S&W No3 Russian revolver

Russian military contract revolver designed and produced by Smith and Wesson c.1869.
.44 Russian six-round cylinder, top-break single action, 7″ barrel.
Originally intended for the Russian military, gun designers at the Tula armory reverse-engineered the No3 revolver and commissioned it cheaper from every gunsmith in continental Europe, not before cancelling their contracts with Smith and Wesson, nearly driving them bankrupt. What douches.

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can I just say something.... I went to the concert last night right. I walked in yoongi biased and I walked out confused because OF JUNG MOTHERFUCKING HOSEOK. WHO THE FUCK DOES HE THINK HE IS. COMING IN NY. FUCKING MAKE SHIT HARD FOR ME. FUCKING UP MY BIAS LIST LIKE PLEASE GET THIS MAN OUTTA AMERICA HES WILDIN

goddd I am not surprised at all judging from the fancams, tbh. In Korea it’s all “😇 ~hobi hobiii~ 😇” and once he gets to America it’s “call me Jay 😎” I am distraught


Arrogate rules Dubai World Cup. Becomes richest racehorse ever in North America

Arrogate found himself denied by foes after an unfortunate break, and would have to come from last place in the $10 million Dubai World Cup (G1). Trainer Bob Baffert told his wife, “If he wins this race, he’s the most incredible horse I’ve ever seen.” Jockey Mike Smith said after he missed the break he decided to ride him like Zenyatta. Big horseshoes to fill, but Arrogate rose to the challenge. Soaring into contention as the leaders completed the final turn, the long-striding gray soon denied his foes the honor of beating Arrogate, winning by 2 ¼ lengths. Gun Runner was second, Neolithic third.

Trainer Bob Baffert wins his third Dubai World Cup as Arrogate becomes North America’s richest racehorse ever. The horse has earned over $17 million in a little less than a year. His first race and only loss was in April 2016. His string of Grade 1 wins began with a track record in last Summer’s Travers Stakes, followed by the Breeders’ Cup Classic and the $12 million Pegasus World Cup.

Press conference video below…

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So I’m 21. I’m a really creative person. I couldn’t afford college anymore and I got really depressed because that’s all America tells you to do.. Go get an education. I was really depressed for a few months but I was able to create to something I think might be special.

This is the cast from Being Millennial. A TV show that discusses relationships, educational, pop culture, social media and life from the viewpoint of Millennials. It airs on my YouTube April 2nd. If you’re interested in watching you can check it out on my YouTube or Twitter. I hope you guys like it!

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Regarding your last post about the BTS hate, should we be contacting BigHit about this? I am more than ready to spam their email with proof of all the horrible things she (Selja) posts on her twitter. I know she's in America and BH probably can't take the legal action they would if she was in Korea, but surely there is something they can do along the same lines?? There's no stopping her on twitter I'm sure she has been suspended before and that obviously hasn't stopped her. I hate this :((

Tbh i rlly want to contact big hit and to show thel all the tweets that I posted. The thing is I dont think its a good idea to contact them for the false rumor about Jungkook. Because I dont know if it’s true or not, and even if i dont like this Selja I dont want to accuse her of something if I dont have a legit proof.
So if you want to contact them for all the tweets that I posted do it!!
Btw I’m trying to contact the french army who made the post. Ill try to do a skype with her so she can show me live the “proof”! If it ends up being true we rlly need to tell it to Big Hit.

Donald Trump: America's Marie Antoinette
Instead of spending money on those Americans most in need, Donald Trump is wasting taxpayer money on maintaining his family's lavish lifestyle in Mar-a-Lago and New York, writes Dean Obeidallah.
By Dean Obeidallah

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Sugar zaddy HC for Allen, Luciano, Canada and China w/fem! Sugar babe please!

2p America

  • He’s the fun daddy
  • He doesn’t care what his sugar baby wears as long as he can tear it off of them with no problem tbh 
  • Unless it’s like. Really nice clothes and then he won’t ruin them but like. If it’s cheap lingerie or some shit, it’s going to break
  • Going back to fun daddy he likes to take them places, even if they aren’t in a Super Serious relationship  

2p China

  • He’s the funner daddy
  • Like while he loves the sex he also loves taking his sugar baby out to do cool shit like go to the amusement park or lazer tag he’s an actual child 
  • But back to sex he is usually really quick with them; until he starts to get attached
  • Like really attached
  • Once he’s completely attached to his sugar baby he’s going to make the sex sessions last as long as possible 

2p Canada

  • He’s the emotionless daddy
  • Honestly isn’t one to spoil them with gifts but he tries
  • They might have dates but mostly it’s just them coming to his house and they have a ‘’romantic’’ night in which results in Boning
  • But he’s nice about it and will at least rub where they’re sore (which is like. everywhere) afterwards 

2p Italy

  • Expensive daddy
  • Spoils his sugar baby to no end 
  • Honestly the sex is classy as fuck not going to lie 
  • He practically has money to throw around his sugar baby is lucky wow 
  • I want Luciano to be my sugar daddy 

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Posted yesterday by Seth Abramson (HuffPost) on Twitter in a series of 51 tweets.  This story about Trump & Russia could be the one to bring down the Trump White House and folks like Sessions, Kushner, Manafort, Page, and others:

“The plot to sell America’s foreign policy for foreign oil and steal an election in the bargain began at the Mayflower Hotel…  

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