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Really important follow up question to sprinkler overflows and running water – what about water pipes in the buildings?

Yeah that makes it tricky! I’m going to say it’s open water that stops them as opposed to all water, in a similar way to how crystalline salt will stop them but not soy sauce. It’s not quite scientific; the idea of the thing, the image of it, holds as much weight as the actual thing itself.

the thing is, “the boy who couldn’t hold his breath underwater” is a lie. isak’s been holding his breath, holding himself in, for years. to protect himself, maybe, to make sure he wouldn’t step out of bounds and have everyone start watching him like they know who he is. like, that’s the gay boy, the boy who can’t get it up for girls—he’s a little bit sassy, isn’t he? isak’s had practice at stopping himself before he lets his lungs fill with air, drink in life the way seventeen-year-old boys are meant to. he’s used to waiting on the sidelines.

and then there’s even, kissing him like he’s a treasure—the best kind, the kind you never expect to find but maybe that’s what makes it shine brighter than the others. and then there’s even, cradling his face like he’s worth all the patience and longing the world. and then there’s even, pulling him from beneath the surface with the strength isak doesn’t have, not yet, but maybe he will some day.

for so long, isak has kept himself hidden underwater that he never stopped to consider that breathing for the first time could ever feel this effortless.

underrated queer culture things that i love:

- commenting on friends selfies like “i am so GAY i have never been gayer in my LIFE”

- alternatively commenting on friends selfies like “i am straight u have turned me straight this picture made me heterosexual”

- phrases starting with “when i was a heterosexual,” to refer to any time before u realised ur gayness

- are u an X gay or a Y gay?

- saying “that’s homophobic” whenever u don’t get ur way

- moodboards. we make so many moodboards for shit like “potato girlfriends” let’s never stop making them

- having token straight friends in group chats. how does this happen why is there always just one (1) token straight

- “what are u, straight?”

- no character that is loved is ever straight or cis give me nine million bi or pan trans headcanons for them

feel free to add more


Run streak day 15 of 30 (or more, who knows? ). 5 miles down at the marina where there is snow capping off our world this morning, and one dedicated sailor is out by Lummi getting their early morning sail on. I stopped endomondo at 4.57, stood the a minute then ran another .45 to finish off. I was tired. I didn’t want to finish. I finished.

Marina bathroom selfie. Sometimes on the run it’s required to stop and relieve one’s self. It was that kind of morning.

I ran 18.73 miles this week. Next week I will run 21 as I carefully creep back up to 25 a week. This is the mileage marker that I’ve been getting injuries, so I’ll stay around 20 for a few weeks. It’s been since last July that I was at 20 a week. Easy does it.

I don’t like the way Callie is treating AJ with this whole Aaron thing.

If AJ was being delusional and putting his own insecurities onto their completely platonic friendship, then obviously AJ is the one with the problem. But he’s not. They’ve kissed. Not only have they kissed but while she was dating him. And the way Aaron acts just makes matters worse. Every time AJ walks in, he acts like he’s the one bothering them. He goes out of his way to be rude and disrespectful and just genuinely talk down to AJ in front of Callie and doesn’t let the fact he’s her boyfriend stop him from making moves on her.

And what does Callie do? Not only does she not defend him in those moments, not only does she just shrug off his advances, she acts like AJ’s THE ONE WITH THE PROBLEM.

Granted, I still don’t like the way AJ said he never would have been jealous of Aaron this entire time if he had known he was trans. That was a dumb comment. Aaron is no less of a guy than he is. But if I’m in a relationship with someone and they are hanging around someone (guy or girl) who is SO FUCKING RUDE TO ME IN FRONT OF YOU, and you don’t say shit and I’m not allowed to express my discomfort with this relationship without getting yelled at then 


If their comments towards me doesn’t bother you enough to either say/do something to help me, then you clearly don’t fucking like me. 

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Is yuuri the kind of person who quietly tucks his medals and trophies into a box in his closet and out of sight?

