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It makes no sense for any of them to skip the Brits. They are like the UK Grammy's. Louis & Niall have music out. Niall has an album supposedly coming out in the summer, Liam & Harry rumored this spring. Louis said he's going to release more music. 1D is up for two awards, both fan voted and one for best fan army or whatever. A great time to be seen & thank fans. I think they all should have been there, makes no sense on a professional level not to be. It feels like something is going on IMO.

When is something NOT going on with these boys? But yeah, I agree. It makes no logical sense for them to not attend, especially considering they’re all supposedly in London and they don’t have any scheduling conflicts that we know of, and yet here we are.

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i have so many q, lets start with .( So it makes sense that 42West uses Edge for both C and 5H’s UK publicity stuff.) u said they both listed camila only as a client and they are in fact promoting only her on t then why do u say they have 5h as well?

Read the links in the post - I linked the tweet where they welcomed fifth harmony in october. There was also another tweet about fifth harmony. They have also done a couple of press releases about 5H - http://www.pressparty.com/pg/newsdesk/outsideedge/view/161183/ . Have a look through their twitter. It seems that perhaps they don’t list 5H as clients on their website for this reason - so people don’t notice that C and 5H are with the same PR firm. But they kinda fucked up lol.

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When my internet friend turns 18 she's coming to the uk and we're going to get each other's names tattooed on our knees like josh and Tyler I'm so excited um????? I love my friends so much?¿!!

that’s so cool!!! friends are undoubtedly one of the best things in life :’)

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The brits are racist. Heaven forbid a Pakistani Muslim win one for himself. It's always gotta be the mediocre white PPL that win the awards. Basic brits can't handle unprecedented talent like zayns. Dude has the fastest selling single of the U.K. They don't deserve that glory. Zayn deserves better

This is why I’m glad Zayn has essentially ditched for the UK, save for working with select people and publications that actually respect him. Pillowtalk was number one in the UK and broke records internationally, but instead they gave the award to a song that took advantage of the UK’s islamophobia and anti-Asian racism by targeting a Pakistani Muslim man. The BRITs and the British don’t deserve him, and I personally can’t wait to watch him continue to win the awards he deserves in he US.

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sad thing is i don't think anything will change the uk's views on z. he is a brown muslim and he left a bunch of white people in the dust and still managed to be relatively successful. that must be galling to the industry and in general especially since they all thought he was the one who was going to fade away into oblivion after 1d ended. also sad is how much people downplay his successes and just his general existence in favour of a bunch of white people. it's all so very odd and yet so not

the uk wanted him to fail since he left the band so its a miracle he achieved all he did lol

Visions solo run ended this month so Viv is dressed as her pop for halloween!