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EXO - 161210 TBS King’s Brunch - [ENG SUB]

Credit: viv-jpkr. (TBS 王様のブランチ)


“There are things in life when you look back afterwards only to realize it’s too late.”

After the Rain Announcement: Double Single Release for “Atom: The Beginning” & “Clockwork Planet”

Mafumafu: “[Super Important Announcement ①]
We have had the opportunity to sing as After the Rain for the opening theme to NHK General Television`s “Atom: The Beginning” and the ending theme to TBS / BS-TBS’s “Clockwork Planet” in the Spring 2017 TV anime season!!! We’ve been working on them for the longest time!! Uoooh!!!!”

Mafumafu: “[Super Important Announcement ②]
And those two singles will both be released at the same time!
“Kaidoku Funou (Indecipherable)” (Atom: The Beginning OP Theme)
“Anti-Clockwise” (Clockwork Planet ED Theme)

For each single, we’ve had it created in our usual fashion of putting a large volume of 4 tracks in 1 single!!”

Mafumafu: [Super Important Announcement ③]
While the two singles will be released at the same time, for those who purchase the first-press limited edition for both singles, it will come with store-specific bonuses! (Animate, Amazon, TSUTAYA, Tower Records)
Reservations and details will be here⇒http://nbcuni-music.com/aftertherain/

Our first hit for the new year, please give us your regards!!!”

Mafumafu: “Thank you for coming to our livecast!
With that being said, this was our talk for the start of the year 2017 was about “Simultaneous Double Single Release”! For both “Kaidoku Funou (Indecipherable)” and “Anti-Clockwise”, I pumped in all of the musical knowledge I had in their making, and they’ve become songs that I can send out with pride. Please give me your regards. I’m soooooooo excited for the anime aaaaahhh!!!”

Mafumafu: “Everyone thaaaaaaaaaaanksssssss I’ll do my beeeeeeeeeeeest The homepage server is down & I can’t seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaahhh”