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So this season, in no particular order: the President was attacked, there was a mass murder at her watering hole, her sister was dating an idiot, she came out to everyone important in her life, an alien almost killed her and then took over her persona for awhile, the planet was attacked, and she was straight up kidnapped and tortured - 

And the very worst moment of Alex’s year was Maggie turning her down after their first kiss.

And the only thing that got her through it was her little sister.




It was my niece’s birthday today; She turned 14! 🎂

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17 and klance? 👀 interpret to ur liking

Context: Lance is recovering from a traumatic incident with the Galra (lowkey based on future plans for of captive souls and broken bonds) 

17: “I don’t know where I am. Help me”

Images flooded through Lance’s mind, twisting and turning his senses of reality. He didn’t know what was happening, what he was seeing. His heart thumped in his chest to the pattern of the drums ringing in his ears. Too much. There was too much.

Haggar’s snarl filled his mind. She was there, right in front of him. What was going on? The druids. They were all there. Sendak. Lotor. Zarkon. Surrounding him. Lance wanted to pick up his bayard but he couldn’t seem to do it? Why was he here? Didn’t he escape?

Lance tugged at the follicles of his hair, crouching downwards. “No, no, no, no,” He repeated, over and over and over again. Nothing went away. It was all too overwhelming. Lance was lost in a sea of mixed reality, where he didn’t know what was real or not.

“Lance!” He heard a concerned voice yell. Lance thought for a moment and tried to adjust on the person before him. They…they looked more real. Were they real? He focused in a bit more and realized an extremely worried Keith was crouching in front of him. “Lance. You’re gonna be okay.”

He almost choked on his words. Keith was there. But so were all those monsters. They were closing in on him. Lance hated small spaces. Everything was shrinking. And Lance, he didn’t realize he was screaming.

“Lance, please talk to me.” There was Keith’s voice again. Maybe Lance could latch onto it. Find some solace.

He began to speak in ragged breaths. “Haggar…Sendak…druids…screaming…grabbing…I-I don’t,” was all he managed to get out. Lance locked eyes with Keith. He tried to focus on the purple glint inside them, but the visions from before took over again.

“Hey, hey you’re fine. Please, talk to me.”

Lance took in a deep breath. He didn’t know what was happening to him. He wanted it to stop. “I don’t know where I am. Help me,” he rasped.

Keith’s lips parted for a moment before he spoke. Lance shut his eyes tightly. He couldn’t bare to keep them open. The same twisted images flew through his mind. Lance felt Keith cup his cheeks, but he did not open his eyes again.

Keith began to speak in a soothing tone. “You are okay. You are safe. We are in your room at the castle. You are not with the Galra. I am here. I am real. You are real. This room is real. The Galra you see, they are not real. None of that is reality. We are safe.”

Lance took a deep breath and repeated, “We are safe.” He’d let a few tears escape as Keith held him there gently. Keith then tugged Lance closer, so their foreheads were touching.

“Lance. I need you to open your eyes. Can you do that?”

Could he? Lance didn’t know. But…he had to try. Slowly, he let his eyes flutter open and made eye contact with Keith again. He had to blink back tears, but he focused on the boy before him.

“I am real,” Lance coughed. “You’re real. This is real.” The visions began to dissipate as he stared at the boy before him. This, this was reality.

The corners of Keith’s lips upturned as the boy pulled Lance into a hug. The two whispered in unison, “Everything is okay.”

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I’m so done with the Last Jedi tag. Rey and Kylo need a romantic relationship for people to buy their connection if they’re not related?

That’s almost enough to turn me into a White Feminist who finds love stories insulting to women.

But really what gets me is, I have to assume that either (1) in contrast it makes *perfect* sense that Rey and Finn’s bond is neither romantic nor familial, or (2) their relationship – the central relationship of TFA – is just not that important.

Why is anything but over the top soul mate endgame romance so unbelievable with Kylo and Rey, and Finn becoming less important to Rey than Kylo completely believable?

Do people really not see how that’s racist? Really?

Friendly Companion

Originally posted by gabriel-of-the-day

Request: Hi! Congrats on your writing anniversary! Could you do a GabrielxReader smut fic with some fluff? You decide what it’s about?

Pairing: Gabriel x reader

Word Count: 1,000ish

Warnings: smut

A/N: In honor of JIBcon just ending, a little scenery change for a bit…

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PART 5 PART PART 5 PART 5 PART PART 5 PART 5 PART PART 5 PART 5 PART PART 5 PART 5 PART PART 5 PART 5 PART PART 5 pleaaaaase im dying please please pleasw please 😭😭😭😩😩😩😩

Part 5

You asked for it, here it is but meh….I’m not content…

Eric’s warning turned out to be true. You had never been in the trunk of a moving car before but now you knew how it felt. You were thrown around during every turn and braking he made, it was even more exhausting since your hands were still bound with the cable ties behind your back. You couldn’t even support your own body. Your dress clung to your frame, still soaked and still dirty, the ties cut uncomfortably into your delicate wrists, for sure damaging the skin.

