s tears

This is unrelated to Forces but while I’m on a Sonic roll:

Sonic is, in universe, a renowned hero, right?

He probably has merchandise.

He probably has bootleg merchandise.

Imagine he, personally, loves weird knock-off bootleg Sonic merchandise, and collects them.

Here’s Sonic, in a kitschy tourist trap gift store somewhere absolutely in tears he’s laughing so hard it’s the best day of his life- “Guys. Guys look. look it’s me.”

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Cuddling while someone's crying, Kristanna. And congrats on all the followers! X

Single daddy!Kristoff and nurse!Anna?

“Daddy, it hurts!” 

“It’s okay, pumpkin, the nurse here will wrap it for you and then you’ll be fine, okay?” Kristoff’s heart ached at the sight of his daughter’s tear-stained cheeks, her lips turned down in a perfect pout.

“You’ll be fine, sweetheart! See? All better!” the red-haired nurse beamed at the little girl, as she finished bandaging up her wound. Remarkably, she had stopped crying, wiping at her tears as she looked in wonder at her bandaged wound.

Kristoff felt a huge weight lift from his shoulders. “Thank you, nurse-”

“It’s Anna. You can call me Anna.” their eyes met, and Kristoff couldn’t remember ever seeing blue eyes sparkle like hers did.

“Thank you, Anna.” he cleared his throat, suddenly flustered. “How do you feel, pumpkin, you okay?”

His daughter pursed her lips for a moment, looked at Anna. “I think I need a hug.” Kristoff moved towards her, but she shook her head. “Not from you, from her.” She pointed to Anna.

“Of course, honey.” Anna wrapped her arms around the little girl, shooting Kristoff a sympathetic look.

“You can hug us too, daddy.”

“Uh, well, I don’t think-”

“HUG US!” the little girl demanded, and Kristoff knew not to argue. He awkwardly wrapped one arm around Anna, who only regarded him sheepishly, and the other around his daughter.

“This is nice.” the little girl sighed. He didn’t know where it was coming from, but he had to agree.

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Speaking of Rose's tears and their unprecedented mystical properties-- I can't help but think that there's a connection with Blue Diamond's powers to make gems cry. Sure that's almost certainly not the only thing she can do, but both times it's come up it's been given a lot of emphasis. Maybe this is evidence of Rose Diamond and maybe not, but I really don't think it's a coincidence :0a


I mean, I had the idea of, I don’t think it’s exclusive to Blue, and I think this might be the main “thing” that sets the Diamonds apart, and defines their caste, with things like size being sort of by-products.

Basically, I think about the idea that Gems’ forms are basically wavelengths (light and sound) centered around a gemstone core.

Singing is clearly not only a thing but a pronounced thing among the upper ranks of Homeworld. And while many Gems and fusions are given notable musical VAs, Yellow Diamond is specifically given the voice of Patti LuPone.

So- basically, what if the thing with the Diamonds is that they resonate in a way that they can strike the hearts of any Gem within range? This would explain the corruption (seemingly, White’s handiwork), it’d explain both Blue’s power and why Lars is unaffected, and it might well also be the origin of destabilization technology- Diamonds are in fact able to “sing” in such a way that a lesser gem would be shaken to pieces by that resonance, but the Diamonds are built for it.

After all, the Diamonds apply the rhetoric of “every Gem is made for a purpose and that’s Who They Are” to themselves. Yellow’s song even makes that very clear- A place for everyone, and everyone in their place- that means you too, Blue, and you’re not in your place doing your job.

If the Diamonds are “made” to lead, then it makes sense their skill set is geared towards other Gems. Interconnecting, communicating.

Mostly, what we see of the Homeworld Diamonds is they’re broadcasting, much more than they’re listening. If anything, not listening is definitely a problem of theirs.

However… Steven also has a lot of communication related powers, doesn’t he? Dreamwalking, his body-hijacking powers- and a very obvious musical aptitude he shares with both his parents.

I mean, I think a lot about the fact that YD’s ability to channel destabilizing force through her own body proves that diamonds, or at least YD, are impervious to that kind of thing- and how Steven is immune to destabilizer fields, and we all assumed it’s because he’s half human.

I think about this especially because it’s been stated if Steven poofed he’d be “dead forever” and Crewniverse, I believe specifically Matt Burnett, said something about “A Diamond poofing? Hahaha,” implying they can’t or that it’d be incredibly unusual.

TL;DR the Diamonds seem to have a thing about psychic empathy? though, it’s not clear yet if the Diamonds can “listen” as much as they can “broadcast” or if their skill set is actually limited.

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Still laughing at even's entrance in the video. Seriously, I'm almost in tears, it's amazing. I'm sure Henrik is like that 90% of the time. *powerfully screams in Norwegian*

Don’t think about-

Don’t think about the fact that if lance and Keith had to be labeled lance would be destruction and Keith would be creation.

