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Actually it’s called F•R•I•E•N•D•S because of the ominous, otherworldly orbs eerily floating between the actors in every scene just out of view from the cameras

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on the topic of "don't eat food left out by the fae" one time I was at college working in a computer lab until midnight and when I left the building I saw a big mac on the sidewalk by a bus stop. no plate, no bag, no one was around. and it looked fresh. it was really funny i just took a pic of it and left. it was so ominous.

That’s a trap laid out by something that doesn’t quite understand lures.

Gameplay: major US cities addition

1. New York City

  • weapon: sarcasm
  • armor: own sense of stubbornness
  • save point: any subway entrance
  • EXP: wandering around downtown

2. LA

  • enemies: sentient cars made by google
  • signature move: Avocado Sale
  • armor: screenplay you’re writing
  • side quests: breaking various curses so it will rain again

3. Chicago

  • NPC’s: say really ominous stock phrases like: “I used to feel too,” and “have you seen the lakes? Never go near the lakes” OR mention the Cubs
  • armor: cover yourself in rust, feel it, taste it
  • EP: when bad weather hits and you just keep walking
  • boss level: The Trump Tower, gotta scale it and fite
Convergence 7

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Pre note: I will not leave you in suspense any longer. The next chapter of Convergence. Enjoy!

A/N: There’s an ominous feeling lurking.

“Can we talk in private?”

“There’s not much to say.” I answered.

“Please, I know how betrayed you must feel.”

“You don’t know what the fuck I’m feeling.” I say walking towards Nat. “What do you know about betrayal? You’re an assassin, you thrive off of this.”

Bucky grabs my wrist. “Doll, calm down.”

I twist my wrist out of his grasp and slapped her. Natasha didn’t defend herself, she didn’t react, she stood there and took the expletives that I threw at her.

“How could you, Nat? I’m pregnant with his child, your goddaughter.” I say slowly hoping the words would sink in. “How could you sleep with him?” I turned to face Bucky.” How could you sleep with her?”

She knits her brows. “I didn’t sleep with him.”


“He said you did.”

“We kissed…I kissed him, but I didn’t sleep with him.”

Bucky shakes his head. “Doll, like me, you have jumped and dove into the cliff of conclusions. Natasha and I slept together during my hydra days.”

I was stunned. “What?”

“Back then we were never in a romantic relationship, but we did everything else in between.”

“So you were fuck partners?”

Bucky hesitates then nods and Nat cringed slightly, steeling herself.

“But that was all in the past, unlike you and Loki.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? I told you there’s nothing going on between Lo and I.”

Lo stepped forward to defend me, but Thor held him back. “No. Let them work it out.”

“You don’t trust me, do you?”

“With him, no.” Bucky says bluntly.

Nat spoke breaking the silence. “I love him.”

“No, shit.” I say thinking back on all the situations and missions where Natasha’s innocent concern and attentiveness was much more than I observed it to be. All of this happening under my nose and I didn’t suspect for one second that there was something there besides friendship.

“Natasha, I’m not in love with you and I never will be. We both knew what it was back then, I wasn’t in the right frame of my mind to give you or anyone anything stable. I told you this and you were fine with what we were.”

She nods. “I know, but it doesn’t make me love you any less.”

“Fuck this shit.” I say.


“Bucky, no. You and Nat need to figure out what the hell this is because she is deeply in love you. Don’t you see that?”

He glanced at her then gazed at me. “You are all I see, Dollface. I love you, I am deeply in love with you.”

My eyes slowly met his and the vulnerability in his eyes almost caused me to rush into his arms and repeat those same three words, but another three words left my lips.“It’s not enough.”

I brushed pass Clint as I entered the house.

Days later…

I don’t know what it was about the day, but everything felt a bit off, I didn’t find comfort in the sun’s rays like I normally do and the energy in the house was thick and charged that the slightest criticism triggered an argument.

