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Super strength or speed? Telepathy or telekinesis? Super senses or super reflexes? Pyrokinesis or electrokinesis? Flight or invisibility? Teleportation or time travel?

For me?

Speed (though I love being strong, it’s already hard for me to control sometimes, and I’m super gentle with other people, and I would be afraid of super strength making that even harder? But maybe that’s a reason to want it… the challenge…)

Telepathy (consensually, of course).

Super reflexes (I already feel like I have super senses and it hurts so bad sometimes, even as it heightens my ability to be happy… okay that escalated quickly, moving on).

Electrokinesis (end dependence on destroying the Earth for energy yo).

Flight (Quidditch).

Teleportation (could I teleport to different times tho like with Captain Jack’s vortex manipulator [quick and dirty time travel]).

Saturn’s Blue Vortex

As Cassini nears the end of its mission, the spacecraft continues to beam back the most astounding images. Last week as it dove between Saturn and its rings, Cassini captured this stunning view of the planet’s beautiful blue vortex. The vortex is an 1,800 mile wide circular storm spinning around Saturn’s pole. Originally captured in black and white, this is the storm in natural color using filters. That vibrant blue is what you’d actually see due to scattering of sunlight, similar Earth’s sky. 

(Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute/Sophia Nasr)


Drip food coloring into water and you can often see a torus-shaped vortex ring after the drop’s impact. That vortex rings form during droplet impact has been well known for over a century, but only recently have we begun to understand the process that leads to that vortex ring. Part of the challenge is that the vortex formation is very small and very fast, but recent work with x-ray imaging has allowed experimentalists to finally capture this event.

When a drop impacts a pool, surface tension draws some of the pool liquid up the sides of the drop. At the same time, the impact causes ripple-like capillary waves down the sides of the drop. This causes pool liquid to penetrate sharply into the drop, triggering the spirals that mark the forming vortex ring. When drops impact with even higher momentum, multiple vortex spirals can form, as seen on the lower right image. The authors observed as many as four rings during an impact. For more, check out the (open access) article.  (Image and research credit: J. Lee et al., source)

So I heard this meme waS A THING


It’s kind of fascinating the way Vortex’s colours wound up so weird in Fall of Cybertron.

Step 1: G1 Vortex’s Dreamwave profile art, used as his @tfwiki mainpic, gives his grey parts a beige tint (I’m told it’s like this in print, it’s not just a bad scan).

Step 2: A concept artist for the game uses that profile art as a reference when designing the Fall of Cybertron version, leading to a beige-ish Vortex. Additionally, his flappy hip skirts seem to be derived from the Dreamwave art’s hinged waist pieces. The concept artist also happens to used a redder shade of pink for Vortex’s torso.

Step 3: In the process of turning the concept art into an in-game model, the beige-ish grey becomes a full-blown beige, and the reddish pink becomes full-blown red (and also his head changes colour for some reason).

All very butterfly effect, innit?


I have a real book out now, it’s got a bar code and everything!!!!!!!  It’s called PUNK VILLAGE 1234! and it’s being launched this weekend at TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Fair). It’s being released on Sucker Press, a Montreal based publisher, and is 46ish pages of comics telling the story of Vicky, a not-so-young woman trying to grow out and away from the punk scene, but always finding herself sucked back into punks’ vortex.  It’s in english with some french (with translations). For now it’ll only be available at TCAF and then through Sucker Press.

Fire emblazoned breath
Talons sharpened by interminable wars
Wings compel the winds to his abeyance
Formidable creature conquering death
He ascends through night’s vortex
While beasts of terror howl for his soul
Too fierce his will to succumb to false fate
Gilded knight confronting the fight
Brandishing steel-
He quells his fears
Hovering in sheathed thoughts
Tonight the enemy comes
Lashing with hot contempt
Hold fast!
Content the soul to slowly heal
Await as morning’s light
Converts to glorious day
And rise from the ashy remnants
Infused with inner light
To face an illustrious destiny

-Rhapsodyinblue45 🗡

For my noble friend @renaudcr7

Five (Plus) Times Lena is Overwhelmed by Kara’s Family -The one where Lena is a Saint

