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When you ship a rare ship so much but know that there is no way it could get any cute canon moments but then suddenly the creator magically listens to your cries and your rare pair suddenly becomes one if the most canon ones and you never expected it and are so happy it hurts and you just sit there like in the middle of main fandom shippers like:

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Oh, Marco. You get used to it! …perhaps. 

What are your guys opinions on Marco's name?

So as you know my blog tag is @jenniferdiazisatransgirl, this is due to the episode Preston Change-O calls Marco by the name Jennifer. It had me wondering whether Preston saw something in Marco’s wallet that indicated their name is Jennifer. And being unimaginative I kinda just altered @marcodiazisatransgirl’s blog tag. I can have an awful imagination at times.

Anyway personally I don’t really care about what Marco’s name is in the end. In all honesty I sort of like Marco. I know it is a masculine name but through watching SVTFOE and hearing it in the context of Princess Marco it just sounds gender neutral to me at this point.

What are your guys opinions Marco, Margo, Jennifer or something different?


My first ever screencap redraw!~ I think it turned out pretty amazing! Would be amazing if you told me what you think about it so I could get better~

Taken from the episode “St. Olga’s Reform School For Wayward Princesses,” episode 19, first season (while patiently waiting for a new season)

birds of paradise

y’know them birds that are pretty aff and regal as shit and like elaborate and alL THAT. srsly paradise birds look mythological and surreal. SO THE BEAUTIFUL.
now imagine Marco being like a bird of paradise. and and those birds do these crazy insane beautiful mating dances and rituals to impress their mates or sometimes they just do it bc IT’S IN THEIR INSTINCTS. aND OMG IMAGINE MARCO DOING THAT. SECRETLY DANCING OR SOMETHN HELL IMAGINE HIM TRYING TO IMPRESS HIS CRUSH OH GOSH.