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chart descriptions are open!

hi everyone,

I wanted to let you know that I’m open for chart descriptions now, but I updated my “before you ask” question guidelines that I link to in my bio. It’s a bit different now because I felt like they were getting overwhelming for me before. I still want to do them, but it’s hard when I’m not getting anything out of it and the demand is high. So, this is my new “policy”:

C H A R T  D E S C R I P T I O N S

These are time consuming. They take a lot of hard work…and I’m doing them for free. So, the only thing that I ask is that you follow me on my music accounts, because that’s really important to me.

I’m on soundcloud, facebook, youtube, twitter, and instagram under the name ELUNÎA or @eluniamusic.

If you follow me on social media, then I’ll do a description for you. I’ll understand if you don’t have every form of social media - you can just follow me on the ones you have.

Once you do, just private message me - tell me your usernames so I can check, then I’ll do a chart description for you. Please send me a photo of your natal chart from astro.com so that it’s easiest for me to see.

I like to do it over dm so I can talk you through your description. I want to make sure that you see what I write (because with submissions sometimes people don’t see them which is frustrating), and I can answer any specific questions you might have about your chart.

thanks for understanding! it’s just hard to put so much work into descriptions when it’s not my actual job. so, I thought it’d be great if it could help me in some way because I’m trying to build my following as a musician.

sinto-hell  asked:

i love your headcanons p l e a s e m o r e a b o u t t h e d o m e s t i c a u (maybe something about greg? i love greg. i would die for gregory violet to be happy)

ilu!! im doing my best to to come up with something never before seen here and especially about greg violet but dont quote me about that

- the P4 live in a penthouse apartment together. its their way to run from their families but still stay together, in the city, and most importantly, noticably rich

- they arent allowed to keep any pets up there but do you think that keeps greg violet from dogsitting like 4 dogs at the same time? think again. any time u see greg violet in the local park, he has an entirely different set of dogs around him

- they suffer from a horrible case of “lets stay in college just for the laff because we can because we have enough money and so that we dont have to make a career just yet, because we’re too lazy to do that”. apart from lawrence bluer, of course, he does it to become a registered nurse

- herman greenhill probably dresses from life style sports. he owns like 11 sweatpants, not counting the ones the rest of the gang stole from him

- everyone keeps squeezing the thoothpaste from like the middle of the tube and it drives bluer crazy. he keeps posting youtube tutorials about proper toothpaste usage into the group chat and passive agressive wikihow articles, like “how to wash your own dishes?” and “how to wipe the mirror after a steamy shower”

- sometimes they keep chatting in the group chat even though all of them are home

-their group chat almost exclusively consists of: greg violet sending memes and satire news articles, bluer liveblogging the shows he watches and asking the others if they need anything from the store, redmond sending screnshots of clothes/ hot ppls profiles he finds on tinder and asking everyone what they think, and greenhill always responding hours late

- edgar redmond has a car + a license but its a mystery how he got it? he’s infamous for his shit driving. he will run every yellow light, sometimes even reds, stop signs, and sit in the car wine drunk. he doesnt even use the seatbelt, until the car starts beeping. the first time alois trancy sat in his car when they went to the train station to pick him up he kept freaking out and then made redmond stop and demanded someone else to take the wheel, someone who can drive decently. greg violet took the wheel. he was really stoned at that time

- edgar redmond in the us

- greg violet eats the cereal from the box

- hes ur local depressed gay goth vegan who has 2k followers on insta and his self care consists of drinking enough water each day

- he keeps plants, but since he chose a room where the sun almost never shines in, he keeps them in redmond’s room

- greg violet is an arts major. he met cheslock in art history class, who majors in history. cheslock sleeps over frequently. in the mornings he sometimes argues with greenhill and bluer in the middle of the kitchen about social justice, while wearing nothing but a sweatpant greg violet stole from greenhill. in the middle of the argument greenhill suddenly goes “wait those are my sweatpants”

- how many of the P4 does it take to change one lightbulb? only one, but it has to be greenhill. once the gang proceeded to live with a dimly lit kitchen for 2 weeks because greenhill was away in some camp

