s t u p i d

M O R O C C A N    S U N S E T    I N S P I R E D   E Y E S 

For this weeks tutorial I’ve used an array of Orange shades as well as Reddish Browns. 
It’s quite an intense eyeshadow look and works so well with all eye colours, particularly Brown. But warm shades like these really make Blue & Green eyes pop, so it’s a great all rounder. 

I’ve added a touch of warm Gold pigment to the centre of the lids to catch the light and draw your eyes straight to it. 
This makeup isn’t about precision, I’ve chosen shades that easily blend into one another so blending doesn’t have to been the key factor.

I will list all the products used in the description bar of the video when it goes live! 

he brings the sun (to its knees)

Pairing: Yoongi/Jimin
Author: dreampvck
Genre: College!AU, Texting, Friends with Benefits!AU, Neighbours!AU
Rating: NC-17
d-boy: i just met the cutest fuckin guy
princess jin: and ???
joonie: how is this… an issue…
d-boy: and i knocked him to the floor
d-boy: and swore at him
d-boy: plus
d-boy: im p sure he was on his way home after dicking someone down so
d-boy: he’s probably taken

alternatively: college au where jimin is yoongi’s next-door-neighbour’s fuck-buddy, and yoongi can’t keep his eyes (or his hands) to himself.

Admin’s Notes: Okay so I love this fic and wait for updates every single day.(that’s an exaggeration but u get me.) The characterisation of everyone is really good. It is probably one of the only fics I’ve read that has realistic feelings towards third-wheeling. Yoongi is a swell guy and he deserves the world in this fic. honestly everyone is so nice in this fic so I know it’s headed for angst town but I love it anyway.

Link: AO3

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-admin bex

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You had a line v briefly about Lucien giving Azriel snappy responses back and the idea of Lucien being Azriel's bratty sub is b e a u t i f u l.

i am  s u p e r  az/lucien d/s in either configuration. I just want my angsty boys to work through their shit while touching each others dicks T-T

Tagged by: nobody. I’m a thief…and apparently a masochist too. I didn’t think there were that many songs that started with the letter ‘T’ in the history of music. O_O 
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The Words - Christina Perri  [-]
Whispers in the Dark - Skillet  [-]
If you only knew - Shinedown  [-]
Stolen - Dashboard Confessional  [-]
The Great Divide - Breaking Benjamin  [-]
Everlasting - Two Steps From Hell  [-]
Don’t Stop - Innerpartysystem  [-
Bite My Tongue - You Me At Six  [-]
Until We Go Down - Ruelle  [-]
Timber - Kesha *(solo version)  [-]
Prayer of St. Francis - Sarah McLachlan  [-]
Red - Tyler Ward [-]
Everything - Lifehouse  [-]
The Kill - 30 Seconds to Mars  [-]
The Road - Hurts  [-]
Your Hand In Mine - Explosions in the Sky  [-]

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Tiny fingers grasped at her mutated hand, a chubby cheek resting to it and big blue eyes gazing up with a puppy dog look. " Momma... Please tell me the story of how you and papa met again? "

send anons as my muse’s child/children |  ACCEPTING !! 
VERSE   —   canon, post-season four.  // @ncncriminalway

          the world feels like a much softer place,   now that she’s no longer on the  g r o u n d.     

          in four years,     she    &    john had built a  L I F E  together,    a   f a m i l y.    (   granted,    the latter hadn’t been p l a n n e d  .  .  .     )      emori never thought she’d embrace m o t h e r h o o d   —   whenever the thought came to mind,   memories of her  O W N  mother followed,    leaving her with a hollow feeling.    her mother taught her love came with conditions,     sending her own daughter out on her own,   the moment her feet hit the ground.     the moment she learned she’d be having a child of her own,     she silently vowed to herself that she would LOVE their child without limitations.     there were no clans to cast them out,       no fears for survival,      no death wave coming for them   —   their child would never have to know any of that.     NOT IF SHE COULD HELP IT.      no child of hers would  E V E R  feel the cruelty she knew,    never endure the horrors an unforgiving world handed to her.

           a smile spread across her features,     (    when it came to her child   —   it’s  ALL  she could do   )    pulling her daughter closer,    enveloped in her arms.     “you know this story better than i do,   strikon.”    she leans in closer,     pressing a light kiss to her daughter’s forehead.    meeting john felt like a life time ago   —   in a different life,    long ago.     THE CITY OF LIGHT,     living in the desert.     jaha    &    alie.     o t a n.    it all felt so distant,    yet she remembered every moment like it was yesterday.     “i met your nontu while traveling through the desert,”     the story begins,    details of the city of light   &    the chip  A L W A Y S  being omitted   —   she’d tell her daughter about it when she was older,    choosing to spare a three year old of the chip,    the brainwashing,     a l i e.    

