s tune

Yuuri’s Pole Dancing Playlist (probably):

I.  Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time by P!ATD   II.   London Bridge by Fergie  III.  Partition by Beyoncé  IV.  Drunk In Love by Beyoncé  V.  Crazy In Love by Sofia Karlberg  VI.  Knee Socks by Arctic Monkeys  VII.  Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande  VIII.  Cola by Lana Del Rey  IX.  Freak by Lana Del Rey 

X.  Womanizer by Britney Spears  XI.  Gimme More by Britney Spears  XII.  Break The Ice by Britney Spears  XIII.  Rock Your Body by Justin Timberlake  XIV.  Promiscious by Nelly Furtado  XV.  Maneater by Nelly Furtado   XVI.  The Way I Are by Timbaland  XVII.  SexyBack by Justin Timberlake  XVIII.  Side to Side by Ariana Grande  XIX.  Body Electric by Lana Del Rey

XX.  Poker Face by Lady Gaga  XXI.  LoveGame by Lady Gaga   XXII.  Blame by Calvin Harris  XXIII.  Mr Saxobeat by Alexandra Stan   XXIV.   S&M by Rihanna   XXV.  Carry Out by TimbalandXXVI.  Give It To Me by Timbaland   XXVII. I Want U by Alison Wonderland  XXVIII.  She Wolf by Shakira   XXIX.   Va Va Voom by Nicki Minaj   XXX.  Video Games by Lana Del Rey

✨Box Braids✨
Model source: barbarianstyle.net. So this is from yesterday’s Livestream! Thanks for tuning in. People wanted to see how I worked with glow so I went ahead and did a quick demo. Hope someone found that useful! Thank you guys again 👌😊❤️️


↳ everyone
↳ hi this is RM (in english)
↳ you’re looking forward to spring day and not today right?
↳ are you wondering what the title is?
↳ not today… spring day…
↳ In fact, it doesn’t really matter what one
↳ I like them both
↳ and because a lot of my input is in both so it’s ok
↳ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
↳ 😭❤️️
↳ stay tuned for the new album (in english)
↳ getting ready for the concert & tour (in english)
↳ the kids are practicing now too
↳ anyway please anticipate it a lot everyone. I will continue to write good songs in the future
↳ I’m always grateful
↳ be careful of the cold
↳ no cold plz armys (in english)
↳ dont catch a cold (?) (in japanese)
↳ 😘
↳ and and I wanted to say something I didn’t before
↳ I’m really grateful we can talk excitedly like this before the songs are released
↳ I believe a lot of people will listen
↳ I can talk about it. I’m always grateful and so happy
↳ thx for giving me the chance to say (in english)
↳ stay tuned for our new album & concert (in english)
↳ thts because i rlly believe that so many ppl who (in english)
↳ will listen to you album after it comes out (in english)
↳ such a great honour as a musician (in english)
↳ and a performer. rlly happy. love you guys give all my glory (in english)
↳ to you (in english)
↳ lets be happy more often

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nails for breakfast, tacks for snacks (demo) // panic! at the disco

the tension around the dinner table is high. chan’s jaw is clenched, the muscle in the side of his face twitching. everyone is waiting.

jeonghan opens his mouth but chan cuts him off.

“jeonghan, whose mother are you?”

there’s a moment of silence as chan stares directly at jeonghan who appears to have stopped working. the silence is broken first by food falling out of someone’s chopsticks, and then all hell breaks loose.

cries of “OH SHIT” and “FUCKIN REKT” sound around the room, the other members are jumping up and down as chan and jeonghan are still frozen in place. seokmin somehow has a kazoo and is using it to play a poor rendition of john cena’s theme tune. jeonghan starts to fade. seungcheol’s face has been drained of all colour. joshua is wiping away tears of joy. 

finally, among the chaos, chan allows himself the hint of a triumphant smile. he is jeonghan’s baby no more. 

honestly mahdi is so great like obviously he’s not as tuned into isak’s emotions as jonas is because they haven’t been friends as long and we don’t have too much characterisation for him but you can tell he picks up on what isak needs pretty quickly (much quicker than magnus lol)

like when isak clearly wasn’t comfortable with the label gay he offered an alternative and then when jonas made the point that it didn’t matter (because isak was uncomfortable with the conversation) he picks up on that and shut up about it, immediately forgiving isak for their “fight” because he knew isak didn’t mean it, “maybe he’s somewhere he can’t talk” trying to reassure isak, and then his famous “what’s important is we get out” line

he’s just such a good supportive friend!goddamnit i want so much more of these boys


Yuri on Ice - (Not So) Subtle Differences Between the TV and BluRay/DVD Versions - Episode 5, Part 2 (Part 1) (Part 3) (Part 4)

The TV version is the one in the left column, while the BluRay/DVD version is the right one. (In my screenshots, the TV version has the little toolbar at the bottom.)

Okay, so these changes are actually pretty big. To the point that they’re easily visible to the naked eye when you look at them side by side. They essentially completely redrew Yuuri and Victor and got their faces on model.

Other changes include:

  • Yuuri’s hair
  • the shape of Yuuri’s ear
  • the “Japan” on Yuuri’s jacket
  • the details on the front of Yuuri’s jacket
  • the shiny texture of Yuuri’s jacket
  • the glitter on Minami’s outfit

Stay tuned for more subtle (and the less subtle) differences!