s turn

bokuaka zombie au where it’s around 10 years after the outbreak and society is slowly healing itself but Bokuto gets bitten and hides it until he starts to get weak and thats when he confesses to Akaashi and begs akaashi to just kill him before he turns, akaashi tries to do it but he cant so he just turns and runs as bokuto slowly slips away…but bokuto wakes up three days later, confused, weak and thirsty as hell. he finds akaashi left some supplies in the old hideaway they were staying in and as he eats and drinks he remembers what happened, he looks at his arm where he was bitten and though his skin is discoloured as one would expect, his bite wound has almost healed. Despite him healing, he’s still mistaken for a zombie several times and can pass through herds without other zombies noticing him. He makes it to a slowly rebuilding city where he manages to convince the ‘army’ that he’s not turned and that they can use him to find a cure (which would involve using him as a human experiment and basically a lab rat) only if they help him find Akaashi again 


MCU Captain America TFA x Star Wars TFA AU

I don’t like bullies

Dr Galen Erso has made a scientific breakthrough that may turn the tide of the war: a serum which enhances the subject’s physical capabilities, essentially turning them into a supersoldier.

It’s a risky procedure that requires a certain personality type to succeed. And now he just might have found the right candidate.

Finn as Captain America AU

Rest of the series here (x)

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50 for Janusshipping (romantic or platonic)

I will always love you, or anyway I will always have loved you now. (And you will always be someone who was beautiful, once.)

Don’t you dare let our best memories turn to sorrow. - Lost Stars

“I loved you once, you know?” The ice makes these soft popping sounds as they melt in your glass. 

He looks at you, then turns his gaze away to stare at your reflections on the counter, fingers tracing the scratches on the glass. He bites his lips, just briefly, and the corner of his lips tugs into an almost smile. 

“Well, it was a crush, really. But I thought I was in love. I guess I didn’t really know you back then.” You smile a little, taking his hand. He doesn’t flinch, doesn’t draw away. 

“And then I hated you.” You let his hand hit the table with a soft thud. He nods, expression blank, and draws his hand back. 

“Do you…?” he tries, but didn’t quite know how to finish the sentence. Do you still love him? Do you still hate him? Do you regret it? He looks away. 

“I don’t,” you answer, for all account. 

“I’ve hurt you,” he says, with an apologetic tone, but without any apology. 

“You did,” you acknowledge, then you decide to confess, “but still I’d never regret a single moment of it.” You smiles a little to yourself, life is good and it doesn’t hurt as much as it used to. And it’s a relief, really, finally letting it out. You think maybe the world have gotten lighter. 

“If it means anything, my time in Heartland, performing for you, knowing you… They were the most beautiful moments of my life,” he says, in that raw, genuine way of his. You didn’t fall in love with this side of him, but maybe you could have. You rather like it. 

“I will always have loved you, once,” you say, and you think that isn’t too bad. That it’s far from the worst thing that’s happened to you. That it’s beautiful, to have loved. 

“I’m glad to have been your friend, Ruri,” he closes his eyes and lowers his head slightly, the posture of surrender. You can reach over and lay your hand on the top of his head. You don’t. 

“You still are.” You sip through your straw and smile, he returns it this time. 

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When Kook was commenting on Jimin "needing to shave" I saw dat hand. It was originally on course to grab Jimin's chin/jaw and turn him toward Jungkook but kook settled for putting his hand on Jimin's chest. YOU AIN'T SLICK JEON.

Oh my God I know right?There are so many times where Kookie reaches out to touch Jimin, like it’s so natural, but then realizes where he is and hesitates. It’s really indicative of their relationship, isn’t it?

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lol okay so I feel like I need to just say this, when I was a strict BTS blog I VIVIDLY remember you pissing me off with your BTS posts, but after involving my taste in other groups, falling into other fandoms and getting more into the community, I can only agree with all your posts and actually had to leave ARMY for all the reasons you've listed. I never realized how toxic the fandom was till I saw the Youngjae/Jimin drama a couple months ago and it's ARMY 100% that turned me off of BTS :/

I hope everyone sees this.


Teen Wolf YouTube AU

Story: Stiles started a YouTube Channel before Scott was bitten, but his videos didn’t take off and no one, but Scott, was really watching them. After Scott was turned, Stiles’s videos started starring more people and soon enough his channel blew up, the pack becoming internet superstars, whilst also battling supernatural threats.

Romantic Shipping: Mainly Scallison and Stalia, some Scira

Platonic Shipping: Sciles, Stallison, JacksonxStiles etc.

Channel Name: Stilinski24

Video Names (Because they’re small :)

1.      Interviewing my best friend’s girlfriend (Set during season one - Stallison)

2.      No, we’re not dating (Set between Season Two and Three – Scott, Stiles+Derek)

3.      Reunion with Lydia’s ex (Set between season 3a and 3b - Jackson and Stiles)

4.      I’ve been ill (Personal Update) – (Set after 3x22)

5.      Remembering Allison Argent (1994-2011) – (Set after 3x24)

6.      Anchors – Official Music Video – (Set after season 4, Stalia, Scott + Kira)

 (I might make a new one next week for Marrish, anyone interested?)

