s stop

It’s time to stop.

Stop apologizing for being emotionally unavailable. Stop saying you’re sorry because you’re incapable of loving anyone but yourself right now. Stop making yourself feel like the bad guy for following your gut instincts. Stop allowing others to blame you for putting your own heart first. Stop letting them make you feel bad for not being interested in things that do not help you grow. Stop looking for someone else to complete you when you are already whole on your own.

And then you can start.

Start embracing it all. Start living boldly and unapologetically. Start listening to your heart and only your heart. Start saying no more often. Start pleasing yourself instead of being hung up on what others think. Start treating yourself with the same dignity and respect you give everyone else. Start loving yourself. Start refusing to settle for anything less than the best. Start thriving in your singleness. Start shaping your life into exactly what you always hoped it would be. Start creating your own happiness.

—  You don’t have to apologize for it. // excerpt from an unfinished book #148

Isak is totally the sort of person who reaches a certain level of stress and then just ascends his mortal body to cope and he’s all time is a human construct it’s just a void nothing means anything and someone has to tether him back to this plane of existence because he needs to finish his homework.

it used to be Jonas who would ground him when he had these mini meltdowns (because that’s exactly what they are, they’re not fun for him at all) but now it’s Even who stops Isak’s consciousness floating off into the multiverse. it usually involves a lot of cuddling his overworked boy and lots of soft touches and kisses wherever he can plant them and even softer words whispered in Isak’s ear until his eyes focus again and Isak comes back to himself

Like y’all!!!

When i was on my first date at 14-15 i had a 20+ year old guy scream dyke at us because we were sitting on a bench with their arm around me. That is the reality of being LGBT and showing PDA. It’s terrifying.

If you really wanna push it, draw Victor and Yuuri kissing, holding hands, being a couple!! Draw them being affectionate, dropping pet names, and being two new fiances who are in love. 

Stop making content around Yuuri being the (racist af btw!) nagging housewife trope, and Victor the bumbling husband. Stop making Yuuri threaten divorce over D I S H E S. Stop trying to force a relationship between two men into straight roles, and stop trying to make them have issues now that they live together. 

You’re not being revolutionary. You’re being homophobic and racist. 


I’ve wanted to draw me and some of my friends in Heathers style for a while now, and then i noticed that there’s literally nothing stopping me

First one is me as one of the heathers, then @cha-ray as a quarterback, then @dexvampire as something similar to Jason uvu

Don’t you just love a good rainstorm? We had one last night, and I love falling asleep to the sound of rain, but I also love waking up–especially in spring–after the rain.  Everything is so green and it feels like all of my flowers and plants have grown overnight.  I was intending to go into the office today, but it’s too beautiful and peaceful here for that.  I don’t have any meetings today, so nothing’s stopping me from working from home. :D

The last couple of nights, the husband has been talking about feeling restless at his job and wanting something different.  I know part of it is that they’re opening a new fab and as a manager, he has to do a lot (more) of boring paperwork/inspections/approvals and those are things he hates.  But, I think it’s also management in general. The husband loves engineering.  He loves it and he’s brilliant at it.  He does not love meetings/paperwork/talking too often with people.  He is good at those things, too, but who cares about that when you hate what you’re doing? 

Every time he brings it up, he then also has to talk about how happy he is in every other aspect of his life, “so who cares if I don’t love my job?” And, he has to note all of the things his job provides: excellent health coverage, a good salary, stability, etc.  *eye roll*  Look, I love the fact that my husband takes his role as a “provider” very seriously.  He’s great at it and I definitely appreciate it.  But, I keep trying to beat into his brain that WE DON’T NEED THAT MUCH.  I told him last night that he’s worried about being TOO good at it.  We could maintain our current lifestyle even if he took a fairly significant pay cut.  We don’t spend that much, and I’ve written several times before that we feel much happier and more comfortable living below our means.  The whole point of that is so no one feels trapped.  Obviously, it’s awesome that he feels happy in every other aspect of his life, but work is a BIG part of how most of us spend our days.  If there’s a chance he could be happy doing something different, he should at least look into it.  And, that’s what I told him (repeatedly…maybe one of these days it’ll sink in).  We have the goal/desire to retire early, and I know that a lower salary would mean saving less, but what’s the point in retiring early if you’ve been miserable for years leading up to that retirement!?  Goals are not set in stone!  If we work a few more years, then we work a few more years.  And, we won’t mind so much if we like the work!!!!  The man is stubborn.  Fortunately for him, so am I.  ;)  I’m going to make him see reason if it kills me! 


So today, about 30 minutes before closing, a lady comes to the cashwrap and brings me six handsoaps. She’s quiet, but customers sometimes are. I greet her and begin scanning her items. I’ve scanned the last one when she finally decides to speak to me.

Customer: Can you stop doing that?

Me: …doing what?

Customer: Touching my soaps like that.

