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Finally. A reason to live again.

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tho tbh the most klance-ish kiss imo would b something like lance kissing keith lazily with his arms draped over him & keith the complete opposite with his eyebrows scrunched and both hands fisted in the front of lances shirt pulling him in closer as they kiss

literally take any single cliche awkward first kiss scenario and picture it with them. it’s Gold

– tilting their heads the same way when leaning in

– one of them sneezing and ending up knocking their foreheads together in the process

– keith leaning in and lance not at all expecting it so when he backs away keith just ends up kissing his chin

– them not knowing what the fuck to do with their hands

– those small few seconds of hesitation before actually making lip contact

– laughing/grinning/smiling so hard during the kiss that’s it’s just one big happy mess

Hanzo squeezes back, unexpectedly, and when Jesse returns his eyes to his dance partner, Hanzo leans up to his ear again.

“She’s trying something.”

Jesse tilts his head and purrs in Hanzo’s ear. “Mmmhm. Think she might be tryin’ to lead him away.” His eyes flick over Hanzo’s head to watch as Sombra laughs and leans in again, putting a hand on the spokesman’s arm. The Vishkar employee moves in closer; Sombra’s nose wrinkles cutely as she smiles at him. “Like a moth to a flame, honey.”

Hanzo pulls away with a soft chuckle, casual, and lets the hand on Jesse’s waist smooth down. Jesse can feel Hanzo’s fingertips brush Peacekeeper. His girl is tucked away in his holster, under his jacket.

They catch each other’s gaze and Hanzo frowns in impatience.

An excerpt from “Dawn” by @poes​ with art by @jackalsketches! You can see all of both in To Ashes: A McHanzo Fic and Art Zine! Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more previews and news on preorders. And remember to love your McHanzo daily!

“I admire you, I really do,” the protagonist said. “It’s a shame we had to end up on different sides.”

“There’s no had to about it,” the antagonist snapped. “You’re the one insisting on turning this into a fight.”

The protagonist’s head tilted, before they smiled and shook their head. “A fight? This isn’t a fight. This is you losing. I’m just giving you the courtesy of lasting longer than a minute cause I like seeing what you can come up with. As I said, I’m a big fan.”

The antagonist gaped.


peter & gamora + parallels (peter’s head tilt) | guardians of the galaxy vol. 1 & 2

May I Have This Dance (Black Hat x Dr. Flug)

From the Tumblr prompt of: ‘How about some fluff paperhat?’
Hope you enjoy!
“U-Uh, Sir? Is this really necessary?” Flug asked as Black Hat stretched his arms out and ran a tape measure and put one end on against Flug’s right wrist and the other end to Flug’s left wrist.

“Of course it is Flug!” Black Hat snapped giving the scientist a glare making him flinch down and give him a weak 'yes sir’.

Black Hat rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers making a bag with a hanger appear in Flug’s hand. “That’s your suit for tonight, don’t wrinkle it.”

Black Hat looked over at Flug and let out a grunt “Got it?” Flug squeaked and nodded holding the bag as carefully as he could.

“U-Uh sir remind me again…w-what is this for?” Flug stuttered out softly looking down at the suit in his arms then back up at Black Hat.

Black Hat rolled his eyes and murmured softly “Moron…” He then cleared his throat and spoke up to Flug could hear him. “You are going to accompany me, Doctor to the Annual Heros Association Dinner and Ball.”

Flug blinked and tilted his head “Dinner and…Ball?”

Black Hat nodded “Yes, Ball, I know it sounds stupid but the Heros have found a powerful chemical that would be perfect for new inventions! So you will accompany me as my…date…” Black Hat turned away at the end to hide his flush.

Flug flushed softly and smiled gently but quickly hid it and spoke: “B-But what about our identities s-sir?” Flug tilted his head.

Black Hat cleared his throat and turned back to Flug with the hint of a flush but Flug didn’t comment. “I’ve thought of that already of course! I will be going in disguise.” Black Hat snapped his fingers and in a flash, instead of his suit being black and dark, it was white and bright. Flug had to shield his eyes for a moment before Black Hat turned to his normal suit.