           “he was  d i f f e r e n t  .  .  .      he was kind.”    she smiles,       watching blissfully as her daughter grasps at her hand.     i wouldn’t cover it up,    i think it’s badass.      "but he was a  f o o l  for trusting strangers he met in the dead zone,”     a small wince follows the name,     having let it accidentally slip.   “ “i was going to steal from him   —    take his food   &    run,”     emori continues,     the action seeming so minuscule in comparison to how far they’ve come.     she pauses for a moment,    before speaking.    “  —    &    just like that,    he was  g o n e.”     she recounts,    small smile present.    “but we found our way to one another    —-    &   then to you, ai snogon.”     leaning closer,     she presses multiple kisses to her daughter’s face   —   landing on her cheek,     nose,    forehead,    unable to stop the laughter that follows. 

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What are the symptoms of ADHD besides hyperactivity? All I've been exposed to is stereotypes of what it's like to have ADHD and I want to learn more!

well here’s what it’s like for me

  • feeling like you need to Do Shit All The Time
  • like, literally every second
  • if you aren’t stimulated for even a second you’re incredibly bored
  • boredom is literally painful
  • it’s worse than death
  • worse than e v e r y t h i n g
  • feelin that sweet Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria™ any time you get teased or insulted
  • when you’re listening to music you always tune it out eventually
  • not picking up on social cues At All
  • actually, what are social cues?
  • can’t regulate attention
  • not interesting = not worth paying attention to
  • hyperfocus for hours
  • did i forget to eat again
  • The Thoughts go from point a to point g in less than one (1) fuckin sentence
  • *someone says a thing* what *person repeats thing* what *person repeats thing again and you still don’t hear them but dont ask what again in case they think ur weird*
  • or, alternatively
  • *someone says a thing* what *person starts to repeat said thing; you reply less than a second after they start*
  • using subtitles all the time so you don’t have to go back twenty times to determine What The Fuck someone said
  • “sorry i tuned you out for that entire sentence can you repeat that”
  • needing e x t r e m e l y s p e c i f i c d i r e c t i o n s
  • tfw that thing u were working on falls apart and u cant redo it bc u already did it and that would be boring
  • long blocks of text are Extremely Hard to Read
  • ur fuckin brain works 12 times as fast as everyone elses. for every ADHD person it’s somethin different. for me it’s puns. ill choke on my own laughter at a pun an Entire Second before anyone else even gets it
  • The Leg Bounce™
  • Disassociation
  • that ADHD feel when you
  • ^^ that one is a True Marker of an ADHD person. only ADHD people understand.
  • Tom: and this alleged affair with Belle has been going on for...?
  • Gaston: Two years.
  • Tom: and your first name is...?
  • Gaston: Gaston.
  • Tom: and your boyfriend's name is...?
  • Gaston: Lefou... I'm sorry, I misunderstand! You say 'boyfriend', I thought you say 'best friend'! Lefou is my <b> best friend</b>
  • Lefou: You bastard! You lying bastard!

“Or perhaps in Slytherin, you’ll make your real friends, these cunning folks use any means to achieve their ends.”  (listen)

“You might belong in Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart, their daring, nerve, and chivalry, set Gryffindors apart;” (listen)

"Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, if you’ve a ready mind, where those of wit and learning, will always find their kind;” (listen)

“You might belong in Hufflepuff, where they are just and loyal, those patient Hufflepuffs are true, and unafraid of toil;” (listen)

click to enlarge! 