You are Beautiful (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Hello! If your requests are still open, I would love to request something! Could I have a Jughead x Reader fic where the reader and jughead are dating and the reader is very insecure about herself and constantly questions why Jughead is with her? Maybe she talks to Archie about it and he reassures her that everything is fine? Could there be fluff at the end? Thank you so much! I love your writing!

Plus size reader x jughead

A/N: It took me a while to do this but I do hope you enjoy it! I added two requests together and changed it just a bit. Requests are Welcome!

Insecure (Jughead x Reader)

Looking down at the tight black dress hugging your figure, negative thoughts flood your mind.

It’s too tight. Turning in the mirror, you sigh in frustration. You could see fat everywhere.

Your chest tightens at the thought and you peel the dress off. Screw this, jeans and a sweatshirt it is. You change quickly and rush out the door. Hopefully the girls won’t be mad.


“(Y/n)! I thought you were gonna wear a dress today with us!” Veronica Lodge calls out and you glance at her. She’s gorgeous. She gets both boys and girls to turn when she walks by.

“Oh. Um. I forgot.” You tug on the sleeves of your sweatshirt.

“But I texted you this morning!” Betty Cooper, another one of your best friends, interrupts. She’s wearing a cute pink dress that fits her just right.

“I must not have looked at it. Sorry.” You shrug and shut your locker. Before anyone could say anything else, the boys appear.

“Wow. Looking good, girls!” Archie looks over both girls outfits of the day.

Jughead nods and wraps his arm around you. “You look good too, (Y/N).” He whispers then kisses your cheek.

Lies. “Thanks.” You offer him a smile.


It’s science class when your chest tightens again.

You didn’t tell anyone that after you left the group, Reggie had stopped you in the hall and filled your head with doubts. You had shrugged him off but now his words filled your every thought.

“I’m surprised even the freak likes you. I bet it’s out of pity.” The rest of his group had laughed.

“Screw off, Regina.” You gave him a half smirk as he glared at you.

“You know I’m right, fat cow. What’s it like to eat your own kind everyday? Why don’t you go back to the farm where you belong.” You rolled your eyes and push past him. The laughter filling your ears.

“(Y/N)?” You shake your head and glance at Archie, staring at you, concerned.


“You alright? You’ve been quiet all period.”

You look over at Jughead, who’s laughing at something that his lab partner had said. “Archie. Why did he pick me?”

Arch raises an eyebrow. “What?”

“I mean he’s good looking. He’s smart. Funny. Why does he like me? He could easy get someone prettier.” You sigh and place your head in your hands.

“No. He wouldn’t trade you for anyone. I’ve known Jughead for a long time and I can tell you that he loves being around you. You make him smile more than any other girl could. As for the pretty part. You are gorgeous, (Y/n). Everyone knows you are. Jug never shuts up about how pretty you are. Or how your eyes shine a certain way. Or that he loves when you wear his tshirts.” He glances at Jughead and then back at you. “If you don’t believe me, ask him.”


“Jug?” You look down at your hands as the boy sitting at your desk typing, nods.


“Why are you with me?” You mumble quietly but he heard what you had asked.

He turns and looks at you. “What do you mean?”

You shake your head as tears start to form.

He shuts his laptop and makes his way over to you. Grabbing one of your hands, he pulls you up and cups your cheek.

“Do you wanna know why i’m with you?” You nod for him to continue.

“Because you are beautiful. You’re smart. You make me smile just thinking about you. I enjoy spending time with you.” He leans in and places a kiss on your forehead. “Archie told me about the conversation you had earlier. He’s right about everything he said. I never stop gushing over how gorgeous my girlfriend is.”

You feel your face get hot.

“But I’m…”

“Don’t finish that sentence, (Y/N). You are beautiful.” He growls lowly.

Tears roll down your cheek. “I was suppose to wear a dress with B and V today but when I put it on this morning, I just. All i could see was fat. I didn’t like the way it sat on my skin.”

He shushes you. “Why don’t you put it on again and let me see how it looks?”


The next day, You walked into the halls wearing that tight black dress, converses, and Jug’s flannel. 

A bright smile on your face thanks to your boyfriend.

Changeling Study (Eyes)

So besides being able to turn into s human what makes a Changeling so different from a troll? Well a big difference I think is their eyes. Changelings have yellow or green eyes (the sclera) and thin cat like pupils instead of round.

Both Strickler and NotEnrique have yellow eyes. Strickler is shown with mostly yellow eyes, but turn green in the dark. However, Nomura is only shown with green eyes, even in the light.

Except Gladysgro did have the correct color, but had rounded pupils/irises, however she was a minor character and it seems they reused a background troll model for her.

The same goes for two other background trolls. They have thin pupils, but they just seem to be a slightly modified version of Numora’s model.

So aside from Gladysgro and two background trolls, changelings having slit pupils is constant. They have yellow and green Sclera with either red or black irises or pupils. With the exception of Nomura we can assume Chnagelings mostly have yellow Sclera that glow green in the dark. And the only reason we see regular trolls with slit pupils and Gladysgro with rounded pupils is because they are resided character models.