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I think an important Mentally Ill™ concept that neurotypicals just….don’t understand is like….we all know some of the shit we think is problematic….that’s why we vent it online on our Mental Illness Blogs and make jokes out of it instead of saying it out loud in real life to other people…….maybe y'all could learn a thing or two and figure out how to….what’s the word…..shut the fuck up

Love is many things.

It’s that smile you get when you see them excited over something small. It’s doing the dishes because they made dinner. It’s listening to them vent or letting them cry on your shoulder after a hard day at work. It’s taking out the trash when it’s raining outside. It’s reassuring them that they are beautiful on days they pick themselves apart. It’s listening to their favorite music, even if you hate it, because it makes them smile. It’s that first kiss after an argument that you worked through. It’s remembering little things, like how much sauce they like on their spaghetti. It’s knowing about the scar on their knee from when they learned to ride a bike. It’s showing them off because in your mind, you are the luckiest one in the room. It’s holding their hand in public. It’s grabbing their favorite candy because you thought of them at the grocery store. It’s having a great day and wishing they were standing next to you. It’s the good moments and the bad.

Love is many things, but it shouldn’t be hard


a series of unlikely crossovers:

I don’t have too much to say on the new episode quite yet (processing it, for the most part) but my personal two cents on something going on with Lapis:

Lapis has been doing a lot of personal recovery, in generally getting her feet under her and building up some kind of control she can assert over her situation.

At the same time, though, because of this, she’s also starting to vent her frustrations more- she’s not walking on eggshells as much around the Crystal Gems and she’s not afraid to say what she already said in Ocean Gem.

Lapis never believed in Earth. Not that she never saw value in it, not that she never liked it- but that she never thought it was worth it. And that isn’t something that evaporated because Steven showed her Jersey. If anything, her opinions towards Earth have come to fester a lot because she’s aware that she has pretty much zero say in staying on Earth. Even outside of whether or not she’s punished for attacking Jasper, there’s no real place for her to return to.

That is not an environment that ameliorates resentment, and what we see coming out of Lapis on the subject is just that: resentment

There’s a hunk of Lapis’s feelings that are not going to move until they actually come into play. People are acting like we’re past Lapis’s equivalent of Catch And Release (comparing her arc to Peridot’s) but we really aren’t yet.

I’ve said this before, but that’s just it- Jasper and Peridot both immediately established themselves because they had Something To Fight For. They threw their cards on the table, face up, and this drove them into direct conflict with the Crystal Gems, and this is why we really know them at this point. 

Lapis is still playing poker. Sure, she might’ve slid Steven one of her cards, because she felt like he was entitled to an explanation in Same Old World and she likes him- but she’s still got a full hand and even that one card, we have no idea what context that plays in.

I really don’t think we’re going to get to know Lapis quietly because she feels like opening up. I feel like before we really get an answer to that question from Mirror Gem- who did Lapis used to be- what we’re going to get is, if I had to guess…

Steven, in his desire to help people, is going to try very hard to get Lapis unstuck. And he’s going to succeed. Lapis is going to find something to fight for. And the rest of the main cast is going to be reminded, rather harshly, of the fact that Lapis was really not ever on their team.

She was playing along because it was convenient. Because she had nowhere else to go. Because it wasn’t worth it to pick a battle and actually fight it, so she kept quiet enough that the Crystal Gems backed off. 

The peace Lapis currently is in is stagnation, and if we want to move forwards with her character, in a meaningful way, we need to lovingly take a sledgehammer to it. 

And what this episode did was remind us that Lapis isn’t everybody’s friend, she’s a powerful, dissatisfied neutral party who’s abiding by a ceasefire. And I don’t say this to demean either Lapis or the Crystal Gems, or suggest Lapis is evil because she’s not being friends- she’s not doing it to be mean or to be a “bad guy”. 

Lapis is doing it because at this point there’s a lot of ways the Crystal Gems and their crusade seem to have ruined her entire social standing and prewar life- and she’s allowed to be bitter. She’s allowed to not drop everything and nestle in Garnet’s arms just because they’re her only option at this point.