“And you Flug…just don’t wear that bag of yours”

Flug’s eyes widened and one hand went to his bag as to hold it protectively while the other held onto the suit. “S-Sir I-I don’t think I can d-do that” He squeaked.

Black Hat’s eyes softened gently and he walked over to Flug and took his hands gently speaking quietly “Please Flug? I’ll be with you the whole time, I won’t leave your side” Black Hat gently lifted one hand and stroked Flug’s cheek softly to soothe the trembling scientist.

Flug took a deep breath and nodded his head calming down a bit making Black Hat smile and gently lean up kissing Flug’s forehead.

While Black Hat would never admit to doing anything of this sorts with other people around, he wouldn’t mind making an exception for Flug when they were alone. It might not have been his thing, but if it made Flug happy, then he would just have to deal with it.

Flug flushed softly at the gentle kiss but smiled and nuzzled Black Hat’s hand before he pulled it away.

“Glad we agree on it Flug, now all we have to do is go, perhaps do some dancing while we wait until the Heros present the chemical then we will swoop in and take it!” Black Hat grinned evilly and chuckled lowly.

But Flug stopped listening after the world dancing.

He’d have to dance with Black Hat.

He couldn’t dance.

“A-Ah s-sir? W-Wouldn’t you rather t-take Demencia o-or something?”

Black narrowed his eyes softly “You don’t want to go with me?”

Flug’s eyes widened “N-No it’s not that! I-its just….I…can’t…I can’t…dance.” Flug mumbled and flushed in embarrassment.

Black Hat blinked softly. Flug couldn’t dance? That was the problem? Black Hat chuckled softly and gently grabbed both of Flug’s hands and pulled him against his chest.

Gently wrapping an arm around Flug’s waist, Black Hat purred and gently whispered in Flug’s ear, “Do you want me to teach you Doctor~?”

Flug flushed dark and looked around before he nodded his head shyly.

Black Hat grinned and snapped his finger making a soft gentle music fill the air. Perfect for the waltz. Black Hat straightened up and placed one of Flug’s hands on his shoulder with him holding the other. Black Hat’s other hand was wrapped around Flug’s waist and they started.

Make sure Flug was comfortable, Black Hat taught him and instructed him on how to waltz. At first, Flug kept looking down at his feet so he wouldn’t step on Black Hat’s, but after a few minutes, he felt more confident about it.

The two danced and spun around the room, laughing softly and smiling wide. They didn’t even notice the song was over until they were both softly panting out of breath.

Neither of them knew waltzing could do this to them.

After the two caught their breath they both flopped onto the bed and smiled gently at each other before Black Hat leaned over and lifted Flug’s back slightly and kissed him deeply.

Flug happily kissed back and purred.


Hoe ya’ll enjoyed! I’ll always take prompts! So please send them if you wish!


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Which one of the boys wpuld be the best boyfriend/husband? Because they are quite abusive so i thought maybe you could do a headcanon of what they woulf be like :) thank you

*:・゚✧  Best to Worst as a S/O  *:・゚✧













*:・゚✧  Headcanons  *:・゚✧


Shuu: He is affectionate about 75% of the time, and loves to cuddle whenever really. But there are times when he has mood swings where he would rather be alone and listen to music, which results in him apologizing and more cuddles.

Reiji: This one is complicated. If Reiji ever started dating, it would start as somewhat of a reward system for him. Of course his partner wouldn’t intend for this, it would just happen. Everything he would do for his s/o would be for praise and genuine love. For example if you left your room messy before work, he’d clean it for you and expect/hope for you to be proud of him and praise him when you got home. He needs approval. As the relationship furthers, he wouldn’t be as needy for praise because he would have the confidence that you are in love with him and genuinely care for him.

Ayato: Similar to Reiji, he would want you to be proud of him and everything. He wouldn’t exactly go out of his way to do things for you to make him proud, but rather things that he did himself. He’d be loving in a sense, but not a lot for the first few months of dating.