You couldn’t see anything and it made you feel highly uncomfortable but at least you could still hear and smell, thought there was not much to be heard or smelt. It smelt fairly neat. People might expect that the car, especially the trunk, of an 18 year old teenage boy smelt and looked different but Eric was a lover of order through and through.

You felt around, desperately searching for a sharp object or anything that had sharp edges that might be of help cutting your ties but there was nothing except for something that felt like a breakdown triangle. The car suddenly stopped and you gasped as you hit the front of the trunk. It was too early, the ride too short; you couldn’t be at his house already. You heard as the car door opened and Eric seemed to exit. You heard steps leading away from the car, the motor still running and wondered what he was doing but it took him barely seconds and he was back, slamming the door shut and the car moved again.

You didn’t think about what had just happened or what he had done but tried to focus and come up with a plan. You felt the car taking two sharp turns and recognized them, knowing that you were already in the road of the Harris house. Indeed you were right because the car stopped a few seconds later but this time the motor was turned off. Once more you heard as the car door opened and listened to Eric’s footsteps coming to the back of the car, the trunk.

You braced yourself, getting ready to fight back. The trunk was opened with a strong pull and the light of the street lights brightened your eyes for a second before you could see Eric’s face, or at least the outlines.

“End of the line.”

He said and you remained calm as he bowed down, wanting to pull you out. Only when he was a few inches away from you did you try to kick him, almost failing as Eric grasped your foot but your shoes were slippery and you managed to hit his nose. A very sensitive spot.


Eric screamed and groaned, carefully feeling his nose, you couldn’t see much but there was definitely some blood there. He spat on the ground. You just lay there and watched as he wiped the blood away; smearing it all over his hands and chin, being proud of yourself.

“Fucking get out of there.”

He growled and grabbed you by your arms, pulling you out of the trunk and onto the cold and dirty ground. You knelt in front of him as he roughly pressed his hand to your mouth, the other one grasping your hair to pull your head back.

“Try something like that again if you want to know what happens when I run out of patience. And I swear to god that if you only breathe too loudly now, you’ll pay! Is that understood?”

You nodded as much as his grip allowed and Eric pulled you to your feet and closed the trunk, turning you around so that you were pressed with your back against his chest and shoved you forwards, his hand still covering your mouth. You stumbled to the door of his house and he roughly pressed you against it with his body as he searched for the keys in his pockets. You whimpered against his hand, the pain of your ties and the strength with which he had pushed you against the door too painful.

“Shut up.”

Eric whispered and you heard as he unlocked the door, opening it and pushing you inside. You stumbled and almost fell but he held you steady. He turned on the light and you found yourself standing in the hall you had stood so many times before, visiting him, coming over for dinner or simply just picking him up for school. You felt like crying but oppressed it.

“Take your shoes off.”

Eric ordered and stepped on the back of your shoes, encouraging you to step out of them; you did as he demanded without protesting while he fetched something from his pocket that you couldn’t see at first. You suddenly heard a familiar sound and only now did you recognize the object he held in his right hand, it was your phone.

“Eric, that’s my phone.”

You said but he ignored you and instead dragged you over to the living room, dropping you onto the couch and went away again to lock the door. You tried to sit up without the help of your hands without success when he was back again. Your phone was still ringing.

“Those are my parents, am I right?”

You asked helplessly, watching him as he stared at the screen.

“What do you think they’ll do if I won’t pick up? They’ll grow suspicious.”

You continued and wriggled off the couch, managing to stand up. Eric looked at you as you moved towards him, he seemed to argue with himself whether he should let you pick up or not.

“If you say anything-“

He growled and clenched his jaw.

“I won’t.”

You quickly said and he observed you for another two seconds before he hesitantly gave you the phone, holding it against your ear. You awkwardly took it between your shoulder and your cheek.


You asked nervously.

“(Y/N) where are you?”

Relief washed over you upon hearing her voice, she sounded nervous and upset.


You almost breathed. It was so nice to hear her right now, she was the one that gave you comfort. But there must have been too much relief in your voice because Eric gave you a harsh look, reminding you to not give anything away. You cleared your throat and took a deep breath.

“I forgot to tell you-“

You swallowed.

“I’m staying overnight at Lauren’s.”

There was a short pause at the other end of the line and then your mother sighed.

“Well baby, you should have told me earlier, your dad and me were worrying!”

“I’m sorry.”

You looked at Eric who starred at you like a hawk.

“I love you mom.”

You said and held back your tears; you wanted to be nowhere else but in her arms right now.

