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Misha talks about Jared giving West sugar at JaxCon 2017

😂😂😂 I don’t think uncle Jared has really learnt his lesson… This was at DCcon last year: (x)

Now, Jared’s side of the story:


“Actually, we used a modified version of that formula you confiscated from Agent Johnson’s father.” 
“That’s horrible! Are you mad?”
“Think of the formula’s side effects… aggression…”
“You never fought a juiced-up Cal. …mood swings.”
“The guy nearly killed us.”

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Look closely at Sam's fingers when he is holding Cait on the red carpet. They are not flat against, he is doing little calming rubs/strokes and when they part briefly to move to the 2nd position, he doesn't remove his hand, he slightly brushes it across her back. And, yes, it did look like Sam instinctively put his hand out to take Cait's hand before pulling back. ;)

omg it’s the QUICKEST little thing in that video but you’re right! he’s like rubbing her side!!! It happens at like :25 as the camera is panning down. I also noticed in the pictures it looked like he didn’t just have his hand on her back in some of them he was like gripping her almost???? or like clutching her. he totally does let his hand linger on her back both times and YEP we were so close to hand holding. SO CLOSE. 

dear young aro people, especially teens,

it’s okay. you are not hurting anyone by identifying as aro. you’re allowed to lack romantic attraction. you’re not betraying your friends because they’re all talking about crushes and dating and you aren’t. not wanting an s/o is okay. you don’t have to enjoy romance or want it.

on the flip side,

it’s okay to be a young aro and still like romance. it’s okay to enjoy talking about romantic love and crushes. lacking romantic attraction doesn’t make you bad. you are allowed to want and enjoy romance even if you don’t feel it towards anyone.


Yesterday I was honored, humbled and so filled with hope to march with 500,000 sister witches in DC for the largest march in U.S. history, the Women’s March.

There aren’t enough words to describe how life changing and consciousness raising being a part of it was, because it was more than words - it was energy, a force. It was a testament to the fact that there is no greater force than women determined to rise.

Normally I avoid politics on social media, which I know is ironic, since I work for a Kennedy, but this event wasn’t about politics for me, but rather about human rights.

As I mentioned yesterday, I was so proud to march alongside the women there with me and the ones there in spirit - for my first ancestor in this country who picked up the wreckage of her plantation that burned to the ground in the civil war, for my great grandmother on my mom’s side who came to this country from Poland with nothing, for my grandmother who left the south and everything she knew to become one of the first Ford models, for my Nana who was the first woman in her family to graduate college and retired to help raise me, for my mother who was turned down for partner at Oracle because she was a woman, for myself - and, most importantly, for my daughter, should I be lucky enough to have one one day, and her daughters.

Let’s make sure their generation knows we were never silenced. Let’s let them remember how proud we were when we told them about the march yesterday, and how we made history.

Proudly yours,

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Do you think that Saiko is likely to join Kaneki's side?

YES 100%, and I’m basing that on pure fact my dear anon and not just wishful thinking. When Kaneki was Haise he became a surrogate mother for Saiko after her mother practically sold her to the CCG for a profit because Saiko as Saiko had the highest potential as a quinx. Haise treated her like an individual and never forced her to do anything, and that has obviously stuck with her considering her shock and disbelief over him killing Arima.

She knows that Haise was a nice person, and that even though he became distant he was still the same person. She is heart broken over that fact and she considers the situation gray

Saiko deep down knows that something isn’t right with the current situation, and she asked Mutsuki if he feels the same, which Mutsuki probably mirrored Saiko’s own deep thoughts by saying “I believe in him, I mean he was nice to us”. 

Along with that Saiko has been the most open minded of all the quinx when it comes to ghouls as shown through her reaction to the ghouls that gave her information on where to find food. While all the quinx where disgusted and felt sick by not being able to intervene Saiko said this

Saiko see’s that ghouls are more human then CCG propaganda make them seem to be. Saiko has no motivation to really stay with the CCG as she was forced to join in the first place. Yet, I think the nail in the coffin for Saiko joining Kaneki would be her interaction with Amon.