J I M 🔥Y O U R E 🔥6'11 🔥A N D 🔥Y O U 🔥 W E I G H 🔥9 0 🔥P O U N D S 🔥G U M B Y 🔥 H A S 🔥 A 🔥B E T T E R 🔥 B O D Y 🔥 T H A N 🔥Y O U 🔥 B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 D W I G H T 🔥 Y O U R E🔥 A 🔥 K I S S 🔥A S S 🔥B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 P A M 🔥Y O U 🔥F A I L E D 🔥A R T 🔥 S C H O O L 🔥 B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 M E R E D I T H 🔥Y O U V E 🔥 S L E P T 🔥W I T H 🔥 S O 🔥M A N Y 🔥G U Y S 🔥Y O U R E 🔥 S T A R T I N G🔥T O 🔥 L O O K 🔥 L I K E 🔥 O N E 🔥 B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥K E V I N 🔥 I 🔥C A N T 🔥D E C I D E 🔥 B E T W E E N 🔥 A 🔥 F A T 🔥J O K E 🔥A N D 🔥 A 🔥 D U M B 🔥 J O K E 🔥 B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 C R E E D 🔥 Y O U R 🔥 T E E T H 🔥 C A L L E D 🔥Y O U R 🔥 B R E A T H 🔥 S T I N K S 🔥B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 A N G E L A 🔥 W H E R E S 🔥 A N G E L A 🔥 W H O A 🔥 T H E R E 🔥 Y O U 🔥 A R E 🔥 I 🔥 D I D N T 🔥 S E E 🔥 Y O U 🔥 T H E R E 🔥 B E H I N D 🔥 T H A T 🔥 G R A I N 🔥O F 🔥 R I C E 🔥B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 S T A N L E Y 🔥 Y O U 🔥 C R U S H 🔥 Y O U R 🔥 W I F E 🔥 D U R I N G 🔥 S E X 🔥 A N D 🔥 Y O U R 🔥 H E A R T 🔥 S U C K S 🔥B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 O S C A R 🔥 Y O U 🔥 A R E 🔥 O S C A R 🔥 Y O U R E 🔥 G A Y 🔥 A N D Y 🔥 C O R N E L L 🔥 C A L L E D 🔥 T H E Y 🔥 T H I N K 🔥 Y O U 🔥 S U C K 🔥 A N D 🔥 Y O U R E 🔥 G A Y E R 🔥 T H A N 🔥 O S C A R 🔥 B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 A L R I G H T 🔥 A L R I G H T 🔥 E V E R Y B O D Y 🔥 Y O U 🔥 K N O W 🔥 I 🔥 K I D 🔥 Y O U 🔥 K N O W 🔥 I 🔥 K I D 🔥 Y O U 🔥 G U Y S 🔥 A R E 🔥T H E 🔥 R E A S O N 🔥 I 🔥 W E N T 🔥 I N T O 🔥 T H E 🔥 P A P E R 🔥 B U S I N U E S S 🔥 S O 🔥 U H 🔥 G O O D N I G H T 🔥G O D 🔥 B L E S S 🔥 G O D 🔥 B L E S S 🔥 A M E R I C A 🔥 A N D 🔥 G E T 🔥 H O M E 🔥 S A F E 🔥


E m m a, when we met, there was just one thing that mattered to me, getting my revenge. And you did something that no one else ever could. You showed me that a heart full of love was the most precious treasure of all and one that I don’t intend to lose. They say that a captain’s heart belongs to his ship. And with this ring, it now belongs to you.

K i l l i a n, I spent so much of my life on my own. And then, Henry found me and brought me to Storybrooke and helped me find the rest of my family. But just because you learn that you come from true love doesn’t mean you believe that you’ll ever find it. But thanks to you, now I have.

Do you, Killian Jones, take this woman to be your wife and to love her for all eternity? I do. And do you, Emma Swan, take this man to be your husband and love him for all eternity? I do. Then it is with great pleasure that I now pronounce you  h u s b a n d  a n d  w i f e.

