anonymous asked:

I hate myself

Me too sometimes, but it’s important to remember that masturbation and food are things that exist, and if you didn’t you couldn’t enjoy them.

Seriously, I bet you’re wonderful. Go get yourself an oreo blizzard from Dairy Queen. Then treat yoself to a candlelit bubblebath with Otis Redding playing in the background.

Then write down only the positive things you think about yourself even if it’s only one tiny thing. Tape it to your mirror. Read it daily. Yeah it’s silly, but so is hating something so wonderful.

When you don’t like, or hate even, who you are, it’s easy to get bogged down in your dwindling self worth. It gets harder and harder to see all of the wonderful things around you. They are there. They never left. They will always be there. You just have to look at them for what they are, and then look at yourself for who you are: wonderful. Recognize it and call it by name.

You matter, you are important, you’re wonderful.