Amon tells her to keep thinking about whether or not a decision that she makes is right or wrong, she has to make decision for herself. Amon tells her to not just blindly follow orders but to think if it’s right, that by just doing that she is making the right decision. If Saiko is given all the facts on one side Kaneki’s she just by instinct would understand who is right. Saiko has been a character who understands and thinks more then what some of the other characters think. But, I think even at this moment Saiko knows what’s right she just needs the motivation to choose it.


A/N: I am terribly sorry to the anon who requested this such a long time ago! This took longer than I expected it to so my sincerest apologies. On the bright side, it’s here so I hope you’ll enjoy it! x

Pairing(s): Xiumin/Minseok x Reader

Warnings: Finger-fucking, orgasm denial

Genre: Smut

Requested: Yes

Summary: Minseok and you decide to have a little party of your own when the two of you pay a visit to his friends.

Word Count: 3655

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

When Minseok first told me about the party his best friend Jongdae is throwing at the end of this week, I was pretty reluctant to tag along. Firstly, I wasn’t too keen on meeting anybody new due to my antisocial personality and my confidence issues when it comes to a new environment with foreign people. Secondly, Minseok’s friends are all rich and famous just like he is, a far cry from the state I’m in. It’s not that I have anything against rich and famous people, it’s just that…well, I just knew that I was going to be out of my league.

“C’mon, (Y/N)”, Minseok had pleaded, clasping his hands to his chest and gazing at me with those puppy eyes of his. “Jongdae is my best friend and he’s the nicest guy I’ve ever known in my whole life. Plus, the rest of the boys are really friendly too”.

“Minseok, I look like a potato sack”, I’d lamented. “I can’t go to a party looking like this. Your friends are going to laugh me right out of this damn town”.

“(Y/N), that’s bullshit. You look amazing the way you are, babe. C’mon, the boys are dying to meet you, anyway. Will you do this? For me?” Batting his eyelashes at me, my boyfriend took my hands in his and held it to his heart. “Just for one night? Please?” He added sweetly, pushing his lips into an irresistible pout.

That’s when I caved in. I mean, how could I have resisted Minseok’s puppy dog expression?

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imagine loving someone so much that u live with them so u see them 24/7 but then when u go out and have the opportunity to socialize with tons of other people u are still plastered to each other's side :-) can't relate :-)

what’s that feel like? to have a human for yourself? who knows

Reblog if you'll stay no mater what

I know there’s been rumors and shit that “dan an Phil might be moving into different houses or apartments.” but Reblog if you will stay in the Phandom and support, even if they do end up living separately show that there’s still a good side to this Phandom.

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#onlyingotham does it become apparent that a lot of redheads suddenly change races. Like that West kid that visits the eldest Wayne boy a lot, poison Ivy, and even Clark Kent's photographer. ??? Why is it only red heads? Am I next? Is this a good or bad thing? Also, the Flash's side kick out in Central changed too. Who next? And why is it ONLY red heads?

Shower romances

My sentimental internal monologue was interrupted by a yawn escaping from my lips. It had been a long day to say the least, and being in Dan’s arms made me want to sleep even more. He moved back a few inches so he could see my face, leaning his head to one side. “Someone’s a little bit tired” he said, a sympathetic smile on his lips.

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For winteriron imagine that Bucky has never really tried any modern food bc hydra didn't care to feed him beyond what he needed to function and when he was on the run he didn't have a lot of options/time for trying new food. And when tony realizes this he starts to go out and buy a whole bunch of tasty food and takes Bucky out to eat all the time. Not even to fancy places but just a variety of different restaurants. And with Tony's help Bucky starts to develop preferences for food again

“What do you mean you never had sushi?”

Tony sounds almost offended, but Bucky just shakes his head and pulls his boyfriend closer against his side. 

“’s not like HYDRA had any interest in introducing me to new food, doll”, he replies, before he tilts Tony’s head back for a kiss. Bucky smiles when they part, a soft little thing that turns into a smirk. “Besides, I don’t think I missed anything important.”

