s u c k t h e v e n o m o u t

J I M 🔥Y O U R E 🔥6'11 🔥A N D 🔥Y O U 🔥 W E I G H 🔥9 0 🔥P O U N D S 🔥G U M B Y 🔥 H A S 🔥 A 🔥B E T T E R 🔥 B O D Y 🔥 T H A N 🔥Y O U 🔥 B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 D W I G H T 🔥 Y O U R E🔥 A 🔥 K I S S 🔥A S S 🔥B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 P A M 🔥Y O U 🔥F A I L E D 🔥A R T 🔥 S C H O O L 🔥 B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 M E R E D I T H 🔥Y O U V E 🔥 S L E P T 🔥W I T H 🔥 S O 🔥M A N Y 🔥G U Y S 🔥Y O U R E 🔥 S T A R T I N G🔥T O 🔥 L O O K 🔥 L I K E 🔥 O N E 🔥 B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥K E V I N 🔥 I 🔥C A N T 🔥D E C I D E 🔥 B E T W E E N 🔥 A 🔥 F A T 🔥J O K E 🔥A N D 🔥 A 🔥 D U M B 🔥 J O K E 🔥 B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 C R E E D 🔥 Y O U R 🔥 T E E T H 🔥 C A L L E D 🔥Y O U R 🔥 B R E A T H 🔥 S T I N K S 🔥B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 A N G E L A 🔥 W H E R E S 🔥 A N G E L A 🔥 W H O A 🔥 T H E R E 🔥 Y O U 🔥 A R E 🔥 I 🔥 D I D N T 🔥 S E E 🔥 Y O U 🔥 T H E R E 🔥 B E H I N D 🔥 T H A T 🔥 G R A I N 🔥O F 🔥 R I C E 🔥B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 S T A N L E Y 🔥 Y O U 🔥 C R U S H 🔥 Y O U R 🔥 W I F E 🔥 D U R I N G 🔥 S E X 🔥 A N D 🔥 Y O U R 🔥 H E A R T 🔥 S U C K S 🔥B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 O S C A R 🔥 Y O U 🔥 A R E 🔥 O S C A R 🔥 Y O U R E 🔥 G A Y 🔥 A N D Y 🔥 C O R N E L L 🔥 C A L L E D 🔥 T H E Y 🔥 T H I N K 🔥 Y O U 🔥 S U C K 🔥 A N D 🔥 Y O U R E 🔥 G A Y E R 🔥 T H A N 🔥 O S C A R 🔥 B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 A L R I G H T 🔥 A L R I G H T 🔥 E V E R Y B O D Y 🔥 Y O U 🔥 K N O W 🔥 I 🔥 K I D 🔥 Y O U 🔥 K N O W 🔥 I 🔥 K I D 🔥 Y O U 🔥 G U Y S 🔥 A R E 🔥T H E 🔥 R E A S O N 🔥 I 🔥 W E N T 🔥 I N T O 🔥 T H E 🔥 P A P E R 🔥 B U S I N U E S S 🔥 S O 🔥 U H 🔥 G O O D N I G H T 🔥G O D 🔥 B L E S S 🔥 G O D 🔥 B L E S S 🔥 A M E R I C A 🔥 A N D 🔥 G E T 🔥 H O M E 🔥 S A F E 🔥

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T O M  H O L L A N D 

Dating Tom Holland Would Include
You and Me
A Total Mess
More Like Her
Hands to Myself
Honest  |||  Part Two 
Tom & OFC
Prank Imagine 
Ex-Girlfriend Interview Imagine
Lovey Dovey Interview Imagine
Celebrity Crush Interview Imagine
Dressing Formal Imagine 
Thanking Tom Imagine
Facetiming Tom Imagine

P E T E R  P A R K E R 

Let it Grow 
Just Smile
Stay Away
Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
Closed Door
Finding You Outside Imagine
Finding Out Imagine
Finding Out (shorter version) Imagine
Project Help Imagine ||| Part Two 

J U G H E A D  J O N E S 

What Do You Feel ||| Part Two 
Black Sheep 

A R C H I E   A N D R E W S 

Misplaced Trust
Never Alone

C H R I S  E V A N S 

Stone Cold Sober
Far From Boring 
Fatherhood Interview Imagine
Father Chris Imagine
Spilling The Beans Imagine
Taking Off Shirt Imagine
Giving In Imagine
Meeting New Boyfriend Imagine
Laughing Game Imagine
Divorcing Chris Imagine
That Look Imagine

S T E V E  R O G E R S 

Age Of Ultron Imagine
Asking For Permission Imagine
Disagreeing Sokovia Accords Imagine

S E B A S T I A N  S T A N 

Drunken Nights
Simple Hello  ||| Part Two
First We Had  ||| Part Two
Parting Ways
Annoyed Imagine
Don’t You Do That Interview Imagine

B U C K Y  B A R N E S 

Brain Scrambled Imagine
Steve Telling Bucky Imagine
Afraid To Leave Imagine
Finding Out He Killed Imagine
Sent To Kill Imagine

T J  H A M M O N D 

She’ll Be The Death ||| Part Two 

J E F F E R S O N 


S H A W N  M E N D E S 


H A R R Y  S T Y L E S 

War Is Love |||  Part Two
Reaction Imagine
Caught In Interview Imagine

E D D I E  R E D M A Y N E 

Three Words
Panicked Interview Imagine
Platonic Interview Imagine
Platonic Interview Part Two Imagine
Costar Imagine

N E W T  S C A M A N D E R 

Newt Dating a Muggle / No-Maj
The Greatest Creation |||  Part Two
Yer A Wizard
I Wouldn’t Mind / OFC
Talking About You Imagine
Amazed By You Imagine
Dramatic & Sick You Imagine

E Z R A  M I L L E R 


C R E D E N C E  B A R E B O N E

My Credence Plea
Under The Mistletoe
Monsters Lyrics
Helping Him Imagine
Helping You Imagine

D R A C O  M A L F O Y 

Bite The Hand That Feeds
Last Straw
Change Of Heart

H E R M I O N E  G R A N G E R 

Flustered Times
Good Advice
Crush Imagine

F R E D  W E A S L E Y 

Sentimental Gift Ft. George Weasley
Lost & Found
Take Care Imagine

S I R I U S  B L A C K 

The Return Of The Jackal
Son Imagine
All This Time Imagine
Getting Killed Imagine

R E M U S  L U P I N 

Sneaking In Late Imagine

H A R R Y  P O T T E R 

A Nervous Wreck
Dumbledore’s Army Imagine

H P  A E S T H E T I C S / M O O D B O A R D S 

Slytherin 2

S C O T T  M C C A L L 

Innocently Deadly
Finding Out Imagine

S T I L E S  S T I L I N S K I 

Denying You Imagine

P E T E R  H A L E 

Being The Reason Imagine
Leave Me Alone Imagine

S P E N C E R  R E I D 

Being Late Imagine
Your Voice Imagine

A A R O N  H O T C H N E R 

Jack’s Favorite Babysitter Imagine
Jack’s Favorite Part Two Imagine

a list of moments™ in musical theatre

-STAYYYYYY LITTLE VALLLLLENTIIIINE STAYYYYYYYYY and then the pause and the sudden decrescendo into “each day is valentine’s dayyyyy”
-ITS FROM JAPAAAAAAAAN and everything about that song
-all of “raise a little hell” and “this world will remember us” and everything about laura osnes and jeremy jordan
-the acapella part in “two by two” when they’re all clapping and some people are echoing and its just Pretty
-the harmonies on “moonlight swiiiiims”
-dum da da dum da da dum da da dum da da DUM DA DA DUM DA DA DUM DA DA DUM DA M A C A V I T Y M A C A V I T Y
-the dirty bum bum bum bum the dirty bum bum bum bum bum HE HAD IT COMIN
-and i dug deep down to the bottom of my soul…and cried…'cause…i…felt…N O T H I N G
-will i ever make a sound………………ON THE OUTSIDE ALWAYS LOOKING IN and the lights change and then you burst into sobs
-YOU ARE NOT ALONE (YOU ARE NOT ALONE) YOU ARE NOT ALONE (YOU ARE NOT ALONE) YOU ARE NOT YOU ARE NOT ALONE (YOU ARE NOT ALONE)…even when the dark comes crashing through when you need a friend to carry you and when you’re b r o k e n o n t h e g r o u n d…………Y O U W I L L B E F O U N D
-do you KNOWWWW how great my life is
-and your keys OH OH OH OH your ring of keeeeeeeyyyys
-literally all of grease the musical
-or if i were a bell i’d go DING DONG DING DONG DINGGGGGG
-evERYthing’s comING up roSES and daFFOdils
-in new york you can JUST YOU WAIT in new york you can JUST YOU WAIT in new york you can be a new man IN NEW YORK NEW YORK JUST YOU WAIT
-the entirety of satisfied
-we won we won WE WON W E W O N
-if you stand for nothing burr what’ll you fall for …. i wanna be in the room where it happens the room where it happens……………and then the rest of that song from that point on
-its my candy store its my candy (mezzo harmony) its my candy store its my candy (soprano harmony) its my candy store its my candy STOOOOOORE WOAH OH WOAH
-into the woods !!!! into the woods !!!! yes into the woods and out of the woods and HOME BEFORE DARK
-everybody say yeaheeeeyeah (yeaheeeyeah)
-i am so much better ……… THAN BEFORRRRRRRRRRRE
-every day a little deaaaaaaaaaath (and then they hold the note for a million years and its heartbreaking)
-and andrey isn’t here……………(massive door slam)………………RAZ DAV TRI (the whole room lights up and you’re sobbing) AND THIS IS ALL IN YOUR PROGRAM
-the harmonies on the second AND THIS IS ALL IN YOUR PROGRAM
-all of no one else because denée benton is a princess
-dollllllokhovvvv the assassinnnn
-its alright natasha … i’m heeeeerrrre … so neeeeaaar …
-IS THIS HOW I DIE (extreme jazz™ plays)
-my brother is quite madly in love ………. he is quite madly in love with YOU my deeeeeeaaaaarrrr yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah ohhhh OHHHHHHHHH OH HOW SHE BLUSHES HOW SHE BLUSHES
-amber gray in general
-I W I L L L O V E Y O U A N A T O L E
-natalie natalie natalie i must love you or die NATALIE NATALIE NATALIE
-remember me to s t e s h k a THERE GOODBYE GOODBYE GOODBYE
-and i’ll be happily happy yes happily happy and thoroughly SATISFIIIIIIIED
-the phantom’s theme
-ooooh oooooooooh ooh ooh JOIN US LEAVE YOUR FIELD TO FLOWER
-all of the Pulizter Prize winning musical Rent™
-i c e c r e a m … he bought me i c e c r e a m …vanilla i c e c r e a m … IMAGINE THAAAAT
-every single song in spring awakening what a jam™
-if i could concentrate…………I’D BE IN THE FOLLIES
-play it coooooooooool boy
-defying gravity as a whole
-ease on down ease on down the roooooaaaaad

Throne of Glass name game

YES I’M JUST PROCRASTINATING WORK #sorrynotsorry have fun with these as well ;)

1) Your FIRST letter of your FIRST name.

