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Lydia’s first day out of the hospital had gone better than expected. The banshee spent most of the day talking to doctors and going back and forth between her house and Stiles’, doing her best to pack up anything she would need. She wasn’t sure how long she’d be staying with Stiles, but Lydia never went anywhere without at least a suitcase filled with hair products and another one specifically for dresses. She felt a bit uncomfortable being out of the hospital for the first few hours- part of Lydia was scared that she wouldn’t be able to be on her own. Frankly, she didn’t trust herself anymore. But she knew she couldn’t stay there forever and surprisingly, Lydia slept rather well that night. Being with Stiles helped a lot.

The next morning was when the problems came for Lydia. When her alarm went off in the morning, Lydia reached for her phone and went on social media for the first time since her incident. Dozens of people were writing about her, saying that she was going to be sent back to Eichen and that she belonged there, because she was downright crazy. One downside to being the most popular girl in school was the fact that everyone loved to talk about her. Lydia let out a groan and shut the alarm off, wrapping herself in all of Stiles’ blankets and going back to sleep until later in the afternoon when she saw a figure standing over her. She knew it was Stiles, but she was too annoyed to speak. “Here.” Lydia mumbled under the covers, handing her cell phone to Stiles so he could read the comments. She wanted him to see why she wasn’t planning on leaving the bed all day.