Tony gasps and actively fights to get out of Bucky’s embrace. “Blasphemy!”, he exclaims. “You missed out on so much!”

He looks up at Bucky and his dark eyes are filled with that spark that Bucky loves. 

“I’ll help you catch up.”

Just like that, a plan is born.

Throughout the next weeks, Bucky discovers a whole lot of new food.Tony takes him out some days, introduces Bucky to “soul food” and sushi, shows him various dishes from around the world.

Other days they stay at home but they’re still doing the same thing, with Tony ordering whatever take-out restaurant seems crazy enough for Bucky to try.

Some things are incredibly tasty. 

Some are not.

But the best thing to Bucky is that he can all try it out. He can take time to find what out he likes, what he doesn’t. Which dishes he prefers, which one he tolerates and which ones he absolutely hates with a passion. (Looking at you here, pineapple pizza)

Bucky starts to develop preferences again and it may seem like an incredibly small thing, but to him, it means the world.

“Thank you”, Bucky whispers into Tony’s ear before he kisses his cheek. They whole team is gathered and enjoying today’s food experience. 

“What for?”, Tony whispers back, but his smile is far too knowing. 

Bucky kisses him again. “For this. For everything.” 

He pauses. Drops his head head into the crook of Tony’s neck.

“Thanks for making me feel like a person again.”

Songs and Cigarettes (Part2)

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

Summary: 70′s pub owner Bucky and singer reader

A/N: Sorry for the wait, I’m exhausted bc of school.

A bright smile made its way to your tired features. You lifted your head from the mirror to see Bucky leaning against the threshold of your changing room. With a slight chuckle, you turned to face the attractive man.

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Hello :) What do you think of the clowns being actually humans? Do you think they're Kanou's experiments which are being controlled? Cause even though one of them was crying but they were actually attacking & slaughtering ppl! I'm afraid cause this might make Kaneki a human murderer!

Hello Anon :)

Hmhmhmhm, well, it was kinda foreshadowed something was up considering this little scene…

… but yeah personally I was expecting something like Madam A’s little “pets” or Ganbo…

But the fact it’s real humans…

…reminded me of that scene from Batman The dark knight when he faced the Joker whose hostages were actually disguised as clowns as well. 

It’s possible that some of them might have been the results of some of Kanou’s experiments yes, however I think the ones from the main group attacking Juuzou’s side (so with Nico and Uta) are maybe more… people acquired from different auctions? 

From the auction arc of :Re vol2-3, we can easily deduce that the Clowns’ gang has a link with the group of the Madams…

And since not all the abducted humans are probably sold, maybe (in exchange for being auctioneers?) the Clowns keep the ones who weren’t bought (since releasing them after the auction wouldn’t be logical at all) and that’s how guys like that human who fought Juuzou ended up there?

It’s just speculation obviously but I could see those little clowns being a mix of some of Kanou’s failed experiments (so in short, people like Madam A’s “pets”)  as well as people from different auctions thanks to the link between the Clowns’ gang and the Madams, which would explain the different behaviors (as you said some appeared to be laughing as they killed people indeed).

As for making Kaneki a human murderer, well, I might be biased but since he’s already a ghoul murderer for sure (and humans already died indirectly because of him, like in Cochlea for example), I don’t think this will really change anything, especially now that he’s the OEK so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  
It’s war Anon, casualties are bound to happen for every side and I think Kaneki knows he doesn’t have a choice since he’s also facing the CCG in this battle. 

Remember that he’s not participating to save the civilians and stop the Clowns’ gang but that he’s mostly in it…

to save Akira, so when you see the disproportionate scale of the operation that is mostly just for one person’s sake, that speaks volumes about Kaneki’s mental state right now and so him killing humans isn’t that shocking, especially since, as I said earlier, he killed ghouls before.

98% of the cast killed at least once (humans, ghouls or both) anyway (for real, Yoriko and Maris Stella didn’t but I think that’s it). 

I hope that makes sense and that it answered your question. Have a nice weekend Anon! :3