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Alolan Trubbish and Alolan Garbodor

Inspired by the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. I think when people hear “patch” they think it’s like an island, but really it’s a massive swirling vortex filled with trash.

One Last Time - Part 5

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Summary:  Prompt request turned drabble-series. Unbeknownst to you, your best friend Bucky is in love with you, but you’re engaged to someone else.

Anon prompts request: “angsty and painful and in Bucky POV”
1: “A wedding?”
231: “May I have this dance?”
236: “My parents asked about you.”
243:“Oh, my God! You’re in love with her!”
369: “You know, it hurt when I realized that you’re not in love with me. But nothing can compare to the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with him…”

Warnings: aaaaaaaaaaaaangst (I’m sorry, I love you!!!) (guys the only swearing is “damn”!!! This is incredible! Who am I???)

Word Count: 738

Author’s Note: Italics are Bucky’s vortex-o-angst letter. Quotes in the letter, as I imagine it, are him looking back at older notes and scribbles and pulling the memories into the letter.

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“Bucky, this is getting out of hand.” Natasha told him firmly, pulling on his arm as they slowed down to take a break. She had made a habit of this lately, checking in on him when she could find an inconspicuous minute, usually when they trained. “You can’t just keep avoiding her.”

“What do you propose I do, Nat?” Bucky retorted, tilting his head, more exasperated with the conversation than the exercise.

“Maybe you should take some time, get away from the situation.”

He sighed heavily, “Maybe.” Nothing else had worked. He’d tried to be a supportive friend, but he couldn’t stand to hear Y/N gush about her plans. He’d tried quietly keeping his distance, but she noticed and wouldn’t let it go. When he was more firm about keeping his distance she didn’t understand and felt hurt and angry.

Things had started to turn hostile and he honestly didn’t know what was more painful, having her close but talking about someone else, or having her at arm’s length knowing it hurt her. He was afraid not having her around at all would be the most painful yet.

He bought a ticket to Santiago when he got back, before he even made it into the shower.

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I woke up this morning,
reached into
time’s unfathomable gut,
took hold of my life
and picked
that ball-of-madness
to bits,
limb by elusive limb.
What’s next?
What’s next??
What’s next???
—  VORTEX (Magic Spells from the Cosmic Dragon) 

angels of metal // listen

delain - april rain // nightwish - dark chest of wonders // halestorm - daughters of darkness // lacuna coil - within me // after forever - life’s vortex // within temptation - in the middle of the night // epica - menace of vanity // nightwish - rest calm // in this moment - blood // amaranthe - afterlife // delain - virtue and vice // within temptation - candles

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other members of the company had posted the same picture niall did and took it down as well. did the power of larries transcend niall's grief into a vortex that allowed his actions to be repeated in the bodies of other people? wow, i can't believe niall the millionaire musiciam will refrain from posting pictures promoting the company be owns on social media because some people on instagram said they didn't like it ;/

“did the power of larries transcend niall’s grief into a vortex that allowed his actions to be repeated in the bodies of other people?” i’m fuckign laughing kdhgkjfdh

Cunning Celt's Protego Maxima Spell

A Harry Potter inspired protection spell.

You will need 4 quartz crystals, and a wand. (The spell may be cast with an athame instead of a wand, or simply your hands.)

Sit the crystals in a small circle on your altar. Circle your wand above the crystals in a clockwise motion, starting slow but getting faster and faster as you raise energy. You are binding the crystals’ energies together with your own. Visualise the energy being whipped into a vortex as you move ever faster, the crystals’ energies and your energy blurring together in white light, binding it together with your intent to protect. As you eventually slow and finally stop your wand’s movement, the vortex slows and settles into a dome of impenetrable white light, the crystals marking it’s boundaries.

Take the crystals outside and bury them at the four corners of your property. Stand in the centre of your property but outside (if you can). Raise your wand to the skies and chant the incantation at length:

“Protego maxima. Fianto duri. Repello inimicum.”

(Protect to the most. Become solid. Push back the enemy.)