Don’t think about the fact that Lance probably knows that everything he touches dies and crumbles in his care. Don’t think about how when he was growing up he was the only kid in his class who’s plant died. Don’t think about how he probably ran home to his moms out stretched arms ready for the onslaught of cries of her toddler would surly bring.

Don’t think about how Lance envy’s Keith and his natural skill, where else Keith can run the simulator perfectly the first time around. And it takes Lance twenty and then some runs to pass the it- barley. How even after years of being together hours after Keith has fallen asleep Lance stares at him scared at the fact that one day he will ruin this too.  How no matter how many times Keith wipes away the tear’s and promises there is nothing he could do to drive him away. Lance doesn’t believe it, everything always goes wrong, why would his love life be any different?

And for the love of God don’t think about the fact that when he fucks something up, nobody bothers to tell him it’s fine. They expect his to be fine. Because even though he laughs it off he’s itching to punish himself. And on those night Lance will find a quiet room in the castle and remind himself that it’s fine. It’s all fine. He did what he could, and it wasn’t enough. 

L i k e  a l w a y s 

But hey, don’t think about it.

Feel free to add on to the pain

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do you think jeremy ever accidentally saw michael crying because i think if that ever happened rather than the cliche drama bomb it would be jeremy would just run to him and try to ask what was wrong but ultimately also start crying because he's sensitive and michael being sad makes him sad and michael would start laughing because he's so ridiculous and then they'd both be laughing and crying while clinging to each other

oh my god theyre both nerds and this absolutely would happen. jeremy’s Big Damn Heart just wouldnt be able to take it. what if michael gets sad that his sad makes jeremy sad and then makes sure never to cry in front of jeremy ever again, which ends as well as a car crash, really. they keep ending up in each other’s arms, exhausted from crying and weird bouts of laughing.

(“I’m sorry I make you sad,” Michael says, words muffled by Jeremy’s shoulder. His face has been buried there for a while. It’s gross and tear-damp but he doesn’t want to move. 

“Don’t apologize for that,” Jeremy sniffles, heart aching from Michael’s small voice. The only thing that stops him from shedding more tears is the fact that his eyes hurt and he’s kinda dehydrated. “It feels like shit but–it’s okay. It’s okay to be sad.”

“You can’t say shit like that and expect me not to cry, you fucker!” Michael hiccups as Jeremy laughs hoarsely.) 

(then they’d drink lotsa water and go to sleep cuddling)

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57., With Nicky and Erik please!

send us a number, an au, and a pairing!

“This isn’t up for debate.”

“you know, you don’t have to stay with me. i’m going back to america to look after my cousins and you’ve got your responsibilities, your job, yourself to look after. i wouldn’t,” nicky pauses. he looks down, if only to avoid erik’s hardening expression. “i wouldn’t blame you for needing some space. you know that.”

in his peripheral, nicky can see the way erik’s jaw clenches, taut, framing his face in a way he only ever sees when erik is determined. the last time he’d seen it, they were at a festival, tipsy and in love and erik pulled him aside to get him ‘the best chocolate known to man.

now, in the overcast light of their shared room, he bites back tears. erik’s fists are shaking.

(some part of him, some small, tiny, boiling part of him thinks he’s about to get hit. he pushes that away before it can grow into a monster, consume him, refuse to let him see reason. erik would never, he knows this. not after all of nicky’s progress.)


it’s firm in the way that forces nicky’s own tense muscles to relax, just enough to give him the confidence to pull his eyes from the floor. for one blinding second, he almost doesn’t want to believe when erik says, soft, “this isn’t up for debate. you’re going to go to america to take care of your cousins, and when you think they can be on their own, you’ll come back. yes?”

there’s a lump in nicky’s throat that he welcomes with open arms. he nods, once, smiles, and with barely concealed relief closes the distance between them.

(they’ll be okay.)

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Reading the interview felt like a punch in the gut. For fuck's sake, we had more than enough of how beautiful and ethereal Viktor is, does Kubo even plan to respect him as a character? He's crying?? Oh his tears look magical. There isn't a shot where Viktor isn't beautiful. Reading about his designing feels like reading a wish fulfillment. I love Viktor and this makes me want to pry him off their hands. You understand Vivic better than they do and have more respect to him.

askjalksjlkajs this ask was probably sent in light of yesterday’s discourse and honestly i have nothing else to add alskjalksj so here, i’ll add a tea drinking gif

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Have you seen my suneater son. He looks adorable. Also Deku made me cry.. WHY

!!!!! I’ll be really honest here anon I currently have a lot of feelings and 90% of them are about Amajiki picking Kirishima it’s everything I didn’t know I needed in my life thank you Horikoshi I owe you