Kanato: Heck all of these boys just crave praise and approval. ( thanks cordelia :)) ) But he wouldn’t do anything to make you proud of him because he expects you to already approve of him. But you just gotta say stuff like “hey you’re doing a good job” or “that looks perfect!” you know? He’d be very possessive and wouldn’t let you go outside very much. Good luck <3

Laito: This one is also pretty complicated. He thinks of sexual gestures such as forcing himself upon you or slapping your butt, he’s thinks of that as showing affection. Saying “I love you” to him is the same as saying “Good Morning” in his eyes. You’d have to teach him that words mean more than touching and tell him that there is a line between sex and sexual harassment. Being with him would be tough until you taught him what love is. He’d be very grateful about this and he would cherish and love you in the right way. He’d actually be a very very good husband.

Subaru: Okay y’all already know he’s the best candidate for a husband on this list (if you’re looking for one who won’t torture you). He’d be very loving, he wouldn’t hurt you for his own pleasure like is other brothers. ?


Ruki: Oh boy look finally a nice one. Yes, I do have a very big headcanon that Ruki would make a lovely s/o. Taking care of them when their sick, buying them random gifts frequently, or even keeping them home from school every so often (not all the time that’s bad) to give them a break. He’d just be a good one! Good luck ! <3

Yuuma: Hmmm , ? I mean, yes I could see him as being the “strong cuddly” s/o type. But he would have his moments of being way too abrasive in how he shows it. He’d be nice and all, a little short tempered but everyone on this list sort of is anyways.

Azusa: Oh my gosh it is no wonder why this boy is number 2 on our list. There is really on one reason why he is’t number one, it’s the whole “Pain” thing. It’s somewhat like Laito (though Azusa knows that “I love you” means more than “Good Morning”), they both show their love in wrong ways because of their childhood. You need to show him that stabbing someone in the neck is not equivalent to the meaning “I love you”. Other than that, he’d be a very sweet, and kind s/o.

Kou: Eh ? He’d be an alright s/o. It really depends on what kind of person you are and who you can get along with. For instance, if you easily get annoyed by clingy people, Kou is’t the one for you. But, if you like that kinda thing go ahead. Not only is he clingy, he has severe mood swings. He can go from “I love you!” to “Oh my gosh I hate you” in under a minute. That’s the major reason he’s so low on this list.


Carla: Sure ! He’s a good s/o, if you tilt your head a little. A relationship with him would be complicated for many many reasons. He is a pretty serious character who rarely lets his guard down. It’d be hard to get any emotion out of him without doing anything that would threaten his or your life.

Shin: Here’s the thing with Shin, he’s like Ayato but a little bit more mannered. No he doesn’t need the constant praise and whatnot, but he has the same demeanor. Honestly just behave and do as he says and he’ll be nice and kind! I don’t think I need to explain what will happen if you do otherwise.

Imagine Fili and Kili teasing Thorin about his age and the way he looks, and you kiss him to spite his nephews and to make him feel better.

You: is your uncle married?

Fili: no, like anyone would want to marry uncle Thorin, and with his looks who would even want to kiss him.

Kili: and he’s so old it’d be gross.

Thorin: * over hears the conversation* *mopes and looks like a kicked puppy.*

You: I think Thorin’s actually rather handsome. *tilts his head up and starts kissing him on the lips to prove a point*

Thorin: *kisses you back and gestures for his nephews to go away.*

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Journey To Remember

A Hogwarts!Avengers AU for @itsallavengers and to celebrate September 1, 2017.


“You have your tool kit?” Ana asked, peering into the face of the floppy haired boy, crouching to get on his level, “The brush for Dummy?”

Jarvis cleared his throat discreetly but Ana ignored her husband as she smoothed the hair off Tony’s forehead, tilting his chin up to meet his eyes.

“You’ll be happy, Anthony,” Ana kissed the nervous boy’s forehead and caressed his cheek with her thumb, “You’ll meet new friends, find new things to learn, make a lot of mess”

Tony chuckled feebly at that and Ana smiled.

“That’s it, darling,” the governess of the Stark heir cupped the boy’s cheeks, “This is just a new journey. A good journey. You just have to find the fun parts of it.”

Tony swallowed and clenched his hands in his neat suit once before straightening it. Father always said that clothes were an armour, a shield from the world. If they were perfect, crisp and polished, then people then people saw strength. Tony had always liked stories of knights and princes who wore shining armours to fight the bad men; the stories of King Arthur and his trusted wizard, the stories that he read under the sheets with a hushed Lumos.

