Their Feelings Are Connected

Sakura was the one who first told Sarada in Naruto Gaiden Chapter 1 that their hearts are connected to Sasuke’s. Thus, she was the one who introduced basically the main idea of Naruto Gaiden - that, no matter how far away they are from each other, her, Sarada and Sasuke’s hearts will always be connected to one another’s:

After hearing her mother’s words, Sarada asked how she could be certain about that fact:

Despite this, Sakura unfortunately couldn’t answer Sarada’s question back then due to what happened to their house right after Sarada had asked that.  

Still, in Naruto Gaiden Chapter 10, after the fight had eventually finished, Sarada remembered her mother’s words from a while back:

Deeply desiring to know if her father feels the same way and agrees with what her mother had previously stated, Sarada asked Sasuke if he believed that his feelings are truly connected to Sakura’s, to which he offered an affirmative answer:

But Sarada wanted to hear more. She wanted to completely understand why both Sasuke and Sakura were certain about that. So, she asked her father the exact same question she had asked Sakura in Naruto Gaiden Chapter 1:

The difference is that, unlike Sakura who back then was unable to answer Sarada’s question due to an external factor, this time Sasuke was able to offer Sarada the answer she had been waiting for so long:

Sasuke’s answer is incredibly important and Sarada immediately understood this. To quote myself from a previous post of mine, what Sasuke meant while saying this was that Sarada is the living proof of him and Sakura being connected, thus basically stating that she is the proof of him and Sakura loving each other. 

Therefore, he basically said that, if he and Sakura hadn’t loved each other, Sarada wouldn’t have existed. She wouldn’t have been born.

But she exists and her simple existence basically represents the love between her parents. They decided to transform their love into a beautiful, precious child and this fact is what is connecting their feelings.

And Sarada understood this right away, as right after hearing Sasuke’s words, she started crying happily and was exremely relieved:

^ This panel is of great importance, as this was the exact moment when Sarada understood it all, due to her father’s words. This was when she finally understood that Sakura truly was her real mother in every single sense of the word, including biologically. This was when she understood that her very existence shows the deep connection between her parents and the fact that they truly love each other. This was when she understood that the three of them would always be connected, no matter what. All of these facts immediately brought tears of joy to Sarada’s eyes.  

Therefore, Sakura was the one who introduced the idea that her and Sarada’s hearts are connected to Sasuke’s, Sarada was the one who kept this idea extremely dear to her throughout the entire story and deeply wanted to fully understand it and Sasuke was the one who completed this circle and, after agreeing with his wife’s words from Naruto Gaiden Chapter 1, offered the answer which explained everything Sarada wanted so much to know about the connection between her mother and father and the connection between herself and her parents. Their hearts will always be connected. After all, the love between the three of them is the real deal

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I mean I'm not into nsfw content in general, but didn't the game state 17 was considered an adult for a Hylian? Since only those 17+ were allowed to the spring of wisdom? Plus Link could be older than Zelda. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I don’t care??? 
why are ppl so insistent on trying to reason with me on this? trying to find loopholes and shit. It makes me uncomfortable, END OF DISCUSSION