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All your Homecoming talk has been great to see. And I even went to see it to see all the hype myself, it was all true. But its made my day to see Voltron family posts again! Is there a resolution to the Samantha situation? Them breaking up and/or Lance and Keith reconciling? What was Shiro's opinion of Samantha and I'm assuming his talk with Keith later that night?

artbymaryc said: Ok but nooo u CANNOT leave us hanging like that - Lance smartens up somehow and Dads cool down and amends are made even uf ut takes a little time yeS? YeS?!

captaincara said: Okay i just caught up with your Voltron Family AU! And I wanted to know if there is a ending to Lances falling out with Keith over his not-so-great girlfriend? Will Lance end up with anyone and if so who? Overall i love your au and would LOVE to see a conclusion to this conflict

sednamode said: I was reading through your family au (it’s perfect) and I was wondering if you’ve written a sequel to the whole “horrible girlfriend samantha” thing? (post/163656056618) and if not could you write it? I wonder what finally makes Lance realize she’s abusive and how he gets out of it and how the family react/help him

[The Voltron Family] Lance and his horrible girlfriend Part 2 (Part 1)

It was awful. The dinner with his family was so damn awful. He couldn’t stop replaying how angry his Dad was on why he was with Samantha. She may not be the usual good girl anyone would go for but—

“God, your family is so full of shit,” Samantha said as she took off her shoes. Lance was staying with her in her apartment for a while after that family spat.

“Excuse me?” Lance raised an eyebrow.

“You heard me, babe,” she pointed at him. “They seem so pretentious, save for your other Dad with the white fringe, he’s pretty hot in a very adult way, not gonna lie. The other one is just so hotheaded. What is his problem? But whatever, I don’t like him. Makes me wonder why your other dad even married him in the first place,” she paused to scoff and added, “because I know I never will go for someone like him, he could definitely do better. Maybe he drugged him or something? Wouldn’t be surprised, to be honest. Or he’s the only one who caters to his—”

“Samantha, shut up!” Lance growled. 

Her eyes widened in shock then proceeded to glare. “Excuse me? Did you just raise your voice at me?”

Red was everywhere in Lance’s eyes. He clenched his fists, trying to restrain himself from punching something. “If there’s one thing I hate the most than people judging my family and how we live, it’s when someone thinks my Daddy Keith is not worthy enough—”

“Ugh,” Samantha rolled her eyes. “You really need to stop saying ‘Daddy,’ Lance. You’re like 25, it’s kind of weird.”

That hit the final nerve. None of his siblings really got rid of the term for their dads since they grew up that way and nothing was going to change that. It took him every ounce of energy not to do something he’d later on regret.

“That’s it, it’s not working out,” Lance took a deep breath. “I’ve tried so hard to make this work but all you do is treat me like I’m your personal maid. I’m tired, Sam. I’m so so tired and maybe Daddy Keith was right. This isn’t how you treat someone you’re supposed to be in love with.” He looked at his girlfriend straight in the eye and said, “You may not like him but at least I know that he loves my Daddy Shiro. I’ve seen how they act, and honestly, Samantha, I wish you could see them, how perfect they are for each other and maybe you could learn a thing or two about not making someone feel like shit. I’m breaking up with you.”

Samantha just stared at him, not knowing what to say. He turned around to grab his jacket when Samantha said, “Well, I never loved you anyway.”

Lance stopped in his tracks and turned around, “You know what? It’s kinda sad because I knew that right from the start.”

It was almost midnight and Lance was walking on the sidewalk, crying his dumb heart out. He didn’t care if someone saw him, he didn’t care if someone mugged him, he didn’t care about anything at all.

He placed his hands in his pockets because it started to get chilly. Then he felt his phone inside. He took it out and instantly dialed a number.

“Daddy Keith? Can you please pick me up?” He sobbed.

Lance was sitting on a bench by the park when he saw a familiar black car. It stopped right in front of him and Daddy Keith came out from the passenger seat and he could see Daddy Shiro in the driver’s seat. His Dad approached him on the bench and Lance didn’t have the energy to stand up. He looked up at him and more tears fell, he felt arms pulling his head towards his Dad’s stomach.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” he choked up in between his sobs.

“It’s okay, sweetheart.”

“I wanna go home,” he wrapped his arms around his Dad not caring if he soaked his shirt with his tears.

When he opened the door to the backseat, he was surprised to see Hunk and Pidge. Before he could do anything, Hunk pulled him up and suddenly he was squished in between their siblings hug and he couldn’t help but melt. Only his family could love him this much despite everything, and dammit did he love them right back. Daddy Shiro looked back and smiled at him.

Buggy Brownies and Thigh Highs (Smut)


A/N : First ever smut!! This took me a good few sessions to write and also Harry’s legs make me weak.

Word Count : 3500+

Summary : Y/N spends the morning doing what she loves most, making brownies and riding Harry’s thigh. 

                                                       * * *

Leaning against the kitchen counter, a cup of tea laced between my fingers, I watch Harry with a fond smile as he grips a bag of self-rising flour in one hand, and a regular bag of flour in the other. Even though half his body is turned, I can see the small frown of his lips as the corners of his mouth sink deeper and the confused expression across his face tightens.

“Y/N,” He begins, turning his body to face me and I can’t help but bite my lips to stop a chuckle from escaping them as I stare at what he’s wearing. A pink satin pyjama tank top is wrapped across his chest, his nipples evidently straining to break free from the suffocating material. The unmistakeable sound of clothes ripping silences Harry who is halfway through asking which flour he is supposed to use, and he sends me a bashful grimace as he prepares himself to be scolded at knowing he’s ruined my favourite pyjama top. To be honest, if it wasn’t for how cute Harry looked at the moment I would’ve whined but Harry is too adorable to chew out so I just shake my head instead.

“Sorry babe…” Harry starts, “I’ll buy yeh another one but a size or two up so a can wear it too.”

I raise an amused eyebrow questioningly.

“What?” Harry asks defensively, “The silk is comfortable and soft around my torso and yeh wear my shirts all the time!”

At that he gestures accusingly to my body and I glance down to see my attire. A long silk shirt hangs from the frames of my shoulders, vibrant colours and swirls lace a pattern across the predominantly black background and I tug at the rolled up sleeves so the material falls and pools around my wrists.

“I wear your shirts because I look hotter in them.” I tease, reaching down to pop open another button. Harry swallows roughly, eagerly agreeing as his eyes don’t tear from my fingers which softly toy with the button. Unlucky for Harry, my plans for this lazy Sunday morning consist of baking, only baking… for now.

“But you just look like a drag queen in mine.” Harry’s eyes snap up, any sexual aura in the room now evaporated, and he greets my teasing grin with an equally challenging glint in his eyes.

“At least a look fabulous in this top, darlin’,” Harry says, loosening his wrists and consequently spilling a little flour. “Yeh couldn’t pull this tank off even if the colour did suit yeh.”

Harry jumps and raises his arms in a victory hoot at the ‘sick burn’ and the straps of the top completely tear apart. I break into fit of giggles at his guilty expression and soon enough Harry too gives a small chuckle before apologising profusely.

“Sorry sugar.” He says before pulling the tank top off completely; leaving him standing in the kitchen with only a pair of tight boxer briefs adorning his legs.

“S'okay love.” I sigh, but Harry shoots me a very cheeky grin and shakes his head.

“No, Y/N. A was apologising to the sugar.”

Heat rushes to my cheeks and a wave of embarrassment washes over me as I realise Harry knocked over a bag of sugar when he lifted his arms victoriously. Using a hand to cover my face, I groan, frustrated that I fell for such an obvious trap and Harry giggles as he scoops the sugar back into its bag. With his back turned to me, I dare glance through the gaps in between my fingers and I rake my eyes over Harry’s bare back as it ripples and tenses. I can’t help but stare, he’s gorgeous. Though his body is not particularly muscly, it is toned and touring abroad has done wonders for his skin; leaving him deliciously tanned, almost like a caramel apple.

I sit back abruptly as Harry finishes cleaning up, determined not to give him the satisfaction that I was staring but the quirk of his lips reveal he knows I was ogling him and he winks irritatingly.

“Seriously babe?” He asks, “If yeh done harassing me with yeh eyes, a’d like to know which flour I’m su'posed to use to make these goddamn brownies.”

Fighting back an eyeroll, I stand up from my stool and join him beside the bowl with ingredients.

“I don’t know…” I reply, eyes fliting between the packet of normal flour and the packet of self-rising flour. “I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to use self-rising flower for baking.”

“Even for brownies?”

I shrug and Harry must reckon that’s a good enough answer as he drops the bag of normal flour before eyeing the self-rising flour and pouring about half the bag in. As he cracks a couple of eggs and adds some butter, I realise we probably should’ve invested in a set of scales because brownie mixture is not supposed to look so powdery. Also, aren’t you supposed to use coco powder? Harry and I used hot chocolate powder as a substitute but that in itself poses an issue because the tub said it’s use by date expired four months ago.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

After we add some water to bring the mixture together, Harry takes the role of cleaning up the kitchen while I spoon the mixture into a baking tray (of course, making sure to leave a tiny bit of brownie mixture for myself and Harry to lick while we wait for the brownies to bake). Just as I draw away from the oven after placing our soon-to-be brownies in the oven, Harry’s strong arms wrap around my middle and he pulls me close into his chest. He buries his face into the crook of my neck and snuggles close, dipping the tip of his freezing nose right into the warm pool of my skin and I elicit a small yelp.

“You’re freezing, Haz!” I squeal, touching the spot he just nuzzled. “You need to put something on.”

Harry cocks his head to the side. “Put somethin’ on?” He toys, taking a step closer to which I take a step back until he traps me between his arms against the kitchen island.

“A’d like to wear this sunshine,” He tells me, amusement clear in his voice as he fiddles with the hem of the shirt between his thumb and forefinger. “Can a have my shirt back baby?”

His lips are dangerously close and with such a short distance between us, I struggle to think straight. Reciprocating his sultry change of mood, I slide one of my hands into his dry hair and place the other dangerously close to a carton of nearby eggs. Harry swallows harshly and his eyes flutter closed as I pull him closer and latch my teeth onto the lobe of his ear. I nibble gently and soothe the skin over with the flat of my tongue before tugging on his hair roughly to expose his neck.

“Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry…” I daunt, placing wet kisses down his neck softly. Suddenly, Harry juts his hips into mine and I bite my lips to stop a shaky breath. An overwhelming desire to properly kiss him floods my body, and I almost give into my primal instincts but when Harry tugs on the hem of my shirt I’m reminded of my mission.

“You’ll have to kill me for this shirt.” I whisper before quickly grabbing an egg from the carton, circling my arm up and around, and smacking the shell right down on top of his skull.

Not waiting for his response, I shove him back and run to the other side of the island. Harry, completely shocked, whips around sending egg yolk flying everywhere and I slap a hand to cover my mouth as I begin snorting at the sight of my furious, shirtless but most importantly egg-soaked boyfriend.

“"Oh Y/N… Y/N, Y/N, Y/N.” Harry taunts, mocking me similar to how I did before. He places a hand on the bag of self-rising flour and runs his other through his dripping hair. “Yeh should not have done that.”

In seconds, whatever remaining flour we had left is thrown right at me and I’m left coughing and spitting out flour as Harry creases in the corner while I mentally scold myself for being such an idiot and leaving my mouth agape.

“You suck.” I grunt, after spitting out the remains of clumpy flour and Harry’s grin grows wider if that’s even possible.

“And yeh swallow, my dear.” He winks before lunging for me. Harry’s long fingers find my sides instantly and he tickles me ruthlessly, taking every opportunity he has to blow raspberries into the crook of my neck. I squeal and slap his forearm but Harry only laughs, places a soft kiss on my shoulder, and slides his fingers up my body as he slowly peels his shirt off my body, leaving me completely bare besides the pair of cotton knickers hugging my bum. Harry shoots me a triumphant toothy smile as he pulls the shirt over his head and pushes his arms through the powdery sleeves; I, in contrast, pout and Harry ceases the chance to lightly trace my bottom lip with his forefinger. I don’t even think about when I automatically drop my lower lip further and gently suck on the tip of Harry’s finger.

The mood of the room flips dramatically.

Suddenly, I’m all too aware of Harry’s other hand caressing my hip and how his hooded eyes don’t even glance away from my lips that pucker around his finger. His eyes flutter closed as he gently pumps it into my wet mouth and I hum softly while reaching my hands up and running them through his sodden locks. The cold metal of his rings send waves of shock through my body, causing me to shiver as my body begins to shake at the temperature change.

“Are y- are yeh cold, love?” Harry stutters, pulling his glistening finger from my mouth - a string of saliva following. My eyes snap open and I nod quickly, letting a small whiny ‘yes’ slip past my lips.

“Maybe we should do somethin’ to warm yeh up then love? A don’t want yeh getting a cold…” Harry winks and he pushes himself up onto the kitchen island so that his bum and thighs rest on the surface but the rest of his legs dangle down. With a playful glint in his eyes, Harry pats his bare thigh invitingly and offers me an outstretched arm as he pulls me up on top of him.

Taking his hand, I climb up. My breasts swing as I move and my lack of clothing gives Harry easy access as he dips his head forward to suck and bite and leave marks all over them. He takes his time to treasure my body, nibbling lightly on my left nipple and rubbing the other; Harry uses his large, masculine hands to cusp and knead the rest of my breast and I automatically arch my back to give him more area.

Eventually he pulls away and Harry looks up at me through his darkened gaze. In a split second, I grab the sides of his face tightly in my hands and slam my lips onto his. A low, deep growl erupts from Harry’s throat and he drops his fingers to my thighs. Gripping them firmly, Harry groans into the lustful kiss and pulls me closer, determined to eliminate any space between us. My hands fly to his biceps for leverage as he hauls me up his thighs, my fingertips gripping his arms so tightly that little crescent moons are left in my wake.

“Ride my thigh, baby.” Harry pants, his damp breath fanning over my lips hotly. The lust in his eyes send waves of shivers through my body and the hairs on my arms stand up as goose bumps texturise my skin. “Ride me.”

His hands part my thighs and I happily oblige, following his movements and removing my panties as he plants his hands on my hips to steady me. From this height, I have to duck my head so that it doesn’t smack against the ceiling and the position is not all that comfortable but in seconds Harry has me back down into the comfort of his arms.

“Ride me baby, ride your daddy.”

I don’t need to be told twice.

Lowering myself onto Harry’s thigh, I grind lazily against the soft cotton of his boxer briefs. My lips part in a silent moan and Harry snakes one hand to the crook of my neck and captures my lips once again, while the other clutches the fleshy fat of my bum causing me to jitter forward and rut my hips right across his thigh.

“Harry…” I moan loudly, finding a rhythm and hazily grinding down on his structured thigh. The feeling is incredible, the friction rubbing against my nub providing a perfect sensation that flows in the blood around my body and makes my toes curl. Coupled with Harry’s wet tongue and perfect fingers, I really can’t imagine how I managed to live without this stupidly idiotic but all the same amazing boy for so long.

“Harry!” I cry out as Harry stretches his lanky leg across the kitchen and rests his foot against the corner of an opposite counter. The new position allows Harry to bounce his leg and a sob escapes my lips as his muscular thigh greets me halfway and heightens the pleasure.

“Don’t stop, fuck Daddy! Don’t stop!”

“Fuck…” Harry grunts, swiping a hand across his face trying to fathom how he got so lucky. There’s too much for him to handle as his eyes jump from my jiggling breasts to my euphoric expression to my bare pussy jerking across his thigh. Worse yet, Harry’s internal struggle only grows worse as I finally tug him free of his boxers and wrap my petite hand around the base of his throbbing and rather sore looking cock.

“Daddy, you’re so worked up.” I tease, instantly dropping his cock and moving my hands to fondle his balls. Harry groans loudly, throwing his head back as he fights the urge to thrust into my hand.

“Don’t tease me, Y/N.” He warns dangerously but I giggle and rub the skin of his balls between my fingers anyway, deliberately ignoring his leaking cock. This time around, Harry physically can’t stop his hips from levitating and I bite back a triumphant grin because there’s no better feeling than having your boyfriend like putty in your hands.

“I’m not teasing Daddy, just having a little fun is all.” Sending him a confident wink, I pinch his sac and Harry almost sobs, the pressure almost too much, too perfect to handle. Quite frankly, Harry isn’t finding the situation as humorous as I do and so he grabs my hips dominantly and presses me down harshly on his thigh so that I’m practically scraping against his skin. A high pitched moan escapes my chest and a few tears find their way down my cheeks, the pleasure absolutely indescribable.