Tony knew that Ana and Jarvis would never tell Father, but he always kept his voice hushed. Mother kept hers hushed too sometimes.

Somebody yelled about the train leaving in ten minutes and Ana looked up, beyond Tony’s shoulder.

“Well then, Master Anthony,” Jarvis placed a hand on Tony’s shoulder and awkwardly patted him once, “Remember to write after your Sorting. And keep your wand safe, none of that putting it in your back pocket, alright? Give your Aunt Peggy our wishes, but don’t call her Aunt Peggy during -”

“Yes, Edwin, he knows,” Ana stood up and shot her husband an amused look before opening her handbag, “Now, I have one last thing for you before you leave.”

“I’ve already packed everything!” Tony protested but Ana shook her head and pulled out a blue crystal framed in a gold circular rim. It looked like the globe in Mother’s study but glowed and felt more coarse.

“This,” Ana placed the stone in his hand and closed his fist, “is a special Rememberall. The usual ones glow red and tell you chores you’ve forgotten. But this? Oh no, this does much more.”


“This Rememberall,” Ana ignored Jarvis and held Tony’s gaze, “reminds you of people. Your professors who’ve given you assignments, your friends whom you’ve promised something, your pet who needs to be fed. It works with living beings. All you have to do, is whisper a name and a relation to it.”

Tony eyed the crystal ball with curious awe and carefully stuffed it into his coat pocket. He always had trouble with people. Names, faces, those he could remember; anything else connected to them, he couldn’t. He forgot birthdays, allergies, favourite chocolates. Father never remembered these too and Mother once said that it was a Stark trait but Tony didn’t like how he felt when he forgot.

“Thank you,” he muttered and gave a quick hug to Ana, who ghosted her lips over his hair, and one to Jarvis, who tightened his arm around Tony’s back once before letting him go.

Tony had gotten into the train and was past the first compartment when he remembered something.

“Excuse me,” Tony pushed his way carefully through the students who were climbing in, “Excuse me, please.”

When he got to the window of the train door, Tony frantically looked for Ana and Jarvis till his eyes landed on them moving away from the bench they had waited on.

“Ana! Ana!” Tony waved and craned his neck out. Jarvis caught his eye and hurried over with a worried expression.

“What? What is it? Did you forget something?”

“What if I get into the wrong House?” Tony asked, eyes wide and hands gripping the window’s frame tight. He had buried this fear for months, always avoiding asking Father about it whenever he predicted that Tony would get into Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. Father had been a Gryffindor himself but Tony didn’t know if he was like him, even if people loved to say that he resembled him a lot.

It terrified him on a base level, wondering what he would do if he landed in a House not meant for him. There was a voice in the back of his head that suggested that he was more worried about landing in the wrong House for Starks but Tony shoved it in and looked desperately at Jarvis.

Jarvis opened his mouth and paused before he sighed, leaning closer against the window till he was in whispering distance.

“May I tell you a secret, Master Anthony?”

Tony thought he nodded but he was too worried to actually be aware of it but Jarvis spoke again so he must have indicated something.

“There is no wrong House in Hogwarts,” Jarvis said, shaking his head with a calm expression, “Every House welcomes its students to seven years of forming a family. You cannot go wrong with your House, because your House is always worthy of you. It is only the company you keep inside and outside your House, and the choices you make for or with them that makes a difference.”

“But what about Slytherin?” Tony asked in a whisper and Jarvis quirked his lips a little.

“Nineteen years ago,” Jarvis replied, “Hogwarts was saved by its four Houses. The Golden Saviour was protected by the professors of all four Houses. Yes, there were students who did not participate but always remember this, Master Anthony. Every one of them was a child and every one of them chose to live. It is never a crime to live, Master Anthony. Don’t ever judge a child for choosing to do so.”


“Whichever House you join,” Ana cut in, eyes fond and a hand on Jarvis’ shoulder, “it would be the best thing to happen to that House. Your House does not define your pride, Tony. You make your House proud. So, no matter which colours you wear, wear them with pride and bring name to them. If you do that, you will know that your House was meant for you.”