Definitely. He’s not one to brag (unless it’s to Viktor and even then he’s stopped doing that a while ago)

Mr. President - Masterlist

You’re the person that protects and defends the public images of the nation’s elite, stopping any crisis before anyone even realizes it exists. With your own crisis management firm behind you, you soon learn that your clients are not the only ones with secrets

Political AU/ Lawyer AU - Steve Rogers is the President of the United States - inspired by Shonda Rhimes’ Scandal

Pairing: Steve x Reader & Bucky x Reader
Series characters: Female Reader, steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Phil Coulson,  and Sharon Carter

Rating: [Mature] -content intended for mature adults. contains explicit language and graphic adult themes.
Warnings: please see individual warnings per chapter.

| Part One Part Two |

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Bro.... I hate to be the one to say this... but you have to just embrace it. People will never stop calling you a cinnamon bun. Just like they never will stop calling me their dad... just embrace it and... we will get through this together.


I’ve been fighting for the past two years about how I’m not a cinnamon roll.

Constantly denying and rebuking everything my followers say pertaining to it.

It’s been a long and arduous journey, but… Maybe you’re right.

Maybe it’s time to stop denying the truth…

And embrace the true me.

I am.

A cinnamon roll.

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(pretty common i think but still my fav) Headcanon: Lance is the best caretaker and the best one at hiding any sickness until it becomes severe.

I do like this one a lot, and with his giant Earth family, he’d definitely be an A+ caretaker. Unrelated, but I also like the idea of Lance admitting to feeling sick if it’s something pretty mild. He’ll up the dramatics for attention from Allura or Keith or to get out of training. But the minute he goes quiet and the dramatics stop, that’s when his fever’s risen dangerously high or he’s close to vomiting. That’s the moment the other start to worry.

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Norman has liked an IG post about the film Sky with DK. What is he doing? :o

it could be that he’s liking a post concerning a project he was in. He’s not going to stop liking things concerning their project together since they are at least friends and former co-workers.

Ps. Can someone show me the like I can’t find it

Edit: thank you to the anon who told me where to find it. The comment has nothing to do with dk but the rather the fan saying his performance was great in the movie. -

Her exact caption: “Counting down to #walkerstalkerconlondon2017 by watching a reedus movie every night. Tonite I pick Sky because it’s a beautiful film and Norman’s performance is amazing and very moving”

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What would Prompto do about having a s/o who constantly doesn't feel well (dizzy, headaches, etc)?

aww. the poor thing. (also I’m sorry this took so long)

Prompto finds his inner mother hen whenever his s/o stops feeling 100%, which is a lot of the time. He’s constantly buzzing around them, trying to get them as comfortable as possible and in the least amount of pain possible.

He cooks for them. He’s not as good as Ignis, but he did take care of himself a lot when he was younger so he’s good enough. So he cooks for his s/o, all those feel-better foods – one of which he considers lasagna. He also bakes for them on occasion, because sweets can make anyone feel better, even if he’s kinda lost his sweet tooth.

He makes sure they get their medicine in the appropriate doses at the appropriate times. Antibiotics help lots, even if they suck to take. Not only does keeping track of their medicine help them, but it also helps him keep track of his own medicine. Win-win.

He’ll make sure they get plenty of rest. Whenever they get dizzy or a headache or pretty much anything he’s gently ushering them to bed, getting them to lay down and drink some water. He’ll lay with them and hold them if that’s what they want, and he’ll either hum them a little song to help them relax, put on a movie, or just talk to them about random endeavors with Noctis.

At the mention of water, we have this – Prompto always gets his s/o drinking water. A lot of problems can come from dehydration, and adding that on top of issues they already have just won’t do. So they have a water bottle and it’s almost never empty because Prompto always refills it the moment it is.

Prompto is just generally there for his s/o. He only wants the best for them, so he does whatever he can do to keep them happy even when they’re not feeling well. Let’s just say there’s lots of cuddling time. Lots.