A B C D - Aelin
E F G - Rowan
H I J - Chaol
K L M - Dorian
N O P - Manon
Q R S - Lysandra
T U V - Elide
W X - Aedion
Y Z - Maeve

2) Your LAST letter of your LAST name.

A B C D - wants to
E F G H - likes to
I J K L - loves to
M N O P - needs to
Q R S T U - refuses to
V W X Y Z - hates to

3) Your SECOND letter of your FIRST name.

A B - play doctor
C D - kill people
E F - have sex
G H - fight
I J - make out
K L - dance
M N - go shopping
O P - cry about their feelings
Q R - watch their enemies suffer
S T U  - get drunk
V W X - flirt
Y Z - be dom

4) Your SECOND letter of your LAST name.

A B - with Rowan
C D - with Dorian
D E - with Manon
F G - with Asterin
H I - with Abraxos
I J - with Erawan
K L - with Chaol
M N - with Sam
O P - with Aelin
Q R - with Cairn
S T - with Lorcan
U V - with Lysandra
W X - with Maeve
Y Z - with Elide

*** Mine is “Dorian refuses to have sex with Rowan”


I have a lot of feelings about this headcanon and I really need to talk to you about this. Okay? Okay, good.

We all know that the metamorphmagus gene is in the Black bloodline, right? I mean after all Tonks was a metamorphmagus and her dad was a muggle, therefore she had to inherit the gene from Andromeda, who’s a Black.

Now, what if DRACO had inherited the gene?



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“So who’s side are you on?”

“What do you mean? Who do I prefer or who would I trust? They’re both homicidal maniacs so I don’t trust either of them!”

“If you had to pick one of them, who would you pick?”

“I don’t know. Who would you pick?”

“Anti, personally. I like his manic look and he’s just a ball of energy.”

“But you wouldn’t trust him around knives.”

“Oh god no. I’d trust Dark more than him around knives.”

“You’d trust Dark around knives?!? That’s asking for a bad time.”

“I don’t mean it like that. I mean it as in I think Dark is more sensible of the both of them. He wouldn’t straight up kill someone as soon as he gets the chance. He’d wait, take advantage of you.”

“Overall they’re both bad people. If they existed in real life they’d be a major cause for concern.”

“But they’re not. It’s just a bit of fun.”

“Exactly. There won’t be a life and death situation where you’d have to chose between the two.”


“It’s late, I’m gonna sleep now.”

“Ok. G’night.”

I closed Tumblr and turned off my laptop. I’d spent nearly a day online since both Mark and Jack simultaneously posted an Antisepticeye video and a Darkiplier video. Obviously both communities online had fallen into hysterical exhilaration over the videos; the usual drooling over the great editing put into their videos, and the Anti-Dark conspiracy theorists huddled around the metaphorical fires of their computers exchanging their thoughts and ideas. I was still pretty astounded at the coincidental aspects of the videos; both up around 17:00 (GMT), both less than 4 minutes long, and both presented by Mark and Jack’s dark personas. It was fun to watch the whole thing happen and spread like wildfire over the internet, but finally pulling myself away from the screen made me realise how much of a headache I had.

I lay in my bed in the darkness staring at the ceiling. I needed sleep but my mind wouldn’t stop turning. I kept replaying the videos in my head. Jack, or rather Anti, played his classical knife-wielding, cut-throat, glitchy performance up close and personal to the camera, his voice broken and his eyes flashing black with every blink. Dark, Mark’s darker persona, also kept to his usual VHS effected well-dressed Devil’s Advocate style, standing in darkness and hovering around the camera like it was some police interrogation of the viewers. Loads of people spent their time on Tumblr linking the two videos, comparing and contrasting them, trying to uncover what was going to happen next. Although it was pretty obvious both Mark and Jack had planned it together all along. Both uploading at the same time, both having shorter videos than usual, both talking to the cameras as if directly to the viewers… both ending their videos with “M a k e   y o u r   c h o i c e.” … Yeah, it’s too much to be a coincidence.

Eventually after nearly and hour’s pondering, my eyelids got heavier, but my head still hurt. I didn’t help that Dark’s video had that piercing unfiltered whining noise in the background. It was all I could hear as I finally drifted into an uncomfortable sleep.


D͙̝̫̘͕̳̫͉͙̊̍̎̔̉͢ Ḭ͚͙͕̻͈͑̑́̾͗͗͗̂ D̶̯͙̹̩̦̫͉̆̇͆̈͐   Y͙̳̦̥̥̻̑̊̉̄͊̾ͅͅͅ Ǒ̶̬̬͓̘͇͙̅̐̉͋̓ U̜̠̠̩̩͌̍̀͌̊͠   M̷̢̰͈̣̣̮̖͂̒̾̈͋͑ Ì̢̜̰̜͉̥͗͑̎̔̃̇̽̉̔ Ṡ̙̜̙̙͎͐̈́̕͘ S̷̡̡̛̰̟̃̋̊̐̋̉̉͐͘͟   M̴͙͉͙͇̀̽̓̃͛͛͌̓̕͜͝ Ḙ̛̮̝̿͆́̀͊̄͜͢͝ ?̢̩̯̤̭͎̫͚́̌̃͐̽̌͢ .̷̠͙͍͇͍̪̘͌͌̀̒́́̈́̓ .̷̡͇̬̙̪̋̈̍̏̂̄̌͊͘


“Leave me alone!!” I clasped my hands over my ears and continued running. The hallway seemed to be getting narrower and darker. The walls were made up of hundreds if not millions of piled up computer monitors and TV screens with miles and miles of endless wires trailing the floors and ceiling. The static pixels from the walls were almost blinding so I just kept my head looking straight on towards the darkness, hopefully the end of this maze. I knew if I just kept moving and didn’t give them any chance to stop me, I would be fine. There had to be an end to the nightmare somewhere.

The TV’s flickered, Dark appeared.

Y O U ’ R E   N E V E R   E V E R   G O I N G   T O   E S C A P E   M E .

I turned away from him as his image ran alongside me. His deep echoing voice pulled at my chest as the intense volume knocked the air out of my lungs. But this wouldn’t stop me.

The computer screens flashed, Anti materialized.

Y̧̛̫͚͙͑̀̋̽͡ͅọ̸̲̪̭̳̲̩͈̬̅͛̾͂̑͑̊͂̊̆u̵̙̳͖̱̯̮̭̯͚͗̎̕̕͡ c͈͎͇͓̲̥͖̰̐̾̂̒̋̀̓â̢̧̻͉̳̻͂͐̓̇͞n̸͖͚̲̤̰͕̒̊̿͘͜͜͡’̵̡̨̢̼͍̿͒̈͊̏̋̽́͜ͅt̗̻̮̗̭͔͍̿̔̉̊͘͝ͅͅ ǵ̸̱̼͔̜̩͕̥̆̍̔̋̾̍̿̚͝ę̶̛͍̝̱̗̪͋̔͐̉̀͑̿t̝͙͓̜̗͕͔͇̀̊̓̐͂̇̒̇͘ͅ r̠̠̩͉̈̃̽̊̌͛͠ͅi̡̨̛̟̼͇͕̖̣̹͎̔̍̌̀ḑ̵͖͇͔͚̞̏̒͋̔̓̍̏̓̐̚͢͢ͅ ō̮̘̜̥̮̦̙̞̲̍̌̇͆͂f̶̪̗̦͖͕̜̉́̆̉̓̓͘ m̠̼̪̫̲̤̬͑̌̓̽̍̓̾͠͞͞ȩ̷͓̠̣͙̫͆̾͆͐͆̏͆̈͐͜!̷̖͕͉̳͙̐̉̓̓̀

His laugh crawled up my spine like a spider. The screens melted into one another and soon both of them pursued after me. I reached a junction at the end of my path, turning either left or right. As I made my decision The screens ahead of me turned white with glitching red letters: MAKE YOUR CHOICE

I ’ V E   B E E N  W A I T I N G   P A T I E N T L Y .

I̯̘͓̖̗̲͙͒̽̓͑̈́’͈̣̼̖̞̱͒̂̐̾̋͆̽́͢͝v̷̩̻͕͇̋͗̊̌͗̆͘͜ȩ̶͖͇̗͋̎̾̄̊͑͟ b̴̻̪̱͉̟̾̀͌̈́̂͛̈́̉̾͞ẹ̶̢̫͈̲̄͂͋̈̽͜͠ę̥͔̮͇̥̞̱̯͋͆̍́̍͋̎̽n̢̡̛̙̭͎͙̰͓̂̀͆̈́̅̐̈̚ h̛̬͈̹̺̼̣͂̏̔̐̑̽̚͡ḛ͈͎̩̺͕̙̎̆͂̇͛̂͆r̶̦̻̲͔̼̄͂̉͂͌̿͗̿͡ͅͅĕ̡̹͉̖͇̞̼̥̭͊̉̋̿̑ t͙͕̥̼̽̿̄̔̀͐̕͜ḩ̶͙͚͓͕̗̿̒͋͆̾̔͛̓̕͜͞ͅi̴̢̛̺̗̺̝͂̄̊̊͊͢s̵̲̠̜̹̦͕͛͐̔̿͗̃͌̔ e̶͙͚͙͙̪͚̊͛̅̈̾̑̎̐͝n̵̺͍̗͉͔̂̐́̀̏͘t̶͚̘͕̱̪̞̥̘̳̽̌͂̔͑̍̓̃͟i̧̨͈̟̔͛̄̎̓͟r̜̝̜͚̰̽̑͒̾́ę̢̟͈̲̼̻̹̜͂̿̓̾̾ t͉̻̻̳͋͐̃͒̋̾́̏̃͢i̴̢̡̞͖͍̦͈̟̰̩̎̊̆́̀͋͠ṁ̴̡̪̹̫̟̘̆͌̅̔͜͜͝ę̖̣̯̘̼̭̌̈́̀̆̄̓̊͂͘͝!̵̨̢̧̤̤͙͛̏̔̽̇̓̔͞͝

“I don’t care!!” I screamed. “I don’t want either of you!!”

