BDSM Shorthands

Since there’s always going to be newbies to the community, here’s a list of a lot of common shorthands within the BDSM community. Obviously this doesn’t hit all of them, but it hits a god chunk of them


  • D/s: Dom/sub (Dominant/submissive)
  • M/s: Master/slave (typically 24/7 Total power exchange)
  • O/p: Owner/pet (pet play)
  • AB/d
  • Sw: Switch
  • DD: daddy dom masculine)
  • MD: mommy dom (feminine)
  • Cg: caregiver (non-binary)
  • lg: little girl
  • lb: little boy
  • TPE: Total power exchange
  • AB/dl: Adult baby/diaper lover (typically found in age play community)


  • CDD: Christian Domestic Discipline, typically refers to 1950s/1960s “typical household relationship” i.e. the wife cooks and cleans while husband does the work; husband will “punish” wife for misbehaving (such as going over the knee and getting a spanking)
  • BDSM: bondage, domination, submission, sadism, masochism
  • S/m: Sadism/masochism
  • SSC : Safe, sane, consensual
  • RISK: Risk Aware Consensual Kink (typically involves more risky versions of play like breath play, arterial play, gun play, etc)
  • PRICK:  Personal Responsibility Informed Consensual Kink (alternative to RISK)
  • CCC:  Committed Compassionate Consent (emotional well being, alternative to RISK)


  • CBT: Cock-ball-torture, typically involves actions done on male genitalia

I’m not going into general terms of the BDSM community because you can probably make a “play scene” out of just about anything…so which means the list would constantly need updating. SO, here’s a good chunk instead :)