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M!A: king me

King me: Your muse is now in the highest level of authority. A king, CEO, president; or whichever fits into your character’s setting. Lasts for two days.

O u O

> It took you only a moment after reading the message in your inbox before you felt… cold. A cold chill started in your very core, spreading out all over you like icy fire. This… wasnt right. Why would this happen…? As soon as the cold stopped spreading, you rushed into the nearest, least damaged ablutionblock and stared at your reflection.

“Oh… oh gods no…”

>You felt like you were going to be sick. The four eyes staring back at you from the cracked mirror werent… normal. They werent yours, they couldnt be! Your eyes are red and blue, not… not that. You reached up an unsteady hand and brushed your nearly pristine fingertips over the tines of one of the fins on your head. You could feel how your claws gently brushed over the membrane and nearly let out a scream.

>Your… your fins? These were yours?

After all, there’s no higher authority than Fuchsia, is there?

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Your art is very lively to me. It's like when I see it, the people in your work are about to pop out and start moving. The way you draw expressions/body movement is fantastic and the way your sketches hit me is calming. Sorry if this was a weird message, I just wanted to tell you. Continue to surprise me with your wonderful art dear friend <33

anon this is sincerely such a sweet message and ive?? been smiling non stop all day thank you so much this means so so so much to me!!! ill do my best to continue improving!!!

Meet the Mun

name: Adam
nickname: Deebs, Floof, Assdamn (no joke)
mun fc: Holland March (The Nice Guys)
height: 6′1 (about)
relationship status: Single at the moment yet talking to a real nice lady
birthday: 4/14/1995
favourite colour: Orange
favourite singer/band: ELO or Marvin Gaye
last song listened: Some Duke Ellington song
last movie watched: All the way though? Apocalypse Now 
favorite book: The Hobbit 
last book read: A chunk of The Silmarillion 
currently reading: School shit
# of siblings: 2 brothers (one is a shithead, the other is a legend)
# of pets: 2 doggos 
best school subject: Communications 
mac or pc? PC
cell phone type: Android somethin’
current shirt colour:  Dark blue
gamer?:  I dabble 
day or night?: COME GIVE ME THE NIGHT
summer or winter?: Summer
most-visited website?: Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube
celebrity crushes: Daisy Ridley… whoo buddy.

Stolen from: @durotxn

my mood legit goes from “💖💖❤️❤️💞 i l o v e y o u !! 💖💖💞💞💕❤️❤️❤️ you’re my life 💖💖💞💕❤️❤️💕💕💕” to “👀👀👀👀 who’s that ?? 👀👀👀👀 i see how it is 👀👀👀 im not needed” so quick it’s ridiculous


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