Y̴̨̢͙͉͇̬͖̺̍͊̾̔͌o̸̟͍̘͉̲̦̻͔̟͖͛̑͑̒̾̀͝ų̶̲̰̜͕̣̘͒̐̈͋̂͐̈́͢ͅ s̨̢̤̼̣̘͈͂̏̿̋͗́̀̉͒͢͞ͅt̵͕͍̪̰̩̲̦̱͈̓̐̈̀̓̐ő͔̣̫̘͕̯̦̝̿̈̊́̈́͞p̶̨̖̪̘̱͔̌̉̾̉̇̊̉͜p̴̼͔̬̣̦͙̥͇̀͗͗́͜͞e̵̡̧̧̢̛̛̯̯̙̯̮͇͗̏͌́̾͝ḏ͚̮͎͑͛̾̽͋̆̐͟͞͞ p̸̡̜͎͇̳̩̦͕̥̹̾́̓̋̋̏̀à̛͔̖̟̰̘̜̘͔͖̓͌͞y̮̩͔̰̦̺͌͋̓̓̾̇ͅi̼̦̱͔̞̖̟͒̾̓͐̄́̅̚ņ͚̥͖͈̬̦̝̀͊̽̓̀͟͢͞g̸̱̦̦̤̤̠̹̾̓̍́̅̕͘̚͢͢͡ à͉͚͔͚̪͐͌̎̍͑̕͘t̷̡̢̛͙̬̻̭̔̅͂̌́̾͟͠t̙̰̰̲͙̮͍̲͂̿̉͌͛̐̍̃̆͠ȩ̛̹͚̮̰̐͆͊̄̆̊͆̄͠n̥̼̣̭͎͎̅̇͐͐̀͋̉̚͜ͅt̙̩̙͎̪͍̂̈́̀̔̉͂̀̀i̬̳̹͖̬̯͈͇̗͆̆̂͛̓͝o̸̯̟̣̥͖͐̓̃̀̐̔̋̚͞͝n̟̘̞͈̩̱̰̯͉̯̒̂͒͘͡!̡̣͔̮̳̝̄͆̑͗͗͛͗͆͜͝ͅ

I ’ V E    B E E N  P U S H E D   A S I D E .

T̴͍̝̠̭̯̭̰͓̃̎̑̃͡h̢͚̻̟̜̹̪̊̒͂͛́̽̒̎͟͜ͅr̴̛̠̠̱̖͖̯̗̻̥͛̇̑̌̐̑̕͡e̸̺̠̫̲̱̅̀̎̓̆͡ͅw̵̧̡͓̙̮͍̮̼̏̓̍̐͗̌̃̀͢͠ m̶̡̡̮̟̻̙̩̦̈́͐͒̊̈́́̀͢͞͞͠ͅḝ͔̜̻͚̽̓̓̌ a͉͖͍͐̀͌̌͂͌͢͢͢͜͝s̛̖̲̠͍͈̤͆̔̽͑̚î̸̢̡̡͕̬̮̩͍̠͍͂̉̔̉͂͌d̶̮̞̞̫̟̉̊̃͛̐̇͘͠ȩ̨̜́̎͊͋̄̉̍͢͟!͈̪̥͎͔̰̮̤̯́̀̊̕̕

R E P L A C E D .

S͖̜̦̩͈̾̅͆̃̈́̑̿̚͢͟o̶̠͇̹̗̼̭͌͆̑̐̕͝m̠͚̠̥̙̀̄̐̀͊̃͂͋̕͘͢͟e̸̡͈͓̪͈̱͓̍̆̊̿͜͜͝o̶̢̳̯̦̳̼͌̃̀̽̋͜͝n̛̜͎̖̪̜̒͗̋́͌͌͒͜ę̨̣̥͍̝̪̜͖̒́̓͝͠ t̴͔͍͈̫̻͚͛̀̐͌̌͠o̷̧̨̧̫̤̟͔̮̮͍͂͛͊͐̎̋͐̄̽͑ r͎̫̼̳̬͈̀̌̔̃̿̾͐͟͞e̢̛͖̤̤̳̔̂̽̂͂͆̈́̆̚p̢̨̛̤͖̠͈̀̿́̑̕͘l̨̰̬̦̺͚͔̲̞̉͗̿̌̉͂́̋̐͘á̴͕̭̣̘̩̜͛́̍̊̋̓͟͞c̵̗̦̼͖͈̀͊͑͆̾͘͞͞ȅ̷̢͎̫̝͇̫̗͔̍̑͑̚͟͝ͅ m̨̧̢̢͍̩̭͔̏̉̆̿̀͊͊e̟̘̯̯̯̯͚̖͚̓̿̓̍͠!̸̡̱̯̻̬̗́̀͐͋̏̓͝͞

M O C K E D .

“Shut up. What would you care if I chose one over the other?” Suddenly the screens started to crack as their angered gazes glared at me. I quickened as glass burst behind me into millions of pieces trying to catch up with me to hail on me with a thousand cuts.

N O   M O R E .  N E V E  R   A G A I  N .

I kept running, gasping desperately for air, but not so much that I would inhale shards of glass.

Ľ̷̛̳̠̼͈͔͎͙̠́̃́̈́̇͑͟͡͠i̛̛̪͙̼̱͛̎̾ͅṣ̜̖͓̜̜̤̣̼̖͐̓̓̂͡ţ̶͍̳͓̝̞̯̺̊͛̋̋̎̊̑̆̚͠ę̰̻̥̣̻͒͗̑̄͡n̙͔̗̩͔̻̫̻̰̗̂͒̈́̅͝͠ ṱ̸̩̣͓͈͕̇̊̓̇͘̕͢o̪͕̭͖̠̽̃̽͐̅̂͞͝͡ m̢͚͈͓̞̞̳͒̒͗̄̋̉͋̑̾̍͢e̸̩͙͉̥͔͊̓́̅͒̚̕͡!̻̯̲̳͇͂̿͒͒̅̾̚̕͡

Y O U   J U S T  N E E D   T O   L E T   M E   I N .

Ï̸̡͔̗̜̺̟̾̓͗̈͘͝ a̵͈̘̲̯͈͖̩̝͎̠̓̑͛̊͠͝ḿ̴͖̹̭̺͙͕̄̔̅̓͂̏̌̾͠ ḩ̷̯͖̘̒̿̈͂̂͒͟͟͟͝ȩ̶̨̪̲̉̎̀̓̉̉ͅŗ̧̺͔͙̫͖̭̳̮͗̑̀̏͐̅ě̴̗̠̰̣͉̘͓̪̬̪̒͑͗̄̄̃̅̂͝ n̸̦̤̘̙̝̠͚̙̒̔̎͋̽͢͝͠ó̵̮̦͔̩̝͖́͐͋͛͛̍̌̀̒w̨̡͔͕͔͚̲̰̩͆̂̎͆̀͐̏̚̕̚!̵̖̪͖̤͐̀͆̇̔͛̂͗̋̃͜ͅ

I   C A N   P R O V I D E .

“Liars! You’ll both kill me! Just finding ways t hurt me!”

I̸̡̨͙͙͚͇͈̝̟͆̇͐̐͘͜͠’͈̗͖̝̣͖̰̍̊̔̋̅͘͘͟m̷̨͍̖̫͔̾̍̔̉̇̈́ a̮͉͎̣͉̘̗̖̟͊̒̽̎̀͑͜l̴̻͓̜͈̩̳̼̹̱̰̍̓̎͗̿̿̃͘͘͝w̵̡̢̜͖̭̺̉͆̿͑̂͜͡a̡͉͎͈̋̎̇͌̇̈̿̕̕͜͝y͔̤̝͓̰̮̰̜̱̍̎̐́͋̈́s̨͕̗̝̮͉̝͕͗̊̍̀͒̽̔͂͒ t̸̝̜̩̞̞̃̓̽̂̆̀̓͂͘͠h̨̡̠̫̞̪̩̯̹͗̎̐̂̆͢ë̶̡̧̗͔̭̩͚̤̝̉̔͛̕͜͡͡r̙̣̻͕͇̞̎̇̓̑͂̀́ȩ̷̛̘̰̻̼̳̲̫͖̿̆̆̈́͡,̨̩̞̫̺̲̂̇̀͛̎̐͛͆͝͝ a̡̠͚͓̺̬̝̻͌̀̆̆͛̇́͜͢͡͞l̸͙̪̹̙̘̫̮͙̑̑͋̾̌̑͘͞w̸̧̧̨̟̘̞͎̪̾̊͊̚͞ͅà̘͇̘̮̱̭͐͆̽̎y̷̧̨̙̝̦͖̙̘̾̃͆̒̓̀͒́s̷̢̠̤̟̙̩̤͐̌̋̕̚͟ͅ w̷̧͎̫͙͈̤̖̭̝̝̐̐̔̿̑̓̈͑͘a̸̢̡̰̻͉̫̠͓͉̣͌͐̄̾̋͂̀̔͡t̴̫͚͚̰͕͉̳̑͋̈́̃̉́̒͆͑̏c̢͉̩̭͎̽̇͋̔̚͡͡͡ḩ̷͙̩̭̜̔̑̈́͂̾̃̂̊͜͡ͅi̶̛͉̩̼̦͈̬͇̍̉͐̾̒̀́n̴̙̹̱͔͕͔̪̆̀͆̄̄͐͘͘̕g̢̯̰͈͍̽̌͂̈́͗!̴̡͕͍̳͖͚̭͚̹̞̒̂́̆̐͗͝

I   C A N   G I V E   Y O U   A N Y T H I N G !

“You can’t make me choose!”