“Yeh speak to much, love. I think yeh need something to keep yeh quiet.” Harry says in a raspy, rushed breath. I watch as he whips his head around, egg yolk clumping his curls together so that they fall in front of his eyes. A thin layer of sweat has formed around our bodies like cling film so I swipe my forehead with the back of my hand, but leave Harry untouched; the perspirant only highlighting his naturally toned body and adding another element of rawness to the whole ordeal. Suddenly, Harry turns back around, the bowl of raw brownie mixture in his grasp.

Harry gradually submerges his middle and forefinger into the mixture, then raises his hand and beckons me forward. I obey without hesitation and open my mouth enthusiastically as Harry slips his two fingers in. Unfortunately, neither of us thought to taste test the mixture first and so within seconds of pushing his fingers into my mouth, I gag and spit them out trying with all my might not to dry wretch on him or myself.

“Shit Y/N, did a push yeh too far?” Harry rushes, an atmosphere of concern complimenting his words. God bless the poor lad; worry floods Harry’s face as he fears he may have been too forceful and noticing his guilt, I immediately rush to correct him, hoping he hasn’t already fallen into a turmoil of distress.

“No, no of course not.” I exclaim. “It’s just those brownies are going to taste like utter shit.”

I can’t help myself from letting a few chuckles loose and when Harry catches on, he too begins giggling (though there’s still a hint of nervousness in his voice, concerned still laced in his knitted eyebrows).

“Yeh okay then? A haven’t poisoned yeh have a?”

Shaking my head no, I tilt my head to the side and stare at Harry for a moment. Reaching up, I use my thumb to iron out the creases in his forehead and I place a kiss upon his lips.

“No Daddy, I’m perfect.”

At that, the mood certainly returns to its musky and lustful atmosphere and I grab Harry’s cock tightly - but not so tightly that it hurts him; just the right amount of pressure to keep him crazy.  I begin moving my wrist, flexing my fingers around his cock and base trying to draw another whimper from him and I’m eventually rewarded when he cries my name.

“Shit, Y/N! Keep doing tha’!” He begs, his leg bouncing like crazy. This only spurs me on more, and I jerk him off lazily, both of us moaning and kissing each other in unison. Harry’s eyes are screwed tightly shut and he rocks his hips into my hand urgently, chasing his release with breathy grunts and moans. My chest tightens with pride as Harry’s fingers dig deeper into my skin and he begins shaking his head because he just can’t comprehend how good it feels. Sweat drips from his forehead and I use my hand to push back his falling curls to free his face. The expression he sports is one of pure bliss and I almost wish I could freeze time, just so that I could stare at him like this for however long I want. I realise though, Harry orgamsing is a better sight to see.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck me - are yeh close?” Harry struggles, the hope in his voice clear as day. Relief shines in his eyes as I nod excessively and he clenches his fingers around my hips even more.

“So close!”

Without warning, Harry’s fingers have suddenly slipped under me and he rubs my clit furiously, rolling the nub between his fingers. It’s more than enough to send me over the edge and I squeeze Harry’s cock as I slump heavily over his body, coming loudly. My final moan triggers Harry’s own orgasm and he thrusts into my hand one more time before long spurts of come are landing on my arm and belly, sticky and slightly warm.

After coming down from our highs, we take a moment to lie there together, limbs sloppily intertwined and damp skin sticking.

“I love yeh so fuckin’ much.” Harry whispers, carefully drawing his hand out from underneath me and using those exact fingers to free my eyes from stray strands of hair. He places a soft kiss on my lips, ever so gently caressing my jaw juxtaposing the animalistic and crazed lustful self he was only a minute ago.

“I love yo-” A shrill ring abruptly cuts me off as the oven timer sounds, alerting us the brownies are done. Harry jumps immediately, and lightly places me down on the island before hopping over to the oven and opening it. The metallic device produces a tin of sickly grey looking brownies and my face twists at the sight of disgusting lumps of butter swimming in the tin.

Although both our standards where low, the brownies end up succeeding our already awful expectations and land themselves the title of the worst brownies we have ever tasted. Harry sighs and I can tell he’s a little disappointed.

“Am sorry these are shit, Y/N.” He huffs, chucking the entire batch into the bin with a grimace displayed on his face.

“Harry, love, don’t be upset.” I coo, delicately cupping his chin with one hand and with a confident wink, I run my fingers through his drying come on my stomach and stick the digit into my mouth. “I much prefer tasting you anyway.”

Needless to say, those buggy brownies were soon all forgotten about.

                                                          * * *

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Whipped...friends?? Or...

Whipped…friends?? (Part One)


Harry doesn’t bother going back to the living room to join the boys. In fact, he’s stood frozen in place for the past ten minutes, staring at the door Y/N’s walked out through with the excuse of being late for a date she had never once mentioned before. Harry didn’t even think she was dating, let alone actually seeing someone already.

It’s all come as a bit of a shock to him if he’s being honest. He likes to think they had something special going on, but maybe it was just all in his head. Or maybe he should’ve said something to her, proper admitted his feelings and all. But what if she didn’t like him back? Harry’s always been a sort of risk taker when it came to getting what he wanted. But he always thought risking their friendship was too much. If she liked him…that would be amazing. But…what if she didn’t.  

If he told her how he’s stayed awake more times than he can count thinking of her. How he’s watched her sleep next to him and wanted to kiss away the frown she gets when she’s having a bad dream. He wants to jokingly tell her how the boys tease him for being so whipped, and have her laugh because they both know it’s true. He wants to tell her that he loves that she gets along with Gemma and his mum. That they adore her because she’s everything they want for him. He wants to tell her she’s everything he wants for him. He just wants to explain to her, or at least try to because it’s very hard to find the words for it, how she makes him feel…whole. How he misses her when she’s not with him, and only falls harder when she is. 

So no, Harry doesn’t bother going back to the living room. Walks up the stairs of his home instead, body slumped and heart wrenching. He thinks he’s lucky that he’s made it down the hallway and to his bedroom with out breaking down. Managed to somehow drag his feet and supported his heavy body…heavy heart, through his bedroom doors and to the bed. He stares at it for a short minute, thinking about how he’s going to have to sleep on his own tonight. How he’s going to be denied of Y/N’s warmth. He’s not going to have anyone to wrap his arms around, to breathe their scent, to smile into their hair when he wakes up in the middle of the night reminded that he’s not alone. And he sits on the edge of his too big a bed, feet firm on the carpeted floor, the heels of his hands digging at his eyes because surely this is all a dream..a nightmare. Thinking about it, he doesn’t remember ever being this…this…gutted? Jealous? Empty? Broken? All of the above, and more.


Walking down the streets of anywhere hasn’t been much of a hassle for him since the band’s break. He’s able to walk through roads and into shops with no problem. The paps have been nice enough to keep a distance when taking photos, and he’s grateful for that. So in all honesty, now he’s only ever just a tad tense when Y/N’s with him. But it’s not a bad thing, no, he loves having someone to go around town with, rather just feels the need to protect her a bit more on their outings. 

So he keeps an arm around her shoulder, body tucked close to his, guiding her as they walk down the busy street, pulling her closer when he thinks someone passing by might bump into her. And she doesn’t complain. Tonight’s temperature’s dropped rather low, and the heat emitting from Harry’s body keeps her warmer than she thinks her own coat does. Y/N thinks it’s nice. Loves when Harry’s close to her. Loves the fact that his scent will linger on her clothes for days until she finally brings herself to put them in the washer.

They come to a stop by a hot dog cart, tummies grumbling because they hadn’t eaten anything since brunch, and even then Y/N hadn’t felt well enough to eat more than half of what was on her plate. So as per usual when that happened, Harry had to finish her meal, too, not that he had complained.

Now he’s standing in front of her, hands rubbing at her arms to heat her up as he offers to buy her a hotdog because “ye’ need t’ eat somethin’, kitten. Can’t have ye’ gettin’ sick, now.”

So she nods her head yes and tells him she’ll be waiting for him inside of the bakery they’re stood in front because “s'too cold outside. And I caught a whiff of the goodies! Gonna head in and get us a table.” Harry can’t help but smile down at her, and before he’s able to say anything, she leans up to whisper in his ear, “I know…you used to be a baker.” The sound of her giggle tickles at his ear, his smile only stretching more, and now he understands what the boys meant. He gives a light chuckle, kissing the top of her head before whispering a low, “I’ll jus’ be a minute.”

Y/N never needed to tell Harry how she liked her food, it’s fair to say they know each other well enough not to get the other’s order wrong. And as simple as that thought might be, it makes them both happier than the other will ever know to know that type of stuff. 

Harry never thought he’d feel such happiness looking at someone either. When his mum used to give him talks about girls and how important it is to treat them like princesses, Harry would wave the comments away. He was old enough to know that yes, his mother did raise him to be a proper gentleman. But he never thought, or at least not at the time because he was so young, that he’d have someone making him feel the way Y/N does. Only ever wished.

But now he’s looking at a beautiful woman standing in a bakery. Her eyes fixed on the displays because he knows she’s got a sweet tooth.

“Tell me wha’ ye’ wan’ and I’ll get it for ye’.”

Harry’s whispered words have Y/N turning around swiftly, smiling up at him because Harry’s never short on getting her anything and everything. Not that she ever asked for much. 

He thinks he’s got more money than he knows what to do with, so he’s always more than willing to get Y/N anything she pleased. But that’s the thing about her, she doesn’t ask for much. Give her cuddles and your time and she’s more than happy. That’s how Harry knows she’s meant for him. She’s simple, and Harry loves simple. Harry loves her. 


Harry can’t quite recall at around what time he’s been falling asleep at nights. After that first night, he only knows he’s been falling asleep to memories of Y/N.  

During the days he stares at the TV mindlessly, jumping at the sound of his phone in hopes it would be Y/N. And he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t disappointed to see it was Louis, or Niall, or Liam. On occasion his mum who by some reason or another knew what was going on. Don’t get him wrong, he loves talking to his mum, he just rather wishes it were Y/N.

“Harry, sweetheart-” and he could hear the hurt in her voice. That tone a mother gets when they know nothing they say or do can help a suffering child. “-don’ give up, baby. You fight for her, you hear me.” And Harry will pinch at his lower lip in an attempt to keep his voice steady before assuring his mother that “I won’t mum. I love her." 

The boys come around as often as they did before. And after asking why Y/N wasn’t around anymore, Harry told them. "She’s apparently datin’ some bloke. I’ve not heard from her. Won’t return m'calls.”

He’s tried to reach out to her plenty of times. He’s called, texted, stopped by her place, all to no avail. 

And Louis doesn’t remember seeing Harry this gutted over a girl. “Tha’s shit, mate. She spends every wakin’ moment with ye’ and somehow still meets someone? Reckon ye’ would’ve taken notice, ehh?" 

"Cheryl thinks there’s something else going on,” Liam adds, “says a woman knows when a friend has feelings for a guy. And she says Y/N never quiet looked at you as just a friend.”

Harry would much rather believe this than keep thinking about Y/N doing what she did with Harry with someone else. But he pushes the thought to the back of his mind, because if by any chance she did like him, she wouldn’t have left him.
And it’s awful knowing he doesn’t know when he’ll see her again. All he knows, is that he’s not giving up.


After sulking around for what feels like an eternity, Harry’s gathered up enough strength to pull himself out of where he was staying and into the busy city that is NYC. 

He’s arrived here only a few days ago for business, hasn’t even told Y/N seeing as she won’t answer his calls.

So he pushes thoughts of her to the back of his mind, or at least tries to. And thankfully, the fans he’s just recently met did a good job of distracting him. But only for a moment while he was interacting and taking photos with them.  

And it’s times like these that he doesn’t take for granted. He loves making his fans happy. Loves getting to thank them personally. And though he’s able to keep all thoughts focused on who he’s talking with, the second he walks away to get on with his night and readjusts the scarf she gifted him two Christmas’ ago, is the moment he feels his eyebrows knit in focus, recalling another memory.


If there’s ever any situation for Harry to be protective, it’s now. He doesn’t know how he’s ended up at the park near Y/N’s. Doesn’t remember if he walked or drove. All he knows is that he was lying about in his room when he got a call from her. And hearing her frantic voice going on about how she thought she was being followed had him running out the door before she could tell him where she was.

“Just please, Harry. Stay on the phone with me.” She was whispering and stuttering and her voice was shaky and Harry. Was. Scared. 

Like hell he was gonna just stay put.

So now here he is, phone still to his ear whispering words of comfort. “Where are ye’?” “S'okay, poppet, you’re g'na be okay.” “I promise.”

And then suddenly the worst thing that could happen. He’s got no idea what’s going on, but the rush has him forgetting he’s wearing nothing but sweats and a thin tee in below freezing weather.

He tucks his phone into his pocket.There’s no point, their phone call got cut and all he heard before it did was a man’s voice and her muffled one.

He’s running. Where to, he’s got no clue.

It’s not until he hears a cut scream that he knows exactly where she is. Now. He’s angry.

“Get the fook of a'her!" 

The guy doesn’t even get a chance to turn around and look at him before Harry’s big hands collide with the stranger’s back, gripping at his shirt and yanking him back and to the ground.

He looks at Y/N only for a second, still tucked into the corner the bloke had her in, eyes full of fright.

And honest Harry doesn’t train for these type of situations, but he must admit the boxing sessions are useful in this precise moment. All it took was a right hook to the guy’s face. That was enough to have him falling to the ground again, this time a mouth full of blood. And Harry knows. Y/N knows. He’s gonna have the outline of Harry’s rings imprinted on the side of his face for a while. 

Within seconds Harry’s attention was back on Y/N. Fingers ghosting over her face because he doesn’t know if she’s hurt. But she wraps her arms around his torso and clenches at the fabric of his shirt, face tucked into his neck. Harry exhales into her hair and wraps his arms around her shoulders, holding her against his body as he closes his eyes. 

"M'here. I’ll always be here.” He whispers. 

And Harry knows he can’t ever let this happen again. He won’t. 

But how can he protect her when she won’t let him? 

How can he, when the first time he sees her since that night is by the hand of someone else. 

And…what is she doing in New York?

