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While the Department of Unexpected Interspecies Friendship was still cooing over the cuteness of a pair of owl and pussycat friends in Japan, they learned about another impossibly cute bond in São Paolo, Brazil. 30 hours and 2 flights later they were delighting in the camaraderie between Bob the Golden Retriever and his BFFs, 2 zebra finches, 2 cockatiels, 4 parakeets, and one plump little grey hamster.

Bob and his wee pals live with their human who shares lots of photos of their life together on Instagram. Although he towers over every one of them, Bob is a gentle giant who enjoys playing, lounging, and even cuddling up with his bird and hamster friends. Bob’s human posts adorable videos of the group as well.

For more photos and videos of this awesome group of friends follow Bob the Golden Retriever on Instagram.

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Cooking Up Inspiration with @cozinhadalbo

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This interview was conducted in Portuguese.

Complex cake recipes with many steps are chef Angelo Dal Bó’s (@cozinhadalbo) favorite challenges. “I really take pleasure in the creativity and manual work,” he says. Angelo was inspired to become a chef as a child. “I grew up in the kitchen watching my grandmothers cook for family lunches.” Today, as a photographer and food blogger in his native Brazil, Angelo is out to spread his inherited passion to others. “I realized that my relationship with food is not about selling a physical product. It’s about creating and sharing photographs, recipes and inspiration. I hope I can inspire people to cook more often and take risks in the kitchen,” he says.


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Cooking Up Some Magic with @eudiiih

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“There is a certain magic about cooking. It’s like creating a potion,” says Diego Oliveira (@eudiiih), an aspiring photographer from São Paulo with a passion for cooking. Diego learned at a young age that there is also magic in taking pictures. As a child, his uncle told him that photography was like “looking at the world through a little magic rectangle.” This phrase sparked dreams of becoming a paparazzi photographer. “I was fascinated by their gigantic cameras,” Diego laughs. While the paparazzi dream was eventually outgrown, Diego’s love for photography was just beginning. “I got into the habit of photographing with my eyes, admiring life, noticing the light of day, the reflections in water or a beautiful plate of food,” he says.

Growing up, Diego learned to love cooking from his aunt. “I would spend most weekends with my aunt, who was a cook, and she would give me small tasks in the kitchen to keep me busy. On weekends, my family would also get together to share food, so cooking reminds me of family and fun.”

Today, Diego blends his passions for photography and cuisine by capturing his culinary creations on camera. He hopes that through his photos his audience can get a taste for his cooking, which is heavily influenced by northeastern Brazil’s strong flavors, as well as food from North America. In order to get his creative juices flowing, Diego’s soundtrack must be just right. “My taste is eclectic. Everything from Madonna to Maria Bethânia,” he says. “Music helps me prepare food and inspires me to photograph the table. Music is fuel.”