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Voltron Klance twewy au doods from tweeter!! I bought the game for the ipad again and thought; why naut coconaut 👀💦💦

Keith is ofc the amnesiac emoass psych genius with a heckton of Imagination. Monsters suddenly start attacking him where he begrudgingly forms a pact with Lance. Can they survive a whole week of The Reaper’s Game together? Will Keith ever get over Lance’s pew pew phone? Will Lance ever stop calling Keith mullet? *maaassive shruggot*

(Also yeah Lance is secretly the Composer; basically the god of the city. Gg keith 🌸✨)


“Miss Ida was the heart of this church,” Ora begins, the words coming out shaky, just like she didn’t want. She gives herself a minute to clear her throat, and it’s now that her eyes drift to rest upon the stranger in the hat in the first pew. He’s stoic at first, eyes trained on Miss Ida’s casket, but when he seems to sense her gaze, his eyes meet hers in…well, it appears to be surprise.

Both of his eyebrows raise, making Ora’s furrow in response. She clears her throat again, and her eyes dart to her daddy, standing off to the side in his pastor’s robe, a regal shade of purple she’s always loved. His gentle smile puts everything back into focus. Voice a bit steadier, Ora’s eyes scan the index card in her hands and she presses on.

“I think that everyone can agree with that,” she continues, to a few kind laughs and a plethora of nods from the congregation. “She had a presence that could fill up the whole room. I don’t know how many church functions that woman helped plan, cooked for, and cleaned up after. She gave so much of herself to our little family here at Bellevue Baptist, and she gave it unselfishly and with the most love in her heart that I think I’ve ever seen in anyone. I also think that I can speak for everyone when I say that she will be deeply missed.”

Overwhelmed with a sudden wave of grief, Ora pauses, her voice catching on the last sentence she’s read, and she feels the need to clear her throat again. Her eyes find the stranger’s once more, and his are studying her, seemingly dark but scarily attentive beneath his wide-brimmed hat. He leans forward in his seat, long hair swinging against his shoulders, elbows rested on his thighs. The gap of his half-buttoned shirt opens a bit more, revealing a pair of birds tattooed across his chest. The rings on his hands catch in the light. There’s a small, black cross tattooed on his hand, just offset from his thumb.

Ora can’t stop looking at him.

{median // a thing that’s a thing, coming soon}

  • Lance: You know... you know not everything has to be a joke.
  • Dreamsworks: *starts laughing*
  • Lance: Sometimes you can just be honest about your feelings and that's how I see myself, you know?
  • Dreamworks: *laughing harder*
  • Lance: I may not be the most threatening silhouette but I like to think of myself as somebody who can stand up for- You know it doesn't always have to be joke-flirt-quiznack the whole time, okay?
  • Dreamworks: *still laughing*
  • Lance: You know, I'm flying through space with the hero squad and I never just get to say what I'm feeling! I have emotions!
  • Dreamworks: *making fun of him*
  • Lance: It's not all pew pew fuck you and what have you! I have a beating heart!
  • Dreamworks: *bursts out laughing even harder*
  • Lance: I'm-I'm multidimensional! I'm a fully realized creation! .... Fuck!
Take Me to Church

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Genre: Smut

Pairing: Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook

Words: 2.6K

Summary: Taehyung teaches Jungkook a new kind of worship in the house of God.

A/N: i’m so sorry

“We gather here today to remember the life…” Taehyung heard from the front of the room, but all sound was soon drowned out by the ringing echo in his ears from his yawn and the watering of his eyes.  He looked around at all the friends and family members that sat with tears in their eyes, their hands absolutely glued to the white off-brand tissues provided by the church.  He scoffed to himself as he recognized some of those who were upset by the death of his very distant cousin, knowing there wasn’t a way in hell they even knew the guy.  Taehyung sighed as he situated in his spot in the fifth row of pews, feeling his butt already grow numb from the lack of padding, not understanding how people can attend church for hours on end sitting in these uncomfortable things.