There are very, very few things that Lena is proud of her family for. Mostly her feelings about the Luthor’s are a swirling vortex of shame, guilt, disappointment and heart breaking longing. Their donations to the children’s hospital, however, is one of the things she’s most proud of. Of course, when Lena takes over as CEO the donations go from donations for wards and medical research to all out funding the hospital. Now every child, every family, admitted to the Luthor Children’s Hospital has their treatment paid for in full. The hospital has state of the art technology, world renown doctors and surgeons and researchers, and has been ranked number one for patient care ever since. Lena reviews every request for funds personally, approving far more of them than not, and she spends a few hours every other Saturday visiting different wards to read books, do science experiments, and generally cheer the children up. It cheers Lena up too.  

Lena’s favorite ward is the long-term care ward. These children have been around long enough that Lena knows a number of them by name. She can tell you that there’s a six year old boy named Liam whose favorite book is Dragons Love Tacos. He smiles when Lena exaggerates the ‘oh no’ with a silly voice and giggles every time Lena pretends to be a dragon breathing fire. There’s a ten year old girl named Zoe who loved it when Lena brought a miniature chemistry set and taught them all about the different types of chemical reactions, combustion being the overwhelming favorite. Lena had to bring a peace offering to the nurses for the mess they made the following visit and promise that all future experiments would be done outside. Zoe had told Lena that when she grew up she wanted to be a chemist and from then on Lena had brought her book after book on notable female chemists and basic chemistry principles. There’s a four year old girl name Harper whose favorite outfit was a purple tutu with a camouflage shirt and who preferred it best when Lena made up stories. Usually they involved Supergirl which made Lena smile and the rescuing of some animal or another, all of whom could talk because Harper insisted on it. The only thing Lena couldn’t tell you about of them was what they were diagnosed with. Mostly because they didn’t want to talk about it, because Lena was a chance to escape the treatments and the pain and to just be kids, so Lena rarely asked and the kids rarely told them.

On occasion though, Lena had to know. The first time had been because one of her favorite children, a little boy of 5 named Everett whose adoptive mums were from the UK, wasn’t there. Lena had brought a new book The Queen’s Knickers that she thought he might particularly enjoy. The nurse on duty gave Lena a sad look and explained that Evers had something called Rhabdomyosarcoma. His cancer had been fairly wide spread and that while the doctors had done everything they could for the boy, he had died the week before. Lena had sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. When she got home, she set aside The Queen’s Knickers and hadn’t been able to read it since. On another occasion, Lena had to ask after a young woman named Elizabeth who had asked Lena for help on her math homework every visit for the last three months. Elizabeth had been declared in remission and was sent home. Lena hoped she would never see Elizabeth in the hospital again.

This Saturday was different, though. This Saturday, Lena was bringing Kara along (and if Harper got to Kara first, Supergirl would probably be making an appearance as well). It’s also only a few weeks from Christmas which means Lena was bringing along gifts and toys for all the boys and girls in the long-term care ward. She had gotten their wish lists from their parents and had carefully selected a present for each child. So Lena was nervous. She had no reason to be, she knew, after all Kara would love these kids and the kids would love Kara - but still it felt like a big important moment. Seeing whether Kara could integrate herself in to such an important part of her life. These kids opinions mattered more to her than just about anyone else so in some strange fashion, this was Kara’s meet the family moment.

Lena wore the only holiday sweater she owned with a fluffy white snowman holding a cup of steaming hot chocolate on it. She brought The Polar Express, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins, Oskar and the Eight Blessings, and of course, Frosty the Snowman. She also brought hot chocolate and all of the presents neatly wrapped by Jess and herself with ribbons and bows and neatly addressed to each child. Lena thought she looked rather festive. And then she saw Kara. Kara took festive to a whole new level. She had on a Santa hat, wrapped in holiday lights, a bright blue sweater with a menorah on it, wearing a tinsel scarf and bright green leggings complete with elf shoes. Lena wasn’t sure whether to laugh or to kiss the woman when she saw her. Kara made up her mind for her when she walked towards her and her shoes jingled, actually jingled. Lena couldn’t help but laugh.

