Forget Yellowstone

Yosemite and Yellowstone are beautiful… and way overcrowded. Why not go for a hike in one of America’s least-visited parks instead, where you’re more likely to see a bear, moose or ‘champion tree’ than another human?

Sockeye salmon jump in front of two adult Brown Bears standing at the top of Brooks Falls, Katmai National Park, Alaska. Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo

A secluded tropical sand beach and fringing reef in the Samoa National Park in Ofu Island, American Samoa. Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo

Bald Cypress and willows on a foggy morning. Bates Old River, Congaree National Park, South Carolina. Photograph: Jeff Cypress/Alamy Stock Photo.

The Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Arizona, USA. Photograph: Marek Zuk/Alamy Stock Photo

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March: Book One (2013)  //  Top Shelf Productions

“Before he became a respected Congressman, John Lewis was clubbed, gassed, arrested over 40 times, and nearly killed by angry mobs and state police, all while nonviolently protesting racial discrimination. He marched side-by-side with Martin Luther King as the youngest leader of the Civil Rights Movement that would change a nation forever.

Now, experience John Lewis’ incredible story first-hand, brought to life in a stunning graphic novel trilogy. With co-writer Andrew Aydin and Eisner Award-winning artist Nate Powell, John Lewis’ MARCH tells the story of how a poor sharecropper’s son helped transform America, from a segregated schoolhouse to the 1963 March on Washington and beyond.”

Story: John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, art: Nate Powell

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“Many of the beloved eighties movies behind ‘Stranger Things’ are, essentially, Lovecraft in suburbia: they take lurid, paranoid fantasies inspired by America’s Puritan, colonial, and racist past and soften them, letting them unfold in a more innocent context.”

Joshua Rothman of The New Yorker recently wrote a fascinating piece linking the unexpected cult hit of the summer, Stranger Things, with something other than The Goonies for a change: H.P. Lovecraft. In fact, Rothman goes so far to say that the ‘80s horror movies Stranger Things pays homage to are actually rooted in the classic themes of Lovecraft. Head to The New Yorker’s website to read Rothman’s full piece, and if you need a Lovecraft refresher (or introduction), our Deluxe of The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories is a great start, not mention the perfect thing to tide you over until the next season of Stranger Things.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a peter parker imagine where the reader has powers where she can teleport and has telekinesis and shes a new avenger and on captain America's side during the airport scene and fights against peter and he likes her and she doesn't get captured but later after all the problems are resolved he finds out she's a popular girl from his school that he likes and she likes him and its all cute and fluffy and im sorry this is so specific but i looovvveee your blog!!! Thank you xx

a/n: I don’t know how I feel about this ending?? Kinda corny?? Kinda cliche??


The first thing he notices when you manage to pin his body onto the ground, which is startling stupid, given the situation and the fact that you’re overpowering him in this fight, are your eyes. They are bright and glinting, focused and concentrated, vaguely familiar—!


He blinks and blindly shoots his webbing at you, getting you right in the face.

You make a noise in the back of your throat and spring off of him. “What the hell—!”

“You like that?” He retorts, straightening into a standing position. His back suddenly aches, probably from when you shoved him hastily onto the ground. “Consider it a parting gift—a byproduct of my own invention—!”

“It’s sticky!” You protest, trying to get the material off of your mask, proving to be unsuccessful the few times. You don’t appear to have heard anything Peter just said, clearly missing the awesome part where he stated he had invented this awesome thing. “Is that stuff coming out of you?”

“You mean you haven’t heard of me?” He continues, approaching you cautiously. He doesn’t want to start suddenly on you, but he wants to make sure you aren’t pretending to be caught in his web just to catch him off guard. “Spiderman? The dashing hero from Queens who protects everyone—?”

“Yeah, I’ve heard of you!” You interrupt bitterly, still trying to get the webs off of your face. It’s still not working. The material is sticking to your arms and you’re pretty sure you’re starting to look like a mess in front of the boy you’re supposed to be fighting. “Steve gave me a profile of you, and I thought that you would be an easy target but you are so insufferable—can you just—get this off of me now—!”

“You really don’t know how to compromise or talk to people much, do you?” He asks, the trace of an amused smile growing under his lips as he watches you struggle. “If you really want someone’s help, you don’t call them names. You ask politely.”

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Ripping the Veil for The New Republic (AD Parker Hubbard)

I had the opportunity to illustrate Brit Bennett’s analysis of Colson Whitehead’s novel, The Underground Railroad. He speaks a bit about white America’s hunger for very brutal and exploitative slave narratives and how Whitehead’s fictional portrayal of the Antebellum South, though poetic in it’s use of a literal underground train, may actually be more emotionally true than many of the grittier stories we see coming out of Hollywood and contemporary literature.