Whipped…friends?? Or…not anymore??(Part Three)

Just More Drarry Smut

WARNINGS: mature, gay smut, draco x harry, oral sex, porn without plot, maybe daddy kink we’ll see (yeah it happened of course it happened. I started writing and was like well maybe it’ll happen but then it happened and I was like “ w e l l oF COURSE. JUST Couldn’t PASS uP AN OPORTUNITY COULD I”), frequent profanity

The Way His Hands Clench My Hair

Harry was licking his lips as he watched Draco undress in front of him. His face was flushed a deep maroon and he waited patiently on his knees, ignoring the strain of his boxers and pants as Draco shrugged off his shirt and pulled down his pants. The Gryffindor leaned forward ever so slightly, instinctively going towards the bulge in the Slytherin’s boxers only to be stopped by a quiet yet commanding “Not yet” from the other. Harry whined yet obliged, his fingers twitching from where they lay upon his thighs, aching to touch either his own confined cock or Draco’s cock.
The boxers came down, revealing Draco’s half-hard cock, and Harry’s eyes lidded halfway. He wanted to taste, he wanted to feel, he wanted Draco’s hands tangled in his hair and pulling and yanking and unrelenting…
He got up on his knees as Draco came closer and he positively moaned as pale, delicate fingers grabbed at his messy hair.
“I know you want it, baby,” he murmured, and Harry nodded, waiting for permission, his lips parted slightly. “Look at me.”
Harry brought his eyes upwards, shuddering as he made eye contact with the blonde. “You want to suck it, baby?”
“Yes, daddy.”
It just slipped out. Harry had never called Malfoy daddy before, yet he couldn’t deny that it had almost slipped out a couple times before. Thankfully, Malfoy’s smirk only grew… Harry knew that he’d just gotten a plethora of new ideas for future times.
“Go on then,” Malfoy breathed, and Harry moaned in happiness.
He licked a long stripe up the shaft, then around the head before taking it all in, leaning into Draco’s hands which yanked him forward.
He felt Draco’s cock at the back of his throat and relaxed, tears of pleasure already pricking at his eyes, his cock hard and heavy in his boxers. One of his hands grasped at Draco’s hip, the other unbuttoned his own pants and pulled down the zipper. He kneaded at his boxers, his eyes closing as he moaned around Draco’s cock.
He bobbed his head quickly, starting at a fast pace and shaking, trembling as Draco’s hands caressed his face and pulled his hair and it was all so good.
“Fuck,” he moaned, but it only came out as a muffled sound of pleasure.
“You like that, baby? You like sucking daddy’s cock?”
Harry pulled back so he could speak. “Fuck yeah, daddy,” he breathed.
Both of their faces were flushed and red, both aroused and excited and hard and shy at the same time at this new discovery. Draco clearly liked being called daddy, and Harry was eager to call him it.
“Get back on my cock. Gonna fuck your face.”
“Please, yes…” Harry breathed before taking all of Draco in to the root again, his face pressed into Draco’s lower stomach, breathing heavily through his nose.
“Look up at me, baby…. Love seeing you stretched around me like this…”
Harry struggled to look up but did so, managing to meet Draco’s eyes and his heart jumped in excitement at Draco’s pleased smile, the way that he bit his lip, the way that his hair had fallen around his face.
His eyes fell again as Draco’s hands clenched in his hair and his hips went back, taking most of his cock out of Harry’s mouth, before thrusting forward again, slowly at first, then he got faster, and Harry stayed where he was, held in place by Draco’s hands, his hand now reaching beneath his boxers to pull out his hard cock.
He moaned unintelligible words around Draco, listening to the praises that slipped from the Slytherin’s lips.
He pulled at his cock, his whole body shaking with pleasure and with the force at which Draco was fucking his mouth.
“Gonna come soon already… you’re so good, so good… such a good boy…”
Harry’s hips jerked into his hand and he moaned in response, ready to take whatever Draco had to offer him.
“Fuck, you want me to come down your throat, baby?”
Harry nodded, shifting his knees.
Draco’s thrusts got faster and his breathing was speeding up, his voice shaky and trembling, his breath now jerky.
“Fuck…!” Draco gasped, jerking his hips harshly into Harry, who gagged slightly and sucked hard at Draco’s cock.
He swallowed it all up, managing to open his eyes to watch the way that Malfoy’s mouth opened and the way his whole body reacted, the way that his legs shook and almost gave out from beneath him.
Harry slowly slid Draco out of his mouth, then sucked gently at the head, making sure he had gotten it all.
Then, breathing heavily, he sat back on his legs and pulled at his cock gently, loving the burning feel of the arousal but wanting to come so badly.
“Let me take care of that, my boy…”
Harry’s eyes shot up to Draco and he almost came right then and there at the beauty of his flushed, post-orgasm face.
Draco kneeled down, crawling towards Harry and wrapped his lips around Harry’s cock.
“Oh….” Harry groaned, his voice all raspy and broken. “Not gonna last long at all…”
Draco chuckled, knowing how hot Harry always found sucking Draco off was.
“S'okay,” he murmured as he pulled back to briefly tongue at Harry’s nipples. “Come for daddy.”
Then his mouth was back on Harry’s cock before the other could even process the words fully, and Harry was coming and it felt so good and Harry couldn’t help but to thrust his hips up into Draco’s mouth, his hands pulling at the blonde’s hair.
Then the two were breathing, laying beside each other and reveling in the afterglow.
“So. Daddy, huh?”
“S-Shut up…!” Harry retorted with a heavy blush.

bena-and-cherry  asked:

Hi sweetie. Sorry, im chicken, and nervous. Ahh but like i wonder, do you have any personal hc for shiro's ex? Like how long ago it was they where together, or how she treated him?? Dose keith actually know her at all?

Oh no! Don’t be nervous! XD BUT YES LETTUCE DO THIS.

[Pre-Voltron Family] About Shiro’s Ex and how Keith came into the picture. (Shiro’s Evil Ex: 1, 2) So her name was Rea. Same age as Shiro. Political Science Major. They met because they had one class together and she got attracted to Shiro. They were seatmates and that was how it all started. 

Shiro was there on his first year as a Foreign Exchange Student, he was single and Rea was lovely enough that he thought he could give it a try. She was sweet to him and he enjoyed her company. They went on dates, shared their first kiss, etc. She hanged out at Shiro’s place a lot, even stayed the night. It was great. Shiro was grateful to be in such a relationship.But lately, with school stuff in the way, they couldn’t spend a lot of time together anymore. Somehow, Shiro feels so… empty.

Rea: *gathers her books* Shiro, I have to go now. 
Shiro: Alright. See you at lunch? *smiles*
Rea: You know I can’t. *frowns* I have class. My lunch break is like 2pm and you have class.
Shiro: *sighs* Worth a shot.
Rea: I’ll make it up to you. *leans down to kiss him on the lips* You’ll survive without me, big guy. *leaves the library*
Shiro: *sees her leave* *whispers to himself* Always have. *goes back to doing his homework*

This was the very day—night rather—that Shiro first met Keith. An Asian guy—a very attractive one at that—entered the printing room and just accused him of doing something he didn’t do. He was scandalized but kinda glad he could banter with someone even though he had a paper to print.

His name was Keith and Shiro found him to be such an adorable and lovely guy who turned out to have a lot of books in his room, that very night Keith offered his printer. (oh gods yes i am actually typing the scene i left out in the fic)

Shiro: Whoa. You a bibliophile? *eyes Keith’s bookshelves*
Keith: *looks up from his laptop where he’s trying to print his and Shiro’s papers* *grins* I’m impressed. People usually just say “bookworm” but you actually know the proper term.
Shiro: *shrugs* Takes one to know one?
Keith: Consider your final papers free of charge! *hands Shiro his papers*
Shiro: *takes them* Wow. That’s all it takes? *smirks at Keith*
Keith: Well, you were going to buy me the new Harry Potter book so… *shrugs innocently*
Shiro: *gasp* You weren’t kidding about that?
Keith: You thought I was kidding? *raises an eyebrow*
Shiro: But—*flushes because he remembered he said he could kiss keith when he offered him his printer but the guy just went along with it by saying to buy him the HP book first*
Keith: *elbows him* I’m just kidding! *laughs* You could’ve seen how red your face was just now!
Shiro: *entranced by how lovely Keith is when he laughs* I’d still buy you that book. *says quickly before he stops himself* *covers mouth with his hand*
Keith: *stops laughing* Dude, I was just joki—
Shiro: *shakes head* No. Let me.
Keith: What’s in it for me? *raises eyebrow in suspicion* 
Shiro: When are you free?
Keith: Uh, I only have my lunch break at 11:30—
Shiro: Let’s eat lunch together then. 
Keith: Wha— *eyes widens*
Shiro: *shoulders sags down* *sighs* I always eat alone because my girlfriend has class. *frowns*
Keith: Oh. *chuckles* Alright, I’ll accompany you to lunch then.

The first time Rea saw Keith with Shiro, she was actually thankful that his boyfriend had a friend who could eat lunch with him. Keith and Rea got along just fine, but they hardly see each other nor talk to each other because most of the time, Keith was reading a book.

Rea: Hey, babe. Let’s watch a movie this Saturday. You free?
Shiro: Sure. *turns to Keith* You free on Saturday, Keith?
Keith: *places down his book and looks at both of them* Yeah, I guess.
Shiro: Great then! 
Rea: *tries to maintain a smiling face* I’ll just go to the bathroom. If you’ll excuse me. *kisses Shiro on the cheek before she leaves*
Keith: *throws a rolled up paper at Shiro* You idiot.
Shiro: *shocked* What?
Keith: She was asking you out on a date and you just had to bring me along?
Shiro: She seems fine with it though?
Keith: She wasn’t. She looked like she wanted to stab me with her pen.
Shiro: Pssh! Rea? No way. She’s a good girl.
Keith: *resumes his reading* Whatever you say, man.

The time Shiro realized he wasn’t in love with Rea was the time he realized he was in love with Keith. Keith who was always there in a corner, ready to listen to his rants and was always ready to give him the hug he needed. Keith who became his best friend and now Shiro wanted him to be something more.

Shiro: Rea, we need to talk.
Rea: Not now, babe. We can talk in bed. *smirks and drags Shiro to his room*
Shiro: *stops her* No. Listen to me.
Rea: What?
Shiro: I think we need to break up.
Shiro: *sighs* I want to end this relationship I have with you. It’s just not working out anymore. I’m sorry.
Rea: *eyes widens* WHY? Is this about… IS THIS ABOUT KEITH?
Shiro: *winces* Not entirely but he’s part of it. I’m just no longer in love with you. I might have thought I was once upon a time but not anymore.
Rea: *clenches her fist in anger* What? Suddenly you realize you’re gay *shouts* I can’t believe you’re choosing Keith over me! A BOY!! IS THIS WHY YOU WOULDN’T LET ME STAY THE NIGHT ANYMORE? I know you stay overnight at Keith’s dorm. DON’T EVEN DENY IT, SHIRO. *scoffs as she fights back her tears* Did Keith give you a b—
Shiro: Don’t finish that sentence, Rea, or I swear to god—
Shiro: It’s not! Keith… he doesn’t know, okay? So leave him out of this.
Rea: *turns around to leave* One day, you’re going to regret breaking up with me. I hope you and Keith don’t happen at all! I hope for your world to crush and burn when you find out that Keith doesn’t even see you THAT way. I wish Keith crushes your heart into millions of pieces. 
Shiro: I haven’t even tried yet, so you and I can’t know for sure.

Shiro texted Keith that night if he could visit him because he had news to tell. Rea’s words kept on haunting him. He didn’t even know if Keith swung that way but he’d never know until he tried. When he got an “ok” from Keith, he left his apartment and headed to Keith’s dorm. 

Little did he know, Keith was going to be his husband in a few years and they’d have 3 kids and a lovely home. ;D


Hii, so this is the fourth and final part of my break series. Thank you so much for your amazing messages and for reading it. I hope you like this part as well.❤

What the hell are you doing here?” she asked and was surprised herself at how cold her voice sounded.
Harry whirled around and stopped draping berries on the waffles he made, his eyes were wide with shock and his mouth agape. 
“I-I wanted to surprise you. I made breakfast and-” 
She interrupted him with a humorless laugh, crossing her arms over her chest.
“Surprise me? I think you’ve surprised me enough lately.” 
“What?” he asked with furrowed brows.
“I was surprised when I didn’t hear from you at all during the last two weeks, nothing to keep me updated. I was surprised when I texted you and didn’t get a reply. I was surprised when you didn’t let me know when you came home. I was surprised when you didn’t come home as soon as you left the airport.” 
Harry was standing there completely dumbfounded, suddenly feeling insecure about what he prepared for her. He had no idea what was going on, thought she would jump into his arms as soon as she saw him. He thought she would love the flowers he brought her and the breakfast he prepared. That wasn’t the case, apparently.
“You… I… What?” he asked again.
“I don’t know if I want to see you right now, Harry.”
“Baby, I literally have no idea what’s going on right now.”
He took a few steps in her direction but stopped when he caught her warning glare.
“Tell me what I’ve done wrong.” he pleaded.
He just wanted to hug her. His fingertips were aching to touch her, his lips yearning for hers.
“You ignored me. Completely.” she huffed.
“But I thought that was the purpose of this break? To get away from each other and not talk for a while?”
“But not like that! You know how fucking worried I am every single time you’re in New York! This city is absolutely crazy and so many disgusting things happened to you there already. And this time as well! You don’t even know how goddamn worried I was, it would have been nice to let me know you were okay. And then I texted you after your performance and you didn’t reply! I waited days for you to just text a ‘thanks’ back, but you ignored it. And it hurt.” her last words were a small whimper, her bottom lip wobbling.
“Oh, darling.” Harry sighed.
He carefully got closer to her and when he was sure she wouldn’t push him away he wrapped his arms tightly around her shaking form and pressed her to his chest. Her arms slung around his waist and her hands fisted the material of his white shirt.
“I’m sorry, sweetheart. So sorry.” Harry whispered against the top of her head and pressed countless kisses against her hair.
“It h-hurt so much.” she sobbed against his chest and his heart broke, he could feel it.
He sighed again and pulled her closer if that was even possible.
When she calmed down a bit and the sobs subsided he took hold of the backs of her thighs and lifted her up to sit her down on the kitchen table. He moved a chair so he could sit in front of her and took her hands gently in his.
“I didn’t mean to ignore you. After we saw each other at Gemma’s I didn’t know what to do or how to act. I didn’t want to leave and I certainly didn’t want to go back to complete silence between us. And then you called and told me what happened with that son of a bitch and even though I told you everything was okay it hurt so bad. The thought that he touched you and that I wasn’t the last person you kissed killed me. And maybe I was a bit mad so I didn’t keep you updated. But I never got any texts from you.”
“You told me you weren’t mad.”
“I know, and I wasn’t. Not at you. But I kinda took it out on you. And I’m sorry.”
“Don’t you feel bad for lying to me?” she asked after a moment and yanked her hands away from his.
“Of course you’ve gotten my texts! I texted you right after the show was over! And my phone said you got it.”
“I swear to god baby, I never got a text from you. ”
“Show me your phone.” she demanded.
At first he wanted to protest because he didn’t know what would happen if he really got her text and ignored it. But he knew he couldn’t deny her now, she’d think he was hiding something. So he fished for his phone in his jeans pocket and handed it to her. She typed in his password and he saw the relief on her face when it still was the same code. The day they got together.
It took her a few second to open up his messages and scroll through them until she found her texts and then it was obvious why he didn’t text back. There were at least hundred people he texted back and another seventy he didn’t even open, at the very bottom hers.
“Oh.” she breathed.
She sighed and showed him his phone. He closed his eyes briefly and took the phone away from her to place it on the table.
“So many people texted me, love. I didn’t check my phone until the morning after and then I had around 200 messages, I’m sorry I didn’t see yours.”
“No, s'okay.”
“It isn’t, should have checked if you texted me or not but I was scared you didn’t watch it.”
“Of course I did. Stayed up until morning for you.” she smiled softly.
“And I appreciate that. And I love that you were the very first person who texted me, really means a lot to me.”
This time it was her who reached out to touch him, her fingers threading through his.
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I was okay after the little incident with those girls.”
“Were you?” she asked and the concern was clear in her voice.
“Okay, I mean.”
He hesitated for a moment before he nodded.
“Was a bit scary but I had bodyguards with me and they didn’t do anything bad, only wanted pictures.”
“But it wasn’t okay. I can’t understand how they could treat you like that, like you were an object and they had the right to get a picture with you.” she shook her head.
“It’s over now, yeah? Don’t wanna talk about it anymore.”
She nodded and gave his hand a squeeze to which he replied with a soft kiss to her knuckles.
“I’m also sorry I didn’t let you know when I came home but I was scared they found out my flight information and the airport would be crowded. Didn’t want you to get into danger for me. And I didn’t come home straight away because it was midnight when I left the airport and I didn’t want to wake you so I thought I’d come over in the morning and make you breakfast.” he smiled softly and her heart was melting for him.
This time she lifted his hand to her mouth and kissed each knuckle.
“Thank you. I really appreciate you looking out for me like that.”
“Always, my love.”
“Can we have breakfast now? I’m starving.”
Harry laughed and nodded, making her sit down on a chair and serving her the food he prepared.