'What? Too much?’ Kara asked, the pout on her lips in direct contrast with the sparkling lights and the glimmering tinsel.

Lena tried to catch her breath but then Kara started tapping her foot and Lena started laughing all over again. When she could manage a breath again, Lena pressed a kiss to Kara’s cheek and managed a 'you look perfect,’ before giving in to another fit of giggles. If Kara thought Lena was bad, she certainly wasn’t ready for the roar of delighted squeals and laughter when they entered the children’s ward.

Presents were dolled out, hugs were given, games were played, and books were read. Lena would find herself glancing up every once in a while to watch Kara interact. She had let Kara read Liam Dragons Love Tacos and when Kara breathed fire she made the boy giggle by tickling him mercilessly. She also overheard the conversation between Kara and Harper.

'Miss Lena says you know Supergirl,’ Harper says with a slight lisp hands on her hips.

Kara’s lips quirk up in a smile, 'maybe, why?’

Harper breaks in to a grin, 'because I love her. I’m going to grow up to be her one day. Only instead of wearing red and blue, I’m going to wear purple! And camo!’

This makes Kara laugh and wrings Lena’s heart a little bit. Kara says, 'I’m sure you’ll be an excellent Supergirl.’ Then in a conspiratorial whisper Kara leaned down and said, 'would you like to meet her?’ Squealing out an enthusiastic 'yes,’ Harper jumps from foot to foot. Kara beams and whispers, 'I’ll ask her to visit you tomorrow, okay Harper?’ Lena thinks Harper might just pass out from joy.

By the time lunch rolls around and it is time to leave, Lena has forgotten her worries completely. The children adore Kara and Lena is fairly certain their visits just went from being an every other week thing to a weekly thing. Kara slips her hand in Lena’s as they walk out of the hospital the gentle tingle of the bells in her shoes escorting them through the hallway and this? This is what the perfect holidays are made of.

The one where Lena is a saint  (Bonus) 

Harper Leigh Adler was sitting very still staring out the window in the hospital. She wore her very best tutu, the one with every shade of purple and the special sparkles that caught the light in a beautimous way when she spun. She was also wearing her most favoritest camouflage shirt. It was brown and green and had a Supergirl S on the front. Her older brother Theo had told her that it was a boys shirt and that meant the S was for Superman but Harper had told him that this was Supergirl’s city so every S belonged to her even the ones on boys shirts. They had fought until their mommy had stopped them and made them hold hands. Harper hated holding hands with Theo. Especially after they fought.

Yesterday Miss Lena had visited. She had read Harper her new most favoritest books, Miss Lena always had the best books. Better yet she brought Miss Kara and Miss Kara knew Supergirl! Miss Kara had said Supergirl would visit Harper! Today! In this hospital room! Which was why Harper had to look her absolute best because one day, when she had beaten Luke and Mia (that’s who the doctor’s said were making her feel so yucky all the time), she would grow up to be Supergirl! And this outfit, this exact one with the purple tutu and the camouflage S, was what she would where to beat up any one who made children sick. Harper didn’t know when Supergirl would get there. Or if she would use the door like Miss Lena did or if she would crash through the wall like Harper had seen on the television. So she settled for looking out the window, that way she could see Supergirl either way. Then she tried very, very hard to sit very, very still because sometimes when she moved too much she made her clothes messy and she didn’t really mind the mess but she really, really wanted Supergirl to see her bestest outfit.

Harper gasped and tried very hard not squeal (the nurses were always telling her to use her inside voice as if her inside and her outside voices were different) when she saw the red and blue woman flying towards the hospital and land outside the door. Harper tried not to be too sad that she was going to use the door (because maybe if she showed how well behaved she was, Supergirl would use the wall to leave). Then Harper began to count. She isn’t very good at counting. She sometimes forget where eight goes so she usually puts in a few of them, just to be careful, and she doesn’t remember what comes after sixteen but whenever she gets really, really excited or mad her daddy always told her to count as high as she could and take a deep breath until she felt calmer. Harper didn’t know if counting really helped or if counting just made things happen faster but Harper thought she should try, just in case. 'One, two, three, four, five, six, eight, seven, nine, ten, eight, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, eight, fifteen, sixteen,’ Harper could feel her eyebrows get sad as she stared at the door waiting for Supergirl. She decided to start over, 'one, two, three, four, eight, five, six, seven, nine, eight, ten, elven, twe-.’ Harper never finished counting to twelve because at that moment the most beautimous person Harper had ever seen, aside from her mommy, was standing there. She had pretty hair and pretty skin and a pretty face but the thing Harper loved most was her cape! Supergirl, in her cape, was standing there smiling at Harper.

