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Ganz, do you think Mel is Hotter than you (even though you two are pretty much the same person)

Ganz: should I say NO? It sounds very disgusting because Mel is ME. I am not that attractive and I don’t have attention to attract fangirls by just…SMIRKING and WINKING for 24 hours.

Mel: OOOOOH MAH BOIIII. Well, apology for the smirk and wink because that’s my natural habits to ease my emotional breakdown. ;>

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Do you think harry ever cleans up down there? Special occasions? Or do you think he's #teamnatural for life?

I wouldn’t say that he’s completely natural. I bet he trims it, especially around his balls. But I’m down for #teamnatural because I bet he’s got a really nice ~shape to his pubes if you know what I mean.


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I was thinking today that we should really just be happy with what Sam and Cait are willing to show us about them. I know people want selfies and pictures of what they are up to all the time but you know what, I'm glad that they do things together or go on trips that we know no part of. Not everything needs to be documented for SM. Sometimes when I'm at a party or on vacation or even a night out with a group I don't feel the need to run to SM. Sometimes it's just nice to live in the moment.

It’s natural for fans to want more, but you are correct that Sam and Cait aren’t under any obligation to share any of the personal stuff with us. But what is really telling here is that they do choose to share personal stuff- and what it is they choose to share when they do. Together stuff. Stuff that directly contradicts the narrative that is apparently being woven for the two of them when they are in any proximity to LA, or to any studio sponsored outings such as awards appearances etc.
It’s such a lovely sight to see when they post this sort of stuff that it is only natural to want to see more, and I am certain that there is indeed much more that they are not sharing. And that’s ok. What they are sharing all points to one conclusion. And the unshared rest of it is allowing them the privacy that any healthy relationship needs.
It seems to me that what they share is just like the small above water part of a very large iceberg. And just like with the iceberg I can be confident that that publicly shared tip is just the part that I am being allowed to see of a much larger whole. With that iceberg there is a lot of ice floating below the water’s surface that I can’t see- and I am confident that there is also a lot of relationship hidden below the surface of what they are sharing with us here as well.

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tell ur cat to lay off the cat nip

he’s high naturally, when he actually gets a hold of some cat nip he transports to another dimension that boy is sens.i.tive

WTID update/pre-emptory notes

This installment turned out very, very long.  I’ll be publishing it in two halves, the first coming probably in a few days to a week (pending recovering illness of one of my readers).  So while you won’t be getting all 30k someodd words of it at once, it also means you won’t have to wait all patient and adorably for MONTHS for the one after that because it’s already written!

Also, while I thought this long installment (now two shorter ones) might finish it off, it hasn’t.  There’s a little more story left that I want to tell.  This is good or bad news depending on your outlook I suppose.

There are going to be times where, if you’re at all invested in this story, you’re worried about one or another character or relationship.  That’s the nature of the piece.  All I can say is if you’re at a point where you’re panicked, it’s not the end.  Keep calm and read on. (ie:  Don’t hate me.)

@dent-de-leon replied to your post “I feel like Pidge’s shield doesn’t get talked about enough. Like,…”

id also say it shows pidge’s nature as being more protective as opposed to head-on offensive. and being that her lion’s aspect is the forrest (which carries nature symbolism for nurturing growth, life, ect), and also how well she mastered the olkari belief all life is connected, it makes sense why she has the shield—something to protect and preserve—and not a weapon like keith. another thing, pidge is someone who endures and thinks long term. shield could = perseverance

Yeah, I think Pidge has definitely grown to see the team as people inside her sphere of protection and as such it makes sense that she shields them, but she didn’t always think that way. In the beginning she hadn’t yet decided these people were worth her time and effort, even going so far as almost leaving them, before she realizes wait I want to be there for them. 

And there could possibly be a parallel to how she doesn’t really start getting the hang of her shield until after the fall of the Castle and her change of heart. Correct me if I’m wrong but Voltron’s shield isn’t used at all in the first battle against Sendak’s ship right? And then it makes its first appearance in the fight against Myzax, where Pidge fumbles it and clearly doesn’t know how to use it. This could of course be attributed to the team being unfamiliar with Voltron at this early stage in the show, but it could also mean that Pidge hasn’t fully accepted her place on the team and her role as Defense for Voltron. After she decides to stay, after she decides she cares about these people and their cause enough to delay her search for her family, she becomes much more proficient at wielding the shield. And I think that’s because she has accepted them into her “group of people I care about and want to protect” list.

Also I just want to say I really like your last point about Pidge enduring and thinking long term

'Arrow': Oliver's Big Secret Revealed
Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Wednesday’s episode of Arrow. Read at your own risk! Oliver’s true nature came out during Wednesday’s episode of Arrow. Tortured b…

Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Wednesday’s episode of Arrow. Read at your own risk!

Oliver’s true nature came out during Wednesday’s episode of Arrow.

Tortured by Chase (Josh Segarra), Oliver (Stephen Amell) was forced to finally admit a deep truth, both to himself and to the audience: He doesn’t suit up to reconcile the darkest parts of himself; he does so because he truly does enjoy killing.