- everybody always leaves his stuff around. greg violet: mugs and drawings, edgar redmond: long blond strands of hair, car keys and body sprays, greenhill: weights, running shoes and his phone. bluer is the only neat one. he’s going crazy

- despite being such a neat freak, he always puts the toilet paper roll up the wrong way (but to be fair he’s the only one who puts it up). he wanted to move from home bc his sisters kept giving him shit about it

- redmond and greg violet always leave the food out in the open. greenhill and bluer have to put them away into the fridge

thats all for now, i tried my best:/ feel free to prompt me to anything more specific

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J I M 🔥Y O U R E 🔥6'11 🔥A N D 🔥Y O U 🔥 W E I G H 🔥9 0 🔥P O U N D S 🔥G U M B Y 🔥 H A S 🔥 A 🔥B E T T E R 🔥 B O D Y 🔥 T H A N 🔥Y O U 🔥 B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 D W I G H T 🔥 Y O U R E🔥 A 🔥 K I S S 🔥A S S 🔥B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 P A M 🔥Y O U 🔥F A I L E D 🔥A R T 🔥 S C H O O L 🔥 B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 M E R E D I T H 🔥Y O U V E 🔥 S L E P T 🔥W I T H 🔥 S O 🔥M A N Y 🔥G U Y S 🔥Y O U R E 🔥 S T A R T I N G🔥T O 🔥 L O O K 🔥 L I K E 🔥 O N E 🔥 B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥K E V I N 🔥 I 🔥C A N T 🔥D E C I D E 🔥 B E T W E E N 🔥 A 🔥 F A T 🔥J O K E 🔥A N D 🔥 A 🔥 D U M B 🔥 J O K E 🔥 B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 C R E E D 🔥 Y O U R 🔥 T E E T H 🔥 C A L L E D 🔥Y O U R 🔥 B R E A T H 🔥 S T I N K S 🔥B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 A N G E L A 🔥 W H E R E S 🔥 A N G E L A 🔥 W H O A 🔥 T H E R E 🔥 Y O U 🔥 A R E 🔥 I 🔥 D I D N T 🔥 S E E 🔥 Y O U 🔥 T H E R E 🔥 B E H I N D 🔥 T H A T 🔥 G R A I N 🔥O F 🔥 R I C E 🔥B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 S T A N L E Y 🔥 Y O U 🔥 C R U S H 🔥 Y O U R 🔥 W I F E 🔥 D U R I N G 🔥 S E X 🔥 A N D 🔥 Y O U R 🔥 H E A R T 🔥 S U C K S 🔥B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 O S C A R 🔥 Y O U 🔥 A R E 🔥 O S C A R 🔥 Y O U R E 🔥 G A Y 🔥 A N D Y 🔥 C O R N E L L 🔥 C A L L E D 🔥 T H E Y 🔥 T H I N K 🔥 Y O U 🔥 S U C K 🔥 A N D 🔥 Y O U R E 🔥 G A Y E R 🔥 T H A N 🔥 O S C A R 🔥 B O O M 🔥 R O A S T E D 🔥 A L R I G H T 🔥 A L R I G H T 🔥 E V E R Y B O D Y 🔥 Y O U 🔥 K N O W 🔥 I 🔥 K I D 🔥 Y O U 🔥 K N O W 🔥 I 🔥 K I D 🔥 Y O U 🔥 G U Y S 🔥 A R E 🔥T H E 🔥 R E A S O N 🔥 I 🔥 W E N T 🔥 I N T O 🔥 T H E 🔥 P A P E R 🔥 B U S I N U E S S 🔥 S O 🔥 U H 🔥 G O O D N I G H T 🔥G O D 🔥 B L E S S 🔥 G O D 🔥 B L E S S 🔥 A M E R I C A 🔥 A N D 🔥 G E T 🔥 H O M E 🔥 S A F E 🔥

yugi’s shirt and leather pants: become a crop top and capris
joey’s t-shirt and jeans: become the powder-blue hell that yugi now lives in