It’s weird how I feel like I used to have so much passion, and so much love, and so much to give, and I used to see the world with so much color. It’s also weird how I feel like I’ve lost that passion, I’ve lost that love within me. I feel emotionless at times and it fucking scares me. I miss myself. Things just don’t feel the same, and I’m only seeing the world in black and white.

Confession: I don’t feel like I can truly be close to anyone. They say it’s good to vent or say how you feel but when you do its “you’re being negative” “stop complaining” “cut negative people out of your life”. I don’t want everyone to cut me out for saying how I feel, which I rarely do anyway because of that fear. I even feel like I submit here too much. It gets bottled up & I just want to feel like I can be me & express myself without being made to feel like I’m a bad person or toxic for it.

For all my US followers (and non US followers too), don’t feel like you have to be sorry or apologize for talking and writing about your feelings about this current event!! You have every right to be upset and scared, and to vent out on your blog. If anyone says it’s annoying, fuck them!! It’s your blog, if venting makes it feel better for you, then do it.

some lovely things I’ve learned reading Stony fanfic

Based on the 700+ fanfics I have saved in my phone welp

1) Grease stains on Tony’s cheek turn Cap the fuck on
2) also Tony’s grease stained and sweaty crop top riding up and showing a bit of skin
3) Avengers movie night is in 98% of fanfic
5) “Stop flirting and pining and get on with it!!!!” - Clint’s voice through a vent or perched in the ceiling in every fanfic
6)  Super Soldier Stamina and All American Man Meat
7) Steve “here I brought you a sandwich so you have to eat” Rogers
8) Tony’s so beautiful and in his element in the workshop that Steve just sits there and basks in his brilliance and has 2175574525 Tony sketches
9) JARVIS sounds sad when Tony is in denial
10) Pepper is magical and makes everything better
11) Peter/James/Sarah/Maria/Virginia as their kids
12) Steve “Imma break the whole gym when I’m frustrated” Rogers
13) We are gay for each other in every universe. Even in the universes where one of us is a woman or we’re both women or were both mermaids or aliens or cats. Literal superhusbands of the multiverse. We’re That Gay

Most of the pro-black women I’ve come across (meaning my own personal experiences with them), especially on social media will have all this “I love black men” “My people this, my people that” Dashiki wrapped activism on their blogs or pages, but 90% of the time they are extremely dismissive of black women and what we feel. They also reflect our community’s one sided liberation. The men are valued the women are not.

Quite similar to how most pro-black men “I’ve interacted with” are.  I’ve experienced these types of black women on here as well. They’d come under a post of a black woman venting about something and will side with audience being narcissistic and dismissive, responding to the black woman who’s venting about her experience and pain. I’d scan their page and it’ll be full of pro-black aesthetics and “Da evil white mane” rhetoric.

Their beliefs painfully mimics cis hetero pro-black men, which is why I view pro-black women no differently. 

This is my own personal observation.


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—- update:

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Let’s Play a Game!

The game: 1001 plot holes! DR3 version

How the game works:

Add to this post a plot hole, inconsistency, or major problem with DR3 whenever you think of one. After this stops getting notes, I’ll make a numbered list of all the points brought up and we see the exact number how many there are. Think of a combination of where’s waldo and venting.

Now, to make this clear, this is NOT to shame or make fun of people that liked the anime! Please do NOT use this to shame people who liked DR3. This is not a tool for people to be bullies, it is a game to see how many things we can find.

  • Only problems with DR3, the animations. This can be Despair, Hope, or Future arc. Only mention the other works if it is relating back to DR3. EXAMPLE: X character was OC because in Y they act like this but in DR3 they act like this.
  • Do not edit old posts unless it is to correct something. If you think of something new, add it in a new reblog so it won’t be missed.
  • Please use reblogs instead of replies or putting things in the tags. This will let more people see so they can play and make it easier for me to compile everything at the end.
  • Read through the reblogs before adding to avoid duplicates.
  • Keep points short or have a TL:DR version for when I do the final list. I can link for things that need further explanation, but don’t want to have to copy/paste multiple paragraphs into the list. The shorter your point, the better.
  • … and please tag this post and the responses for negativity (such as DR3 criticism or DR3 negativity) as not everyone wants to see it.