I̶̱͕̱̥̭̦̙̤̅͋̂͒̒’̺̣̹̫̺̮͌̾̅́̒͘͜m̡̛͙͕̩̫̺̬̘̎̈̒̕͟ n̥̙̥̣̞̱͚͚̭͖̄̃̉̊̐͡ơ̸̬̣̺̘̘̱̽̔͛̈́̓̾̚͢͞ͅț̴͇̰̹͓̯̍͒̒̑̔̋̾̐͝ g̢̨̢̢̣͚̝͇̰̈́̆̽̔͗̍̊̓ͅơ͔͖̤̮͚̽̓̏̔́̔̔̌͌͟ͅì̴̧̠͚̱̳̫̮̠̖̺͒́̍͌̍́̅ń̶̢̙̭̥̦̄̋͘͝g̶̢̼̜̗̹̘̀͗͛̿̕ ą̴̜͇͉̞̗̭̎͌͛̍͗͑́̐͡͡ņ̵̨̯͓̲̑̒̐́͒̍͟y̸̡̝̘̦͇͔̜̬̓̍́͂̐̈͟͡ͅw̶̼̤̟̺̮͇̹͌̏̃̉̂͋͛́͢͟͢͞ḩ̢̡̩̱̻͔͉͛̈́̊̋̑̅̈͊̕͘͟ȩ̸͇͙̙̻̫͌̏͗̉͠ͅŗ̨̙̟͙̞͎̜̣̅͊̏͋͠e̵̢̨͎̳̋̾̇͋̒̇͜͞͡!̶̢̱̙̹̘̤̬̰̋̓̀͛́̋͡͡

T  H E R E ’ S   N O T H I N G   Y O U   O R   H E   C A N   D O   T O   S T O P   M E !

Ḩ̖͚̙̖̘̥͌̈͒̽͗͂͠ȋ̸͇̫͔̜̦̥̞̈́͐͝͝ͅś̵̢̧̝͔̯̮̆̿̚͝͞ b̴͔̦͉͓̙̟̫͍̰͋͆̏͗̏̑̅͗͘̕͜o̸̹̟̼͎̫͌̄̉̒̂͜d̴̻̤̙̖̜̘̙̋͛̀̒̓̅̍͘ͅy̴̛̞͙̙̪̣̍̇̑͌̆̄̉͡ ï̢͓͍͇͓͔̈̑́̌͌͒s̶͖̼͖̭̻̹̲̖̯͐̿̉̏͗̿͠͞ w̶̯͍̹̰̠͔̘͇̔̇̍͐̊͜͟ë̡̞̰͖̣͙́̽͐̎̓̓͜͡a̵͉̺͈̺̝̒̓̾̊̔k̡͇̝͇͇͆̆̍̉̓!̨̨̨̛͔͚̻̫̣̳́̀̃̈͜!̢̝̙͈͙͐̓͛͌̿̏

“SHUT UP!” I screamed, tears strolling past my cheeks. “Shut up both of you! I’m going home! I’m not choosing either of you!!” Then I felt the ground beneath me slithering as the wires I ran on suddenly came to life. They whipped up at my face so I couldn’t see where I was going, they grabbed my clothes to spin me into confusion, they wrapped around my arms and legs the drag me down. Through the hysteria I tumbled around and tripped to try and get away. I the confusion I did happen to reach the end of the maze, which happened to be the end of the world, and I was tripped into it.

I grabbed the wires as I fell and clung to them to stop me hurling into the apparent abyss down below. I was now dangling over the edge unsure of everything. Why wasn’t this dream ending? Surely the shock of nearly diving headfirst into the pit of darkness would have been enough to wake me up in a cold sweat. But no. This was true hell. I would take anything to get out of it…

J U M P   D O W N .   I ’ L L   C A T C H   Y O U .

I looked down. Dark was there hovering below the end of the wires I clung to, his arms out and open to catch me, looking at me through what he could attempt to make as ‘puppy eyes’. There was no way I would let go. What if he’s lying and would let me fall to my doom?… Well, it didn’t seem like the kind of thing he’d do. He chased me this far, so why would he lose me at a chance like this? But whether he was or wasn’t going to catch me, the moment I would fall into his arms, I was his… I didn’t like that thought at all. I started to shuffle up the wire to get away and hopefully climb back up to safety-

T̸̰̟̯͔͖̩̀͐̀͞͞ĥ̢̥͉̻̹̅̓̒͗̽̐a͚̦̰̽̌̅͐͐͢ͅţ̙͖̩̲̫͖̬̞͇̐̑̆̔̋̆̓̌̎̓’̙̝̰̰̤͈͎͋̓̆̇͗̒̉͢͟s̴̙̲͚̰͖̫͗́͗̎̅̐̕̕͞ i̶̢̡̢̛͓̩̬̮̙̓́̄̐͌͟͝͠t͉̮̫͉̟̪͒̒̄̄́͌͊̓͘͢͜!̢̧̛̦̠͉̯̂̃̃͑̍͌͜͞ͅͅ C̥͉̘̥̟̥̳͑̌͂̆̆̕̚l̶̢̢͕̫͇̺͉͖̀͛̌̾̓͝i̧̞͎̟͎͋͑̈́͂̃̔̊͘̕͘m̦̠̣̘̻͔̤̀̽͋̌̿͘͜͝͞b̬̞̲̳̬̱̈͒̀̒͋̈́͗̔͟͞ u̹͙̟͉̗̟̖̺̝̾͑̏̊͋͘͠͝p̷̨̻̖͙͚̫̘̜̐̔͑̏̒̓̀̃!̸̢̬͕̭͔̏̏͋̓̿̈́͘͝ I̼̰͚͉̖̣̜͎̟͆̂̎̿̉̓̾’̷̢̺̪̟̳͚͇̩͖̐̈́̈̓̉̕̕͜͠l̸̡̨̧̖͖̰̮̱͒̀̇̈̐͜l̷̢͇͇͖͉͙̮̱̓̀͋͗̀̅̈̓͘͟ p̶̨̛͔̹̘͔̀͂̓̇̂̈̕͞u̡̧̢̫͚̹͕̒̒̅̍̎̈͒͢ḷ̻͕̭̺̳̆̔̾̆̌̚͢͟͠ļ̧̣̩̭̔͛͑͊͜͝ͅ y̶̛͍̥̤̥̘͋͒̏̚ͅŏ̸̢͔̖̲̥̳̪͕͊̈́̄̀ự̶̡̘͇̞͚̲̹̙̙̓͂̇̓̾͑̀̄ t̴̢͙̞̫̳̘̩̙̏̍̿̉̉͜͠ő̸̰̙̝̟̤̍͛̓̈̒̆͐͘͜ s̵͔͚͓̼̗͕̠̅̓̾͆̆̂̕̚͜͞ä̸̛̛̩̩̮̭̗̼̦̙́̈͂̊̓̃̒͘͜f̴̘͎̥̫̺͙͆̃̓͋̕͝e̤̖̝̝͓̔̔̈́͋̒̚t̴̪̝̖̥̲̊͑͑̄̓̊͘͢ͅy̨̞̫̘͓̾̂̏͑͂̕!̵̟̜̳͎̪͈̳́͑͂̓̿̎

Anti was crouching over the ledge above me, his hand extended to take mine and hoist me up to him… the same hand that held a knife numerous times, the same knife that committed many monstrous crimes. Crawling up to him would be as safe an option as crawling into the mouth of a lion.

I stopped where I was and held tightly to the rope. I was caught between a rock and a hard place. I would rather have just stayed there and waited for them to realise their pursuits on me were futile. But my arms were getting tired and my grip was getting looser.

Y O U   C A N ’ T   J U S T   H A N G  T H E R E   F O R E V E R .   J U S T  F A L L   I N T O  M E .   I T ’ S   A S   S I M P L E   A S  T H A T .

Y͕̭̞̬̩͙̭͎͕͇̿̎́̈̆̉̚͝o̵̡̡̜̞̳̫̖̫͛̔̍̓͋̀̀̀u͚̹͚̳̻͈͎̠͍̓̇̓̀́̾̚ ĥ̵̭͖̭̪̮̭̱͈̤͛́͒̈̓à̵̙̹̫̗̹͛͒̃̌̔͜͡v̵͚̗̦̱̫̺͆̋͊́̀̕ͅę̸̡͙̣̳͇̀̊̋̏̾̆̉̈͜͜͞ň̴͍͔̮̗̝͌̍͑̀͢͡͝͝’̸̖̳̜̙̙͚̞͐̉̈̀͋͟͡ţ̠̳̪͕̪͛̊͋̃̅͠ g̨͓͔̞̠͈̔̓̋̀͊̓͑͘ǒ̜̳̳̦̿́̃͠ͅt̨̛̛̮̺͖̪̤̬̳͗̄̋̅͑͒͡ m̵̪͓̲͍̼͚̺̲̏̅́̓͐̍̈͒̚ǘ̹͙̋͌͐͘͢͟͢c̢̨̛̪͚̠̑́͛̎̉ͅh̵̢̡̬̤̜̭̳͇̪̟̏̒̍̊͡ t̶͖̜̬̦̗̲̺̮͊͂̄̑͗̀̃̏͘͜͡ͅį̡̹̦̳̜͉̓̒̌̚̚͢͜m̶̛͕̗͔͈̠̩̣̬̝̠͗̎̇̾̿͐͘ē̶̙̯̮̠̇̄͛̔̂͑̐̕͢ ļ̸̹̞̣͇̱͊̔͌̆͜͢͟͡ė͓̙̘̬͔̟̮̦͊́͗̚͟f͈̥̬̝̗̜̈̃͑͋͘t̸̠͖̜͍̬͙̬̅̒̀̍̿͠͞ͅ!͚̻̮͖̖̹͚̀̅͛͋́̽́ Ǧ̡̛̖̰̟̤̣̲͚̎́̏́͢͞ͅé̞̲̠͔̤͔̬̘̯̪͛̓͌̒̑͆̉̚̕t̵̥͉̟͉̂͐͛͋̔͊̀̕͘͢͢͠ u̷̡̮̪̭̖͉͇̳̙̦̿̑̔̐̀̈̕p̪̻͓̳̟̪̊̒̊͒̿̒̚ h̷̭̙̮̬̘̣̒̔͛͆̆̆͊́͜͡e̶̜̠͖̬͔̤͌̎́̓̉̚͝ͅȓ̡͇͓͍͚̲̥̫̮̽̐̌̀̉͞e͕͚̤͓̻̥͔̎́́̊͝ w̶̦̙̮̯̼̤̌͊̐͑̐ḫ̷̠̟͓͕͉̖̜̬͔̐͒̔̂̇í̪̼̖̹͚̑̋̿́͢l̷̨̡̢̢̬̗̱͈̺̾́̄̄͐̎ͅe̢͎͙̬͈̳̺͋̈͂̌͘ͅͅͅ ý̸͖̗̺̫̠̏̋̈́̔̀͜͜o͇̱̱͎̿̓́͆̅̀͑̀̓͢͠ű̵̡̱͔̦̯͛̊̌͂͛̂̚ s̖͙̮͖̪͉̔̋̍̊͑̋̂͘͡ţ̧̨̛̺̲͇̜͍͈͌̑̏̕͢i̴̡̫̜̱͇̳̱̓̈́͗͒͞l̴̡͇̪̘̫̗͉͓̊̈͛̇͛̿̅͞͠ļ̵̛̖͉͎̯͔̇̿͂͘͟ͅ ç̛̬͉͙͉̜͙̬̈́̀̇́̿̂̕͡͞à̡̢̙̲͙͇̗̯̦͖̔́̚͞͝͞n̷̡̛̰̘̺̫̺̠̥̼̾̾̒̀̈́̕͘!̴̡͇͖̙̬̹͙̘̀̀͆̒͆̌̚͘͠

