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how brilliant is “you will be found”???

It seems like a really straightforward “things will get better” song, but I think it’s actually one of the most complex songs in the show

Two things:

  • “When you’re broken on the ground/You will be found”
    • But, like. Evan WASN’T. No one ever came to carry him. He lay on the ground waiting for someone to find him, and no one ever did.
    • He knows he’s telling a lie. He doesn’t believe his own words at all.
    • What a brilliant way to end Act I!
  • It’s also super ominous. There’s a ghostly reprise of You Will Be Found after Alana posts Connor’s “suicide note” online and the Murphys start getting online hate mail and harassment 
    • “You are not alone”
    • “You will be found”
    • These are pretty fucking ominous things to hear when randos from the internet are stalking you, calling you, and digging up all sorts of stuff about your family
    • This is also a pretty fucking ominous thing to hear when you made up this gigantic lie???? It’s like, you can’t run, you will be found
    • These really hopeful lines turn into something really sinister, a commentary on the dark side of social media

This show is so well-written and beautifully nuanced <3

Also, I do a lot of metas (like this one), so if there are any lines from DEH or Hamilton you’d like me to obnoxiously read into, message me!!!!

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on the topic of "don't eat food left out by the fae" one time I was at college working in a computer lab until midnight and when I left the building I saw a big mac on the sidewalk by a bus stop. no plate, no bag, no one was around. and it looked fresh. it was really funny i just took a pic of it and left. it was so ominous.

That’s a trap laid out by something that doesn’t quite understand lures.

Actually it’s called F•R•I•E•N•D•S because of the ominous, otherworldly orbs eerily floating between the actors in every scene just out of view from the cameras



For @shambalasims3‘s Little Witch Academia.

“But who is’t couldst this ebony-skin’d quartz be? I hath only seen this lady twice about anon, yet something about her visage stuck to me. I had heard through the grapevine yond she is a stout will’d alchemist-mayhaps a kind of witch- training at the Academia. I has’t yet to encounter her beauty eye to eye, thither’s something ominous ‘bout them. I shalt writeth more if ’t be true we ev’r cross paths again.

-From a traveler’s lost journal by the road to the Academia.

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Yana sensei once made an art that shows that Sebastian is feeding Ciel and apple with a fork and the skin of the apple take the shape of a Snake aiming to bite at Ciel neck. Is this a foreshadowing or something?

Yeah, I remember! It was supposed to be a happy new year illustration and it featured a snake because 2013 was the year of the snake.

The caption says

Btw, this was the rejected illustration for the New Year’s card. It was too ominous, that’s why it got rejected. [It features] a snake, an apple and leafs from a fig tree.

I have cut the forbidden fruit in pieces so it’s easier for you to eat. Would you like to have a demon’s escort on your way to the stormy future?

As Yana said herself, it is indeed a pretty ominous and gloomy illustration. Maybe it’s some kind of foreshadowing of Ciel’s fate, but personally, I rather think it illustrates the contract scene? Sebastian offered the forbidden fruit (the contract) to Ciel and Ciel bit it (he accepted the contract), and now he’s cursed and it’s all irreversible. That’s how I interpreted it, but tbh I’m not familar with the Bible and all its symbolism, so maybe there’s much more to interpret in this illustration, I don’t really know!^^;


junopsis said: So the fig shows up in Genesis (it’s fig leaves Adam and Eve improvise as clothing), as does the snake who suggests that Eve eat an apple from the (forbidden) tree of knowledge. Dealings with the supernatural certainly count as forbidden knowledge, and I think the ‘original sin’ in Genesis is incomparably above the regular deadly ones in terms of severity (if you do the catholic hierarchy of sins), so it’s pretty cool symbolism.

Oh cool! Thanks for the info @junopsis & @vixinman !!<3 :D

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#esp that one about the distance and giving up .. what?? can you please elaborate

Yes my Anon; Liam says in the “interview” to Dan-dan-dan (I’m using it in this form cause it’s ominous) that “there’s a song in the album about a phonecall he had with cheryl when she was ready to give up on their relationship”. How much do you wanna bet that the phonecall was between Zayn and Liam? About the distance between them and all the crap they had to deal with??? And that there are many more songs that describe the Ziam relationship that they’ll try to sell them as an hymn to Chiam? 

As you may recall, Liam since March 2016 was not allowed far away from Cheryl, to the point where they (Liam and Paddy) had to drag Cheryl in any continent they went. So when were they seperated and Cheryl was thinking to give up??? 

You see now why I know that this interview was a bunch of BS? cause if you catch them lying in one thing, then you know they’re lying in everything else!  

I’m definitely sure that Ishida is going somewhere with this. Let’s not forget the ominous bloodstain on Touka’s stomach and the allusion to the miscarriage:

I think that the great majority of my issues with this chapter has to do with the timing: it didn’t feel right for them to take such a huge step forward in their relationship when neither of them was ready for it (or sufficiently developed). But it is also true that Kaneki’s mental issues in particular have very deep roots, and we can’t expect for him to abandon a whole lifetime of bad decision making on the spot, just because of a simple confession on Touka’s part. From this point of view I get why that scene was portrayed the way it was. The timing just wasn’t right for it to be any better than that, so we’ll have to do with the unhealthy narrative. 

On the other hand, I think that Ishida was deliberate in making it look at first glance as though Kaneki was finally happy and, as I saw some people commenting, “saved”, because we’re still in the moon phase, and the moon phase is one characterized by illusions. And what better illusion than to make us believe that he’s finally out of his toxic mindset only to later make that very narrative turn against him? 

Kaneki hasn’t made a 180° turn yet. I said it before and I’ll say it again: he’s just replacing an unhealthy coping method with another. He’s still running in circles, still refusing to live only for his own sake. And Touka is doing the same. She’s still clinging to him because she cannot bear to lose another important person in her life. She’s still failing to get over her abandonment issues. She’s just offering herself in exchange for Kaneki’s survival. That’s unhealthy too, because she’s made Kaneki become her whole world, and her happiness depends solely on one person alone. No matter how you look at it, what they’re doing to each other is putting a huge responsibility on the other’s shoulders. It’s nothing to joke about. And again, it’s probably intentional on Ishida’s part. 

So, despite not liking it, I think this twist has a purpose, and it’s likely that we’ll see how it’s going to play out soon. 

  • Kenny: I've been having visions of what I think is my future. In the vision, I die.
  • Kyle: You lied to us?
  • Stan: We're you're friends!
  • Cartman: Wait, am I not there?
  • Kenny: No, but there's a hooded figure and I get stabbed and--
  • Cartman: But then, where am I?
  • Kenny: I really don't know.
  • Cartman: Oh! What if I'm dead!
  • Kenny: I mean, it's my ominous portent of death but, sure. We can make it about you.