Tony took a deep breath and leaned away from the window. The whistle blew for the first signal and Tony watched as his governess and butler moved away from the train, waving with nervous but proud smiles.

He didn’t know if he wished his parents had come instead. He knew that they wouldn’t have waved though, so he waved back at Ana and Jarvis as he let his breath out.

The second whistle blew and Tony turned around to find his compartment.

His journey to Hogwarts started with his back to his home and Tony stuffed his hands into his coat pockets.

It’d be fine. He’d be fine. He’d just have to find the fun parts of this.

He crossed the fourth compartment door with that thought only to crash and fall when someone opened it to come barelling out.

“Shit, Stevie, what did you do?” he heard someone call out from inside the compartment and Tony bit back a groan as he opened his eyes, leaning up on his elbows to see who had crashed into him.

His eyes met a pair of azure eyes on a blond, scrawny boy who was scowling at his own bruised elbow and Tony sat up, wincing as he felt his head spin.

Must have been the fall, he thought faintly and felt the train move finally.


If you wanna see more of this verse, let me know!

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Spoiler warning: Resending in case internet betrayed me. Phantom Thieves boys reacting to S/O who turned into a mouse. like in sh***o's Palace. but the boys remained in their human forms? Love your writing by the way.

Oh my god the mouse forms are my favorite. *A* Thank you for liking my writing and for sending this!!


  • Oh no.
  • Joker’s definitely the most placid out of the trio, and he delicately cradles S/O in his crimson leather-cover hands.
  • After inspecting them for a moment, he was able to discern that the ailment would inevitably diminish with time.
  • Although he tried with all his might to quell the urge to tease them, the light in his eyes flickered with amusement as he smugly pounced upon the opportunity, regardless of his better judgment.
  • “S/O, you look a bit… cheesy right now.”
  • Joker didn’t require them to verbalize their irritation; he could virtually feel it radiating from S/O, which only resulted in his mischievous smirk expanding further.
  • “That’s not a very mice look you’re giving me… why don’t you squeak your mind?”
  • Any punishment that S/O could dole out on him later was completely worth it when their nose and ears twitched from anger.
  • Joker abruptly elevated S/O to his face, causing them to stagger slightly. They were only a mere inch away from his half-masked face as he taunted, “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?”
  • His only reply was the sensation of minuscule feet plastered on his lips in a feeble attempt to silence him.
  • A hearty chuckle emitted from Joker prior to placing a kiss atop S/O’s fur-covered head.
  • “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I’ll stop our little game of cat-and-mouse, for now. Once you return to normal and I can kiss you properly… I’ll find the answer to my previous question.”


  • Skull is extremely conflicted as he frantically nests S/O’s ‘rattled’ body in his gloved hands; naturally, he wants to help S/O revert to their natural form, however… they’re just so cute.
  • He curiously poked and prodded at them, provoking S/O to resound an indignant squeak.
  • A faint rosy hue peppered Skull’s cheeks as he commented, “Oh my god, you’re so freakin’ cute. N-not like you weren’t before, but… ya get what I mean.”
  • S/O tilted their petite head to the side, and Skull scratched behind their ear with a leather fingertip as he chuckled, “Heh, don’t worry, spells like this only last a few minutes.”
  • The tiny mouse nodded, and Skull gently placed them on his broad shoulder so he could adjust his gloves.
  • He then playfully added, “Maybe Captain Kidd can use you to cannonball Shadows in the meantime. Whaddaya say?”
  • S/O answered him by nipping Skull’s exposed earlobe out of annoyance, provoking a carefree snicker to slip past his lips.
  • “Heh, didn’t think so. That would be pretty sweet though, huh?”
  • He pivoted his head slightly to witness S/O’s contemplative posture; they had uplifted a paw to their chin, and they seemed to be lost in thought.
  • Skull’s voice was panicked as he implored, “W-wait, you’re not actually thinkin’ of doin’ it, right?!”
  • It was S/O’s turn to giggle (or rather, squeak), and Skull exasperatedly sighed, “Even as a tiny lil’ mouse you’re still a huge brat… you’re lucky you’re so effin’ cute.”