Then I realised this was the breaking-point. Or rather ‘waking-point’. This whole thing is what their videos were warning me about. This whole dream was made by the both of them to find out which one everyone would prefer. Everyone who watched both their videos was cursed to dream this dream I was currently having, and everyone had to make their own choices. This is what they planned. Not Mark and Jack, Anti and Dark themselves. They weren’t a joke; they were real entities. They were really having a battle between who was best. Who won the hearts, minds and souls of the most people. And this was their solution to answering their question.

M̵̨̧͎̥͙͓̥̩̮̫̅̚͝͞͡ Ȃ̷̡̗̦̙͖̜̐͋͗̇̑̀͊̚ K̙̥̖͙͚̪̼̭̐̐̃̐̔͆͑̊̕͝ E̷̲̗̜̻̠̩̍̆͑̅̾͋͢   Y̗̭̫̫̬̦͓͍̍͋̿̏͡ O̵̝̘̤̻͇̔̅̋͂̊̾́͜͡ Ụ̶̞̹͙́̍̏̄̑̑̋̚͜͜ͅ R̢̻̯͇͍̗͇̥̔̾̏͌͐́͘͜͠   Ḉ̴̜͖͖͓͕̟̟̜̤̓̾̓̅̕ Ḥ̦̘͚̔̊̍̊̓͗̈̂̉͜͝ O̪̦̥̼̩̭̯͈̿̓͗̎̾̊͑̚͜͠ I̴̪̬͕̞͔̳͗̂̀̊͑̇̚ C̨̻̩͖͓̟̫̤̐̽͋̈́̓͟͞ͅ E̥͍͚͈̟͔͛̌̏͌̆͊ .

ACOTAR Name Game

I took this idea from a post I saw this morning, have fun. :)

1) Your FIRST letter of your FIRST name.

A B C D - Feyre
E F G - Rhysand
H I J - Lucien
K L M - Cassian
N O P - Azriel
Q R S - Morrigan
T U V - Nesta
W X - Elain
Y Z - Tamlin

2) Your LAST letter of your LAST name.

A B C D - wants to
E F G H - likes to
I J K L - loves to
M N O P - needs to
Q R S T U - refuses to
V W X Y Z - hates to

3) Your SECOND letter of your FIRST name.

A B - go camping
C D - kill people
E F - have sex
G H - fight
I J - make out
K L - dance
M N - defeat Hybern
O P - cry
Q R - watch their enemies suffer
S T U  - get drunk
V W X - go treasure-hunting
Y Z - play hide-and-seek

4) Your SECOND letter of your LAST name.

A B - with Morrigan
C D - with Tamlin
D E - with Nesta
F G - with Cassian
H I - with Rhysand
I J - with Lucien
K L - with the mortal queens
M N - with Elain
O P - with Ianthe
Q R - with Feyre
S T - with Amarantha
U V W - with Azriel
X Y Z - with Papa Archeron

Mine is “Cassian refuses to have sex with Morrigan” LOL


應該說,我根本無法控制自己的身體,完全停不下來抽插,整隻屌癢到不行,瘋狂的抽插的快感才讓我的屌止癢,我幹到全身的肌肉都緊繃。. u1 L6 u: H$ b) hra" @
我打給小昌,想問他怎麼解決,他請我到他家,他可以處理,他能有辦法可以讓我爽射。( R5 M0 f7 \ y4 Z
我還蠻長不穿內褲的,尤其是穿牛仔褲或連身工作服的時候,一方面是穿四角褲很容易卷上來,活動也不方便。0 g$ ^9 m8 t! G& C. R
但有時候穿軍服的時候也不會穿,想享受軍服緊貼的屌,在和女同事聊天時會有一種侵犯她們的感覺。& \% {% S) ~7 \, T! ~/ i
小昌終於出來了,只是他什麼都沒有穿,身材雖然不狀,但因為瘦的關係,肌肉線條也算明顯,屌硬挺挺的,雖然有點短卻很粗。0 C, f" m5 O8 ?’ ~8 o! @’ d- u. G
“衣服脫了吧…,這樣我才能幫你處理"。7 @4 {4 B$ V2 k# ?, F$ |
我二話不說,就把襯衫脫掉。” _3 r" Y" z9 S: ]# U
我注意到旁邊的人也一直在看著我,我也開始覺得沒有什麼好在意的,他們同樣幾乎什麼等沒穿,在部隊裡面洗澡 這種狀況常見的很。
小昌的手指, 就在我的胸肌及手臂 來回的撫摸, 有一種 輕柔舒服的感覺, 他手指滑過的地方, 皮膚可以很清楚的感覺到 他的碰觸, 特別是 他的手指滑過我的乳頭時, 會很期待 他 再次滑過。(更多资源wx:vip10691766)
” 你的手指觸感好軟, 跟女生一樣, 輕輕柔柔的 這樣摸起來還蠻舒服的" 我看著 全身裸體的他 說。;

他露出一個 可愛 又有自信的微笑, 一邊 把左右手手指 滑到我兩邊的乳頭上畫圈" 那這樣 是不是感覺 更舒服呢?“
我已經把眼睛閉起來, 一邊用氣音回答” 有~, 感覺 更舒服, 歐~這感覺好棒。 你的手指摸的我好爽" 感覺我已經有點在 胡言亂語。
原本稍微拉開的拉鍊, 已經被我 舒服到一直跳動的屌完全撐開了, 不過由於我的屁股很翹所以褲子沒有滑落的問題。
我在一邊享受他的撫摸時, 我的乳頭突然柔軟又潮濕的 感覺襲來, 小昌用嘴唇親吻 我的乳頭, 舌尖在我的乳頭上, 回來回的打轉。 我 覺得有點怪, 但卻因為太舒服,只罵了"幹, 你是死gay歐, 難怪 怎麼會服侍男人"。:
“班長, 是不是有差別嗎 ? 我知道班長 對男人沒興趣 ,不過你說只要能更爽就要更爽, 反正又沒有要你跟男生談戀愛, 就像部隊裡面的兄們互相解決 需求一樣, 你就放輕鬆享受吧! 剛剛被我玩得很爽吧,班長” 小昌振振有詞的解決我的尷尬。" a% X4 }5 E- l: N
“ 爽你的頭, 你是在跟班長說話,客氣點。 不過我 有欠必還, 剛剛欠你 讓我這麼爽的服務,還你”

我把他推倒在沙發上 ,用厚厚的嘴唇 覆蓋在他的 粉嫩乳頭上, ! A) @) C; I+ N: j! T( b
“女人的乳頭我可是玩過不少的,男人的 我一樣可以玩到你爽到狂叫” 我猛烈的吸允, 小昌 被我的舌頭舔到發出跟女人一樣 的淫叫。
我的屌聽到這樣的淫叫更加的興奮, 突然我有點搞不懂 在我面前的是男人還是女人, 我心想說不定我可以把它當作一個女人來幹。
當我正在因為小昌的無理回報他的時候, 旁邊有一個 男人 他靠近我, 用手摸 我的 胸肌跟乳頭。 我原本以為 是小昌 的手指很纖細, 所以剛剛 才 讓我的乳頭頭很爽 ,現在連 這個陌生的男子 也把我摸的很爽, 我才發覺我的乳頭 變得異常的敏感。
我享受著他摸我的乳頭帶來給我的快感, 但我實在不喜歡 我正在處理小昌的時候, 他從旁邊介入, 所以我 壓抑這樣的快感," 幹操你媽的, 你沒看到我在忙嗎,別碰我。"
小昌說" 別那麼兇嘛, 班長, 拜託繼續舔學弟的乳頭, 教訓學弟的不禮貌" 他一邊 求我玩他,一邊 發出淫蕩的呻吟。
當我繼續舔弄他的乳頭時, 換他用手 撫摸我的的肌肉跟乳頭,說" 我來幫班長服務 沒有問題吧"我點點頭。
“班長,你的屌好濕喔, 才玩班長的乳頭而已就這麼興奮, 這兩粒 又黑 又硬挺的乳頭, 根本就是 班長雞巴淫水的開關"。 小昌一邊說一邊左右旋轉著 我的乳頭。
我才發覺, 不知道 什麼時候 我的龜頭 開始流出大量的淫水。 把牛仔褲 前面 弄濕了一大片 , 還流到 小倉的 腳上。前天晚上,跟女人做愛時幾乎沒什麼流。
難道真的 光被玩乳頭, 就可以讓我淫水狂流嗎? 我低頭玩我的胸口一看。 我知道我的乳頭 顏色比較深,乳暈也不小,但 我沒想過我的乳頭可以在變的更黑,還被玩到變成一顆凸起按鈕,乳暈也縮成一小圈。 這根本就是 女人被玩乳頭玩到勃起興奮啊~
看到 小倉正在用手指按壓旋轉 玩弄 這樣的乳頭 ,我突然有一點興奮,覺得我的乳頭很猛,可以這麼黑硬凸挺,跟我的屌一樣。
我摸了一下 漲到發疼的 雞巴,想到我來這邊的目的,說"我已經從昨天幹到現在, 我想射但是射不出來,你說 來這邊有辦法讓我射, 還不快點處理"。