I definitely suggest you check it out!   

Not sure if that youtube video I posted was working, so here’s an upload of the new Breath of the Wild clip for tumblr’s video player.

New Breath of the Wild clip showing off different weapons/combat options, posted by Nintendo of America’s verified twitter. (x)


anyway, Tony Kushner’s Angels in America and  Garth Ennis’s Preacher comics both share a plot point of god disappearing without explanation and angels having to talk to religiously imbued humans who aren’t exactly thrilled with the situation

Trump Is Already Helping Putin Consolidate Control of Ukraine
The GOP candidate’s pro-Russia comments have become must-see TV in both countries—and they’re demoralizing the Ukrainians. By ANNA NEMTSOVA

MOSCOW—In living rooms and kitchens across Russia and Ukraine, the U.S. presidential election is as riveting to TV viewers as “Game of Thrones” is to their American counterparts. Every time Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump speak of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Crimea, Russian hackers or the Donbas (the disputed region of eastern Ukraine)—and it’s rebroadcast here, which it usually is—people in both countries sit up as if some crazy American reality show has just come on. Almost every day, television channels in both countries highlight America’s new scandals and intrigues involving Trump’s connections with post-Soviet oligarchs, or leaked DNC emails, or the endless hurling of insults and the constant debate over America’s supposedly disappearing greatness.

But the main reason the U.S. election has become must-see TV is not because it’s a great reality show, or because Putin and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine come up as issues in the campaign as often as Mexican immigrants, ISIS and Benghazi. It’s because the political rhetoric across the Atlantic is actually starting to change facts on the ground in Russia and Ukraine. In both countries, coverage of the political chaos in the United States—the north star of politics for both anti-American and pro-American figures in this part of the world—is stirring public discontent and doubt about the future in Ukraine, and a sense of confidence, even arrogance, in Russia.

In short, the rhetoric in the U.S. election campaign—especially Trump’s—is already altering policy in the region, hardening Moscow’s attitude toward Ukraine and at the same time frustrating and confusing the Ukrainians who want to stand up to Putin.

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Today JAY Z and Roc Nation have announced the label’s latest signing is the Virginia-based by-way-of the Bronx rapper Levi Carter. He has been making noise as a member of DP’s BRAIN DEAD MUSIC collective, and has previously named Hov as his biggest influence. Carter christened the moment by dropping his Presence of a Lord project on Tidal and iTunes; and will perform at Hov’s Made in America festival early next month.


The hydrothermal features of  Yellowstone by day and by night, for the Park Service’s 100 birthday

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anonymous asked:

you know Africans sold their own people into slavery right? or that Arabs sold those slaves to the whites?? And that those same Arabs kidnapped whites and turned them into slaves?? And then they sold those white people to other white people to build America? It's called the IRISH slave trade... read some books first, please... Not to mention, the majority of black men murdered are killed by other black men. Black Lives matter needs to work on their own community before spouting all this hatred.

Okay? I didn’t ask for your history lesson. 

Unfollow me first, please. If you don’t like the pride I have in my people, I didn’t ask? The minute you tried to pull that “black men murdered are killed by other black men…”, you lost any semblance of being a valid reference for whatever argument you’re trying to ensue.

White people kill each other all the time; they bomb schools of innocent people, they are serial killers, they are murderers and kill their own race too. 

Black lives matter is a statement. No matter what history lesson you try to give me, you aren’t changing what I said or my stance on it. Just like you care about those IRISH PEOPLE, I care about those BLACK PEOPLE who were sold into slavery and killed constantly each and everyday for fuckery like what you’re spouting in my inbox.

You wanna talk about me reading some books but you don’t wanna mention the multitude of white men out here murdering white men, women, and children in multitudes? Okay. You don’t want to talk about the Africans that weren’t sold into slavery by their own people but who were brought over to America and had their children born into this world as slaves. What about those children? My ancestors who did not ask for slavery. My brothers and sisters who are not asking to be killed everyday by the same people who claim to protect and serve our community in which we are working on. Why do you think we’re telling each other to stay woke and protect ourselves? That’s what the work is.  You need to work on YOUR community and YOU NEED  TO READ UP ON OUR HISTORY before you come to me telling me anything about the justified hatred of the cruel ‘defenses’ of ‘white privilege.’ 

No one’s spitting hatred. We’re spitting truths. 

So like I said. Black lives matter.  

Oxytocin and Orange Juice

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2bBfuoH

by soregrettable

God damn Steve Rogers, Captain Stoic, America’s Boy Scout. He’d clammed up into Captain Responsible to “support Sergeant Barnes’ reintegration.” Four months of treating Bucky gingerly and not wanting to crowd him, afraid he might do some damage.

Bucky hates it.

Words: 3123, Chapters: 1/11, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2bBfuoH