  • Fox is at a complete loss as to what action he should take next.
  • He opts for seating himself cross-legged in front of S/O’s rodent form for the purpose of maintaining a watchful eye on them, ensuring that he doesn’t accidentally step on them or that they somehow wind up lost.
  • Fox sealed his eyelids and smiled to himself as he mused, “Well, I suppose we must paws this infiltration until you regain your human form.”
  • S/O shook their head, yet their tail betrayed their irked facade and flicked with reluctant amusement.
  • Fox uplifted a clenched cyan hand to his lips, a low chuckle escaping from them. “I apawlogize my dear, but it would be a crime to waste such an opportune moment.”
  • S/O crossed their small arms and mimicked a pout. A sudden jolt of inspiration flashed through Fox’s mind, causing him to procure a sketchpad from his thief garb.
  • “S/O, please hold that pose for me. This ailment will last temporarily, so I must capture this riveting and adorable sight before it dissipates.”
  • S/O could hardly distinguish the shape of the pencil; it had become a blur, and the mere astonishment of the spectacle was enough to freeze S/O on the spot.
  • The majority of the shock was due to the fact that Fox preferred to bide his time when he sketched; however, his sheer speed at that moment was enough to potentially ignite his sketchpad with fervent flames.
  • “How are you capable of being so beautiful in any given form? I am indeed a lucky man…” Fox muttered, more to himself than S/O.
  • S/O was so flustered by his praise that they failed to realize they had relapsed to their genuine form a while ago and admittedly, Fox was quite smug about seizing the chance to etch a bashful S/O on paper.
  • They never did find out.
Shoma answering questions from fans at PIW Tokyo (07/16)

(This will be updated as more tweets show up.)


Q: Were you always really good at playing darts like how you played in Gutto! Sports?

S: Nope, that was just a one time thing.


Q: Do you have any favourite types of bread?

S: Well, I don’t really eat bread.


Q: Shoma, do you prefer eating yakitori with sauce or salt?

S: I don’t really eat yakitori.

S: But if I had to choose it would be salt.

Q: How about ketchup?

S: I don’t like ketchup, I don’t like mayonnaise nor ketchup.

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Okay please I need a super competitive Kat with Sutton, Jane and Adena at game night where they play monopoly?

(This prompt came from a comment in another ficlet here.)

Sutton is watching Kat do her dice roll dance, the one she does when she really wants a certain number. Adena’s head is tilted up from her spot next to her, shaking her head and laughing at her antics.

The dice clatter to the board and they all lean in to see the numbers. Jane groans at the same time as her, while Kat’s resounding “Ayyyy!” is followed by a ridiculous dab before she sits back down.

Kat rolled an eleven, which means she’s going to get to the space that Adena needs before Adena does and—

“We tried to warn you,” Jane sighs, while Kat happily moves her piece to Pennsylvania Avenue. Kat starts gathering the money she needs to buy the property that Adena was eyeing.

“Sorry babe.”

Kat’s not sorry at all, face smug while Adena narrows her eyes at her. Kat starts handing her money over to Jane, their designated banker, and Adena leans into Kat.

She puts her hand against Kat’s ear, shielding her lips from the two of them and whispering something. Kat’s cheeks flare pink and her mouth hangs open for a second before clamping shut, and there’s a glint in Adena’s eye when she pulls away to settle back into her spot.

Kat clears her throat. “Y’know, on second thought, I’m gonna pass on this one,” she says, putting her money back down.

“Alright!” Jane jumps, pointing her finger at Adena. “You, both of you, no sexual bribery.”

Adena bites her lip, guilty, but also—“You never said that was a rule.”

Her accent is laced with competitive humor, and Sutton groans again.

Jane looks to Sutton when she says, exasperated, “They deserve each other, honestly.”

“I hate monopoly.”

Fire and Rain [Enoch O’Connor] [Part One]

Characters: Movie Enoch x Reader, Movie Olive

Summary: (Y/N) makes a personal sacrifice so that Enoch can be happy even though she, herself, isn’t sure about what she’s doing and can’t see the consequences.