They talked about anything and everything while eating, just not about the important things. It was like they were both tiptoeing around the one subject that kept them up at night for the last few weeks.
At some point it was impossible to ignore it though. They cleaned the table and put away the dirty dishes and were now sitting across from each other at the table again. This situation was unfortunately familiar, this was how this all started.
“So I guess we have to talk, yeah?” Harry asked nervously with a shaky voice and eyes that didn’t dare find hers.
“Yeah.” Y/N breathed.
“I’ll start, okay?”
She nodded and took a deep breath, trying to brace herself for what was about to come.
“Before we took this break so many things went wrong. We didn’t talk to each other and when we did we were yelling. I don’t know where it all went wrong and I don’t know how I could let it get that far. I always swore to myself to never hurt you and to love you every second of every day and I never stopped loving you. Not for a single second. But I hurt you. I hurt you over and over again. And I don’t think I can forgive myself for that.”
Tears were streaming down his face and dripping down onto his thighs. The shakiness of his voice interrupted him every few seconds.
Y/N gasped at his last words, the fear that she tried to push away came back full force. He couldn’t forgive himself?
“What do you mean by that?”
He took a deep breath and reached out for her hands.
“I don’t know if it would be fair to you if we keep going and forget about all that’s happened. I broke your heart, love. How is this going to work when I’ve broken your heart?”
“We won’t forget about it, Harry. Yes, you’ve hurt me with what you’ve said but I hurt you as well, don’t try to deny that. I broke your heart when I suggested the break, and I broke your heart when I told you about Tim. We both are hurt and maybe it’s not fair to each other when we keep going but do you want to break up? Because I don’t.”
“Of course not.” he shook his head.
“Great.” she said relieved.
Harry laughed softly and stroked over her knuckles with his thumb.
“C'mere.” he whispered and tugged on her hand softly.
She hesitantly stood up from her chair and walked over to him where she sat down on his lap, her knees against his hips. Harry wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer.
“Do you think we can fix this?” she asked after a moment.
“I mean… It’s gonna be hard but I’m sure we’ll get through this. We love each other, right?”
“Yes.” she nodded.
“Then we can do it.” he smiled at her lovingly.
She leaned against him so her head was right at the place where his neck met his shoulder, her favorite place. She wrapped her arms around his waist and breathed him in. He did the same, he pulled her even tighter against him and nuzzled her hair with his nose.
“This break was a nightmare.” she sighed.
“God, yes. It was hell.” he agreed.
“Do you think it helped us?”
“A bit, I think.” he said and pressed a kiss against her head.
“I think we were able to think everything through and realize what’s important.”
“Yeah.” she nodded against his shoulder.
“Missed you like crazy, even though you’ve been an ass before.”
He chuckled lowly and squeezed her lightly.
“Missed you even though you’ve been a pain in the ass.”
She pulled back to look at him and grinned. Harry moved one hand to cup her cheek and stroke her skin with his thumb. Her eyes fluttered close at the contact and her breathing stopped for a second.
“Haven’t kissed me hello yet.” he whispered so quietly she almost didn’t hear him.
Her eyes opened again and now they looked a bit glassy and droopy, his touch did that to her.
She leaned in and waited until he did the same, meeting each other in the middle. Their lips brushed against each other’s and Harry watched how her eyes closed. He pulled her face closer until their lips were pressed together in a gentle kiss that made them both sigh against each other. Y/N was almost overwhelmed at how close she was to him, she could feel his breath against her skin and the only thing she felt and smelled was him.
The kiss wasn’t urgent or fast, it was loving and slow and filled with every emotion they felt towards each other. When they parted she didn’t have enough yet, her lips searched his immediately again and she kissed them countless times.
“God, I missed being close to you.” he breathed when they’ve finally parted, both gasping for air.
“Yes, my love?”
“Take me to bed.”
Harry removed his hands from her face and she watched how his eyes widened with shock and his lips parted in surprise.
“Love, I don’t know if that’s a good idea.”
Her face fell immediately and tears welled up in her eyes. She sniffed and tried to get off his lap but Harry stopped her by grabbing her wrists.
“Hey, no. You understood that wrong. I just mean that we’ve just made up and I don’t know if sex is such a good idea for us now.”
“Make up sex? Harry, I missed you so much and now that I’ve finally got you back I just want to be as close to you as possible. Please.” she almost begged.
Harry stared at her for a moment and he had to admit he wanted her too. He sighed and nodded. He made her arms wrap around his neck, grabbed the backs of her thighs and stood up with her. He carried her to their bedroom, where he hasn’t been for a whole month.
He gently lied her down on the bed and just admired her for a moment. His fingertips stroked over her soft skin, fist her forehead then her nose and then over her lips.
“Make love to me.” she whispered softly and pressed a kiss to his fingertip.
His eyes snapped to hers and they immediately softened when he saw the tears in her eyes. He leaned down and kissed her lips, taking his time with every stroke of his tongue.

Harry took his time with everything, he undressed her so slowly she was almost getting impatient. Every kiss to her skin lasted longer than normal, every touch feeling more intense and making her shiver.
She took her time as well, kissing every inch of his body and making him writhe and moan underneath her.
When they were both finally naked they didn’t waste anymore time with foreplay, Harry connected them with one thrust of his hips. It was a shock to her at first and she gasped but she got used to his size very quickly.
They kept kissing and whispering sweet ‘I love you’s the whole time. At one point Harry took hold of one of her hands and threaded his fingers through hers. His other hand wandered over her back to her thigh, where he made her leg bent up and her knee touch her breast so he could reach deeper.
It didn’t take them long to reach their peak, both grinding against each other and moaning how close they were and when it finally happened it was overwhelming. They came together, at the same time and with such force that they both couldn’t help but moan out loud.

When they caught their breath again and came down from their highs they were lying so close that every inch of their bodies were touching. Harry kept on stroking her back, making her shiver every once in a while. Y/N pressed countless kisses against his chest, loving the way his muscles tensed every time.

“I was thinking…” Harry whispered after a while.
“We should go away together. For a few days.”
Y/N lifted her head from his chest and looked up at him, her lips stretched with a smile.
“What did you have in mind?”
“Something private. A place where we feel at home.” he grinned mischievously.
“Your mums?” she gasped excited.
“Mhm.” he hummed with a big smile taking over his features.
“Yes. Hundred times yes.” she giggled.
“I know you love it there. And Holmes Chapel is a very special place for us, isn’t it?”
His hand reached up to stroke her hair away from her face and his fingertips traced her smiling lips.
“It’s so special, Harry.” she whispered.
And it was true. Even though it wasn’t her home it became her second home over the last few years. They spent a lot of time there, especially in the beginning of their relationship. The first ‘I love you’ was shared there. It got really serious between them when they’ve first been there. It’s their happy place. The place where they feel the closest.
“Already told mum we would come over, she’s so looking forward to seeing you. She missed you. Think she missed you more than me.” he fake pouted.
She giggled softly before her face fell and her brows furrowed lightly.
“Does she know what happened between us?”
“Yes.” he sighed and cupped her cheek in his hand.
“Had to tell her, didn’t I? Was screaming at me when I finished, told me to fix it and not come home until we made up.”
She breathed a soft laugh and shook her head.
“That so sounds like your mum.”
“She’s not mad at you in any way. Nothing to worry about.” he reassured her.
“S'good. Was a bit scared. I’m still scared to be honest.”
“About what?” he asked in a whisper. She sat up completely, pulling the sheets with her so she could cover herself up. Harry sat up as well, his face showing concern.
“It’s just… As you said, is it fair to each other when we keep going?”
Harry searched her face, looking for any other emotion than the pure insecurity that her features showed.
“You said you don’t want to break up.”
“I know and I don’t. I’m just scared that we won’t be able to forget what happened and then we start to resent each other.”
“Baby…” Harry sighed and pulled her to him.
He hugged her around her shoulders and pressed countless kisses to the top of her head.
“It’s going to be hard to fight through this and forgive each other but I know we’ll make it. What we have is so special and unique. We’re so close and we love each other so much. We will get through this and in the end we’ll be even stronger, okay? We just have to work on our issues and then everything will be fine.”
A sigh left her lips and she slowly wrapped her arms around his waist.
“Can you promise me something?” she asked.
“Don’t let me go.”
Harry knew she meant right now and the future. And he wouldn’t. He wouldn’t let go of the tight grip he had on her now and he won’t let go of her in the future.


“Babe! Are you ready?” Harry yelled from downstairs.
“Just a second.” she shouted back from their bedroom.
She came running down the stairs a few moments later, tripping over her own feet on the last few steps and she would have fallen down if Harry hadn’t caught her.
“Careful, darling.”
She grinned at him and grabbed onto his shoulders.
“Alright, so I think I have everything. I have my phone, the charger, makeup, clothes, shampoo, toothbru-”
Harry interrupted her with a hard kiss that made her shriek against him. He’s done that a lot over the past few days, at least ten times that day.
“Sorry, couldn’t stop myself.” he smirked.
“I swear you’ll kill me these days.” she breathed.
Harry chuckled and grabbed her hand.
“C'mon now. Don’t want to keep my mum waiting.”
He tugged on her hand gently and lead her out of the house, opening the car door for her and letting her get inside.

Y/N would be lying if she said she wasn’t nervous during the drive. It felt like the first time they made their way to Cheshire, and she was practically shaking with nerves. She was scared that Harry’s mum wouldn’t be that relaxed about all this. Of course, it was none of her business but still. She was scared of too many questions because she knew that could make them doubt everything again.
Harry noticed her nerves, she was constantly squirming in her seat and never sitting still for longer than a minute.
“Baby, I told you there’s nothing to worry about.”
“I can’t help it.” Y/N sighed.
“Darling, my mum loves you. Always has and always will.”
“And that’s exactly what I’m scared about! What if she changed her mind about me? Anne is so important to me, Harry. I don’t think I could take it if she didn’t like me anymore.”
“Sweetheart…” Harry breathed and grabbed her hand.
“My mum could never think any less of you. You’re like a second daughter to her. She loves you.”
And with a squeeze to her hand he signaled for her to drop the subject.

It took another few hours until they finally parked in front of the house which looked more like home than the house they shared in London.
As soon as they slammed the car doors shut the front door opened and Anne came running down the stairs.
“Oh, you’re here!”
She wrapped Y/N in a tight hug, almost crashing her but she didn’t mind one bit.
“I haven’t seen you in so long, darling. Oh goodness, I’ve missed you.” she almost cried, her arms constantly rubbing over Y/N’s back.“
“I missed you too.”
Anne pulled back from their embrace with a wide smile and tears brimming her eyes. Her hands cupped her cheeks and wiped at Y/N’s cheeks where tears were streaming down.
“Everything’s going to be alright, okay?” Anne whispered so lowly only Y/N could here.
She nodded as response and smiled warmly at Anne.
“Great to see you too, mother. I missed you a whole lot too… mother.” Harry said dramatically with as much sarcasm as he could muster up.
Anne laughed softly and made her way over to her son. She hugged him as tight as possible without hurting him.
“Don’t call me mother, sounds terrible.”
Harry chuckled and squeezed her tightly.
“Missed you, mum.”
“I missed you too, baby.”
Robin came out then, confused as to why they weren’t coming inside but the sight explained it all.
“Hello, love.” he spoke gently and engulfed Y/N in a tight hug.
“Hi, Robin.” she greeted him.
“You okay?” he asked when he pulled back and saw the tear stains.
“Yeah.” she nodded and smiled softly.
Robin squeezed her shoulders before he let go of her and looked at Harry.
“Hi, idiot.” he said jokingly.
“Hello, Robin.” Harry chuckled.

They brought their bags inside, putting them down in Harry’s childhood bedroom. Y/N felt nostalgia hitting her as soon as she opened the door. The bed where he said ‘I love you’ for the fist time. The smell that never seemed to leave this room and made her feel so at home because it was his smell.
“Everything okay, love?” Harry asked her when she wouldn’t move and stood there as if lightning struck her.
“Hey…” he said softly and turned her around, lacing his fingers through hers and lifting his free hand to her cheek to make her look at him.
“What’s going on?” he pressed.
She shook her head and diverted her eyes to the floor.
“Darling.” he whispered and lifted her head with two fingers underneath her chin.
“It’s just… Every time we’ve been here we’ve been so incredibly happy. There’s no other place where I feel this close to you. What if that is gone?”
Harry searched her eyes and saw the worry and trouble in them.
“Nothing’s gone, baby. It might take a bit of time to come back but this is still our happy place. You have to stop doubting everything. Just have trust in us. In our love.”
She gazed into his eyes for a few more moments and then nodded. He was right. Of course he was.
Harry pressed a kiss to her forehead, then her nose and then to her lips. Over and over again he covered her mouth with his, letting his lips stroke over hers.
“Mum probably wonders what we’re doing.” he said after they spent minutes like that.
“Probably.” Y/N agreed.
“C'mon. Let’s go downstairs.”

The day they spent with Anne and Robin was paradise. They cooked together, played scrabble and talked about anything and everything. But her favorite part was probably when they went for a walk and Harry wrapped his arm so tightly around her waist they were almost tripping over each other’s feet. They were walking in front of Anne and Robin but they didn’t care that they showed more PDA than ever before in front of them.
They had fun. Just like every time, Harry showed her the bakery he worked at with his standard words: ‘you’re dating a baker, love’. Just like every time, he showed her his old school. And just like every time, he showed her the tree where he had his first kiss at and just like every time, he teased her about the tiny bit of jealously that creeped over her face at the thought of him kissing another girl.
It was like the old days. They were happy and carefree and… close.

The evening was almost intimate. But not in a naughty way, no. In the most innocent way ever.
They were all sitting in front of the tv, Y/N and Harry snuggled together so close underneath a warm blanket. Harry had both arms wrapped around her body, one around her shoulders and one around her waist, his fingers stroking her over the hoodie she stole from him. Her face was pressed into the place where his neck met his shoulder and her legs were in between his.
Closer wasn’t possible.
And the best thing was that it also felt like they couldn’t get any closer emotionally.


His voice cracked and broke at the end, his giggle reaching her ears.
He wasn’t beside of her for sure or else she would be deaf because of the volume of his voice. She pouted when she felt the cold sheets beside her, no trace of him but his smell. She stood up and grabbed the hoodie he’s been wearing the day before, smiling when she caught a whiff of his cologne.
She jogged down the stairs into the kitchen where he was standing in a pair of gym short and a white shirt that’s been washed so many times that it was see-through and had countless tiny holes.
“What the hell do you want?” she asked with as much annoyance she could muster up but her wide smile gave her away.
“Good morning to you too, sleepyhead.” Harry grinned cheekily at her and stopped whatever kind of fruit he was cutting and made his way to her and hugged her to his chest.
“Missed you in bed.” she whispered as quietly to him as possible so Anne who was sitting at the table and watching them with a adoring smile didn’t hear.
“M'sorry, darling. Wanted to prepare a nice breakfast for you.” she smiled and pulled back with a kiss to her cheek.
“Wanted to wake you up with coffee in bed but the waffles are ready so I had to get you down here as fast as possible.” he chuckled.
“I told him it wouldn’t be the nicest way to wake you up with yelling but you know him.” Anne winked.
“Oi.” Harry frowned at his mum.
Y/N giggled and walked over to Anne, squeezing her hand as greeting.
“Good morning.”
“Morning, you slept well?” Anne asked her.
“Yep, very well.” she nodded and caught Harry smiling softly.
“Robin is already gone for work?”
“Yes, had to leave at eight.” Anne nodded.
“Mhh.” Y/N hummed and sat down across from Anne.

The breakfast Harry prepared was fabulous. She knew Harry was a great cook but she was surprised every time.
Afterwards he took her out to the fields even though she protested because she knew his hay fever would act up but he insisted.
They sat in the middle of a field on a blanket, their bodies wrapped up in blankets as well and cuddled up against each other.
“Do you remember the first time you stayed at my place?” Harry asked after a few minutes of comfortable silence.
“Of course I do.” she replied.
“I was so goddamn nervous.” he admitted.
“Yeah?” she asked and lifted her head from his chest to look at him.
“God yes. But a good kind of nervous. The thought of spendings so much time with you made me so happy. And when you said you wanted to sleep in one bed with me… God, baby.”
Y/N chuckled quietly but didn’t say a word, she wanted him to go on.
“I was so incredibly happy when you let me hold you. And then when I woke up in the morning and you were right there beside me, so close I was so overwhelmed with… love, I guess.”
“Love?” she asked almost incredulously.
“Yes. I fell in love with you that morning. I watched you for at least an hour. At one point you reached out for me and cuddled yourself close to me and I knew then that I would never want to wake up without you again.”
She stared into his eyes for a few moments before she cleared her throat.
“Do you remember how you came in the bathroom when I was getting ready?” she asked him.
“That morning?” he asked.
“Yes.” she nodded.
“I was about to put on lipstick and you whined that I couldn’t kiss you then, so you took it from me and kissed the living hell out of me.”
Harry laughed at her choice of words and nodded at the memory.
“I think I fell in love with you in that moment.”
“Why?” he whispered.
“It was so easy with you. There was nothing I had to worry about, nothing to be nervous about. You made me feel comfortable in that short amount of time and I never felt like that before.”
He stroked a strand of her hair behind her ear and gazed deep into her eyes. He leaned up then, closing the distance between their lips and watching how her eyes fluttered close as soon as his lips brushed hers.
“I love when you do that.” he told her in a whisper.
“The way your eyes flutter close when I kiss you. You don’t just do that because that’s how it’s supposed to be, you do it because you can’t help it.”
She blushed at his words and how true they were, she really couldn’t help it. Harry smiled and leaned in again to connect their lips and again he watched how her eyes closed.
“Love it.” he whispered.
She blushed again and looked down, she always got a bit nervous when he said such things. She laced her fingers through his and lifted them to her mouth to kiss his knuckles.
Like always he was wearing his rings and even though she loved them because the were just so Harry and pretty, she enjoyed holding his hand bare and ringless. It was more intimate and closer.
She removed the gold band from his finger and dropped it to the blanket underneath them before she intertwined their hands again. Harry removed his hand from hers after a second though to grab his ring and Y/N almost thought she upset him by slipping it off his finger but he took her hand and put the ring on her ring finger.
Y/N gasped softly at the gesture, it felt so intimate and personal it took her breath away. And she had to admit she loved the thought of Harry putting a ring on her finger one day.
Harry kissed the ring on her finger and looked up at her with a soft smile.
“One day I’ll put another ring on that finger.”
“Promise?” she asked in a whisper.
“I promise.”

