.
  • Britain: Germany, you will tell us, and you will tell us now.
  • Germany: …There was a problem at the bank.
  • Britain: *claps his hands together* HOT DAMN!

My mom is a bartender so I like to go down and sit by her while she is working and naturally I overhear a lot of interesting conversations between intoxicated people but my favorite one was between two older guys, probably 60’s, watching Captain America. Here’s how the conversation went:
Guy 1: *looks up at TV and sees Chris Evans* “That guy is really nice looking”
Guy 2: “yea he is”
Guy 2: “wait, are you gay?”
Guy 1: “hell ya buddy. Since 1960, man!”
Guy 2: “dude same here!”
-High five-