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When you’re yu-gi-oh trash and your friend isn’t

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George Harrison, photo © unknown.

“George once said to me, ‘I’m in the wrong job. I should have been a gardener really. It took me five years to become famous and 45 years trying to become a nobody.’” - Joe Brown on George Harrison [x]

“I’m not really a career person. I’m a gardener, basically.” - George Harrison, USA Today, 26 January 2001 [x]


MIMA House | MIMA Lab | more

  …unique for its ability to be reconfigured by the owners in project and also post-delivery. The interior walls consist of lightweight panels that can be easily relocated or removed by two people. Several years have been spent refining the concept in order to arrive at a finished product that would be quick to manufacture, easy to assemble, of good quality and affordable.

The interior wall system consists of frames that are snapped into place in […] tracks. As a result, the rooms can be expanded or reduced in increments of 1.5 m. Finish panels are then attached to both sides of the wall frames.

the decor of the house can be changed just by flipping the [wood veneer] panels over. Similar panels can be used to cover the windows as needed for privacy or to block out unwanted sunlight and views.

George Harrison, Paul McCartney, John Lennon and Pete Best on Mathew Street, Liverpool, mid-1961. Photo © unknown, courtesy of The Beatles Source.

“People thought we looked undesirable, I suppose. Even nowadays kids with leather jackets and long hair are seen as apprentice hooligans, but they are just kids; that’s the fashion they like - leathers. And it was like that with us. With black T-shirts, black leather gear and sweaty, we did look like hooligans.

Brian Epstein was from an upper middle-class background and he wanted us to appeal to the producers of radio, television and record companies. We gladly switched into suits to get some more money and some more gigs.” - George Harrison, The Beatles Anthology


Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse - Body and Soul (2011)

I try to stay away from posting modern jazz and swing, not because it’s “bad” by any means, but because I think it is in many ways categorically different from the genre at inception and peak. 

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the passing of Amy Winehouse, and for that reason I have to make an exception. She embodied traditional jazz; her voice and presence are missed indescribably.

RIP Amy Winehouse


Remembering legendary jazz saxophonist John Coltrane (born John William Coltrane in Hamlet, NC) - September 23, 1926 – July 17, 1967



Day 14 - Favorite relationship(s)

Weller and Patterson

“You have every reason to be angry. David was someone that you really cared about, so that matters to all of us. We will get Kate. I promise you.” (Season 1 Episode 10 - Evil Handmade Instrument)

There are several relationships I love on this show, but the one that intrigues me the most is that between Weller and Patterson.

They appear to be so different - the grim, self-contained man of action and few words who favours the direct approach, and the intellectual of the open, sunny disposition, who likes nothing better than to solve complex puzzles and to expound her theories at length to an audience impatient for her to get to the point. 

But in fact Weller and Patterson have a lot in common.  At work they are both intensely focused and dedicated to the job, intolerant of any outside interference (just remember how they treated Fischer); they are both strong-willed, and they would not hesitate to risk their lives in defence of others (Patterson's fierce courage was very evident when she was saving Maya at Dr. Borden’s house). They are creative and can both think on their feet in an emergency. Patterson is a key part of Weller’s team - since the Jane Doe case its most valuable member - and they have enormous respect for each other’s very different skills. Off duty, Patterson brings out the best in Weller. She makes him laugh and he can relax in her company. And they both like playing games - whether it’s Kurt furiously competing with Sawyer at Uno, or Patterson losing herself in the world of fantasy and board games.

Patterson knows that when she is most in need of comfort or protection, Weller will always be there for her.    

Todays Snake Is:

The Calabar Python or African Burrowing Python (Calabria reinhardtii) is a constrictor endemic to west and central Africa. When threatened, this snake will curl up into a ball and raise its blunt tail to mimic its head while its real head is safely protected. Despite its name, this species is actually a variety of boa, and is the only boa which lays eggs.