Whipped...Boyfriend?? (Pt.5)

I want to take the time to thank my lovely @harryimaginedstories for nudging me in the right direction with this one. I was a bit conflicted in terms of which direction I wanted to take it, but she was able to settle my doubts. Thank you, love!

Without further ado…

It was impossible not to be so entranced by such a beautiful boy. A beautiful man. A wonderful human being. A decent human being, who taught the world how to be kind, even if they didn’t realize they were learning. He loves people the way they deserve to be loved, making sure to let them know it was okay. It was okay to be loved and to fall in love, that’s what we live for after all. But this boy lives for so much more. This man lives to make others happy, because that’s where he finds his own.

He’s a breath of relief, to see such maturity in a young person; it leaves others in true awe. The way he presents himself, with such confidence that could make you shrink into yourself, feel small. But he has the ability to pull you right out of that state of mind. He’ll make you feel like you’re the most important person in the world. He’s kind and sensitive and all that a man should be.

It was impossible not to notice him. It was impossible not to get caught up.

And it was impossible not to fall in love.


He was by no means perfect though. He had a temper. He had a tendency to disregard certain things, even though he didn’t mean to. He could be the life of the party one minute, and a great introvert the next, keeping to himself in an intriguing way. He was intimidating, but he had that aura. He would make you feel like you needed to be his friend, like you needed to know him and be a part of his extraordinary life.

He had spots and blemishes on his face, but make up covered that up well. When he was particularly tired, the circles under his eyes added to that imperfection. He had a bit of a lazy eye, but you couldn’t really tell unless you were dead on staring, and even then you would most likely get lost in the icy green of them, specs of gold.


But they never saw him like Y/N did. They never lay next to him like she did. They never felt the warmth of his skin like she did.

They never got to experience him in the morning like she did. She took notice to it all.

How his hair was lighter in the sun. A golden brown, or maybe blonde, that had her fingers running through the soft strands with little to no notice that she was doing it. His eyes, bright and excited, crinkles on the corners even though it was seven in the morning and all Y/N wanted to do was go back to sleep, but Harry was a morning person, and plenty times she failed to lull him back to sleep after the sun rose.

The dip on his cheek prominently deepened with every laugh shared, every joke told, every happy moment lived.

His lips, just like in the photos, and how the world sees them. Pink, and enticing. The way that he spoke, the way that his lips moved and pursed around every word, it was hard not to notice.

They never felt those lips like she did. They touched her hands, her fingers, her neck. Her ears, her hair, her forehead. Her temples, her eyes, her cheeks, her nose. Anywhere but where she wanted to have them for the amount of time they were best friends. Until finally, on that glorious night, they touched her lips. After that, she experienced the gentleness of them when he’d get home from work and lay a kiss on her waiting lips. She experienced how rough they could be, pressed tight against her own after long days apart. She experienced them on cold days, or nights. And never minded when they were chapped.

They were cold, they were warm. They were hers.

He was mesmerizing.


And they never saw him fall like she did.

Takes a grand deal to make a great man fall, but it takes even more to lift him back up.

Countless times he’d safely look to her to make his days better, until he realized he didn’t deserve her. Not after what he did.


He was superman. He was untouchable, indestructible. But only to the public.

Behind closed doors. Where everything happens.

Her touch couldn’t help him that night.

Her begging and pleading couldn’t save him.

Her love could not save them.


What did she do?

What did she not do?

Little did she know, it’s what he had done.

It honestly can’t be any more embarrassing. She should’ve let Harry accompany her, hell; she should’ve shot him a text, or called him while she was still in the loo. And though more often than not she’s able to handle herself, she should’ve really just trusted her gut and asked Harry to meet her outside.

It’s not as bad as it could be though, and in all honesty it might be her fault. But the dress just seems too expensive and she can’t believe she ruined it. She’s almost certain she would have burst out in tears if the woman behind the bar hadn’t gone around to help her dry up, but never the less the stain is still prominent, and she’s wishing and hoping that it’ll be an easy fix when she takes it to the cleaner once they get back home.

How was she going to explain what happened. So you see, I sort of kind of maybe definitely stumbled a bit because you know, alcohol, and maybe sort of definitely bumped into that lady over there and completely drenched myself in red wine.


His eyes went wide before he’d even taken a proper look at her.

“I’m sorry.” The whisper came as a shock.

She was beginning to get teary eyed because again, she cannot imagine how much this dress must’ve cost Harry.

His sigh of relief goes unnoticed, and in two long strides he’s stood in front of her.

“Wha’ ‘appened, love.”

At this moment, he really seems to have forgotten about the problem at hand, and only hopes Y/N won’t ask who he’d been talking to.

“I’m sorry. It all happened so fast and-” the words get caught in her throat.

He takes a look at the wine stained fabric, a thumb rubbing over the damp spot as if it would help clean it any.

“No, kitt'en. S'fine. Nothin’ t’ fret over.”

She wipes a stray tear from her cheek with a knuckle, a single sob huffing out.

Harry kisses the top of her hair line, a chuckle lightening the tension he’s sure she must be feeling.

“S'not funny. Aren’t you upset?” She looks up at him dolefully, “I ruined it, H.” She pinches the fabric in between her fingers, pulling at it just a tad to emphasize the mess.

But Harry can’t help but smile, “s'okay, love. I’ll buy ye’ another one. I’ll buy ye’ ten if ye’d like. S'no problem.”

He smiles wider, in attempt to reassure her that it’s not a big deal, he’s not mad. And only when he feels her relax does he shrug off his jacket, slipping each arm out before reaching behind her and settling it over her own shoulders.

“Now c'mon,” he grips the lapel between his fingers and gently pulls her closer, pecking her pout, “let’s get ye’ t'the hotel.”


A shower is very much what Y/N needed. The alcohol in her system seems to have evaporated along with the headache that was beginning to creep up. The noise outside has settled, allowing her to sit in bed in peace and quiet, the only sound being that of running water as Harry took his own shower.

“Have any of tha’ body wash ye’ use, pet?” It’s just like Harry to step into the shower unprepared.

“Running low, gonna have to use your own, babe.”

She wasn’t really, she always makes sure to pack more than needed when they go on trips. But she likes how Harry smells, and if denying him her own scent meant she’d be able to cuddle up to fresh, sometimes minty smelling, Harry, then so be it. He can scold her all he wants once he comes out and finds that she does in fact have plenty of her own body wash.

“Can ye’ han’ me a towel?”

Of course.

Y/N thinks he does this stuff on purpose sometimes. Whether it be 'can ye’ hand me m'towel, love’ or 'left m'loofa on the far end of the counter’, for some reason or another he always seems to forget something at shower time. Sometimes he even lures her into the bathroom with the smell of whatever bath bomb he feels like indulging in. And she’s not completely dull-witted either, nor a woman with no needs. So even though she huffs because 'Harry, really? Next time I’ll let you come out for it yourself. Teach ya a lesson and learn once you slip and fall on your ass,’ she can’t deny she hasn’t fantasied.

And she must admit she does get that tight knot just below her belly button every time she slips into the bathroom and catches a glimpse of his silhouette behind the curtain. Or a tingle, that will have her thighs clenching at the sight of him in the tub, bubbles long gone, bare ass on display. And he’ll tilt his head up and pout his lips slightly, silently asking for a kiss after she’s handed him the bath bar he oh so conveniently left on the bathroom counter. But he’d never turn over, because despite his own needs, he didn’t really know how she would react, never even tried.

“'Lo?” She’s brought out from the lusting thoughts, jolting in place before scurrying over to the room’s dresser and pulling out a white cotton towel, aware that the water’s been turned off.

“Here.” It’s cute, how she’s peeked the door open just a bit, slipping her hand in and waving the material without once looking into the room.

“Ye’ can come in, love.” Harry chuckles, body hidden behind the curtain.

“Should really stop forgetting the towel.” But he can’t help it, he always thought if it got her mind wondering, maybe it’d help ease her along. But that was then, before he’d gone and had sex with somebody that wasn’t her. Now, all he wants is to find the appropriate time to tell her.

“G'na make a note of tha’.”

Any other time she’d be quick to rush out, but right now. Right now she’s looking at him in a way he doesn’t think she’s ever looked at him. Eyes lingering, sizing what little of him she can see through the shower curtain. He notices how her bottom lips drawls out from between her teeth. And though he begins to feel himself growing, he can’t help the guilt washing over him all over again. So he breaks eye contact, and slides the curtain closed.


Why it took Harry a good ten minutes to finally come out of the bathroom, Y/N’s got no clue. Surely it couldn’t have taken more than three minutes to wash his teeth. When he does finally come out, he doesn’t make eye contact, instead she watches as he walks around the room from where she sits on the bed against the headboard, collecting every piece of clothing he wore tonight and hanging it appropriately on hangers.

She watches how the muscles on his back flex when he moves his arms. She watches the swallows high on his chest move to the way he breathes. She smiles at the way the damp strands stick to his forehead before he slides his fingers through and back to remove them from his eyes. She admires the stern look on his face as he fumbles to button his suit jacket, lifting it up to inspect it before hanging it inside the armoire.

Her eyes trace over his tense jaw, the dimly lit room allowing her to see the chiseled structure of his face. She bites the inside of her lip, eyes following the drops of water trailing from the tips of his hair, to the side of his face, to his collarbones, past his chest hair and down his abs before being absorbed into the white material. Her eyes linger lower, noticing how the towel hangs dangerously low on his waist, enough that she can see his happy trail.

A hand moves to settle between her thighs, already feeling the heat that’s worked up.

What sends her over the edge is the evident outline of his bulge, and when he turns sideways, the noticeable tent-like bump has her toes curling and thighs pressing closer against her hand.

“Harry.” She doesn’t mean for it to come out sultry, but it does and it has Harry giving her his full attention.

She’s on her knees now, walking on her knees to the edge of the bed where he’s standing at.

He can feel his breath hitch at the touch, her fingertips ghosting over the 17BLACK tattoo down to the butterfly on his tummy before she’s rubbing her thumb over the Might as well by his v-line.

Before he knows it, he’s exhaling a low moan into her mouth at the feeling of her fingertips trailing down his happy trail. They stop at the top of the cottony fabric. He forces his eyes shut when the pads of her fingers continue trailing down until her palm is against his growing erection and he’s bucking his hips forward.

He feels her smile against his lips. And it’s then that she starts a slow up and down motion, her hand working on his length.

Harry grips at either side of her hip, pressing the tip of his tongue against her slightly parted lips, and when she opens further, his tongue slips in to work against hers.

It’s been a while since he’s had a hand other than his own touching his cock, and although he’s denied of full pleasure because of the thick material around his waist, it’s better than him having to tug one out in the confines of a bathroom. 

The attention her hand is giving his cock is enough to have him in a daze. But he can feel her uneasiness still, not doing much other rather running her palm over his member, so he sets a hand over her own, squeezing it to cup over his cock, the knot in his lower stomach tightening as he detaches his lips from hers and throws his head back in pleasure.

His breathing has become jagged, eyebrows knitted in hopes to restrain the throbbing of his cock.

He feels her replace her hand with his own, and Harry can do nothing but lightly squeeze at the head.

She kisses from his shoulder, to the protruding vein on the side of his neck, and back down to the crook of it, hands trailing up to his chest. When she bites at the skin, the hand that was soothing the ache on his cock goes to her hair, and suddenly his eyes meet hers again.

“Need you.” It’s what she whispers as she presses herself closer, hips meeting his in an urge to feel him, her lips reattaching to his. This causes Harry’s hand to slip down to the curve of her bum where it meets the back of her thighs. And he’s pressing them firm against her bum, his own clenching in an attempt to press himself closer to her, wanting her to feel what she’s done to him.

She takes his body along with hers as she begins moving backwards onto the mattress until she’s completely laying down with Harry on top of her, holding his own weight with his forearms flat on the mattress. His hair, once too short, falls over the sides of his face, eyes downcast and nostrils flared.

He moves to hook a thumb inside her boy shorts, but doesn’t make any effort to slide them down. Instead, he holds it there.

Y/N starts to feel the pressing of his bulge against her mound, and her back arches when he grinds into her. The built up frustration is causing him to grip at her hip a tad too tight, but Y/N’s moan at the feeling only causes him to rut his hips harder.

Although Y/N might be a virgin, she’s not a complete saint. She’s spent countless times reading up on the pleasure that is sex. She’d often get off at the thought of Harry, hands gripping her bed sheets as she wrenched and moaned until she reached release. But she’s never been confident enough to take that big step. Not with Harry, not with anyone else she’s dated.

And she never thought it would feel this good.

Her legs hook around his waist, craving to have him closer, and he’s attaching his lips to her neck.

“Pet.” His whisper is mixture of frustration and pleasure.

All she can do is moan.

Soon enough, he’s pushing himself off of her.

Did she do something?

But he doesn’t say anything, moves to sit on the edge of the bed, trying his best to ignore the throbbing of his cock, well aware that he won’t be relishing in the pleasure of release. A hand runs through his hair before it settles on his lap. And then he’s letting out a sigh and bringing the heels of his hand to dig at his eyes.

“Everything okay, H?”

He’s waited so long for this. But he can’t. He won’t.

He needs to tell her, but where does he start.

He hears her yawn, and he can already imagine her kneeled behind him, hovering over his body.

But she doesn’t say anything, wraps her arms around his neck from and presses a kiss to the shell of his ear.

“Don’t have to, if you don’t want.”

But he does, he wants to. Just not like this.

He reaches behind to caress at her hair and presses his temple against her forehead.

“Not tonight, pet.”

She doesn’t say anything after that, so Harry stands up to walk to the dresser, grabbing a pair of briefs and making his way into the bathroom.

When he comes out, his Y/N is asleep, curled up in the middle of the bed, oblivious to the silent tears running down his cheeks.

He’s made up his mind. He’ll tell her tomorrow.

He stands at the side of the bed, looking her over, the guilt eating at him.

He manages to wedge himself in between her and the mattress without waking her, bringing her to lie against his chest, holding tight.

But the tears don’t stop.

At 4 in the morning he’s still awake, no sign that he’s growing tired. He’s trying to memorize all of her, his eyes and hands scanning and ghosting her sleeping figure.

She looks so pure. A sob racks his body, and when the next one threatens to shake him he inhales deep when he feels her stir against him.

How could he have done this to her.

After she buries her face in the crook of his neck, he closes his eyes tight, squeezing her to him one last time before letting sleep overcome him.

And though it’s a long shot, he just hopes they’ll be able get through this.


When Harry wakes up, it’s to an empty bed and a note on the side of mattress where Y/N laid the night before. He takes the hotel’s notepad in between his thumb and index finger.

Went out for breakfast with Lou. Giving you a Y/N free afternoon so you can hang out with the boys. Already packed for our flight tomorrow. See you later, babe!(:

Although he really wishes she would have woken him so they could eat together, Harry knows he’s got to sort his guilt out. He can’t let another day go by lying to her.


How did they end up here.

She knew it wasn’t gonna be anything good. From her experience, nothing good ever follows 'we need to talk.’

But she could have never imagined this. Never in a million years could she have thought those words would be coming out of Harry’s mouth.

She’s in complete shock, hands trembling and heart pounding, pounding hard against her chest and she swears she can hear it echoing in the room.

“You-” She can’t say it, she can’t repeat it, but she knows there’s no way around this.

“You slept with someone else.” She’s making sure she heard him right. She wants to believe she heard wrong, but his following words further prove that’s not the case.

“I’d had too much t'drink. I-I didn’t know wha’ I was doin’. I can’t remember anythin’. All I know s'I woke up next to h-”

“Stop.” Every word he says, hang in the air, floating in her head because no, she refuses to believe her Harry could have done this to her.

He had been stood frozen in the middle of the room after insisting she sit down, and though she was reluctant and wary, she had, the soft sofa failing to ease the growing tension.

“Y/N.” His eyes are red, fighting against his sobs to explain to her, to try to get her to understand that had he been in his five senses, it wouldn’t have happened because he doesn’t have eyes for anyone else.

“Stop.” There’s nothing else she can say. She doesn’t want to hear about what, or how it happened. She doesn’t want details on the night Harry betrayed her trust.