The ‘room’, as Taehyung called it, (he’d never been to a church, before, so he didn’t know the proper word) reminded him of what would have been considered elegant in the late 80′s.  The pews were a mid-colored wood, the seats padded with red velvet, as was the floor, and the walls were made of red brick.  To the right, in the back corner of the ‘room’ was a black grand piano as well as a podium of some sort, which he guessed is where the projector and music was powered from.  On top of it was a black mic on a short stand accompanied by some of the plants that were offered to the grieving family.  A few feet in front of the piano, alongside the wall, was a door that led to a small hallway, but no one was ever allowed to go through because offices were located there.  The left wall was pretty bland other than a stain-glass window that ran the length of the wall to the ceiling with an image of Mary and baby Jesus, which was put in an inconvenient place since the light was shining directly into Taehyung’s eyes, making him squint the entire time he had been sitting there.

He didn’t know his cousin–he never even met him once.  Maybe they ran into each other or exchanged looks at those huge family reunions everyone had where you had all sorts of relatives you didn’t know existed, but he wouldn’t know the difference.  He didn’t even know his name until the priest said it in the opening speech.  

“Hey, are you alright?” a voice asked coming from his direct right and felt a comforting hand rest on his thigh, which shook Taehyung out of his thoughts.

He turned his attention to his boyfriend of three years, Jeon Jungkook.  He could never get tired of looking at his huge, brown doe eyes and the wrinkles that accompanied the edge of them, his big (but adorable) nose, his bunny-like smile that shone like the sun, and his dark brown hair that complimented his skin well.  He always looked younger than he actually was, making going out a hassle as they would constantly get pulled aside by security and have their I.D.s checked.  Once it was so bad, they actually called the cops thinking Jungkook was an underage with a fake license, and almost spent a night in jail and had to pay a fine.

They met in college, like any typical couple in their early twenties, and Taehyung could never get tired of telling the story.  Jungkook’s grandmother was a worker in the cafe, and he occasionally helped when he had the free time since she wasn’t aging very well, and for the free food.  Taehyung had gotten back from a party and went downstairs to get something sweet, something he couldn’t resist ever since he was a child–banana creme pudding.  He wasn’t drunk enough to see double vision, but it was enough to effect his walking, and as he entered the cafe, he just so happened to bump into a boy his age carrying a large cargo of products, which just so happened to be banana creme pudding.  Since that day, he got pudding every single night, hoping to bump into Jungkook, until one day he came to Taehyung’s dorm, giving him an entire crate full of banana creme pudding.

It was something so silly that Taehyung could never forget it, and something he certainly didn’t expect to turn into something as beautiful as his life with Jungkook.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he responded with a sigh, throwing an arm around the younger and crossing his legs in comfort.  “Just bored as hell.”

Jungkook sat forward as his eyes widened at Taehyung, squeezing his thigh.  “Tae, don’t curse in church.  It’s bad enough two gays are in here…” he trailed off as he searched around to see if anyone was giving them unwanted attention, but thankfully they were all focused on the service.

“Or what?  I’ll go to hell?” Taehyung asked with emphasis on hell as he raised his eyebrow with a smirk on his face.  “I think we’ve both already established that.”

Jungkook sighed and looked forward, trying his best to pay attention to the funeral service for the sake of the people around him, but the whole thing was boring to him.  Normally, he’d feel awful and console those who were effected, but since it didn’t matter to Taehyung, it was like sitting through a boring college lecture that lasted for hours.

“I’m bored, too,” Taehyung responded with a groan.

“I guess we shouldn’t expect anything different from a funeral.”

“Let’s go explore the church,” Taehyung suggested.  “People won’t question our leaving, they’ll think we went to a separate area because I’m crying too hard.”

Jungkook bit his lip at the idea of living, knowing it would be a huge disrespect to both the dead and Taehyung’s family, but decided to go along with his idea with the slight nod of his head.

“Okay, let me do this first,” Taehyung whispered with a sigh and began to hold his breath, holding his fist in front of his mouth, and soon tears were spilling out of his eyes like he had just lost his own mother.

“Tae.. Tae are you alright?  Why are you crying?” Jungkook panicked, rubbing his hand on his shoulder blades, unsure of what had gotten into his mischievous boyfriend.