“I love you too sweetheart. Have fun and call tomorrow before you come home!”

You wanted to say something, anything; just anything to keep talking to her but your mother had hung up.

“Mom wait-”

You called but Eric wrenched the phone out of our hands.


He said and grabbed your arm again, pulling you into a different direction, away from the living room and to the stairs that lead to his room. He picked you up and carried you as you struggled against him, taking you down the stairs.

He kicked the door open with his foot and carried you over to his bed.

“No Eric, not here! Anywhere but not here.”

You tried to hold him back from laying you down on the bed but he let you down without effort.

“Stay still.”

He said and walked over to his closet, searching for something as you tried to roll down the bed.

“I said stay still!”

He screamed as he returned with some ropes. You started screeching as he pushed you up on the bed again and began to tie your left ankle to the lower left bedpost.

“They won’t hurt you, they were made for climbing so they’re actually very smooth!”

He explained calmly while tying you down.

“Let me, Eric let me! Please not here!”

You screamed over and over again until he removed your cable ties and you reached out to slap him. He pushed you down to the bed, hovering over you, fighting with you to bind your right hand to the other bedpost. You briddled as long as you could but finally he managed to catch your second hand and tied it down too.


You screamed and cried.

“You think I shouldn’t treat you like that? You think this is humiliating? You know nothing. If you want to be humiliated then I’ll put Sparky’s collar on you and I advise you not to test my limits so that this happens.”

He screamed right into your face and you cried even more.


You sobbed and threw your head back, squirming against your restraints. This seemed to catch him off guard. He surely didn’t expect that!

“You fucked her here.”

You repeated and closed your eyes, tears streaming down your cheeks. You felt so dirty and humiliated. Eric starred at you for a few seconds before he blinked and stood up.

“I have to prepare some things. Be a good girl and wait here, it won’t take long!”

He let his hand brush softly over your cheek but you turned away. You only heard as he turned off the light before he closed the door behind him. And once more your were enveloped by darkness.

So yeah, tell me if I should continue! I really need some advice on the smut! Do you guys want it to happen? Or rather not? Like I said, it’d be some kind of non-consensual passive smut at first so yeah. Tell me!

Best Friends - Prompto Argentum x Fem!Reader

So, I may or may not have gotten carried away here. But I am also definitely not sorry about this story. I LOVE Prompto with a passion so any excuse to write for him is so wonderful. Definitely some smut ahead. 

Word Count: 4782

And no, that is not a typo


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If you’re a goy I don’t know what makes you think you have any right talking about Zionism.

At it’s CORE it is the idea that Jewish people deserve a homeland because when we were getting massacred and ethnically cleansed the world turned it’s back on us.

What each Jew decides to do with Zionism is their perogitive, but you can’t take someone IDing as a Zionist as a bad thing in and of itself. 

  • Kara: Why haven't you told Lena who I am?
  • Lillian: Eventually she'll find out you've been lying to her and when she does, she'll hate you for it.
  • Later:
  • Lena: *is outraged Lillian betrayed Supergirl after helping Lillian rescue Lena because no, not all aliens are the same, mother*
  • Lillian: *is surprised for some reason*
  • Lena: *doesn't let the end of the world stop her from reminding Lillian she was a shitty mom*
  • Lena: *doesn't trust Lillian with a device that can save the world*
  • Lena: *is canonically a billion times smarter than Lillian (aside from not knowing Kara's identity)
  • Lillian & the CW: *don't know her daughter at all if they really think she's going to turn evil*
Jughead & Reader: Truth or Dare

Summary: While at a party, you get caught up in playing truth or dare. In an unfortunate position, you end up sharing one of your fantasies that involved Jughead Jones. Little did you know, he was at the party, listening, wondering how to make your fantasy come true.

Requested by: anonymous

Listen to: Supermassive Black Hole - Muse

“It’s your turn,” Veronica said with a devilish expression, pulling you out of your daydream. 

You forgot where you were for a second: Archie Andrews’s house for a low-key party. Naturally multiple people at school heard about it so they showed up uninvited, but it actually turned a dull party into an okay one. 

However, you were now surrounded by some strangers from school playing truth or dare. You couldn’t remember how you got roped into playing but you figured you’d just get it over with. Everyone always asked about crushes, sex, drugs, drinking, and other cliches. You were open, so why not play?

“Fine,” you said, shrugging your shoulders. 

“Truth or dare?” Ethel asked with a sweet smile. 

You thought about it for a second and figured your safest bet would be truth. “Truth.”

Veronica rolled her eyes. “Of course you play it safe,” she said with a laugh. 

“Then make it hard,” you told her. 

She laughed. “Fine. Tell us…” She narrowed her eyes, trying to think of something good to ask. When she got an idea, her face lit up. “Tell us one of your fantasies.”

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