Failure to follow these rules means what you add could be missed or will be purposely ignored when the final count is added up.

Wait for Me - Jason Todd x Reader Part 3

(Part 1: x) (Part 2: x)

Watching the man with the red helmet, you couldn’t help but feel that you knew him. So naturally, you decided to tail him for a while. Moving silently behind him, you heard him mutter more about Nightwing. So he was a hero, then. And he knew Dick.

“He’s enjoying his goddamn dinner, and I’m out here, in the cold, doing his patrol. I have better things to do. I could be looking for her, but no, I’m stuck in this hellhole doing his job…” It was kind of amusing, actually, listening to the man’s frustrated venting. It reminded you of Jason’s rants whenever he had to do an extra patrol back in Gotham. You decided to talk to him, maybe you could learn about this friend of Nightwing.     

“Who are you looking for?” you asked. He froze, whipping around, pistols aimed at your chest. You put your hands up.     

“Easy there. Not going to hurt you, just an interested party. The name’s Ace,” you offered, eyes gleaming behind your mask. The man slowly put his guns back.     

“Red Hood, pleasure to make your acquaintance. Just don’t try to make a move, you’ll be dead before you hit the ground. If you were still wondering, I’m trying to find a friend I lost a long time ago. Anyways, Nightwing never mentioned an Ace. Have you ever met him?” You shook your head.     

“No. I keep to myself, and there’s plenty of crime to go around. I tend to stick to the shadows,” you state. The man nods.    

“Understandable. Anyways, I have places to be. Nice meeting you, Ace,” he said. You watched him walk away, hearing a police scanner play through your earpiece.     

“32nd and Kingston,” you called after Red Hood. He turned to face you.     “What?” he called back.    

“Bank robbery at 32nd and Kingston. Do what you will with that information,” you told him, stepping into the shadows. 

“Not gonna lie, we make a pretty kick-ass team, Ace,” Red Hood said, glancing down at the robbers who lay on the floor. You nod.    

“Hell yeah we do. Anyways, it’s almost three, which means Nightwing’s patrol time is almost done. You’re off the clock.”    

“If you’ve never met Nightwing, how do you know his schedule?” he questioned. You shrug.    

“Staying under someone’s radar requires knowing where not to be at certain times. Besides, no harm comes from letting him do his thing while I do mine somewhere else,” you answer.     

“Fair enough. Though sometimes he could use the help of someone who can fight like you,” Red Hood comments. “Do you have a number you wouldn’t mind sharing, Ace? If I ever need a teammate, I know who to call.” You contemplated it. If he’s covering on Dick’s date night, there’s a good chance he would know Bruce. Getting a call from Dick sometime in the future wouldn’t be unlikely either. Eventually, you came to the conclusion that you had stayed in the dark for too long anyways and wrote your number on the back of a business card in your pocket. You handed it to the Red Hood, who froze as he read it.    

“I know this handwriting,” he muttered. You internally swore. Red Hood turned to look at you, taking off his helmet. A red domino mask covered his eyes.     

“It’s you. You’re alive. You’re alive!” he mused, pulling you into his muscular arms. You didn’t resist, noticing that the hug you had been pulled into was one you had felt many times.     

“Wait. Jason?” you asked in disbelief. He nods, and you hug him back. “Oh, god. Jason… You were dead, and so was I, and…” Jason cut off your rambling.

“I love you too, Y/N. So damn much.” You suddenly remembered the letter you had written. You grinned.    

“It was me you were trying to find, wasn’t it?” you ask him. He nods again. Your smile widens, and Jason rests his forehead against yours.     

“I was waiting for you,” he whispers before your lips meet his in a kiss.