Loki has kept his distance and so has Thor, who hasn’t had a beer since my outburst with Natasha. Him and Loki have been watching me, whispering to each other as if they knew something and it made me a bit uneasy. They abruptly left and went back to Asgard I assumed, not saying when they would return. I don’t know if Natasha and Bucky spoke and at this point I was too exhausted to care. With Clint she went in search of Vision and Wanda to let them know about Bucky. Tony and Bruce left for Switzerland for a geek convention as Sam called it and Steve was out on a mission. As for Bucky and I nothing has resolved itself, I’m still angry and he doesn’t know what to say, so we move around in silence until one of us can find our voice.

I writhed as the icy and bony fingers of a hooded figure reached out and touched my stomach. I woke up violently drenched in sweat. I pulled back the covers and looked down at my belly, half delirious, thinking I would see the handprint of the hooded figure on my round belly.

“Doll.” He says groggily as his sleepy blues flashed opened.

“I’m fine.” I say. “Just had a nightmare.”

“I love you.” he says sleepily as his eyes fluttered before he was dragged back into sleeps’ clutches.

I padded downstairs to the kitchen, I felt ravenous. I opened the refrigerator and pulled out a platter that crashed to the floor as I felt the sharp pain in my stomach I doubled over in pain, hitting my head on the counter as I went down. Another shock of pain ripped through my vocal chords numbing my body. I screamed, but all that came out was an inaudible and low whisper, “Bucky.” The third stab of pain brought tears to my eyes and flayed my flesh from my bones as I succumbed to the depths of unconsciousness.

Post note: The next few chapters are going to get dark in every possible way. But I promise you the ending of the series, which I’ve already written will be well worth it.

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I assume you hate wc prophecies.

false i love the idea of prophecies & fate in warriors but it’s a children’s series and the erins like…oversimplify them

bad prophecy - "There will be a warrior whose loyalty to WindClan will waver. A cat who will have to seek far beyond the confines of your territory to discover where his heart truly lies.“

ok great u literally just told me someone’s gonna leave but he’ll come back ok moving on

good prophecy - "We will split the sky. And later, stars will rise.”

like that’s ominous as shit wtf does that mean!!! yes give me more shit like that ^^^ 

Choose Your Mistakes #18

Part eighteen of the interactive fanfiction, Choose Your Mistakes. Please check the FAQ and the Setting Info if you have questions, and be sure to make your choice below.

You chose to ask Dark about how the doors work.

Originally posted by lematworks

“That’s ominous,” you muttered, half a mind to storm out of there and leave his smugness with his fancy tea set. But then where would you go? This whole ordeal was turning into a game of cat and mouse, and you knew the only way to win was to stop being the mouse.

“So, how do the doors work?” you asked.
“Why, my dear,” Dark smirked with a wave if his hand, “you simply walk through them and they take you from one location to another.” You scowled.
“You know what I meant. The special doors I came through to get here. How do they work?” A butterfly landed on the windowsill, vibrant orange wings soaking up the light.
“All doors have two sides,” Dark explained, watching you with an unblinking stare, “but the two sides are not required to match. Those of us in the know can rearrange which sides are paired.” Dark stood up, abandoning the unconsumed tea.

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('presidential survey' anon) Trump Agenda Survey, back at it again with the manipulative survey questions (What's most important to you? "Building a border wall to stop immigration" was one answer) and buttery 'we need YOU to make a contribution!' so that you'll donate upwards of 100$... even though this was supposedly just a survey. I'll say it again - the Republican Committee sure does like to beg for money. Also said something like 'you HAVE to answer this or else.' That's not ominous at all.

This is so shameful. All of this money is just gonna fill their belly but create some seriously empty souls. Why can’t they just pull themselves up by the bootstraps instead of begging for scraps every six weeks, yknow? Maybe we should teach them to fish.

- Mod A

Woke up in the middle of the night, wrote this, went back to sleep, and I don’t know what I was going for here but it’s very ominous