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They are pictures that seem almost impossible to take - the Milky Way glowing over the haunting beauty of America’s National Parks.But one photographer has managed to capture the immense majesty of the star-studded David Lanenight sky, with all the detail of the Milky Way as it stretches above some of America’s most iconic landscapes.Astrophotographer Dave Lane, 58, has been capturing images of disk shaped galaxy - which cannot be distinguished properly with the naked eye - since early 2011 and has been obsessed with snapping the phenomenon ever since. Txt Via 

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White America is suffering from a type of cancer. It is hurting you; it is killing your children; it is damaging families; it hurls shrapnel in many directions, maiming and otherwise bringing an end to the lives of those people who are unfortunate enough to be in its blast radius. If you want the truth, this is it: toxic white masculinity, and the backward right-wing politics which nurture and protect it, are hurting millions of you every year.

“In reality, right-wing domestic terrorists and mass shooters are the number one threat to America’s safety and security”


“ I think if you want to grow out of the stereotype the media stamp on you as an actor you have to focus on challenging yourself and taking on diverse roles. Brad Pitt has managed to do that. While he has always been regarded as “so gorgeous” he has never let that prevent him from being a character actor, which is what he is and what I have always wanted to be. There is nothing wrong with an acting career in which you play the romantic lead or America’s sweetheart or the romantic comedy queen, but I have never thought of myself as playing those kinds of roles. I have always wanted to be a character actor. “

Sandra Bland, an African-American woman, was stopped in Texas by a white policeman for a minor traffic violation. She was forcefully arrested effectively for refusing to extinguish her cigarette while speaking to the officer from her car seat. She died in jail three days later. The event has extended nationwide concern and protests related to the growing Black Lives Matter movement, police violence and differential racial treatment.

This and recent related events have reignited the question of whether we are all post-racial yet. Post-raciality went public with America’s election of its first black president. Immediately following Obama’s election in 2008, conservative African–American commentator John McWhorter insisted that “Racism is over … It is not a moral duty to keep it front and center.”

It’s not that there’s been no “progress” on race, but progress in some areas doesn’t preclude regression in others

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(Male anon has returned, but this time has 2P Italy tied down to an chair and gagged, why?) BECAUSE TIME FOR THE 2PS TO REACT TO 1P ITALY'S NEWEST DANCE MOVES IN THE WORLD TWINKLE ENDING! (He says while yelling through his mega phone that was directly pointed at Luciano's ear) ISN'T THIS EXCITING LUCI? (Grins at Luciano's response) I KNOW! It's the joy on being an male anon.

cue a pissed luciano about ready to kick you in the balls 


if they were forced to watch feli’s seizure dance–


2p!china: …looks like i need to slip him some tranquilizers 

2p!england: *holds laptop screen close to his face and talks as if feli can hear him* gOODNESS GRACIOUS ARE U OK DEARIE ???

2p!france: *cue wtf face*

2p!russia: am i the only one concerned with how we’re apparently a tv series–

2p!italy: i dON’T KNOW THAT GUY *looks around frantically* I DON’T KNOW HIM I SWEAR IT

2p!germany: *all the cringe and snickering*

2p!japan: *unable to keep straight face, raises eyebrow* what even–

2p!canada: …looks like he’s summoning steve.

2p!romano: *facedesks, whimpers* no amount of dance lessons from me could solve this catastrophe… 

2p!austria: ohohohoho, that is cLASSIC~

2p!prussia: but at least he looks happy…

Alright, Im just gonna get this off my chest.  Why does Johnny Mac have such a fanbase? He hasnt done shit this entire game, he’s completely oblivious to how badly he’s been used by Clay and Shelli, he flat out told Jackie to her face that he’s targeting her, and despite being thrown on the block consistently in the beginning of this game, is blind to how obvious it is that he’s just expendable to them. Clay even told him of TWO alliances he was in that John wasnt a part of, and his response was that Becky was too busy to tell him about the Dark Moon. Yea, cause she’s so busy, right? He doesnt even have that interesting of a personality. If he is honestly going to be America’s Favorite Player, then that a damn shame


“Carl Jenkinson’s music’s the worst kind of music. He really has taken a turn for the worst. I really am worried about him. I’ve just been watching his snapchats. At a concert. In Salt Lake. Country town. America. There’s a tune that goes a little something like this–I don’t know what’s the guy that sings it but I hear Jenko sing it every time.”


