Red Lobster bout to be lit. They better pay Beyonce because now it’s about to be full of females that just got power stroked and taking they nigga on a date. Niggas about to be out here throwing their hip out to get a free surf and turf meal and cheddar biscuits. Niggas about to be eating cracked lobster tails in brand new 3s. Thanks to Beyonce y'all gone know who got a weak stroke by if they got on new jays or not.

technically 10.1K now but sHH 

okAy so I hit 10K wh aT ??? literally thank you sososo much it mean’s so much to me that people find me somewhat interesting enough to follow yells. i appreciate you all so so much. thank you x 8724538751<33

anyway, since starting this blog back in 2014 i have met the most incredible people who i love for forever and i am very thankful for them all!

here are all the people who i enjoy being pals with, talking to and just seeing on my dash,, this is gonna be long wow; 

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(Akagami no Shirayuki-hime) 【Chapter Translation】 Akizuki Sorata - Chapter 73

A new story is slowly beginning…

This one was done in a rush because I really wanted to get it out today. However I had this huge family dinner tonight (Lunar New Year, yay~) so I could only get to work on this at midnight. It’s past 2am now, and I’m too tired to edit or reread the whole thing, so pardon me for the quality. I’ll look through it again and fix things tomorrow morning… (Or rather, later today lol.) Do let me know if I missed out any box or panel or page, or used funny English somewhere. I seem to do that a lot these days, lol…

Chinese Scans are HERE.

A single slash ‘/’ sign means that the dialogue is from another bubble that is joint with the previous one. Double slashes ‘//’ refer to dialogues that are from bubbles completely detached from the previous one. The brackets ‘()’ are for the small text that floats around the bubbles or the characters, or their thoughts. The asterisk ‘*’ refers to an action done by the character. ‘[]’ basically refers to my comments.

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