Harry can see tear drops landing on her jeans, hands clasped together on her lap, making no effort to wipe at her eyes or her cheeks.

“It meant nothing and I-”

“Harry.” And the look on her face when she finally looks up at him, that look has him falling to his knees in front of her, reaching out to take her hands in his.

“Y/N, no.” His lips are quivering, the corners of them pulled down. “It meant nothin’. Ye’ can’t think fo’ a minute tha’ I wanted it. I love you. You know tha’.”

His heart breaks all the more when she bows her head back down and says nothing. She looks at their joined hands and gives his a squeeze.

“Tell me ye’ know tha’.” The crack of his voice tugs at her heart.

“M'sorry, love. M'so so sorry.”

Suddenly, it clicks in her head.

“No,” she whispers in sudden realization.

She pulls her hands away when she feels his lips rest on her knuckles.

“That day, that’s what it was. That’s why you were crying.” It’s as if it’s all come together. “You should have told me.”

“I wanted to. I wanted t'tell ye’,” he chokes on his words, “and it killed me to-”

“You’ve kept this from me this long.” It’s more like she’s saying it to herself, trying to wrap her head around how he could sleep next to her knowing what he had done.

“I wanted t'find the right time t'tell ye’. I didn’t mean for it t’-”


She can feel his grip tighten on her thighs. She can’t do this. She can’t sit here and listen to his excuses.

“M'sorry for lettin’ it come this far. Pet, m'sorry. I wanted t'tell ye’. And then when I saw 'er last night-”

Is he serious? She was there? There’s a chance she might have had a conversation with the woman Harry slept with?

“Stop.” She really just wants him to stop.

“I was so scared. I didn’t know she was gonna be there. And I couldn’t have ye’ findin’ out like tha’. I couldn’t risk-”

She can’t take it. “Harry stop!” She didn’t want to yell, she’s never been one to yell. Their small tiffs never ended in yelling. But she knows this isn’t small, and she can’t be expected to keep calm.

He’s losing her, he feels it.

She brushes his hands off, pushing herself off the sofa and moving away from him to the door of the room.

“No,” he cries, tears welling up in his eyes, vision blurry, so he wipes at his them harshly with the back of his hand.

“Get out.” She’s opening the door, eyes fixated on the floor.

He sets his weight on the back of his heels for a moment, head in his hands. The only sound in the room being a mix of his ragged breathing and her sobs. He stays still, but only for a moment, until he hears her faintly whisper his name.

“Please, love-” he’s quick to get up, shoulders slumped as he cautiously moves to her, feet dragging.

“Out.” There’s no changing her mind.

She’s never felt so broken before, so betrayed.

And she doesn’t look at him, not even a glance even though she can feel his stare on her.

She listens as whis breathing evens, and lets him kiss the top of her hair before she’s shutting the door behind him.

Her world’s crashing around her, and all it took was one night with someone else. She wants the floor to swallow her whole. She wants this all to be a nightmare.

But it’s real. And it hurts.

heart breaker

REQUEST: What if the reader is a heartbreaker(maybe she’s famous too) and everyone is telling Sebastian that he should stay away and all that, but at the end she is just heartbroken and Sebastian is the one who heals her (too much Nicholas Spark I know) 💕

WARNINGS: angst…. and then some FLUFF

AUTHOR’S NOTE: okay look ONE i apologize for yesterday’s fic lmao i didn’t think so many of you would feel hurt. my baaaaaad. so i’m making it up with this one.


You were intoxicating. You oozed confidence and beauty. You charmed everyone that you came into contact with, stealing their hearts and making them trip over their own words.

But Sebastian was different though. He was smooth as ice. He never once stuttered or blushed under your gaze. He held his chin up high and always had a smirk on his face when with you, his eyes challenging you every time you tried to one up him with your sassy retorts.

Pictures of the two of you were all over the Internet some time later. Your friends called and texted you, asking if you had gotten any from him. While Sebastian’s party warned him that you weren’t any good, that he should stay very far away from you.

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To What Extent

Harry doesn’t need words for him to hurt because in fact, seeing you not speaking any is painful enough.

It was when you walked through the front door with your shoulders slumped and your gaze on the ground when he realized how great you had an effect on him, his feelings mirroring your own.


He said out of habit when he stood up from the couch he sat on waiting for you, his arms as inviting as ever enveloping you.

Harry’s heart felt a little more broken when he heard soft cries leaving you, some of your tears seeping through his shirt as he let you bury your head onto his neck, your hands slightly gripping the back of his shirt.

“Do I need to beat someone up for you, bub?”

He tried lightening the mood, pursing his lips in realization that he actually would when needed, especially if anyone, and just about anyone who made his girl cry.

“S'okay. M'here now, m'here.”

He said for the sake of your comfort and the truth, sitting down on the couch with you sat on his lap, rocking you back and forth as he was trying to hush you gently.

Harry felt a tug on his heartstrings once he sneaked a look at you, just enough for him to see your cheeks dampened in tears and your hair unruly that made his hand glide through it.

Sobs shaked throughout your body that made him hold you closer to himself tighter, his arms not leaving your sides.

Harry’s lips were pressed on your forehead, a lump forming in his throat as he though who in their right mind would be the reason for you to cry.

“Hurts me too to see you like this, love.”

His throat became incredibly tight as he wanted nothing else at the moment for him to be the greatest of help to his love, his hand pressed firmly on the small of your back.

Harry wouldn’t need much as long as he would know you’re the one he would go home to; the one he would wake up to seeing and the one to remind him the greatest couldn’t ever be bought.

“And it’s the question of what wouldn’t I give to see you happy.”


All The Love



“Y'hairs wet.”

You huff out a quiet “sorry” and start to scoot away but the grip of his arm around you only tightens. “No. S'okay. Just a little cold.” His feet brush against yours. “Toes are cold too.”

You close your eyes and let out a breath, wiggling the tiniest bit closer. “Yeah well. It’s cold in here.”

“Did you want me to turn the fan off?”

“No. Just keep holding me.”

He laughs quietly, kissing the back of your neck. “Okay. Want me to warm you up?”


“Need your big strong man to keep y'warm at night, hm?”

If your eyes were open, you’d roll them. You only sigh. “Harry I can just get another blanket and scoot away.”

“Noo,” he pouts, tightening his grip and tangling his feet with yours. “I wanna stay right here.”

“Then quiet down.”

He laughs again, the warmth of his breath hitting your neck as he presses another kiss into it. “Mkay. Goodnight then.”


It’s only a matter of minutes before his voice breaks through the silence. “Love?”

You sigh. “YES Harry?”

“Don’t mean to be annoying I just… m'really proud of you.” Your ears seem to perk up at this, and your eyes open, though you don’t attempt to turn around. He only continues. “Mean it. I love you. I know y'arent so happy right now but you’re strong. You’re pushing through it and I love that about you. And I love loving you. And being able to be close to you like this when we sleep. Even if your toes are freezing.”

You giggle, and he presses another kiss to your neck. “M'serious though. Things are gonna work out, mm? Just keep going. And know that m'always gonna be right here at the end of every day.” With another kiss and an almost whisper of “I love you,” he gives you a soft squeeze around your midsection.

You sigh, reaching down to interlace your fingers with his and stroke your thumb along the back of his hand. “I love you too, cheeseball. You’re so sappy”

He lets out an offended little squeak and you giggle, squeezing his hand. “Really though. Thank you.”

You lay there in the silence, soaking up the love before he presses his nose affectionately to your neck. You can hear the smile in his voice. “Now we can sleep.”

You giggle. “Alright. Ill see you in the morning.”

He lets out a little hum. “What do you want for breakfast? Waffles?”

“Can you make waffles?”

“F'course I can.” He sounds almost offended and you giggle.

“GOOD. Then waffles.”

“Right.” He kisses the back of your head. “Waffles.”

“With blueberry syrup?”


“And bacon?”


“And whipped cream that I can eat off of all four of your nipples?”

He smirks. “Don’t push it.”

You giggle, squeezing his hand again. “Goodnight, Harry.”

“Goodnight, love.”

This Is Love: Part Five

Summary: Being Bucky’s PA wasn’t easy and you respond to his grumpy attitude with your own. The two of you have never gotten on, forced to stay working with him because your Uncle Tony insists you have a job. 

Word count: 3185

Warnings: swearing, mentions of alcohol

A/N: probably my favourite part so far and actually of the whole series

Part One   Part Two    Part Three    Part Four

’(Y/N) come on’ you hear Wanda whine from outside your bedroom door. ‘You have to come, it’s tradition. It’s not even like you have to go anywhere it’s inside the compound’. You roll your eyes and setting the book down you answer her irritating pleas. Swinging the door open you stand with your hands on your hips waiting for her to say something. Taking in your appearance, snuggled up in your fleecy pyjamas and beloved fluffy socks you see her wince slightly. 'You can even come in your pyjamas, no one will mind!’ She was trying to get you to come to the weekly session in which the whole team, obviously excluding Bucky and Steve, got drunk out of their minds and played a series of party games that almost always ended with someone dry humping another person’s leg. You’d decided to give it a miss this week, opting for a quiet night in with your favourite book due to your bad experience last time. Playing spin the bottle you had ended up kissing over half the team and Tony, probably not liking seeing his niece play tonsil tennis with most of his colleagues, started screaming at you all like you were kids and had even tried to send you to your room.

'I’m not going Wan leave me alone’ you’re about to swing to door shut again when she pushes it open and pins you against your wall.

'Now!’ she yells and Steve and Nat run in with handcuffs and a blindfold.

'What is this kinky shit?’ you scream to which they just roll their eyes and everything goes black. You let out a high pitched squeal which you don’t let up until they remove the blindfold and cuffs to see the team sat in a circle on the floor around a bunch of shot glasses and various bottles of high concentration alcohol. You hear the door lock behind you and glare at Wanda’s smug face. 'Urgh’ you moan as you sink down in the only available space. Right next to Bucky. Since your reconciliation you had been civil with each other. Hardly best friends but better than it was before by far and you smiled at each other when you sat down. 'Please don’t let me drink to much’ you whisper to Bucky who is smiling warmly at you. 'I just really don’t wanna do something I’ll regret. Ok?’ you ask and Bucky nods his head. 'Promise?’ you say in the same hushed tone holding out your pinky. He stares at it for while before realising what you want and wraps his own little finger around yours.

'I promise’ he says, echoing your whisper. He’s about to pull his finger away but you tighten your grip around it.

'No, no, no wait! We’ve gotta seal it’ you say and lean in to kiss your intertwined fingers. He seems stunned for a while before he himself presses his lips against your finger. You move away from each other and look around the circle to see everyone staring at you expectantly as if they’re waiting for you to suddenly be all over each other. 'Oh come on guys grow up!’ you sigh and Clint yells, probably to draw the attention away from you and Bucky to which you are silently thankful to him for,

'Alright let’s get this show on the road!’ before tipping his head back and downing the first shot of the night.

Bucky knows you’re way too drunk. He knows he broke his promise to you. But he also knows that when you get drunk you get giggly and ten times more hilarious than you are sober and he knows that it’s absolutely the most adorable thing he’s ever seen. You have an arm slung around his shoulders, laughing at Nat as she is dared to run around the common area completely naked and he can’t help but lean into your warmth and just pretend. Pretend that you’re his and he’s yours and that you love him back. He can’t help it but this is all his has after you unknowingly put him so far into the friend zone that he has the most minuscule chance of clawing himself back out. Now you’re too far gone with the drinks he feels that it’s a bit late to tell you to slow down so he acts as a support, propping you up when you press up against him to stay vertical, acting as your crutch when a dare requires you to stand up and laughing with you as you giggle hysterically at something that wasn’t even that funny.

Steve, the only other sober mind in the room looks at you and Bucky and can’t help but sigh. Both of you have been through so much and deserve happiness which he believes you’ll find with the other but the two of you are almost equally stubborn and neither would even consider confessing how you feel to each other. Hell, when he’d first tried to get anything out of Bucky about your relationship he had snapped, 'she’s too good for me ok? Way too good for me’, before storming out and slamming the door. So he waited and watched as the two of you grew ever closer and when he felt Bucky was ready, he initiated the conversation again. This time Bucky, in yet another fit of jealousy broke down. 'How can the universe hate me this much?’ he had sobbed. 'To give me love and to let me use it on a woman who’ll never love me back’. As much as it had broken his heart he knew he couldn’t tell you. For one you’d never believe him and two it would be a massive betrayal of his best friend’s trust.

'Ok, ok, ok, ok’ you mumble, your eyebrows furrowed and clearly deep in though over whether you’re going to pick truth or dare. 'Ummmmm’ Bucky can’t help the grin on his face as he watches you concentrate so hard it’s like you’re trying to solve a difficult math problem. 'Ok’ you say decisively. 'I’m gonna go with’ you drum roll on the floor before clapping loudly. 'Dare!’ Everyone whoops and looks at Sam who is the one to give you your dare.

'I dare you’ he slurs, pointing at you and frowning. 'To kiss’ he giggles and you feel yourself blushing, 'Bucky!’ Even in your drunken state you feel Bucky tense up next to you and you giggle again and look up at him. He’s blushing heavily, his heart hammering against his rib cage. He’s afraid that if he kisses you he’ll never be able to let you go. He’s afraid that on the off chance you remember what’s about to happen, you’ll never speak to him again out of embarrassment. His heart stops as he sees you begin nodding heavily.

'Mmkay’ you slur, knowing the forfeit would be something like giving him a lap dance or something. When the rest of the team cheer you turn to Bucky.

'Wait!’ you hear Nat shout. You look at her and she is grinning wickedly. 'You have to use tongues and it has to be five seconds long at least!’. You nod, too drunk to question it and position yourself on Bucky’s lap with your legs around his waist for ease of access. His hands move to your hips then your back to support you and you lean into his touch. You cup his face gingerly in both your hands, stroking his cheeks with your fingertips and then lean in, the second your lips meet sticking your tongue into Bucky’s mouth. The sound of the team counting and whooping is almost drowned out by the blood rushing in your ears as his tongue massages yours and you bite his lip, illiciting a low moan from him as his hands move to the back of your head, holding you in place. Your hands do the same and you begin gently pulling his hair, making the kiss deeper still. Your lips move in perfect sync and you hum contentedly then release a desperate moan making you blush in embarrassment but you don’t pull away. It feels like you’ve been lip locked for hours and your lungs start to burn, begging for air. You find it in yourself to pull away, gasping as you do and looking deeply into Bucky’s eyes, now darker with lust, his hands moving to grip your bum. Your face almost splits in two with a toothy grin and he copies this, pressing his forehead to yours and enjoying the feeling of holding you in your arms even if it is only temporary. This thought pulls him back to reality and he looks past you at the team, all staring wide eyed with their jaws hitting the floor. You slide off of his lap and land with a thud on the floor next to him looking around innocently.  

'Ok who’s going next?’ You ask, ignoring the stunned looks on the team’s faces and Bucky, now shifting uncomfortably to better position himself to hide the bulge slowly growing in his jeans, and pretending like nothing had happened.

'And then’ you whisper to Bucky, giggling at nothing, 'and then. Oh no!’ You exclaim and Bucky reacts immediately, tilting your face upwards so you’re looking at him and searching for the reason for your shout.

'What? (Y/N) what’s wrong?’ he questions, panicking slightly. You shake your head, frowning and then shrug.

’S'okay I just forgot my story’ you huff in disappointment. 'It was really funny I promise’ you insist, shaking his arm agitatedly.

'Ok I believe you’ he says, laughing at your pointless concern. The two of you are in your own little bubble, gripping each other as you heave with laughter or as Bucky stares in wonder at you as you get lost in another story that’s going nowhere. Steve, or Captain as you all called him when you got drunk, had told the others to give you some space and told the team to get on with their game. Of course they listened, you all get this strange idea when intoxicated that Steve has all the authority and you have to do exactly what he says. No one knows why but it seems to be like an unspoken rule that will have dire consequences if you don’t obey.

'Bucky?’ you question, a high pitched tone of curiosity in your voice. Bucky, already smiling from your voice alone, almost can’t wait for the question you’re about to come out with.

'Yes doll?’

'Are we, did you ummm’ you begin several questions before frowning again. 'Oh shoot I’ve forgotten. No! No I haven’t I remember. Did you, like, um, enjoy the kiss? Even though it was a dare and it totally doesn’t matter if you didn’t but I did so I was just wondering you know?’ His heart swells at your question and drunken admission that you did in fact enjoy kissing him. Desperate to make you happy but also to be absolutely truthful to you, he takes your hands in his.