The crystals mark the boundary to your property, and the dome of light you created over them at your altar spreads to encompass your land, commanded by your incantation to protect.


Some Fun Facts™ about my OCs.


  • Domino is one of the precious few to have used the Lazarus Pit with Ra’s Al Ghul’s given permission. 
  • Black Vortex and Domino are like brothers, they’ve known each other for years and are each other’s respective best friends. 
  • Domino is a massive Mar//ve//l fan (which are still comics/TV/movies in his universe), and based his safehouse AI on JARVIS.
  • Once got drunk and kissed The Pen//gui/n. Edward doesn’t know. Nobody knows. They still drink together frequently, but now Domino always stops after three. …. Sometimes four.
  • Used to look like this:
  • As a result, he’s literally always being reminded of his “mid-2000s-hacker-phase by Jervis and Edward. He tried to burn all the pictures but has no idea how some survived the purge. 

Black Vortex:

  • Black Vortex has a medal of honour for directing a meteor away from the Earth when all other fail-safes fell through. However, conjuring a portal of that size put him in a three day coma.
  • Before he joined the Ju/s//tice Leag///ue full-time, he was lead singer and guitarist of an English rock band named “Short on Time”. They were teen one-hit-wonders, and only really hit fame for a short stint. Ironically
  • Has a massive thing for Le//x Lu/th//or. They have an on-off thing, sometimes dating, sometimes just sleeping together, but it’s not something the League is aware of. Which, I mean, is pretty good all things considered. Man can you imagine. Clark would be so pissed. 
  • Attends Kes//ha concerts with Domino on the down-low. It’s a well kept secret, but the both of them are insanely dedicated fans. 
  • Comes from a wealthy family, but cut-ties to them in his teenage years. Now he’s broke, mostly relying on help from Domino and Lex, the sugar daddy of the century //shot.


  • Lucasen has travelled between several different dimensions, including the Mar///vel universe. He’s a member of the Jus//tice L/ea//gue, but he’s also an honorary Av//enger. 
  • He keeps his underpants in the fridge so they’re nice and cool when he wakes up. He’s very particular about it. 
  • He’s very sensitive to the emotions of others, like a heightened sixth-sense. As a result he tends to isolate himself the majority of the time, or associate himself with stoic, calm and respectful people that won’t upset his senses too much. 
MAKE ME CHOOSEmadammidna asked: the GazettE’s Red or Vortex

I’m still not even sure how River Song is part Gallifreyan. Like, no, she’s human. Her parents were human. Her being conceived in a TARDIS that’s in the Time Vortex should not have affected that at all. Yes, there are cases of babies being born with defects because their mothers did drugs or drank alcohol while they were pregnant (yes Fetal Alcohol Syndrome does exist), but that is because it went directly into the mother’s bloodstream and placenta. Even if this was sort of the case with River, it shouldn’t even have happened because the TARDIS is protected from the energies of the Vortex. Does Moffat even know basic human biology, anatomy, and physiology?


Doodling some new oc’s~ I made them based on a weird intrusive thought I had last night. Pretty much their deal was Shadow person there (idk their names yet) is kinda a trans-dimensional adventurer, they get into trouble a lot and is fleeing from some sort of authority most of the time. So while hoping through time and space in their cool and stylish reality altering shoes, they literally fall directly on (insert art students name) while she is sleeping. Both freak out at first, but mostly art student, cause there’s a vortex on her ceiling and some weird shadow person is now sitting in her while also panicking. But after shadow person closes up the vortex and explains themselves, she weirdly understand and is curious.

So I can picture them going on silly adventures together through time and reality :D

I wouldn’t mind going and meeting the Doctor in whatever incarnation, but, because Alex Kingston and I get along smashingly, I really would love to do something where River and Jack meet. ‘Cause she’s got my vortex manipulator and I want it back.
—   John Barrowman | Saturn Awards Red Carpet, June 22, 2016  (x)

The above is a mesocyclone. It’s a vortex of air within a convective storm. It is air that rises and rotates around a vertical axis, usually in the same direction as low pressure systems in a given hemisphere.