He moved his eyes to look at Jungkook with a slight smirk, mouthing the words ‘acting’ before returning to his fake fit, but had Jungkook known any better, his heart would have crushed at the sight of a single tear leaving the older’s eyes.

“Alright, let’s go,” Taehyung whispered, tugging on Jungkook’s hand.  His face was red and soaked from the salted tears, like he’d been crying since the second the service started.

He led Jungkook up the pews and out of the ‘room’, keeping up his act until they were free from others as they entered the dimmed rest of the church.

“That was easier than I thought,” Taehyung commented with no crack in his voice, like tears had never even left his eyes.

“Now what?” Jungkook asked, scanning the dark hallway they found themselves in, unsure of where exactly Taehyung planned to go.

The older shrugged, but continued walking forward, eyeing nearby doors as they ventured into the hallway, curious to where each one led.  He opened some which led to nurseries, the kitchen, a bathroom, and a small study room, which were all too plain and empty for any sort of entertainment.

They had almost completed a full circle, until they approached a door next to the entrance of the church that had a sign on it to keep out.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Taehyung thought and led Jungkook to it, grasping his wrist with eagerness.

“T-Tae, that says ‘Keep Out’.  We shouldn’t intrude..”

“Kook, no one’s going to be in there.  Church is on Sunday, today’s Friday.  Besides, anyone who is here, is going to be attending the service.  We’re fine,” he assured, opening the door that led to the almost pitch black, narrow hallway.

“Is this the hallway that leads to the door where the service is?” Jungkook asked, noticing a small crack of light at the other end of the hallway, hearing parts of the service.

“Probably,” Taehyung responded, feeling his way on the right wall until he found a door and opened it to find a huge table with chairs lining the sides and the ends, almost like a business room.

He let go of Jungkook’s hand as he flicked on the lights, which were surprisingly dim, and sat at the head chair with his legs crossed at the ankles on top of the table.  Jungkook rolled his eyes and chuckled at the thought of Taehyung ever being a businessman.

“You’re so silly, babe,” he joked, leaning against the white wall with his arms folded across his chest.

“That’s Taehyung to you,” Taehyung snapped with the pitch of his voice dropping a bit, causing Jungkook’s breath to hitch.  “Sit down,” he ordered, pointing to the end chair opposite of him.

He chuckled at the younger’s obedience and rose from his seat, slowly walking around the side of the table, dragging his left hand across the edge of the table as he approached Jungkook, not taking his eyes off him for a second as he licked his lips a little too sinister for the place they were in.

“You know, Jungkook,” he started, walking behind him and massaging his shoulders, instantly melting into Taehyung’s skilled, slightly tanned hands.  “There’s a story about how mankind started.  Do you know that story?  About Adam and Eve?”

“Mmm..” he responded, unable to form words as Taehyung took him to absolute relaxation.

“If we were them, I wouldn’t be able to resist you.  Imagine how long and how many times I would fuck you, all alone, with no one to interrupt us…” he whispered into Jungkook’s ear, sending shivers down his spine as he felt Taehyung’s breath on his neck and shell of his ear.

“T-Taehyung… we’re in a ch-church…” he mumbled, feeling his mind begin to cloud as he relaxed more and more and felt his dark wash jeans begin to tighten.

“Is that a bulge I see growing down there?” he growls, running one of his hands down the younger’s clothed chest.  “Tsk, tsk, tsk, and you’re scolding me for thinking this way in church.”

Taehyung leans over and runs his hand down to the tent growing in Jungkook’s pants, drawing a moan from his throat as his head fell back into the crease of Taehyung’s neck as he began kissing and sucking on Jungkook’s neck, making the heat in the pit of the younger’s stomach take over his rational thoughts.

“Taehyung, please…” he begged, grabbing onto some of his boyfriend’s hair and tugging on it, feeling his smile on his neck.

“Please what?” he asked teasingly.

“T-Touch me…” Jungkook moaned as he gripped the sides of his chair, creating newfound scratches on the arm rests.

