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since this blog has died down a bit, im considering going through my followers and blocking all Gross People i find

Gross People include:

  • T/E/R/Fs or “gen/de/r cr/it/ic/als”
  • tr/u/sc/um or tr/an/s/med/ica/lis/ts
  • nsfw/kink blogs.
  • dd/lg, cg/l, cg/l(re), lil/tot, lit/tle/sp/a/ce, “sfw little” blogs.
  • “MAPs” aka pedos lmao yall are fucked ill report you too.
  • anyone who i see is lgbt+ phobic

so if you’re one of these blogs/people, I’ll give you about an hour or two to voluntarily unfollow and NOT get blocked

also dont even try to argue with me on this. im the most stubborn person youll ever meet and youll never change my opinions on anything

Here ya go ya filthy animals

anonymous asked:

Hiya love I have a question for ya. It may be a long shot but do you know of any fics like wood and nails or the moon's gonna follow me home where Derek going through the process of healing plays a big part? Preferably with him still in the pack, alpha or beta doesn't matter. Thank you!! <333

okay, i haven’t read wood and nails (it’s in TR folder), but i tried to find stuff like the moon’s gonna follow me home (which i HIGHLY recommend to others if you haven’t read it yet).

 i’m going to rec you my last fic first lol because part of the plot is about derek and stiles healing post canon. 

the hollow moon

here are some others. i hope you find something you enjoy! anyone else can feel free to add recs with this theme. i love this trope :D

Miles Away

living in your letters

Not Quite Lost (Not Quite Found)

There Should Be a Place

Stepping Off The Razor’s Edge

tide pulls from the moon

A Garden is a Lovesome Thing

To Navigate Your Seas

ik “sandy dumb as shit but She Got Cake” isn’t a very frequently referenced tumblr thing, and it’s not even part of the most popular reblog chain for the post it’s added to, but as far as i’m concerned it’s the most iconic thing anyone’s ever said on this website