在他拖褲子的過程,我覺得好像少了什麼?是屌沒有硬的發痛了!我手往下摸了一下,我的屌縮成小小的一坨,但卻比平常更想不停的搓弄屌。 R: _0 E7 j! M; H4 C’ j
他的乳頭顏色不深,但很大顆,比黃豆的再大一點,又比女人的再小一點。他貼的跟我的嘴唇很近,只要一吐出舌頭就可以舔到。我本來不想舔,但想到剛剛我在他手裡被搞到癱軟,就覺得非得要讓他也軟一下才行。我就伸出舌頭,開始舔他的乳頭,才舔一下他就開始發出很man的喘息聲,我在內心竊笑也不過如此。. k* N! @“ G |- C. [/ ]# n5 Z3 s
“哈哈,少在那邊"大佬說"另外在現在跟小昌一起叫小白,也是很會調情的”& d: S$ O; x* U, J
小天的手一邊揉,一邊用拇指在我乳頭上畫圈,我可以感覺到,我的乳頭還再變的更敏感,從剛剛屌癢,開始爽了。跟在客廳時乳頭的爽不同,現在有點難以克制的爽,想要再跟多,又麻又癢又爽,希望不要停。! h2 K3 e6 p” ^; g
他看著我的表情,小天帥氣的臉露出微笑說"留下來爽不爽?剛剛還不讓我摸。現在爽到求我摸啊~") a& J! U4 n& L0 {
我自己的手開始摸著乳頭,體驗我乳頭逐漸的變化,一邊拜託小天繼續摸。0 Q* p4 l6 }! ^’ x
他用指腹摸我左邊的乳頭,感覺非常敏感舒服,接著他輕輕點我兩邊的乳頭,我竟然失聲叫了出來,兩邊一起摸爽的真的會受不了。5 F’ U9 O( ?4 L9 D7 N
我看到他有露出非常得意的笑容"你乳頭越來越敏感,而且更春嘍"。3 B6 ~0 [8 `1 _
他說"等等你就知道,你剛剛爽的感覺會越來越強”( P( J. S2 O9 _7 ?7 k7 u6 c9 }7 O
大佬突然舔起我右邊的乳頭,我不只失聲而是連續罵來一串幹話" 幹你娘機掰, 你的舌頭把我舔的太爽了吧, 就是這樣用舌尖舔乳頭, 幹,浩浩你來跟我舔左邊的乳頭" 浩浩馬上很開心的 用舌頭在我乳頭上舔了起來。% h% n1 n0 [, J/ c$ X
一邊可以一忍,兩邊爽翻天, 乳頭被兩個男人狂舔, 我完全忍不住的 一直不停 發出 淫叫。& ~2 T, l3 F* f6 @
小天在我耳邊 說" 有沒有感受到 什麼叫做春"& I4 E H- g5 a- |2 f
“有, 我現在就在發春 發情, 完全控制不了自己, 春到一直狂叫。"我一邊淫叫一邊胡言亂語。4 y/ ^! O” d. Z+ @! V
爽舔了一下浩浩回去吸我的屌說"因為班長的乳頭春到爽,爽到屌也開始邊大了" 大佬也跟著一起舔我的小屌。
瞬間乳頭 沒有人玩, 我只好用自己的手指 玩弄 , 我看著小天, 使用眼神示意, 但他卻裝傻, 完全不理我,我忍不住求" 小天拜託 兩隻手 玩我的乳頭, 隨便你怎麼玩都行" 。, l0 N5 u, {’ u
小天一邊玩, 一邊說" 你的乳頭真的超級敏感的, 才稍微玩一下 乳頭就已經春到不行, 乳頭一春 你本來兇狠的表情 都不見了 , 現在你的表情 根本就是 淫蕩,欠玩。"* s9 k" K+ c; J! N5 N" Q: p7 ~
我 一邊淫叫一邊 反駁他" 我是爽不是 淫蕩, 等等我的屌硬起來, 就讓你看看我幹人有多兇狠, 我只是因為乳頭別人摸比較爽, 我的乳頭沒有欠玩。". p+ M/ z: b0 V( [& T: O+ T( c
“是嗎” 他露出 壞壞的笑容" 那你去找別人玩囉, 我只玩 欠人玩的乳頭" 說完他就起身 走去客廳。
為了證明我不欠玩所以 我忍住了, 我都當到上士, 職業軍人這點忍耐力 我還忍得住, 不過自己玩乳頭 總是不夠爽, 我問大佬" 你的乳頭 想不想被我玩舔, 你的乳頭超好吃的, 又大又挺。 你看我的乳頭被玩的又黑又挺, 你很想舔我的乳頭吧, 過來 舔我又黑又挺的乳頭, 等等我在 幫你。"
本來是想要慢慢爽 ,沒想到 大佬 完全不受控制, 舌頭舔得又急又猛, 把我的乳頭 搞得比 小天 玩的時候還要春, 我爽到受不了拜託他停, 他也完全不理我, 我不停的 發出淫叫聲 , 小昌還還說" 沒想到班長在部隊裡面打數罵人,這麼兇猛這麼大聲, 乳頭被玩到 爽的時候淫叫的更大聲"7 t. j3 q- T; _6 U( s5 X) u2 M
不過也因為 被搞得很爽, 我的屌 在浩浩的口中 一下 就硬了, 硬了之後 我才發覺 浩浩, 超會吸屌的, 舌頭很靈活, 還可以把我的屌深喉嚨到底, 不過等我的屌 硬了, 大佬 說" 呼那麼多, 還可以這麼硬, 真的是有夠猛"
浩浩 看到我的屌 硬了就直接坐上來,在上面搖起來。第一次幹男人的屁眼, 真的覺得超緊的, 但是浩浩 好像不怕痛, 龜頭剛插進屁眼, 他就直接 往下坐, 我的屌完全插到 底。 雖然很爽但是 也沒辦法讓我射。/ h’ q9 w2 [) E U5 K, @
我幹了快3小時, 反正還是射不出來, 我打算 要離開, 可是浩浩跟大佬不打算讓我走, 又開始 玩我的乳頭, 小天 坐在我旁邊 一邊呼煙一邊求我跟他舌吻, 求我的吻到他發春。
大佬跟浩浩 一邊呼煙一邊用 舌頭舔得我的乳頭, 他們 兩個 呼到很春, 一直舔不停。: Z; q- D& `“ P2 s0 d0 w- F) A4 A
小昌 一邊呼煙一邊 幫我吹屌, 看到 他嘴角鼻子, 飄出白白的煙, 就覺得好爽。# c4 l* ~2 Z& g& X! ?, f0 S- W/ T0 b% `
小白 也 呼春了,淫賤的 在舔我的腳底, 第一次看到這麼帥又壯 的 弟弟 犯賤。% _: @9 b4 a/ d1 w# n8 `& m4 G

看到他們都一邊呼煙一 邊發春的淫爽, 突然我也想要享受呼春的感覺,想要跟他們一樣 不停的呼煙, 我開始 求他們 讓我 跟他們一起呼煙, 他們讓我呼了一兩口, 但覺得根本不夠, 乳頭跟雞巴 都不夠春, 我求他們 讓我呼 一開始進門 給我呼的量, 大佬 點煙讓我呼了5口, 但其他人都說沒辦法 他們也剩不多了 不過我使用。7 ]7 S- [) b8 l, s, W
可是我看到小天 那邊的量還很多, 我就問他 可以 讓我呼到春嗎? 小天說 "如果你願意幫我呼煙屌 ,你就可以呼”
“ 不過只是 你的屌 ,沒在怕的啦 , 讓我呼吧” 我很開心的 答應 小天。8 t$ m# v0 . w" _; M
我呼了一口煙後 把小天的超級大雞巴 含在嘴裡。
“ 幹,班長好好舔喔 。要用舌頭舔, 整根吸住, 把我的屌吞深一點 ,我在燒第二口煙給你” 我吸了又吸舔了又舔, 終於讓小天滿意的燒第二口煙給我, 第二口吸了很長的一口氣, 小天突然 把他的大雞巴 幹進我的嘴裡, 好不容易忽的煙 都從我嘴巴跟鼻子冒出來, 我也把小天的大雞巴吐了出來。$ P1 r% ~% p4 p! y
小天突然 打我一巴掌 罵," 煙都浪費掉了, 還把我的屌吐出來, 軍人 不是很都會忍耐, 乳頭想要被我玩都 忍住了, 嘴巴才被我的屌幹了一下就 忍不住嗎!"
小天又燒了第三口給我, 我大口的呼, 然後 讓小天的大雞巴 幹進我的嘴裡, 我直接 把它含住吸到最深, 不停的吞。
“幹好爽 ,真不愧是職業軍人, 都在部隊裡面 互相吸屌嗎? 才第三口 就可以把我的屌完全深喉嚨, 夠春了嗎還是還想在乎嗎?” 小天滿意的說道/ q4 K4 p: a$ M5 k( U" W* N
我說"不夠, 剛剛乳頭 被你玩的時候 比現在還要更春很多, 他們都看起來超春超淫超爽的, 春到一直想要被玩"4 K3 [& a V y5 C& @) T
小天說" 可以啊, 只要班長願意 讓我幹, 我手上這個 隨便你使用"
我心裡想不會吧 小天的屌這麼大 , 一定會痛死 ,而且我不想被男人幹。
小天看我不說話,又再說" 你只要答應, 還可以讓你先呼,呼到春我在幹, 放心一下子 我很快就拔出來"
我注意到旁邊的人都在等我 答覆,(更多资源wx:vip10691766) “如果只是 一下子很快就拔出來, 我可以接受”# M4 Q ]$ h9 K7 ~9 W( v
“ 哇 異男職軍班長要被大屌嗨幹囉"小昌在旁邊很興奮” 班長,小天的屌這麼大幹進去你一定射出來"* _) W, z. Y8 x5 T+ [; N, T/ ]
“那你也要不要被我幹射看看” 我一邊回罵一邊開始點煙。& z" C7 S5 Q- E6 M! N’ [“ ^
大佬在旁邊指導我燒出濃煙, 我吸了一大口煙,大佬站了起來, 他雞巴就翹在我的面前, 想要我 呼煙屌。 剛剛小天那麼大隻的屌我都吞了, 不過就是 男人的老二, 含一下也沒什麼。
我一口就將大佬的雞巴 含進嘴裡, 他壓著我的 頭 用雞巴 在我的嘴裡 插幹了一下” 班長真的很會吸, 很有天份 , 一點都不像 沒有吃過屌的人"$ d* y4 h+ `) p1 n$ ~, B" W. y’ ~
看他被我吸得很爽 還蠻有成就感的, 說不定 我吸屌真的很厲害, 我再多舔下好了。’ Q4 Z; R" o7 r$ e
小昌,浩浩,小白, 你也站在旁邊, 等著我 幫他們 呼煙屌, 小天從後面抱著我 玩弄我的乳頭,說" 所以你的乳頭到底 欠不欠玩"。’ t, ^* a0 U, [9 V% D" ]% h o
我說 “等你把我的乳頭 搞到很欠玩”
我一邊呼一邊吹屌, 除了原本的五個人, 在其他角落做愛的人, 也都跑來讓我呼煙屌, 每一個讓我吹的人 都說很愛, 不知不覺 開始認真的 吹屌。
直到小天開始擋人,說 “只要幫我們原本這5個人呼煙屌就好”& u* G) a2 ` z3 Y) x
我跪趴著 幫他們五個人輪流呼煙屌, 他們被我 吸的很爽 一直狂叫, 還求我繼續幫他們吸。 看到 他們求我的樣子 一整個 就很爽。 所以我就拼命的吸, 吸著吸著,感覺嘴裡的還蠻充實的。. ^7 L9 B) r8 S# [“ i, ]” B