“Table. Now,” Taehyung demanded, and Jungkook quickly rose, sitting on the edge of the table to face Taehyung who was biting his plump bottom lip with lust in his dark brown eyes.

Jungkook supported himself with his hands as Taehyung unbuttoned his jeans, wrapping his hands around the back of Jungkook’s sides to completely remove them and his boxers, watching as as the younger’s already hardened dick sprung onto his stomach.

“Hard for me already,” Taehyung growled before taking Jungkook’s full length into his mouth, causing the younger to almost lose his grip on the table.

He looked up into the younger’s eyes, watching his face contort into several looks of pleasure as Taehyung’s tongue played along his shaft and his mouth tightened as he moved up and down, using his hand to massage the base.  His thighs were trembling as Taehyung deep throated his dick, not choking or resisting for a second, like he’d been doing it for quite some time.

“Fuck this feels good, Tae,” Jungkook moaned, tilting his head back in bliss.

“Turn around,” he grunted, removing his mouth and causing Jungkook to whine from the void Taehyung’s mouth left him, but was taken aback by pleasure once again when he felt a finger at his entrance and winced with both pain and pleasure as it entered him.

“You’re always so tight for me, baby,” Taehyung growled, adding another finger coated in his saliva, scissoring them and stretching Jungkook as he moaned, no longer feeling slight pain.

He heard the undoing of a belt and the drop of jeans as Taehyung towered over him, spitting down on his own dick and jerking it, trying to make Jungkook as comfortable as possible.

“Now, we have to do this quick, people will start to notice we’re gone,” Taehyung hissed, flipping Jungkook to face him, and dragging his ass off the edge of the table, pulling his legs to his shoulders as he lined up his tip with jis entrance.

He looked up at the younger for consent and he gave him a nod as he began to fill Jungkook slowly, creating more faces of pleasure as he entered him completely, not moving at first to give time to adjust.

He begins to slowly move his hips, holding onto Jungkook’s hips for leverage as he gains speed.  Jungkook throws his head back in a moaning mess, covering his mouth to muffle them, but his hand is removed by Taehyung, only to bite his lip as a replacement.

“Let me hear you, baby.  I wanna hear how much you like it when I fuck you,” Taehyung hissed, quickening his pace as Jungkook’s moans and the sound of skin against skin echoes on the walls.

“Don’t stop, please, fuck,” Jungkook begs as Taehyung thrusts hard into him, causing Jungkook to almost fall over.  

“You’re such a little slut for me, begging to get fucked in a church,” Taehyung grunts between thrusts as beads of sweat begin to form on his forehead.

“You’re so big Tae–fuck!!” he cries out as Taehyung finds his prostate, forcing his walls to clench around his length as he’s sent closer to the edge.

“I can feel you tightening around my dick.  I’m gonna make you come all over this fucking table.”

Fuck, keep talking…” he begs as he begins to concentrate on his orgasm.

“If we were alone in this damn church right now, I’d fuck you in every single room and so hard you’d be asking me to give you mercy, but not even God can stop me from fucking you to oblivion.”

With a few more hard thrusts Jungkook releases onto his stomach and chest and a few drops on the table, crying out in pleasure as he rides out his high.

“Fuck you’re so good..” Jungkook hisses as he watches Taehyung thrust into him, feeling them become more erratic and sloppy, knowing he’s going to finish anytime soon.  “Come inside me, Taehyung.  I wanna walk around in this church with your cum inside of me.”

“Jungkook-ah, I’m coming,” he moans with two hard and sloppy thrusts and releases into the younger, pumping himself a few more times while he catches his breath and recovers, wiping the sweat off of himself with the sleeve of his black sweater.

Jungkook gets up to redress himself, when a hand pushes him back onto the table and he feels Taehyung’s tongue drag across his abs, licking the liquid off of him and swallowing all of it, turning Jungkook on once again, but he knew he’d have to wait to get home for another round.

They reentered the service after freshening up in the bathroom, which was now moved to the cafeteria where food was being served, where they met up with Taehyung’s parents, who saved them a table.

“Where were you two?” his mother asked as she took a bite of her food.

“I decided I’d show Jungkook how we worship in the house of God.”