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i love the fact that bc celebrities are adamant abt protesting donald tr*mp’s presidency & openly talking abt how they don’t like him to their large platforms/fan bases it has created this dumbass fucking reaction where his supporters are like “celebrities! musicians! stay in ur lane and stop acting like you know anything about politics!!! i love you as an artist but stick to what you know!!!” like ? y'all know donald tr*mp was just a celebrity before this shit right? no real political experience. and also? u all are out here yelling your political opinions that nobody asked for and acting like you know what you’re talking about even though you let a literal super villain into the highest position of power in the united states so it sounds to me like the pot calling the kettle black you vomit inducing cheeto supporting fucks


I hate the word “offensive” applied to Bannon’s, Pence’s, and Tr*ump’s values and policies. “Offensive” implies merely hurt feelings.

And I hate “alt right” as a euphemism for “white nationalism” - which is already a euphemism for xenophobic white supremacy.

Which also conceals what it’s really about. It conceals the material harm, the damage and death to human bodies, lives, unfixable harm.

There is no undoing death. There is no undoing starvation and lack of medical care that damage the body permanently. It’s irredeemable.

Fascism is not “offensive”. Fascism is dangerous, harmful, deadly, horrendous. It’s not just about mean words. It’s about planned harm.

One of my grandfathers survived a concentration camp. One of them fought in the Armia Krajowa against the Nazis.

The Nazi’s views on the “lesser races” like Slavs and Jews were not “offensive”. It’s not merely “offensive” to want to eliminate a people.

So it’s not just fucking hurt feelings when you want to destroy gay children, when you want to rip apart Mexican-American families, when you want to withdraw healthcare from the chronically ill and disabled and let them die of their illness.

Not just offensive when you want to register and monitor all Muslims. It’s not fucking “offensive”. It’s a precursor to fucking genocide.

It’s not “offensive” to disenfranchise and murder Black Americans with scant excuses. It’s hideous, it’s harmful, it’s not just hurt feelings.

Don’t let them call it offensive. Don’t let them get away with that. It’s a whole different category of thing.

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I work in a small restaurant. Besides myself, the only other server is a trans girl (P) who is always nice and gives good service. Last week we had a lady come in for dinner As soon as P went to hand them menus and water this woman starts screaming 'oh god, it's a tr*nny! How dare this MAN think he can just come over here!' Etc. P just started to cry and I brought her out back while the cook told this woman to leave or he'll call the cops. It took forever to calm P down but she was so brave


“Oh I see it in your eyes that you still think about her. That you crave her touch, her pure presence. The way she looks at you and her small lips saying your name. Sherlock.”
“That’s not tr-…”
“Sherlock, Sherlock, Sherlock, you’re still doing it. You’re lying to me, you always did. But even worse you’re lying to her, you’re lying to yourself just to pretend that you’re not ordinary like everyone else. Emotional context, Sherlock. It destroys you every time.