'Is there a Harper here?’ Supergirl asks of the room. Every other kid is quiet, pointing silently to Harper. 'Thank you good citizens,’ Supergirl says. Harper doesn’t know what a citizen is but adults have lots of funny words for kids so she doesn’t question it. 'Harper? Miss Lena and Miss Kara said you wanted to meet me?’

For once, Harper doesn’t have words. Well she has them but they are all running too fast in her head for her tongue to catch them but Harper’s fast too so she just picks one and starts, 'I’m going to be Supergirl too. My brother says my shirt is a boys shirt and that this S is for Superman but I told him that this is your city and every S is yours and one day when I have beaten my anemone Luke and Mia it is going to be my S too and every one will want to wear a purple tutu just like me.’ Supergirl does that thing that adults do sometimes when they think a kid is being 'too cute’ and brings her hand to her mouth with a giggle. Harper knows because adults do it to her all the time. (Theo doesn’t know what look she’s talking about so Harper thinks that maybe her words are prettier than Theo’s and that makes Harper feel all full inside).

'I think,’ Supergirl says bending down, 'that you are absolutely correct. This S,’ Supergirl points at Harper’s shirt, 'stands for Supergirl. But not for me Harper, for you. And as soon as you’ve beaten Luke and Mia I would be honored to have you on my team.’

'Really?’ Harper says because sometimes adults say things and they don’t mean them or they mean them but they forget they mean them. 'Do you promise?’

'I promise,’ Supergirl says with a smile, 'that one day you will grow up to be super. Yes.’

Harper doesn’t know how long they spend together but she does know that she doesn’t want the super hero to leave. Supergirl says she’s needed, that its an emergency but that she would come back and visit Harper some time. Before Supergirl leaves, she pulls out a small present. When Harper opens it she finds her new most favoritest thing in the whole big wide world. It’s a shimmering purple cape and right in the middle of it is a super S in camouflage. Harper tries to say thank you but Supergirl is gone before she can catch the words.

That afternoon Harper has to go to the room where the doctor says she gets her medicine. Harper doesn’t like the medicine room. It makes her feel tired and sick and every thing she eats wants to come back out after wards. It’s hard to go to the medicine room but today Harper is wearing her Super outfit and she has her Super cape and Harper knows that she can face anything.

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top ten musics

1:  Shadow Showdown / Final Boss - Drawn to Life || Metal Cover

2:  Glitchtale OST - Embodiment of a Yellow Devil [Alphys’s Theme]

3:  Undertale - But the Earth Refused To Die (tieff’s Remix)

4:  John Carpenter’s Vortex: Night Of The Comet (Starcadian Remix)

5:  Starcadian - Ultralove

6:  Rishloo - Just a Ride

7:  PYLOT - The Place I Once Knew

8:  Homestuck - Savior of the Waking World (Cement City Remix)

9:  Shrek 2 - I Need a Hero

10:  Starcadian - Dance Or Die

this is different from the top 5 songs, most of these are lyricless

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(Pt1/3) There's people around. That's the first thought that drifted through Sara's head. The Vortex was full, as usual following the end of another evening shift on the Nexus. Lots of people. She mentally amends. Thoughts don't last for long (if they manage to form at all) with Suvi pressed against her back. Deft hands slowly trailed along her sides to rest on her hips, clever thumbs tucking themselves into her belt loops.

ok I’m making this as one post cause it’s too great!!! You made it a nice fic from my stupid idea… wow. I originally pictured a scene as they’re sitting around a table but this is way hotter. Thank you. We need a scene like this in Suvi romance!!