I’m scanning her soaps the same way I always scan soaps. I have scanned literal thousands of them since I started this job last fall. No one has ever said anything about the way I do it before now.

Me: What? (I’m totally flabbergasted. I look over to the other cashier to see if she can understand what’s happening, but she looks just as lost as I feel.)

Customer: Your hands are dirty and have germs and are gross, stop touching my soaps. Just take one and scan it and don’t touch the rest.

Me: …I have to touch them to scan them. But I’m almost done. This is the last one.

At this point, I just want to get the transaction over with, so I begin putting her soaps in the bag. This was A Mistake.

Customer: STOP! You touched them, I don’t want them! I’m going to go get new ones!

Co-worker: She still has to put them in the bag, ma'am.

Me: Or you can bring them to me and put them in the bag yourself, if you would rather do that.

Customer: FINE, but I want a new bag. That one has germs from you touching the soaps with your dirty gross hands all in it.

Me: I washed my hands five minutes ago, I promise they’re not dirty.

Customer: Yes, they are.

I was kind of stunned by this point, but also very close to reaching the end of my patience. So I got her a new bag, and opened it up for her (my store has paper bags we keep stacked and folded under the registers). She opens her mouth to say something, surely about my gross germy hands touching this new bag, but decides against it. Which is good, because I likely would have snapped.

Instead, she shoves her money at me (she of course paid cash, which I am still having trouble wrapping my head around) and tells me to keep the change because she doesn’t want it if I have to touch it. She then snatches the bag off the counter.

Customer: I will put them in the bag over there.

Me: You’ll have to bring them back to me to show me that’s all that’s in the bag.


So she goes over, and makes a point about shoving the ones in the front aside to grab ones from the back, because I guess they’ll have less germs? She’s only about twenty feet away from me, I can see everything she’s doing.

Me: I wonder if she realizes we had to put those on the shelves…

Co-worker: Oh my god. Don’t tell her that. Oh god.

About a minute later, she comes over and shoves her bag in my face.

Customer: As you can see, I have SIX [specific name] soaps in my bag. Do not touch them. I do not want my change because you touched it.

Me: Yes, ma'am. Do you want your receipt?

Customer: Where is my coupon?

Me: We stopped giving them out in store after Christmas, ma'am.

Customer: Then NO. It has germs on it.

And then she left, hopefully never to be seen again…….

The rest of our co-workers were very, very sad they missed this scene.

By: mustangs16

I wonder how many times Homura has had to inform Madoka of this.

It’s clear that she’s done it enough to remove all emotion from these words.

Ice fucking cold.

I wonder if Homura has already given up on this timeline. If she’s even timeline hopping like this, she must view Madoka as her best friend, or maybe has some other motive for wanting to save her.

Has she seen Madoka suffer so much, she’s stopped reacting to it?

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Bex and Colin removed Van too. It seems more likely that they were all just sat around at filming yesterday and maybe talking about what they were doing over the hiatus and changed their locations at the same time.

NOT true. First of all, Colin NEVER had Van on his profile. Why are people saying this????

Bex didn’t remove van, she removed that she was the Wicked Witch on Once and changed it to say “Actress - Once Upon a Time - Lost”. It still says Once. But I do find it odd the change comes right after Lana’s. But if Lana really wasn’t coming back, Bex wouldn’t either I’m sure. Why would she?

The Colin thing tho, that’s gotta stop.

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I wish people would stop asking where you've been sometimes people are so inconsiderate, look after yourself first your faithful munchkins will always be here for you love from le trashcan

Yeah like the ratio to asks for where’s an update"/“stop being fucking slow” to love I have in my inbox is a big fucking difference. Y'all know I always try to keep it real with y'all. Every time I see an update question even though I told you guys, I’m sick and that I JUST finish midterms, makes me feel some type of way 😂 I love you guys I really do. It was a family affair that we had going on in here. That how I like to see my munchkins but, lately I’m just doing me. You guys should know for a long time, I put you guys first before my health. Now I’m putting my health before you guys and that’s common sense. Also to clear up many things that’s in my ask box because I don’t feel like addressing everything in separate posts, 1) (Munchkin Love): Like I said many times, life legit got in the way. I said sorry plenty of times. 2) (When will I update): I get asked this question so many times and I know SOME of you don’t mean harm by it while others are being a bitch about it and to keep it simple, I’m losing motivation because all I see is some people treating me like a robot. 3) ( Stop being slow): Boy/girl bye. 4) ( Do I still love mysme): Yes I still love mystic messenger. So now I gave y'all the gist, I’m going to try and find my love to write for you guys, because I believe I lost it. With so much shit, it was drained out of me. I do miss writing for you guys I really do. But when I sit in front of my laptop and I write, you can easily see there’s no emotion behind it and it kills me. Does it mean this blog will be deactivated ? No because I still have a shit ton of ideas that I still want t share. So thank you for the love and support I very much need it and appreciate it :) love you guys ^_^