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Annabeth Chase /// Spotify Link

  1. Runaway / Bon Jovi
  2. Blue Monday / New Order
  3. Help I’m Alive / Metric
  4. Spiderwebs / No Doubt
  5. Don’t You (Forget About Me) / Simple Minds
  6. F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. / The Fall of Troy
  7. Heads Will Roll / Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  8. Bulletproof / La Roux
  9. Fell In Love With A Girl / The White Stripes
  10. Dog Days Are Over / Florence + The Machine
  11. An Honest Mistake / The Bravery
  12. Poker Face / Lady Gaga
  13. Spiders / Night Riots
  14. Don’t Drag Me Down / Social Distortion
  15. What You Know / Two Door Cinema Club
  16. What’s Up? / 4 Non Blondes
  17. We Are Golden / MIKA
  18. Your Sword Versus My Dagger / Silverstein
  19. Under Pressure / David Bowie, Queen
  20. Jaded / Aerosmith
  21. Message In A Bottle / The Police
  22. Kool Thing / Sonic Youth
  23. Peace of Mind / Boston
  24. Connection / Elastica
  25. Under Cover of Darkness / The Strokes

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[Meta Meme] What kid-Ares was like. :v

  • Very precocious. 
  • Learned to talk at an early age and then never shut up. Would babble as a baby when the adults were talking as if he were part of the conversation. As a toddler he loved to just walk around singing songs and reciting poems to himself. 
  • T E M P E R T A N T R U M S. His tutors forced him out of it when he was still pretty young (around four or five), but until his schooling started, displeasure was expressed by hurling himself to the ground. 
  • A very big Mama’s Boy. He loved spending time with his mom and hung on her every word. He constantly pressed her to tell him more about Eldigan. She often praised him by telling him that something he did or some way he looked was “like his father.” 
  • As he got a little older (7-8) and decided he was The Man of The House, he took it upon himself to help care for her and sit at her side when she was ill (which was pretty frequently. She’s described as frail and sickly).
  • Obsessed with Mystletainn. Constantly asked to have it until he was told at the age of 6 that he couldn’t touch it until manhood. Decided that 7 was a ripe and manly age, and actually focused quite hard on his studies after that to prove his maturity. (Alas, 7 was rejected too.)
  • Spoiled rotten!! He was an exiled prince, after all, so between 1) people being nice because he was the prince, 2) people being nice because they felt bad for him, and 3) his mom doting on her only child in the wake of her husband’s murder, Ares pretty much got everything he wanted.
  • Very people-shy. Most kids are naturally shy at 2-3 and then grow out of it, but Ares never did. He was of course very boisterous with the people he was comfortable with, but he never did get over his fear of strangers. Definitely hid behind/under his mother’s skirts on more than one occasion. 
  • Loved to read books. His favourites were legends about faraway journeys and – of course – the daring deeds of mighty knights, but he even enjoyed reading for class. Augustrian history was his favourite since he knew it was his heritage but he was so far separated from it. (Plus it was full of more mighty knights.)
  • Started martial training at an early age, in the knightly Augustrian fashion. He was probably around 10 when his home got sacked, but by then he could ride a horse and had 4-5 years of fencing under his belt. 
  • Never had a phase where he talked like a baby or child: he went Full Adult and it was a little eerie, especially considering his less-mature tantrums and whimsical demands. This is mostly because of the lack of other children in his life: he only had adults to emulate (and they refused to baby-talk a prince). His cousins were MIA with Aunt Lachesis, he had no siblings, and there weren’t kids just running around amongst the castle staff. His friendless history started long before his mercenary days, though he was too happy with his mother, tutors, books, and sweets to notice. 

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Name: Mia

Star Sign: Gemini

Height: 5′9″

Current Time: 7:23pm

Fav Music Artist: R.E.M.

Song Stuck In Your Head: She Said She Said by The Beatles

Last Movie Watched: Independence Day I think?? I was miserable from all my assignments and exams and my dad was like ‘this film’s so bad it’s hilarious’ and put it on. Needless to say it was fucking awful

Last Show Watched: Survivor I’m p sure. I’m very salty about who got voted off last and I’m still not over it

When Did You Create Your Blog: January 2016

What Kind Of Stuff Do You Post: Music and the bands I like (everywhere from prog to punk to electronic and back) as well as some Star Trek

Other Blogs: @andypartridges is like my aesthetic blog I guess but I never use it that much

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw!

Pokemon Team: I love Pokemon but I don’t play Pokemon Go

Favourite colour: Mint green

Average Hours Of Sleep: Varies from 5-7 hours

Lucky Number: Don’t have one?? I go for 2112 when I can because I’m clearly a Rush nerd

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: 2

Dream Job: A rock guitarist in a cool band or a music journalist that gets to write articles and interview people

Following/Followers: I’m following way too many blogs atm. As for followers, I currently have 956!

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A n d I
Don’t know where I should go
beginto m u l t i p l y

Taking time in a simple place
in my bed where my head rests on a pillowcase
and it’s said
T h a t  a  w a r ’ s  l e a d  

I want to BE AFRAID but it seems t h e s e  d a y s


Empty sky?
no way that’s me
Cause one half of my heart is free
Empty sky?
no way that’s me
Cause the other half of my heart’s a s l e e p


I    l o v e    I    l o v e    I    l o v e    m y s e l f
I    L O V E    I    L O V E    I    L O V E    M Y S E L F
I     k n o w     I     k n o w    I     k n o w     m y s e l f
Y a     p l a y a     h a t e r s     y o u     s h o u l d     l o v e     y o u r s e l f
                                                      B R R


I won! I saved Molly Hooper! Saved her? From what? Oh, do be sensible, there were no explosives in her little house. Why would I be so clumsy? You didn’t win, you lost. Look what you did to her. Look what you did to yourself. All those c o m p l i c a t e d  l i t t l e  e m o t i o n s, I lost count. Emotional context, Sherlock, it destroys you e v e r y  t i m e.

steven bomb 5 summarized in the most non-spoilery way possible

Steven’s Dream

1st half: rebellious teenage mode A C T I V A T E D


3rd half: i’m blue daba dee bada die

Adventures In Light Distortion

1st half: alright peridot thanks for the semi-useful information now go fuck off for the next 20 episodes

2nd half: family guy

3rd half: MAXIMUM S P E E D I  N  C  R  E  A  S  E

Gem Heist

1st half: “play it straight” “harold we’re lesbians”

2nd half: Kasane Teto guides our heroes around a Space PlaceTM and says some racist things about humans

3rd half: YOU shall be A S S I M I L A T E D into the U T O P I A

The Zoo

1st half: siri guides utopian residents through daily routine

2nd half: everybody’s gay for greg

3rd half: therapyst

That Will Be All

1st half: purple family reunion

2nd half: (elsa voice) conceal…don’t feel

3rd half: Kasane Teto gets her ass roasted into oblivion