“說不定 我天生就適合吸屌” 我開玩笑的說。
“說不定 等等被我幹了, 你才知道你天生適合被幹"小天說。2 m3 `8 a’ M2 L: o
我一邊跪著呼煙屌, 乳頭一邊被舔玩, 一邊呼一邊發春。 小天說 等等還會讓我更春 ,春到我全身放鬆 連屁眼都會鬆開。 * {, i3 z0 C, ^$ B7 [/ N
當我在幫 小白呼煙屌的時候, 小天抓著我的屁股, 然後把我的屁股扳開 ,用舌頭 舔我的屁眼, 屁眼又癢又敏感 , 我又 發出淫叫了 , 一邊呼一邊被舔屁眼, 真的會搞到屁眼發春 ,我都可以感受到 屁眼的肌肉 放鬆, 想要夾緊 還是一直鬆掉。# d7 {3 y’ K* `# w9 Z
我把小天給我的煙呼光了。 我跟小天說可以幹進來了 但是 要戴套, 小天 把保險套戴上後 用他的大雞巴龜頭按摩著我的屁眼。 然後 慢慢的 插了進來, 完全 不會痛, 屁眼 只有感受到保險套插進來時候的磨擦, 和屁眼 的搔癢, 想要 好好的 抓一下癢。! w/ U3 L- |* R7 n; b8 h& L6 m
在小天的雞巴慢慢 插入我屁眼的時候我開始想, 我當了這麼多年的異男, 幹過這麼多女人, 每次都覺得 很爽, 但是 這次跟男人做愛 爽到翻天。 覺得活了這麼多年有點白費, 要是一開始就跟男人做愛的話, 我還可以 同時享受幹人和被幹的快感, 不過 我還是要結婚生子, 我也沒有喜歡男生的感覺, 所以我還是異男, 偶爾想要爽的時候 找一下男人做愛就好, 你也不會有 小三或者是感情問題。
小天的雞巴 開始慢慢的抽插, 我的屌因為小天地抽插 而越來越硬, 小昌看到後 直接 座了上來, 原本後面被幹 沒有任何快感, 幹進去小昌的屁眼後, 不止 屌很爽, 屁眼也有一種 被擠壓而收縮的快感。
感覺 精液就快要被擠出來了, 小天 抽插得越來越快頂的也越來越深, 我 一直有射精的感覺, 早就已經高潮好幾次。# P; ~” p( F5 U; q h; v8 q
小昌說" 班長要射跟我說, 我沒有戴套不想被內射"“ K, ?& x* S+ ?6 \5 `
我說” 我一直感覺高潮一直在射精, 可能早就已經內射了"
小昌馬上拔出來, 我的屌上面 就沾了不少精液,"幹,被班長內射了啦"“ J# Y1 \1 x$ e( ^0 J$ j
"那我來洨幹你吧"大佬挺著 大雞巴 插入。
” 幹,一個是班長一個兵, 你們 職軍就是用來被幹的吧~ 班長幹士兵還無套內射。 軍人還真是有夠淫賤的。小 昌下次 再搞個異男職軍來, 然後 管他煙 把他弄春, 讓它變得跟你們班長一樣淫蕩欠幹"大佬說著" 你看你們班長 邊被幹還一邊 爽到在笑"! |! C, }! I3 x* ^+ S2 L d
“我快射囉"小天說。7 y* Z6 _0 L” k3 u
小天把屌拔出來,一邊打槍 ,一邊拔掉套子,把套子 丟在我的腹肌上,然後龜頭頂住我的屁眼,我感覺到他的龜頭,一直把精液注射到我的屁眼中。
"你只說要帶套,沒有說 不能內射, 而且我是龜頭在外面沒有插進去,我是射在外面,是你屁眼鬆不是我的問題"小天壞壞的說。
我爽到不停的 淫叫, 想要 小天的大屌幹得更久一點, 但是我被幹的爽到忍不住, 只靠小天的大雞巴 就 把我 幹射了。

被男人幹射, 只是解決生理需求 , 我是異男。


P R O M P T   L I S T

P R O M P T S   Y O U ’ V E   R E Q U E S T E D


J U S T I N   F O L E Y

A L E X   S T A N D A L L

J E F F   A T K I N S

C L A Y   J E N S E N

M O N T G O M E R Y   D E   L A   C R U Z

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And to celebrate this great phenomenon, I thought I’d do some shoutouts!
But in general, I wanna thank each and every one of you for slamming that follow button. If you didn’t make the list, do not fret: your local garbage (me) may have forgotten, as she is wont to do, and as such, she apologizes profusely in advance. Having said that, I imagine if I ever make the remarkable climb to 200, I’ll do this again, so FEAR NOT: YOUR CHANCES HAVE NOT YET ENDED.

So. Let’s get into this, shall we ? I do believe we shall!

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G R E E N  L I G H T is for the sacrificial party-goer, with neon in their veins and recklessness on their lips they surrender to the noise, heart/drum beat in time, with mascara smudged and fishnets already ripped, they are a chaotic twirling beacon of hope, pulsing with the glow that comes from transcending human emotion. here there is no pain, here is where the party begins.

S O B E R is the national anthem of a lost kingdom ruled by girls with confetti crowns and boys with lipstick smeared cheekbones, where it’s always midnight and laughter cracks like thunder, it’s chipped nail varnish and singing along to a song you’ve never heard, lit fireworks crackling in your ribcage and bathroom floors, the smell of tarmac and city lights blurring into blinding light and the closest you ever get to religion

H O M E M A D E  D Y N A M I T E  is for the revolutionaries, with glitter like war paint and leather battle gear, it’s someone else’s drink in your hair and on your lips, shooting stars and smoke on the horizon, its a mouth overflowing with unforgiving teeth and a girl who sways like a bonfire, anger to the point of apathy and laughing until you cry, throwing your arms wide and screaming at the stars to swallow you whole

T H E  L O U V R E  is a handful of blurry polaroids from a pink summer when you thought the sky stretched on forever, crumpled bed sheets and kitchen counters at 2am, it is drowning in a sea of strangers without putting up a fight, the rotting smell of dying flowers and handwritten love letters, the sound of violin and cracked stained glass panels, it is the golden artificial glow of a naked lightbulb and hands stitched into your hair, white on white on white and watercolour nostalgia in three shades of lilac

L I A B I L I T Y is like a bird with broken wings, staying awake until the sun starts to rise, all pale skies and the ground damp with dew, it’s the drop of your stomach just before a fall, thin cotton against your skin and warm hazy hours of almost-sleep that seep together into evenings in flickering television light, scratched records listened to anyway, and the ritualistic waltz of everyday life, beating on with or without you

H A R D  F E E L I N G S is an abandoned house, with the table still laid for a breakfast, the key in the lock, the portrait of two people immortally framed in a perfectly symmetrical pattern of every day objects and  L O V E L E S S is the bubblegum perfume spritz spirit who lives there, between her books and half-finished poetry and his now cold cup of coffee, dancing alone in the hallway, lips like petals and heart like marble

S O B E R I I ( M E L O D R A M A ) happens behind the closed doors of the church, exposed necks like altars, hips like pews, hundreds of sparkling stained glass eyes and teeth like tombstones, a whole generation brought to its knees with the weight of its future, its the vibration of discordant piano, the glint on rubies on necks, the promise of something bigger than all of this, a fleeting taste of forever 

W R I T E R  I N  T H E  D A R K  is the roses growing up a building, vines curling into stone, playing god for one moment, a full deck of tarot cards, inky starless skies and the inability to let go, it is the process of prying yourself apart from a lover, tearing skin from skin, rearranging bones, the interlocked cages of your ribs and his, it is performance with no audience, it’s ‘i can’t live without you’ and ‘but i will, i will, will’

S U P E R C U T is dangling your feet into nostalgia, the whole world through rose-tinted sunglasses or a camera lens and the sky melting into itself in reds and pinks and oranges - as if the horizon were on fire, its 5am rooftop conversations and scuffed trainers on dashboards and long train rides, tall grass and flavoured lipgloss, it’s seeing their face in every crowd, echoes of their voice in every song, swimming in your clothes and dripping wet hair, it is collecting every beautiful moment and decorating your mind with them until you can’t move in there, like a room full of antiques

L I A B I L I T Y  ( R E P R I S E ) is a turning point, a certain sunrise, a certain car ride, life in a beautiful light, it’s the moment you realise you are not a sad story, it is years ahead of you still unwritten, smiles on lips of people you haven’t even met yet, it is harmonies and abstract paintings with slashes of colour in the black and the crescendo of birdsong, it is glittering dustmotes in sunlight and watching the city from far away, it’s not today, but it is soon, a sunlight soaked summer afternoon years from now when all of this seems so small

P E R F E C T  P L A C E S is where time stands still, is how we keep the morning at bay, it’s an almost evangelic escapism, shedding skins like clothes, spilling feelings like drinks, it is a moment of quiet found between the clouds, it is the bass in the base of your spine, it’s terrifying and temporary and fragile and beautiful because it can never last, it’s the birth of a new world, it’s worship of potential, it is running, running, running into that sunrise with arms and eyes open wide

Being Bruce Wayne’s Childhood Friend Turned Girlfriend Would Include...