Updated Masterlist | 4.23.17

{Every time I update, I will change the date }

T O M  H O L L A N D 

Dating Tom Holland Would Include
You and Me
A Total Mess
More Like Her
Hands to Myself
Honest  |||  Part Two 
Tom & OFC
Prank Imagine 
Ex-Girlfriend Interview Imagine
Lovey Dovey Interview Imagine
Celebrity Crush Interview Imagine
Dressing Formal Imagine 
Thanking Tom Imagine
Facetiming Tom Imagine

P E T E R  P A R K E R 

Let it Grow 
Just Smile
Stay Away
Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
Closed Door
Finding You Outside Imagine
Finding Out Imagine
Finding Out (shorter version) Imagine
Project Help Imagine ||| Part Two 

J U G H E A D  J O N E S 

What Do You Feel ||| Part Two 
Black Sheep 

A R C H I E   A N D R E W S 

Misplaced Trust
Never Alone

C H R I S  E V A N S 

Stone Cold Sober
Far From Boring 
Fatherhood Interview Imagine
Father Chris Imagine
Spilling The Beans Imagine
Taking Off Shirt Imagine
Giving In Imagine
Meeting New Boyfriend Imagine
Laughing Game Imagine
Divorcing Chris Imagine
That Look Imagine

S T E V E  R O G E R S 

Age Of Ultron Imagine
Asking For Permission Imagine
Disagreeing Sokovia Accords Imagine

S E B A S T I A N  S T A N 

Drunken Nights
Simple Hello  ||| Part Two
First We Had  ||| Part Two
Parting Ways
Annoyed Imagine
Don’t You Do That Interview Imagine

B U C K Y  B A R N E S 

Brain Scrambled Imagine
Steve Telling Bucky Imagine
Afraid To Leave Imagine
Finding Out He Killed Imagine
Sent To Kill Imagine

T J  H A M M O N D 

She’ll Be The Death ||| Part Two 

J E F F E R S O N 


S H A W N  M E N D E S 


H A R R Y  S T Y L E S 

War Is Love |||  Part Two
Reaction Imagine
Caught In Interview Imagine

E D D I E  R E D M A Y N E 

Three Words
Panicked Interview Imagine
Platonic Interview Imagine
Platonic Interview Part Two Imagine
Costar Imagine

N E W T  S C A M A N D E R 

Newt Dating a Muggle / No-Maj
The Greatest Creation |||  Part Two
Yer A Wizard
I Wouldn’t Mind / OFC
Talking About You Imagine
Amazed By You Imagine
Dramatic & Sick You Imagine

E Z R A  M I L L E R 


C R E D E N C E  B A R E B O N E

My Credence Plea
Under The Mistletoe
Monsters Lyrics
Helping Him Imagine
Helping You Imagine

D R A C O  M A L F O Y 

Bite The Hand That Feeds
Last Straw
Change Of Heart

H E R M I O N E  G R A N G E R 

Flustered Times
Good Advice
Crush Imagine

F R E D  W E A S L E Y 

Sentimental Gift Ft. George Weasley
Lost & Found
Take Care Imagine

S I R I U S  B L A C K 

The Return Of The Jackal
Son Imagine
All This Time Imagine
Getting Killed Imagine

R E M U S  L U P I N 

Sneaking In Late Imagine

H A R R Y  P O T T E R 

A Nervous Wreck
Dumbledore’s Army Imagine

H P  A E S T H E T I C S / M O O D B O A R D S 

Slytherin 2

S C O T T  M C C A L L 

Innocently Deadly
Finding Out Imagine

S T I L E S  S T I L I N S K I 

Denying You Imagine

P E T E R  H A L E 

Being The Reason Imagine
Leave Me Alone Imagine

S P E N C E R  R E I D 

Being Late Imagine
Your Voice Imagine

A A R O N  H O T C H N E R 

Jack’s Favorite Babysitter Imagine
Jack’s Favorite Part Two Imagine

E l l a
                    a s í
         b e s o
                                buenas noches
                              las bonitas ganas
           q u e r e r
                                 d e s p e r t a r.
—  Guillermo M., Mosha III