my judgement of you as a person based on your main
  • genji:chill or complete dick. sometimes both in a weird chill/dick cocktail
  • mccree:their outward calm is deceiving. when they are on tilt you will want to hide.
  • pharah:pretty cool
  • reaper:need to calm down & take things less seriously
  • soldier 76:you frustrate me
  • tracer:stop. stop. stop. do not pass go. do not collect $200. do not speak. stop. bad.
  • bastion:not a bad person, but as an ow player, why are you like this
  • hanzo:either soft and nice or AWFUL douchebags. this is a hard, non-negotiable dichotomy.
  • junkrat:hilarious and mildly enigmatic
  • mei:no. would shank you and giggle while doing so.
  • torbjorn:fundamentally as a human being you are flawed
  • widowmaker:tired and need a break. generally aight
  • d.va:you're pretty fun but like, chill dude
  • reinhardt:quiet. terrifying. intimidating.
  • roadhog:not terrible people but i hate you anyway
  • winston:i'm not entirely sure winston mains exist. i've been told they do but i'm really not sure
  • zarya:great person, 12/10 tbh
  • ana:will fuck you up. will not be sorry. be cautious. you'll live forever playing with ana mains, but do not trust them as a person.
  • lucio:deserve better. i'm sorry.
  • mercy:inexplicably masochistic
  • symmetra:salted my crops
  • zenyatta:surprisingly high tolerance for bullshit. dry humour, very funny
Love∞Destiny (M@STER VERSION)
  • Love∞Destiny (M@STER VERSION)
  • 佐久間まゆ(CV.牧野由依)、北条加蓮(CV.渕上舞)、小日向美穂(CV.津田美波)、多田李衣菜(CV.青木瑠璃子)、緒方智絵里(CV.大空直美)

Love∞Destiny (M@STER VERSION)

Sung By: Mayu Sakuma (佐久間まゆ) [CV:Yui Makino (牧野由依)],
Karen Hojo (北条加蓮) [CV: Mai Fuchigami (渕上舞)],
Miho Kohinata (小日向美穂) [CV: Minami Tsuda (津田美波)],
Riina Tada (多田李衣菜) [CV:Ruriko Aoki (青木瑠璃子)], &
Chieri Ogata (緒方智絵里) [CV:Naomi Oozora (大空 直美)],


Negan Imagines - The Blame

Originally posted by werewolvesxo

Spoilers obviously

A/N: Okay so that episode killed me several times and of course this fucker ^ killed two of my favourites like seriously I burst into tears when he hit Abraham cause it felt like he hit me in the heart with Lucille. And I don’t even want to talk about Glenn cause that just wasn’t fucking okay. However I know a lot of you (including myself) probably fucking hate this piece of shit but I also know a lot of you love to hate this man (and hate to love him) so even though I could barely watch the episode cause I was crying so much, I did kinda die when Negan started saying everything was his cause dayum I don’t care if he killed my children, he does things to me. 

I left out the end where Maggie tells the others to leave because it was just too painful for me to watch let alone write it. So I hope you don’t mind.

Summary: You’re the one who accidentally led the Saviours to the group cause Negan has an interest in you. Basically an episode based on the season 6 finale and season 7 premiere but Negan is crushing on you, Rick’s daughter.

Pairing: Negan x reader, Father!Rick x Daughter!Reader

Word count: 3,921 (oops…Guess I got a little carried away.)

Warning: Well, if you all have seen the episode be prepare to go through the hell of Ab’s and Glenn’s deaths again and the violence. Strong language. Age difference.

It was your fault. It was all your fault. That’s what you thought. That’s what you believed as you stared down at the blood and brains on the ground in front of you. 

You had gone out for a walk, you hated being trapped inside Alexandria some days so you had to sneak out for some air. To practise your fight on nearby walkers. You knew if your dad found out, you’d never be left alone ever again, you’d always have someone keep an eye on you which is why you were usually extra careful.

Only a handful of people knew you snuck out; your brother, Sasha, Abraham and Aaron. None of them liked it but none of them stopped you. On occasion, Sasha or Abraham would join you but that day you had gone alone. 

You had gone further you normally would go, you were in the mood for exploring and you were heavily armed so assumed it was safe to go so far. 

Eventually you heard voices, then you saw them. You were hid behind a tree, the foliage around you would hid you even if you moved from behind the tree. There was only five of them, the ringleader stood bold and clear. He was tall, handsome, with a salt and pepper beard and a leather jacket. 

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         H E Y                            g u  y s       a n y   o n  e     kn o  w                               w  h y    t h  e   f u c  k     m  y          k e      y   b o   a r d        i  s                d o  i n  g    t h i  s     ?      t h   a nk  s