  Whoa I woke up to the smack down this morning lol. I will admit I’m no linguist  I mean have you seen the spelling/grammar errors on this blog!? (It’s a work of art in itself.)  I think I cause a lot of confusion with my comment. Basically all I wanted to point out was after the American Revolution the people of England began using a new accent,(people in the cities) and it wasn’t America or Canada who where the cause we actually stayed the same. Because it’s assumed that America and Canada were the ones that changed their way of speaking. 

I made the mistake about talking about current times. I thought the fact that I drew American and England in 1800′s styles would drive the point I was talking about when England was first using his new accent but I understand why it didn’t :) All and all I appreciate all the lovely information you guys sent me and I’m sorry for not looking more into this subject and giving more in depth/correct explanation.

Global spy system ECHELON confirmed at last – by leaked Snowden files
Origins of automated surveillance

Special Report Duncan Campbell has spent decades unmasking Britain’s super-secretive GCHQ, its spying programmes, and its cosy relationship with America’s NSA. Today, he retells his life’s work exposing the government’s over-reaching surveillance, and reveals documents from the leaked Snowden files confirming the history of the fearsome ECHELON intercept project. This story is also published simultaneously today by The Intercept, and later this week we’ll have video of Duncan describing ECHELON and related surveillance matters.

“In 40 years of reporting on mass surveillance, I have been raided three times, jailed once, had television programmes I made or assisted making banned from airing under government pressure five times, seen tapes seized, faced being shoved out of a helicopter, had my phone tapped for at least a decade, and — following my 1977 arrest — faced 30 years’ imprisonment for alleged violations of secrecy laws.”

“And why do I keep going? Because from the beginning, my investigations revealed a once-unimaginable scope of governmental surveillance, collusion and concealment by the British and US governments – and practices that were always as much about domestic spying during times of peace as they were about keeping citizens safe from supposed foreign enemies, thus giving the British government the potential power to become, as our source that night had put it, a virtual ‘police state.’”

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I can't get the idea of Russia showing up at England's house and asking for America's hand in marriage out of my head tbh. What do I do

I need this so badly oh my GODDD

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The Axis and Allies reacting to an evil alien emperor who invades the earth and introduces himself as "Emperor Snart"

(Taking inspiration from this.)


America: “Pfft, Snart?” America laughed. “Man, I was gonna punch you, but your name is Snart?” His laugh grew louder the more he thought about the name.

“This is a serious matter.” Emperor Snart growled.

“No it’s not!” America snorted. “Your name is Snart!”

England: “I’m sorry,” England interjected, just as the Emperor was making his grandest of threats. “Did you say your name was…Snart?”

The Emperor raised an eyebrow. “Yes?”

“Right,” England nodded slowly. “Were you bullied in alien school or something?” 

France: “You can invade me any time.” France winked, causing the Emperor to scowl.

“Did you not hear me, foolish Earthling? I, Snart-”

“Snart?” France interrupted. “I was hoping for something better than that, it’s not really the sort of name you want to call out in the bedroom, non?” 

Russia: “You’re funny!” Russia chuckled. His face was lit by an innocent smile.

“Cease your laughter, Earthling! How dare you call me ‘funny’!” Emperor Snart raised his weapon, but his attack was halted by Russia’s favourite metal pipe.

“You are funny!” Russia repeated, smile intact. “In the not funny, ‘I’m going to hit you now’, way!”

China: Even after Snart’s grand declaration of war, China continued to look him up and down, seemingly in deep thought.

“Did you not hear me? I will tear you to shreds for this impudence!” Snart bellowed. “I am Emperor Snart-”

“I know.” China interrupted. “I was just wondering if you’d taste better steamed or fried. I’ve never cooked with ‘Snart’ before.”


Italy: “You’re called Emperor Fart?” Italy queried, albeit innocently.

“Emperor Snart.” The Emperor’s eyes flared with anger. Italy cowered.

Panicked, he asked, “If I don’t laugh at your name, will you let me live?”

Germany: “I don’t like people like you.” Germany raised his gun, prepared to shoot.

“Wait, wait,” Snart held up his hands, stopping Germany. “No comments about the name? I gather it’s rather ridiculous in many Earthling languages.”

Germany paused. “I see you met my fellow countries.” He muttered disappointedly.

Japan: “You have an interesting name.” Japan’s eyes lit with enthusiasm. “Would you mind telling me more about your planet’s culture?”

“Hm,” Emperor Snart thought it over. “I do have some time before destroying this world, so why not.”

“Very good.” Japan nodded, conjuring a notebook and pen from nowhere. “What would you say the human equivalent of your name is?”

“In Earthling English?”

“If you like.” 


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