'Doll I’d do it again in a heartbeat’. His words make your cheeks flush furiously and look down at your intertwined hands. You feel the alcohol clouding your mind but you let it.

'Well then, what’s stopping you?’ You question, almost in a whisper, looking up at him through your eyelashes. His eyes widen perceptibly and he almost laughs in disbelief. Leaning forwards his lips again make contact with yours, the kiss softer this time, less sloppy and wet. His hand move up to cup your cheek and you smile against his lips. Pulling away you look into his eyes, a soft smile on your face right before you pass out into his lap.

Your eyes open slowly, squinting as they adjust to the light. You try to sit up but immediately ditch that idea as your head feels like it’s being split in two. All you remember was Bucky promising not to let you drink too much and you silently curse him. 'Some promise’ you mumble to yourself, trying to push your tangled hair out of your eyes.

'What was that?’ you hear a familiar voice and your blood runs cold. You look up the tiniest bit and see a very almost naked Bucky walking towards you with a glass of water and what looks like two aspirin in his hands. Your mouth falls open and you groan.

'Oh my god we did not fuck!’ you say, as loudly as your hangover will let you.

'No we did not 'fuck’, you passed out on me so I carried you to bed. I tried getting you to your room but without your voice to unlock it I wasn’t getting in’.

'And did you sleep in the same bed?’ He smiles amusedly.


'And did we, like, cuddle and shit?’ At this his smile becomes oddly calm, like he’s remembering his fondest memory.

'We did’. At this you retch and Bucky looks hurt. You’d actually just smelt the large amount of vodka consumed last night on your pyjamas and you sit up, ignoring the headache and pelting to his bathroom where you bend over his toilet and heave. When he realises what’s happening he is soon at your side, holding your hair back with his metal hand and rubbing small circles on your back with the other. Finally finished you sit back, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand and wincing. 'You can use my toothbrush if you want’ Bucky offers. 'And here’ he says, tossing you one of his shirts, 'wear this so you don’t make yourself sick again’.

'Thanks. Are you sure? I’ll get your toothbrush all sicky’.

'I’ll get a new one’ he shrugs before leaving you in his bathroom, you assumed to get dressed.

Stepping out of the bathroom in nothing but Bucky’s shirt, which reaches to your mid thigh, with his toothbrush in your mouth you pull your hair up and point to it, indicating that you need a hair tie. A smile lights up his face, being overcome with joy as he takes in the sight of you in his shirt having just spent the night in his bed and he feels around for one without taking his eyes off of you, finally finding one and handing it to you. You turn back around to finish brushing your teeth and minutes later step out again, still a mess but needing something to eat. 'Breakfast?’ He asks as if reading your mind and you nod.

'Wait Bucky’ you command.

'What? Are you ok?’

'I’m fine just’ you pause. 'Did I do anything last night that would mean getting laughed at by everyone today?’ Wanting to spare your feelings and hoping no one else remembers he shakes his head. You breathe a sigh of relief and head down, Bucky following close behind.

'Hey you’ Wanda greets you over enthusiastically and you frown a little at her strange behaviour.

'Hey?’ You reply, heading over to the cupboards, Bucky getting your bowl and cereal and then propping himself up against the counter watching your every movement like he’s trying to memorise everything you do.

'Oh my god you don’t remember’ Wanda says giggling. Your heart stops and you look at Bucky. He looks guilty. 'Nat she doesn’t remember!’  She yells making you wince.

'Hey enough with the yelling. Some people get hangovers in this place’ you hiss, rubbing your head. Nat runs in stopping next to Wanda and looking almost greedily at you, it’s kinda terrifying.

'You don’t remember anything? Anything at all?’ She questions. You shake your head.

'I remember Bucky promising me that he wouldn’t let me drink too much’ you throw a playful glare at Bucky who still looks like he’s killed a man. 'Ok what’s going on?’ You turn to face the girls who are about to explode with excitement.

'You don’t remember feeling anything? Even if it’s not something that happened just a feeling’ Nat asks and you frown, forcing yourself to remember something.

'I remember this tingling feeling in my stomach, and being incredibly turned on’ you state honestly. Bucky coughs, no more like chokes, at this and you look at him confused. Nat and Wanda are now giggling messes.

'A tingling feeling means’ Wanda says, pausing for effect, 'you really, really, really like someone! But who could it be?’ She says, obviously already knowing.

'I don’t know Wanda, who?’ You sigh. Nat runs over to you, pulling out her phone and getting a video up. You hear Bucky mumble 'oh no’ under his breath but ignore him as Nat presses play. You watch Sam dare you to kiss Bucky and you almost have a heart attack. Then you watch as you mount Bucky, grinding your hips against his crotch as you groan into a very, very intimate kiss, as he moans too. You feel your face getting hotter by the second as a kiss that was only dared to last five ended up lasting more like thirty seconds. Hold up, Bucky was sober. He knew what was happening. Your mouth falls open as you watch him kiss you again, this time not even for a dare and then you pass out. You look up from the screen, staring at Bucky with wide eyes. He’s blushing heavily too and you feel something, butterflies you think, erupt in your stomach. He’s just as embarrassed as you are, maybe he’d be just as willing to forget. Ignoring the butterflies you pull him into a tight hug and press your lips to his ear. 'I get it’ you whisper. 'It was a dare. Let’s just forget about it, kay?’ He nods when you pull away still blushing and you look at Wanda and Nat. 'It was just a game guys get over it’ you roll you eyes at them, trying to brush this of casually.

'Yeah but the second time-’

'Just a game’ you cut Wanda off, desperate to cover your feelings.

’(Y/N) he was completely sober he knew exactly what was happening and he enjoyed it! Doesn’t that say something?’ Wanda almost pleads to your turned back as you walk away leaving Bucky behind feeling more embarrassed than ever at Wanda’s last comment. As you walk away Nat looks at your outfit and almost screams. She waits until you’re out of earshot before she launches at Bucky with questions.

'Why was she wearing your shirt? I didn’t show her that video of you hiding your boner to spare her do you want me to go show her? Hm? Did you sleep with our best friend?’ She shouts and Bucky winces, wanting to go back to his room and never emerge.

'Hell no’ he huffs, looking at his feet. 'I’ll never be that lucky’. This was a mumble. It was only supposed to be heard by himself. But when he hears the squeal of the girls he knows he’s fucked up. He’d just told your two best friends that he wanted to have sex with you. 

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SUMMARY: Y/N’s used to nightmares, and she’s even used to Crutchie being the one to comfort her when she wakes up in the middle of the night. What she is most definitely not used to is the look on his face when she asks him to stay, or waking up with him in her bed. 

A/N: this is pretty long and probably really bad but there’s gonna be a part two coming soon b/c i kinda leave on you on a semi-cliffhanger


The thin blanket wasn’t enough to keep me warm, especially now that I was awake and very aware of how cold I was. Yet another good night’s sleep ruined by the nightmares I couldn’t seem to escape. I’d woken up crying, and I could only hope none of the boys had heard as I curled up in the blanket and tried to even my breathing. The outline of a shadow neared my bunk and distinct fear began to overcome me as I hoped I was just dreaming again. The silhouette came right up to the edge of my bed and I almost screamed before I heard his voice speaking.

“You okay?” Crutchie asked, whispering so he wouldn’t wake anyone else. “You were whimpering in your sleep.”

“Did I wake you?“ I questioned. I felt guilty already, knowing the answer was yes. 

"Nah, I was still up.” He waved it off but I could tell he was lying. With my eyes adjusting to the dark I could see his disheveled bed head and his tired eyes. “What ‘bout you? You okay?" 

"I’m fine. Just had a nightmare is all. You should go back to sleep.” He made no move to walk back to his bunk. Instead, he stared at me with furrowed eyebrows and eyes filled with concern. Slowly, he placed his crutch on the floor and sat on the edge of my bed. I moved my legs so he would have room, pulling the blanket ever-tighter around me. 

“What was it about?” I knew that would be his next question, but I still wasn’t prepared to answer. How do you look someone in the eye and tell them that you’re terrified by your own father? 

“It was 'bout him again. He was getting mad at mom and he started to hit her. I stepped in, and he started hittin’ me instead.” The picture of my father’s hand coming down across my face wasn’t one that I needed a nightmare to conjure. It had once been such an often occurrence that the image was engraved in my brain. 

Crutchie stayed silent a while and it felt nice to just sit with him, listening to the breathing of all the other sleeping newsies. A sudden rush of chills ran down my back and I felt myself shake rather violently for a few seconds before returning to a consistent shiver. Crutchie seemed to notice, as he spoke up softly. “You cold?" 

I nodded slightly and he gave a half smile, moving himself carefully so that he was sitting next to me. He wrapped his arms around my curled up body and instantly I felt a bit warmer. The blood rushed to my cheeks and I was immediately grateful for the darkness that hid my blush. If any of the other newsies could see this we’d never live it down. 

I leaned my head on his shoulder and he let his fall gently atop mine. I felt his chest rising and falling with mine and everything was peaceful. In his arms, everything was okay. My father was long gone, and he wasn’t coming back. My mother had escaped him, and he couldn’t hurt her anymore. Sure, it had landed me on the streets - but who would I be if I’d never met the boys? If I’d never met Crutchie. 

As I started to get sleepy, I moved so I was laying down instead of sitting, but Crutchie didn’t follow my actions. He moved to get out the bed, presumably thinking that if I was going back to sleep it’d be best for him to back to his own bunk. He was right, of course. He should definitely sleep in his own bunk. And we should definitely never be caught in the same bed in the morning if we ever wanted to go a day without being teased and cat called. But with my nightmare in mind and my body constantly convulsing with shivers, I reached out and grabbed his hand to keep him from leaving so soon. He turned back to me and his eyes held a mixture of hope and reluctance. 

"Stay,” I whispered. One word, but as soon as it left my mouth something changed. Crutchie was looking at me different, a way he’d never looked at me before. I didn’t know what it meant, but I was worried he was still leaving, so I spoke up again. “Please." 

His whole demeanor softened as he situated himself so that he was laying beside me. He wrapped his arms around me from behind and my back was pressed against his chest so I could once again feel him breathing. It was a blissful arrangement, and all of my worries floated away while we lied there. Somewhere in the back of my head there was a nagging thought about something happening in the morning - something I should avoid - but I was too tired and comfortable to care. I let myself fall asleep in Crutchie’s arms, finally dreaming something that wasn’t a nightmare. Images of my father’s angry face and bruised fists were replaced by my hand in that of a particular boy as we walked through New York, slowly strolling as we let his leg get a break from all the running. 


I was vaguely aware that there was definitely something I was forgetting, but I was barely awake and I was having trouble even attempting to remember. I was also aware of the distant sounds that sounded like the voices of the other boys. There were some laughs and some whistles, along with what sounded like Davey telling everyone to leave someone alone. The immediate response came from Jack, whose voice was closer to where I was.

"C'mon Davey, look at 'em! Aren’t they adorable?” He let out a loud laugh, which was in turn followed by the laughs of the other newsies. At the exact time when I realized who they were talking about, I also noticed that the pillow my head was resting on was moving up and down periodically, and my legs were very obviously entwined with someone else’s. Crutchie seemed to be waking up as well, as my head was moved gently from his chest to my actual pillow. I refused to open my eyes and let them know I was awake yet, not ready to face the smirks I just knew were on their faces. 

“What’s going on?” I heard Crutchie ask. His words were slow and subdued by tiredness, and I can only imagine how good he looked with his hair all ruffled and voice deep and scratchy like that. His question was followed by laughs and the catcalls I had dreaded when I begged him to stay the previous night.

“She ya goil now, Crutchie?” Racetrack called out, the teasing tone evident in his voice. Being Crutchie’s girl, now that would be something. 

 Crutchie stammered and tripped over his words as he tried desperately to explain that I’d had a nightmare, but his efforts were drowned out by the sound of the other boys. 

“Alright, that’s enough! There’s papes to sell boys! Time to go!” Davey was clearing the room, forcing everyone stop harassing Crutchie. I made a mental note to thank him later.

“Wake ya goil, won’t ya Crutchie?” I wasn’t sure who had said it, but it was followed by a yelp of pain and I guessed Davey had smacked him upside the head.

“She’s not my goil!” Crutchie yelled after them. The words produced a small pain in my chest and I silently prayed the new nickname would stay around for a while. It might be nice to keep that idea in Crutchie’s head.

He gave a sigh before gently shaking me, whispering my name to wake me up. I opened my eyes slowly, my face going red the minute I saw him. He gave me a small smile as I rubbed my eyes and sat up, looking around. I pretended to be surprised at the fact that all the other bunks were empty, trying to hide that I’d heard what everyone had said.

“Am I late?” I asked, getting a small chuckle out of Crutchie.

“Just a bit,” he smiled. I realized quickly that I should probably be panicking about the boys seeing us together in the same bed, and so I forced my eyes to go wide.

“How bad was it?” I didn’t have to clarify what I meant, he knew.

“Oh, it wasn’t too bad. You know them, always the jokesters.” He shrugged and waved it off before opening his mouth to speak again. “I think they think you’re my goil now. I tried to tell 'em you weren’t, but they wouldn’t listen. Sorry.” He looked down at his hands as if he was disappointed in himself and I felt my heart break a little. Would it really be that bad if I was his girl? Would that upset him so much?

“S'okay Crutchie, nothin’ you coulda done to stop 'em.” I gave him a small smile and he returned the favor. I pulled myself out of bed slowly, and he went down to get his papes as I got ready for the long day ahead.


Jack was never gonna let me live this down. He was walking on my right side, teasing me and trying to get an explanation he actually liked. Apparently, Crutchie helping me calm down after having a nightmare wasn’t 'juicy’ enough. Davey was on my left side, trying to get Jack to leave me alone. Though, even he would throw in a question here and there. It seemed everyone wanted the story behind Crutchie being in my bed, but no one believed the truth if they heard it.

As Davey sold his last pape the three of us headed back to the lodge. We came across Katherine when we returned, seemingly waiting for us.

“Well if it ain’t my favorite goil,” Jack smiled, pulling her in for a kiss. When they pulled apart they were both grinning, gazing into each other’s eyes. The look on Jack’s face as he stared at her was sickeningly sweet, and despite the gagging motions I exchanged with Davey, I couldn’t help but wish someone would care about me the way they cared about each other. Suddenly Katherine’s face twisted into one of shock and Davey and I looked at each other, confused. My confusion only grew when I realized she was looking at me.

“What’s the matta’?"Jack inquired, furrowing his eyebrows at her. A smile began to spread across her face as she stepped away from Jack and towards me. I tilted my head at her in question, but she just kept grinning knowingly.

"So Y/N, what’s this I here about your new sleeping arrangement?” My face went red immediately as I searched for the right words to say.

“It ain’t like that,” I grumbled, keeping my eyes on the ground and trying to push past all of them to get inside the lodge. Katherine grabbed my arm and held me in place, stopping me from walking away.

“But you want it to be,” she stated matter-of-factly. I looked up to face her quickly, my mouth opening and closing as I spluttered and tried to deny it.

“That true, Y/N?” Davey and Jack were staring at me, awaiting a response. I was too caught up in my own embarrassment to even be sure which one of them had asked the question. Jack had an eyebrow raised and Davey had his arms crossed, both with small smiles on their faces. I felt my face get even warmer as I forced words out.

“I wouldn’t…. mind it, I guess.” Instantly they were all grinning ear to ear. Katherine hugged me tightly and Jack clapped me on the back.

“How 'bout that? We’s gonna have our very own newsies couple!” Jack yelled out, throwing his arms in the air. Davey and Katherine laughed at him, but my attention was focused on the sound of something wooden hitting the cement repeatedly, and getting closer.

“Who’s a couple?” Crutchie asked, coming up to stand next to Jack, facing me. They all quieted down immediately as Katherine let out a quick “no one.” Crutchie stared at the four of us with confusion written across his face, making eye contact with me and asking a question with his eyes. I looked away maybe a bit too fast, but my face was even redder than a tomato by now.

“We’re just gonna go…. now.” Davey started to pull Jack and Katherine with him awkwardly as they headed back to the lodge, leaving Crutchie and I in an uncomfortable silence. He scratched the back of his head and looked down at his shoes before looking back up at me. His eyes looked almost sad and I felt the urge to hug him until he was smiling again.

“You - uh - you with one of the boys now?” He stuttered, the sorrow in his eyes growing. My eyes grew wide at the question. He thought I was with one of the other boys? “It you and Davey now, I guess?” He thought Davey and I were the couple Jack was talking about?