Updated Masterlist | 4.23.17

{Every time I update, I will change the date }

T O M  H O L L A N D 

Dating Tom Holland Would Include
You and Me
A Total Mess
More Like Her
Hands to Myself
Honest  |||  Part Two 
Tom & OFC
Prank Imagine 
Ex-Girlfriend Interview Imagine
Lovey Dovey Interview Imagine
Celebrity Crush Interview Imagine
Dressing Formal Imagine 
Thanking Tom Imagine
Facetiming Tom Imagine

P E T E R  P A R K E R 

Let it Grow 
Just Smile
Stay Away
Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
Closed Door
Finding You Outside Imagine
Finding Out Imagine
Finding Out (shorter version) Imagine
Project Help Imagine ||| Part Two 

J U G H E A D  J O N E S 

What Do You Feel ||| Part Two 
Black Sheep 

A R C H I E   A N D R E W S 

Misplaced Trust
Never Alone

C H R I S  E V A N S 

Stone Cold Sober
Far From Boring 
Fatherhood Interview Imagine
Father Chris Imagine
Spilling The Beans Imagine
Taking Off Shirt Imagine
Giving In Imagine
Meeting New Boyfriend Imagine
Laughing Game Imagine
Divorcing Chris Imagine
That Look Imagine

S T E V E  R O G E R S 

Age Of Ultron Imagine
Asking For Permission Imagine
Disagreeing Sokovia Accords Imagine

S E B A S T I A N  S T A N 

Drunken Nights
Simple Hello  ||| Part Two
First We Had  ||| Part Two
Parting Ways
Annoyed Imagine
Don’t You Do That Interview Imagine

B U C K Y  B A R N E S 

Brain Scrambled Imagine
Steve Telling Bucky Imagine
Afraid To Leave Imagine
Finding Out He Killed Imagine
Sent To Kill Imagine

T J  H A M M O N D 

She’ll Be The Death ||| Part Two 

J E F F E R S O N 


S H A W N  M E N D E S 


H A R R Y  S T Y L E S 

War Is Love |||  Part Two
Reaction Imagine
Caught In Interview Imagine

E D D I E  R E D M A Y N E 

Three Words
Panicked Interview Imagine
Platonic Interview Imagine
Platonic Interview Part Two Imagine
Costar Imagine

N E W T  S C A M A N D E R 

Newt Dating a Muggle / No-Maj
The Greatest Creation |||  Part Two
Yer A Wizard
I Wouldn’t Mind / OFC
Talking About You Imagine
Amazed By You Imagine
Dramatic & Sick You Imagine

E Z R A  M I L L E R 


C R E D E N C E  B A R E B O N E

My Credence Plea
Under The Mistletoe
Monsters Lyrics
Helping Him Imagine
Helping You Imagine

D R A C O  M A L F O Y 

Bite The Hand That Feeds
Last Straw
Change Of Heart

H E R M I O N E  G R A N G E R 

Flustered Times
Good Advice
Crush Imagine

F R E D  W E A S L E Y 

Sentimental Gift Ft. George Weasley
Lost & Found
Take Care Imagine

S I R I U S  B L A C K 

The Return Of The Jackal
Son Imagine
All This Time Imagine
Getting Killed Imagine

R E M U S  L U P I N 

Sneaking In Late Imagine

H A R R Y  P O T T E R 

A Nervous Wreck
Dumbledore’s Army Imagine

H P  A E S T H E T I C S / M O O D B O A R D S 

Slytherin 2

S C O T T  M C C A L L 

Innocently Deadly
Finding Out Imagine

S T I L E S  S T I L I N S K I 

Denying You Imagine

P E T E R  H A L E 

Being The Reason Imagine
Leave Me Alone Imagine

S P E N C E R  R E I D 

Being Late Imagine
Your Voice Imagine

A A R O N  H O T C H N E R 

Jack’s Favorite Babysitter Imagine
Jack’s Favorite Part Two Imagine

Age Regression + Get To Know Me Asks

A. What age do you usually regress to?
B. Do you use a bottle?
C. Do you have a caregiver?
D. Do you use diapers?
E. Favorite thing to eat?
F. Favorite fruit?
G. Favorite place to go when you feel little?
H. Something that makes you happy?
I. Favorite ice cream?
J. Favorite juice?
K. Are you a kitten or other pet?
L. Favorite thing about being little?
M. Favorite little space movie?
N. What’s your name?
O. How old are you?
P. Do you use pacifiers?
Q. A habit you wish you could quit?
R. Favorite nursery rhyme?
S. Favorite stuffie?
T. Favorite little space TV show?
U. Something unique about you?
V. Favorite veggie?
W. Where are you from?
X. (The best x word I can think of its xylophone so….) What’s your favorite instrument?
Y. Favorite time of year?
Z. Favorite animal to see at the zoo?