Warnings: None

Part Two ~ Part Three ~ Part Four ~

(Y/N) would give anything for someone to scoop her up and carry her into a far off land, where she could be the center of attention and everyone relied on her, instead of sitting alone in her bedroom and waiting for the day to tick away. There’s only a few things wrong with this thinking. The first thing being that (Y/N) lived in a loop and had been for far longer than any regular human lifespan. Secondly, she hated being the center of attention, even to her own little family there in the home. She has just never liked people looking at her so much, or more so a group of people looking at her. Thirdly, she had only recently started to sit in her room and waste the days away.

It all started not too long ago, about three reset days before she ultimately had stopped coming down for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all together. Three days before that happened, (Y/N) had been walking down the hall to the room that was not too far from her own. However, she was walking from the kitchen as she had been asked to carefully transport a jar for her friend, Enoch O’Connor. He had asked her to get the jar for him while he worked critically on one of his homunculi. However, she had no idea which jar she was supposed to have gotten and therefore had her arms full of them.

Walking through the door to his bedroom, (Y/N) had started talking about which jar she didn’t know she was supposed to get and so she had grabbed as many as she could hold. She looked up, though, and saw that Enoch was no paying her any attention. He was focused on his homunculi, the doll pieces put together with the other materials he had for arms and legs and whatever else he had for them.

(Y/N) closed her mouth, her lips pressing into a thin line to try and hide her embarrassment. She walked over to the work table, setting the jars down and looked up, seeing Olive standing behind Enoch. She had that sweet, innocent smile on her lips, her gloved hands held in front of her. She must have come in while (Y/N) was out.

She couldn’t help but press her lips together again. (Y/N) took a step to the side, so she could be away from the table, and looked at Enoch’s hands, watching as they worked. Her thoughts ran wild as this happened, thinking about how concentrated he was in his work and how seriously he took it. It was his peculiarity after all and it was apart of who he was. It made sense.

Enoch held pit his hand for one of the jars and (Y/N) stepped forward. She assessed what he was doing and took the smallest jar she had brought into the room. She set it beside him and opened it for him. She then watched as took out the heart inside with a pair of tongs, being careful not to apply too much pressure that would make it burst.

(Y/N) looked up at Olive and smiled at her, and the redhead fire wielding girl smiled back at her, her eyes shining with admiration. She then set her gaze back to the boy and got him a pair of forceps, handing them to him as he held his hand out. He didn’t say anything.

Olive watched him closely, inching just a little closer to watch him. However, her eyes drifted to him, not his work. (Y/N) saw this, but she didn’t react. She simply went back to watching.

Enoch soon stopped when he was finished and watched the homunculi he had on the work table. He glanced over at Olive as she clapped happily at seeing the creation complete. It was in a sort of accomplishment. He watched her as she smiled at him and told him how perfect it was.

(Y/N) watched them. She then took a few steps around the table so that she could have a better look at the not yet alive creature. She couldn’t help but to look up at the two again, seeing that Olive had begun to talk a little more, saying simple little things about how amazing he had done and how she couldn’t wait to see the fun part. He nodded to her and conversed, saying how the battle between his homunculi should be longer this time around.

(Y/N)’s head tilted to the side a bit as they talked. Neither seemed to turn their heads to her. She sighed softly, easing her way to the door so that she could leave. She didn’t want to suddenly burden them, if that were to happen. She also didn’t want to watch them anymore. She walked down to her room and laid herself in her bed, thoughts running through her head.

They seemed to be perfect together, as if made for one another. She was the happy fire to his dark, brooding world. She was a light, almost literally. They could talk to each other easier as opposed to herself with Enoch. And if (Y/N) wasn’t there by his side, Olive most certainly was.

Lungs aching, pulse thudding, she could hardly manage more than shallow breaths. No matter how diligently she kept on top of it, how desperately she tried to hold it in, it was going to burst from her chest, darkness splayed out for the world to see. Her darkness wouldn’t be like Enoch’s, though. She closed her eyes, taking in the darkness and holding it in for a little while longer, because the aching was enough. She could live with that.

That was were (Y/N) was now, wrapped away in her blankets so that she could escape the looped world around her. She hadn’t come to any meal, sneaking away when everyone was doing something else. Miss Peregrine left her a plate and she ate alone. All she really got up to do was to do her daily chores, but that was it now. She had stopped, living with the aches in her chest of not only her lungs, but her heart as well.