s sorry for making commission posts all the time


//hey everyone! Sorry that this blog has been so barren as of late. I’m currently in crunch time with my first year in college starting up soon!!

Trying to figure out my dorm room, trying to figure out how I’m paying for everything, and getting as many hours as I can for work. It’s all just stressing me out. (Especially with all the phone calls I’m making to the school ahhhhhh).

It’s also draining my motivation for drawing but I’m still working on a commission (those are always open BTW)

So this blog is on Hiatus until further notice!! I might pop around once in a while but if you wish to keep in contact with me, I’m on Discord (message me for the handle).

rotten-pastel-boy  asked:

Hey are you still doing commissions and such?? If so can I have a link to the information???

Hey thanks for asking! Ok the thing is I JUST started commissions a week ago and I did them in batches. Basically I’m a hobby artist and I know I won’t have time for commissions continuously during school, so the way I do them is I put a post up on Instagram opening some commission slots whenever I do have time and its first come first serve in the comments! I know this is really hard for some people to catch it due to time difference and such so I’ll be sure to make an announcement if I make some sort of more stable and permanent method. Right now I’m busy with some things but feel free to check out my IG for more frequent updates (sorry it’s a long reply;I’m still wobbly about all this rn :,)))))))

anonymous asked:

Sorry if this has been posted somewhere on this blog before but do you do art trades and request?

Oh it’s okay! ♥

Unfortunately due to the fact that I’m really tied up in time because of my fulltime job and commissions, I’m not currently taking art trades. If I do in the future though I’ll be sure to make an announcement for it!

As for requests, I’m not currently taking them per se, but y’all can definitely feel free to drop in an idea/scenario/character in my inbox at any time. It’s always nice to have suggestions hanging around when I’m looking for a warm-up or stuck on what to draw for funsies! u v u/