“No!” He looked surprise at my sudden outburst so I lowered my voice significantly, repeating myself. “No. I am not with Davey. Or any of the other boys, actually.” I looked at him nervously and he had that same look on his face that he’d had the night before when I’d asked him to stay with me. It looked familiar, and I tried to figure out what he was thinking.

“C'mon lovebirds, Katherine brought dinner!” Race yelled from inside the lodge. Crutchie and I broke our gaze quickly, as if we’d been caught doing something we weren’t supposed to. I let him go ahead of me as we headed inside, still trying to solve the puzzle.

It looked familiar. Familiar because I’d seen him look at me like that before? Familiar because I’d seen someone else look like that before? Familiar because I’d seen Ja - oh. Oh.

I stopped in my tracks, jaw dropping. Crutchie turned around, waving me after him. I forced my legs to move until I was inside sitting in a large circle with the other boys. Someone passed me some food but it stayed untouched until I let Les take it from me.

“You alright Y/N?” Davey whispered. Had he always been sitting next to me? I turned to look at him and concern crossed his face once he saw my shocked expression. “Something wrong?”

“Not sure yet.” He seemed be even more confused by my answer. “Crutchie’s tellin’ a story about how he saw a girl slap some boy harassing her today,” he motioned towards the center of the circle where Crutchie was standing, moving his free hand wildly.

“It was like - ” He caught me looking at him and his face lit up. He moved towards me and grabbed my hand, dragging me into the center of the circle with him. “Imagine Y/N’s the goil from today, and she starts shoving him like this.” He pulled my hand up and shaped it so I was pointing and poking at his chest. He pretended to stumble back, but kept himself standing with his crutch. The boys laughed loudly as Crutchie positioned himself so he was standing comfortably again.

“Then she slaps him, right across the face! So hard he falls backward!” He was laughing while telling the story but I could only think about the way he’d been looking at me not twenty minutes ago.

“Go on Y/N, give 'im a good slap!” Laughter erupted again and even Crutchie joined them. I looked around and quickly and caught Davey’s eye. He took one look at my face, glanced at Crutchie, and then he started to smile manically. He motioned with his head for me to move forward and gave me a quick wink, then burst out laughing at the resulting expression on my face.

I turned back to Crutchie, taking a cautious step towards him so I was standing right in front of him. The boys went wild, thinking I was actually going to slap him. Crutchie’s grin faltered as he looked at me, evidently a bit worried I was about the hit him. He’d looked at me like that before, hadn’t he? Before today, and before last night. He’d been looking at me like for a long time. Was I that blind? Of course the expression looked familiar - it was the same way Jack looked at Katherine. The same way I had been wishing someone would look at me. Except someone already was.

I reached out and grabbed him by the vest, pulling him down so he was more level with my face. The loud cheers and laughter continued as Crutchie gulped. I raised my other hand, but I definitely wasn’t aiming to slap him. I let my fingers entwine in his hair as I pulled his face closer, crashing his lips on mine.



Scars and All (Luke Hemmings) *

yall pls dont let this one fade into obscurity ok this might be my favorite imagine ive ever written

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, scars


“Okay, seriously,” Michael huffed suddenly beside you, “Why do you wear those things all the time?” He nudged your glove-covered hands, pulling your attention away from the conversation you’d previously been having with Luke.

“I’ve told you a million times, Mikey,” you shook your head, “I don’t wanna rush into things.”

“Yeah, but… How are you supposed to meet your soulmate if you always wear them?” he insisted, “Like… Do you at least take them off when you’re alone?” You simply laughed while Ashton interrupted.

“Come on, Mike,” he chuckled softly at the sound of your laugh, “There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make sure the attraction you feel toward someone is genuine and not just because you know they’re your soulmate.”

Thank you!” you squeaked, happy someone understood your reasoning for the gloves.

“I’m not so sure you even have hands at this point,” Michael huffed.

“Obviously, I have hands, Mikey!” you laughed, “It’d be kind of hard to wear gloves if I didn’t!”

“You could have put gloves on mannequin hands and duct taped them to your wrists,” Luke pointed out.

“You guys are a little too obsessed with this,” you informed them with another shake of your head.

“But you could have met your soulmate already and you won’t know because you never take those gloves off!” Calum insisted.

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Mal pulled the covers up and rolled over onto her side, staring across the room at the empty white sheets of the tidily made bed until she fell asleep.  She missed Evie’s breathing, it was hard to sleep without it, but somehow Mal managed, and everything went dark as she slipped into her dreams.

Evie came back to the dorm a little past midnight, sneaking silently into the room, ever the picture of grace—until grace tripped over a pair of Mal’s boots in the dark and stumbled into a dresser.  Mal blinked her eyes open, alert for a split second before the sleepiness washed over her like a tidal wave.  Despite her body’s protests, she sat up, finding the shape of Evie in the dark.


“I’m sorry, Mal,” Evie whispered even though there was no need.  "I didn’t mean to wake you.“

Mal shook her head, brushed some hair out of her face.


Stepping over the boots this time around, Evie crossed the room to Mal’s bed, sitting down heavily on the edge of it.  Mal was suddenly hyperaware of the strange, contradicting way Evie’s body seemed to radiate tight tension and sulking exhaustion at the same time.  It showed in her sigh, as well.

“You sound like how I feel,” Mal told her.  "Can’t believe you got back so late.“

Evie laughed tiredly.

"I can.  You never had to be a lady of the court, but I’m still a royal councilor.  Nights are late and…and I still have school in eight hours.”

The thought dawned on Evie, and she fought back a groan.  So tired.  So physically tired.  But still, she carried herself.  Sat up straight, shoulders back, head held high.

Until Mal scooted forward and moved behind Evie, leaning in and pressing a sleepy kiss to the nape of her neck.

“You can let go,” Mal softly told her.

Another sigh from Evie, this one in relief, and then she was falling forward, letting her head loll and her shoulders slump.  But her moment of relaxation was indeed a moment, the briefest of them, when she sat herself back up again and let loose yet another sigh.

“…I have to get ready for bed.  I still have to change, take my makeup off, fix my hair…”

Grudgingly, she started to stand, but Mal reached up to take her by the waist and sit her back down.

“Mal, come on, I have to—”

Evie shut up when Mal’s fingers were in her hair, tracing the shape of the braided bun Evie had styled her blue in before leaving for her council meeting. Mal again came forward and kissed the back of her neck, then felt out the little crown pin slid into Evie’s hair, being ever so careful with it as she took it out, knowing how much Dizzy’s creation meant to her.

“M…” Evie hummed her name, the touch of her alone sending a wave of soothing heat from head to toe like being lowered into a warm bath.

Mal was surprisingly adept at undoing Evie’s braids, each finger soft and gentle with her weaving motions.  She unbraided.  Kissed the back of Evie’s neck. Unbraided.  Nuzzled into her shoulder.  Unbraided.  Kissed behind her ear. Brushed out her hair with her fingers.  Wrapped an arm around Evie’s waist and lightly tickled her stomach.  Evie leaned back against Mal, suddenly so comfortable, so at ease.  Evie could’ve fallen asleep right then and there, heels and everything.  Mal allowed herself some time to close her eyes and bask in the feel of Evie against her, then went back to work.

It was like brushing through a cloud, Evie’s perfect hair was so soft.  Every now and then the smell of strawberry-scented shampoo would drift between them—a recent change Evie had made that Mal was certainly not complaining about.  Bit by bit she let down Evie’s hair, giving her concentration a break every few seconds to watch rivers of blue spill past her shoulders and come to rest.

“…All done,” Mal whispered in her ear, slipping the crown pin into her hand.

“…Let me put my hair back up so you can do that again,” Evie murmured.

Mal’s laugh was soft, a ghost of a laugh.  She once again trailed her hand through Evie’s hair, lightly scratching her scalp.

“I love you,” Mal said.  She could feel Evie unwinding more and more every second.

“I love you, M,” Evie said back, her voice heavy with sleep.  "…Mm, I have to go get changed.“

She made to stand up, but just like before, Mal caught her beforehand, wrapping her arms around her waist in a hug, resting her chin on Evie’s shoulder to just feel her warmth and smell that strawberry shampoo.

”…Hurry back.“

"To you?  Believe me Mal, I will.”

anonymous asked:

its your first time with Harry and it stings because he is the biggest you've ever had and you shift your hips a bit, he can't hold it as his hips buck into you sharply, his arms almost giving out, you letting out a gasp at the sudden sharp pain, "Sorry sorry sorry baby" he is kissing at your forehead, "I can't ugghh can't" he holds where he is for a moment, shallowly thrusting for a minute, "s'okay, s'okay" your purring at him moving his hair from his eyes as he begins to thrust up a bit faster

These visuals are going to give me a bloody heart attack…….

You Took My Breath Away

For @voltronwhumpweek2017!

Day Four: Torture

Summery: The team has been working tirelessly to get Lance back after he’s captured by Lotor. But once Shiro finds him, he fears it might be too late. Lance is too worried about Shiro to realize just how bad his situation has become

Ship: (Implied) Shance

Word Count: 1118

Extra Note: Possible season three spoilers

Lance could feel his chest rumbling as he took heavy breaths, trying his best to get enough oxygen into his body. Which was hard when he was hunched over on his knees, his hands tied behind his back and his entire body throbbing.

 Fuck the Galra, Lance thought as his breath hitched, hard chesty coughs rumbling through his body. Fuck the Galra, and fuck pneumonia. And fuck the Galra for giving him pneumonia by leaving him in this cold, damp cell for God knows how long anymore. A week? He thinks it’s been about a week. Maybe longer.

Losing track of time is a side effect of dying.

But Lance didn’t know he was dying.

He was hurt, sure, but not dying.

He wouldn’t give Lotor that satisfaction.

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taylor-tut  asked:

I would love to request a Voltron fic!!! I'm cool with literally anything, but here's an idea if it helps: I've seen a lot of fics where Lance is late to assemble because he's sick, but maybe one where he doesn't show up at all? And so someone is sent to go grab him and they sort of mercilessly pull him out of bed and ignore his protests that he's not feeling well, thinking that he's faking. And something happens while Allura is briefing them--passes out, starts to hallucinate, etc. Thank you!!!

So I wanted to have this done for your graduation, @taylor-tut​, but then life happened. XD

Lance actually isn’t my fave at all, so it was v challenging for me trying to get into his perspective. It isn’t that I dislike him, or that he’s a bad character? He’s just at the bottom of the list of the seven mains, and there are some secondaries I engage with more as well, lol. SO I REALLY HOPE I DID HIS CHARACTER JUSTICE! XD



The curt voice woke Lance so suddenly that he nearly fell out of bed; pain stabbed through his head. The lights came on and he buried his face in his hands as he suppressed a moan.

“Lance!” Allura said again, “did you forget about training this morning?”

“S-sorry,” he stammered. “I must have slept through the alarm. I- I don’t feel very good.”

“We don’t have time for dramatics, Lance. You look fine to me; hurry and get up. You’re putting us behind schedule,” Allura added, frowning deeply

“I—okay,” he conceded. “I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“Good, we’ve lost enough time this morning.”

Allura strode out, her quick, precise footsteps disappearing down the hall, as Lance dragged himself into the bathroom. The mirror showed him red eyes and flushed cheeks, the rest of his face unusually pale. His head ached fiercely, his eyes, too, and he was dizzy, his body heavy. Lance shivered in the cool air of the bathroom

“Come on, Lance,” he said to his reflection. “You can do this. You didn’t even get blown up.”

Lance pondered a drink from the tap, but the thought nauseated him, so he splashed some water on his face instead, then got dressed, grimacing at the soreness in his body as he did so. He headed down the hallway to the bridge, though he had to steady himself against the wall several times as the hallway moved around him. Lance’s face burned with embarrassment as he came through the door and joined the others. Lance stared at the floor, too ashamed of the delay he’d caused to meet anyone’s eyes.

Allura arched one delicate eyebrow. “Nice of you to join us, Lance; let’s get started.”

Allura launched into an explanation of the training exercise she’d planned for the day, and Lance managed to follow along decently well until she pulled up the holographic space map and starting whirling it around. Even after she stopped manipulating the display, the stars kept spinning in front of his eyes and Lance had to grope for the edge of the nearest console to ground himself. He closed his eyes for a moment but the vertigo worsened, so he opened them again and focussed on the edge of the console under his hand and hoped the room would stop moving. With the rushing in his ears it took a minute for Lance to realise that Hunk was talking to him. When Lance tried to make eye contact he lost the tenuous grasp he had on his strength and balance and lurched sideways into the edge of the console as his knees buckled.

A cacophony of speech made his headache surge, and Lance found himself unable to identify any one voice through the pain and fuzziness in his head. A steady, familiar hand gripped his elbow, then Hunk’s other arm wrapped firmly around his waist. Lance rested his head on Hunk’s shoulder as his friend eased him down to sit on the floor. Another wave of noise made him groan as his head throbbed in time, and with his head on Hunk’s shoulder Lance felt the rumble as he told the others to quiet down. After a long moment the riot of voices subsided and Lance sighed in relief.

Shiro knelt in front of him and the others hovered behind, blurry concern on the human faces and confusion on the Altean ones.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Shiro asked gently. “You’re pretty flushed there, Lance.”

“Dizzy. M'head hurts.” Lance rolled his head along Hunk’s shoulder and looked up hazily at Allura, vision spotty. “Sorry, Princess, didn’ mean t'be dramatic.”

Hunk’s broad, callused palm cupped his cheek and Lance leaned into the cool touch with a faint moan, then Hunk slid his hand up and pressed the backs of his fingers gently to Lance’s forehead. “Shiro, he’s burning up.”

“Oh, Lance,” Shiro murmured, face drawn into a worried frown. “You’re really not feeling well, huh?” He rested his flesh hand on Lance’s knee and squeezed lightly. “You’ve gotta tell us this stuff. We have to take care of each other.”

“Shiro,” Allura interjected, “I fear I am to blame for this. Lance told me he was unwell, but I dismissed his words. I’m unfamiliar with signs of human illness and I scolded him. Lance, I owe you an apology. I’m sorry for dismissing you and I hope you’ll forgive me. I’ll do better in the future.”

“Allura-” Shiro began, but Lance interrupted.

“S'okay, Princess. Y'didn’t know. Humans’re weird f'r you.” Lance smiled weakly, a transparency of his usual bright grin. “C'n I go back t'bed though? ’M tired.”

“Yeah, dude, you need to be in bed. Let’s go,” Hunk said, and stood slowly, bringing Lance up to standing with him.

“Hey,” said Keith, “I’ll help, here.” He slotted himself in against Lance’s other side and drew Lance’s arm over his shoulders.

“Is there some way I can help?” Allura asked.

“He’ll need plenty of water and probably another blanket or two,” Pidge spoke up for the first time. “If you go get that, I’ll get a couple other things for him.”

“I’ll do that, thank you, Pidge.”

“There’s something I want to grab, too,” Shiro added, “so I’ll be along in a few minutes.”

The group dispersed, and Lance stumbled back to his room supported by Hunk and Keith on either side. Keith left as Hunk helped Lance get changed, then came back as Hunk tucked Lance into bed with a bowl of water and a couple of soft cloths afloat in it.

“I know it doesn’t really do anything, but it feels nice.” Keith shrugged, then squeezed out a cloth and laid it across Lance’s forehead.

Lance reached up with a shaking hand and pulled it down a little; the coolness felt wonderful on his throbbing eyes and temples. “Thanks.”

“No problem. Feel better,” Keith added, and the door whooshed as he left again.

Lance shifted under the blankets; he couldn’t get comfortable, back aching, and then to make things worse he started shivering as chills ran up his spine.

“What’s up, man?” Hunk asked as he perched himself on the edge of the bed.

“M'back, can’t get comfy. ‘N I’m cold.”

Hunk made his thinking noise, then there were a couple of low thumps and he crawled carefully over Lance and situated himself in the corner of the bed. Gently—Lance always marvelled at the gentleness in Hunk’s strength—Hunk moved Lance up to lean back against him in a semi-reclined position. Tucked against his friend’s solid bulk, Lance sighed and began to relax as Hunk’s warmth eased some of the chills and started seeping into the aching muscles of his back. When refreshing the cloth prompted another shiver, Hunk pulled the blankets up a little higher and wrapped an arm around Lance’s waist.

“Better, dude?”

Lance hummed an affirmative, then melted as Hunk started carding his fingers through Lance’s hair and scratching his nails oh-so-slightly against his friend’s scalp as he did so.

“Rest, buddy. We gotcha.”

By the time Shiro, Pidge, and Allura came quietly into the room a couple of minutes later, Lance was already asleep.