Being Bruce Wayne’s Childhood Friend Turned Girlfriend would include…

Warnings: swearing. Im sorry im like this.


- Both of you meeting at a banquet when you were just five

- You played tag


- You got caught

   - A lot

- “I told you I was better!” *you blow raspberry*

- “Mom! Look! I have a new friend!! His name is Bruce!” “Hello Madam! I’m Bruce!”

   - T h e y  lo v e  h i m

      - Who doesn’t??¿¿

- “Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuucey!” “What’s wrong?!” “Can I have some water please?”

“Mommy, can (y/n) sleep over?” “Of course!

- His parents a d o r e you

- They always invite you over

- You accompany him on his yearly hikes with his dad

- You always play around the manor with him and Alfred

  - Usually tag and hide and seek



- He asked you out on your first ‘date’ on his tenth birthday ball

- It was on the hike; that year you both went alone

- He said “Look! (F/C) rocks!”

  - O B V I O U S L Y you followed them

- It lead to a bouquet of corndogs

  - Because you don’t care for flowers and UHM F O O D

- The card is a big cake with (F/C) frosting forming “Will you be my date to the ball?”

   - O f  c o u r s e

- You didn’t really think of it as a date; you were just ten at the time and you didn’t care about boys that way

- At the ball, you had a simple white dress and he was wearing an adorable suit and tie.

- You stayed at the snack bar and played with him; because EWWWW DANCING WITH A BOY

   - c o o t i e s

- Then your parents forced you


   - “Ow that’s my foot!”

   - “Dude my knee!”

   - “F U N N Y B O N E”

- You just swayed around when the slow song came on

- Then you saw him smile as he placed his hand on your waist and felt a SBDOSBFJSHSOFBFUXNSL right in your heart and you fucking knew you loved this boy

- You were just ten but you knew for a fact that you were gonna marry this boy

   - “I dare you to tell me I won’t marry him, (o/b/f/n). I fucking dare you.”

- So, at the end of the day, when you went back home

- You fucking kissed his cheek before running away

- You didn’t see him hold a hand to his cheek and blush madly

- And you didn’t know that he felt the same thing as you had earlier



- You arrived at the crime scene not giving a flying fuck when the cops said you couldn’t trespass

- “(y/n)… They’re gone… I’ll never get to tell them I love them anymore…” “Bruce, I’m here for you… Always.”

- Ofc you cried With him; They were like your second parents

- Alfred often called you over during the time he wanted to test himself

  • “BRUCE!” “It’s okay, it’s just a little burn.” “YOUR WHOLE HAND IS RED”
  • “Eat.” “I’m not hungry.” “Eat, or I swear I’m gonna shove this down your throat.”

One day, you were invited over.

  • “Is it a special occasion?” “No, I just want you to see something…”

- It was getting to watch his Training with Alfred.

- G o d d a m n  

- H e  l o o k e d  s o  g o o d

- He was so concentrated

- And that’s when you discovered something new



- You saw some girl appear next to you

- She was so quiet you got fucking scared

- “Hey.” “H-hey… I like your hair, it looks fucking awesome.” “Thanks, I’m Selina, but my friends call me Cat.”

- “Hi (y/n)! You’ve met Cat, I see? :)” “Yes I have; w-why is she here??”

   - ((B e i n g  l o w k e y  j e a l o u s))

- “She saw who killed my parents.”


- Trying to hide it but she knows what’s up

- She’s so fucking disrespectful to Alfred you have to restrain yourself from attacking her

- When she left you turned to Bruce

- “Who the f-” “Ahem, Miss. (l/n).” “Sorry, Alfred. Who the fricketty-frack?!”

- “I told you!” “WHY IS SHE HERE?!” “She needs to get accommodated and acquainted with me if she’s going to testify.”

- “Ah. I c.” “Why are you so con-” “nO rEaSoN.”


- You had come over to his house to speak with him about your feelings for him and what do you walk in on?

- Cat kissing him.

- A n d  h i m  k i s s i n g  b a c k

   - You hid ofc.

- “Do you fucking think im ever going to let him look at me again?¿?¿”

- You were running away as you bumped into Alfred and he asked if you were okay.

   - Your eyes started welling up with tears as you said “Absolutely.”

- You didn’t want to see him anymore. It hurt a lot to see him love someone else.

- You were thirteen, and had experienced heartbreak. It’s not like you enjoyed it. It felt terrible; you wanted to die. You felt unloved and useless to anyone.

- One day your phone rang

   - “Ms. (l/n), Master Bruce would very much appreciate If you came by for a short visit-”

   - “No.”


- You came over. You were gonna tell him.

   - Screw the consequences.

- You walked in on the same fucking girl.

- But Bruce was crying.

- “I didn’t see who killed your parents. I lied.”


- You punched her in the face and she scratched your cheek.

- She left with a bloody nose :)


  • You turned back to him and he was still teary eyed
  • You hugged him so hard he had to say “I-I can’t breathe…”
  • When you pulled back you looked at him
  • The young boy you had always known to be a little happy joker ((hehe)) was turning into a man, bent on justice.
  • And you still loved him.
  • So you kissed him.
  • He was taken aback, but kissed back
  • He placed his hands on your waist and yours on his shoulders
  • You kissed for like five minutes but it wasn’t enough
  • Alfred was the one who ruined it
  • “Master Bruce- oh my…” “Alfred I can explai-” “FINALLY!”
  • “I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS BLOODY DAY SINCE HIS TENTH BIRTHDAY.” He chants as he stomps around the mansion
  • “So… How long have you liked me Bruce…?”
  • “Since my tenth birthday ball… What about you?”
  • “The same thing…”
  • That one question burning your insides. So you let it out
  • “Why did you kiss Selina?”
  • “I didn't… She kissed me…”
  • Tears forming and him wiping them away when they fall
  • “I only love you, (y/n)…”

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Larger portions of the masterlist are located below in separate links. Updated 5-22-17

B B C S h e r l o c k

F e a r T h e W a l k i n g D e a d

O l d M a n L o g a n 

 Regular Masterlist below

S u p e r n a t u r a l


Samandriel - The Greatest Good 

|Dean Winchester|

Dean - Can You Hold Me? 

Dean - Overload


Gadreel + Angel!Reader- Who You Are

|Sam Winchester|


P e r s o n  o f I n t e r e s t 

John Reese x Reader- Torn

John Reese x Reader- Battle Scars

D o c t o r W h o 

Multi Doctor

   Eleventh and Twelfth - First Meeting


| Young Logan Howlett

Logan Howlett - Invisible

|Charles Xavier|

Charles Xavier - Scars That Tell Stories

Charles Xavier - I’ll Follow You Into The Dark

Charles Xavier- For The Love Of A Daughter

Charles Xavier - Chasing Cars

Part One - Part Two

Charles Xavier - Little Miss Matchmaker 

 Part One- Part Two 

Charles Xavier - Beautiful Imperfection

Charles Xavier- This World Is Not Ours

Part One - Part Two - Part Three

|Tony Stark|

Tony Stark - Blame

Tony Stark + Steve Rogers + Reader - You Don’t Deserve Freedom 

Tony Stark - You Infuriate Me

Tony Stark- Oblivious

Tony Stark- Evermore 

|Matt Murdock|

Matt Murdock - The Best Medicine Is You 

Matt Murdock - Our Wedding Day

Matt Murdock - Man Beneath The Mask

T h e W a l k i n g  D e a d

|Daryl Dixon|

Daryl Dixon - Sanctuary

Caryl Letters  (There isn’t a particular order for these once you reach Part Seven!)

Part One / Part Two / Part Three/ Part Four/ Part Five / Part Six/ Part Seven/ Part Eight/ Part Nine/ Part Ten/ Part Eleven 

|Rick Grimes|

Rick Grimes x Reader- My Safe Place

Rick Grimes x Reader- Once Upon A December

|Glenn Rhee|

Glenn Rhee x Daughter!Reader- My Saving Grace

|Carl Grimes|

Carl Grimes X Reader- Take Me Back To The Start

A l e a h P e l e t i e r O n e  S h o t s - {OC)

Aleah Peletier- ORIGINS

Carl x Aleah- Heart Like Yours 

A Blake x Carl Grimes- Stay With Me 

Aleah x Daryl- Healer 

Carl x Aleah - “Live for me. For him. For us.” 

Carl x Aleah- Awake 

Carl x Aleah- Here

Carl x Aleah- Still In Love With You

Carl Grimes and Aleah Peletier- My Sense Of Security

Carl Grimes and Aleah Peletier- Not Yours To Keep

G o t h a m

James Gordon

James x Reader - Rain Will Fall Today

James x Reader-  Complete

 Alfred Pennyworth 

Alfred x Reader- Caretaker 

M i s c.

Owen Hunt - Confessions Of A Red Headed Veteran 

Leo Fitz - Dream

Leo Fitz - Tenderly

Leo Fitz - Fantasy 

Part One- Part Two - Part Three

RQ Name Game

1.) Your FIRST letter of your FIRST name.

A B C D E - Maven
F G H I J - Evangelo
K L M N O - Farley
P Q R S T - Kilorn
U V W X - Cal
Y Z -Mare

2.) Your LAST letter of your LAST

A B C D E F G - wants to
H I J K L M N - loves to
O P Q R S T - likes to
U V W X Y Z - hates to

3.) Your SECOND letter of your FIRST name.

A B C - kill people
D E F - catch fish
G H I - fight
J K L - dance
M N O - eat
P Q R - watch their enemies suffer
S T U - sleep
V W X - watch the dawn
Y Z - bitch

3.) Your SECOND letter of your LAST name.

A B C D - with Mare
E F G H I - with Maven
J K L M - with Cal
N O P Q - with Farley
R S T U - with Evangeline
V W X - with Kilorn
Y - with Gisa
Z - with Elara

how accurate is yours?

m a s t e r l i s t.

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m = hints/contains sexual content

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Imbroglio (ft. Jimin)

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