In flashback, after Oliver brutally murdered Gregor (David Meunier), he is confronted by Anatoly (David Nykl), who worries about Oliver’s troubling violent tendencies. Though Oliver assures Anatoly that he’s controlling his inner monster by channeling those dark urges into the Hood persona, once Oliver aims to kill Kovar (Dolph Lundgren), it’s clear that suiting up is really a way for Oliver to conceal his growing passion for killing. And though Oliver denies this in the past, he is forced to confront the truth in the present by Chase.

“I like examining this stuff because one of the truths that we reveal in season 5 — via our flashbacks and in present day — is there was an element of Oliver that we met in season 1 that took a little bit of pleasure in snapping somebody’s neck,” Amell tells EW. “I don’t think that negates the transformation that he’s made, but it happened and we have to examine it and Oliver has to deal with the ramifications of that realization.”

Though Oliver is not necessarily killing baddies left and right these days, this truth will certainly haunt him as season 5 charges toward the ultimate confrontation between Oliver and Chase. “He’s become a much more three-dimensional person in so far as, ‘Look, if you bring lethal force against me, I will bring lethal force against you,‘” Amell says. “But he’s also not out on a killing spree, right? So how does Oliver deal with that realization? is a huge, huge question that we try to resolve through the latter part of season 5, because ultimately — if thematically we’re dealing with legacy — he has to recognize everything that he’s been party to since coming back to Star City at the start of our series.”

While Oliver seems to indicate he’s done being a vigilante by episode’s end, he’s still determined to take Chase down. “He has to die,” Amell says. “Killing Chase becomes the only thing that matters to him. We really see his world fall apart.”

Suffice it to say, not everyone on Team Arrow will be happy with Oliver’s plans for this season’s big bad, despite all the pain Chase has caused. “Everyone’s conflicted,” Amell says. “One of the things that we’re doing, which I think we tend to do a relatively decent job of, is we are laying some elements in place in how crazy his decisions are that really could lay the basis for a huge source of conflict next year. But yeah, [Oliver’s] going off the deep end a little bit, which is the hallmark of a good villain.”

Even so, Amell believes Oliver can come back from this darkness. “I actually do think so,” the actor says. “I think that ultimately, if Oliver comes out on the winning side this year, he will have gone through some very important realizations that hopefully will help him grow as a person, as a friend, as a leader, as a teammate, as a hero, and as the mayor. I do think it’s important that there is a sense of victory and accomplishment because otherwise, we’re just destroying the city every year.”

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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I saw that you're into essential oils, you should check out Grandma Bea's Natural Products! They're seriously amazing. She makes healing salves, lotions, lip balm, bath bombs, it's seriously amazing lol I can give you her website and Facebook if you're interested!

Please do! Thank you!!

'The Flash' and 'Supergirl' musical crossover kills with cuteness
The musical crossover of "The Flash" and "Supergirl" was a melodic mash-up.
By Meredith Woerner

If the first CW television crossover between “The Flash” and “Supergirl” back in March of 2016 sparked the superhero friendship, Tuesday night’s musical revue cemented it with tap shoes.

Watching the jaunty episode titled “Duet” was like inhaling pure joy — a saccharine-saturated performance so ridiculously self-aware that both leads Barry “The Flash” Allen (Grant Gustin) and Kara “Supergirl” Danvers (Melissa Benoist) intermittently dropped character to look around the set, as if they too couldn’t believe the charm of what they were creating.

Former “Glee” star Darren Criss was cast as antagonist the Music Meister. He popped into the last few minutes of a previous “Supergirl” episode and “whammied” (yes, whammied) Supergirl into the musical fantasy land. It was a place where everyone spoke with accents straight out of a high school production of “Guys & Dolls” and looked fabulous.

Naturally, Supergirl’s National City “Scooby” gang were concerned about said “whammying,” so they crossed over to the alternate dimension that houses Flash and his Central City compatriots. Fortunately, the Flash was also whammied by the Meister and — presto! — the musical crossover was set.

Although the rationale behind the villain’s evil scheme wasn’t entirely coherent — he wanted to drain their powers while making them understand love, or something? — it didn’t need to be. Criss was put in this episode for two reasons: to look good in red suspenders and to sing. And he did both quite well.

But the true thrill of the musical debut was simply witnessing “The Flash” and “Supergirl” cast — many of whom have a background in musicals — get a prime chance to unleash their inner theater kid.

John Barrowman (a veteran of “Miss Saigon” and “The Phantom of the Opera”) got a bit of camera time dancing and singing to the ’60s pop classic “Put a Little Love in Your Heart.” Jeremy Jordan (of the original Broadway production of “Newsies” and NBC’s musical drama “Smash”) was naturally paired with a piano. Victor Garber (whose stage credits include the original Broadway cast of “Assassins” and the 1990s revival of “Damn Yankees”) got a short but sweet number, and then there was original “Rent” cast member Jesse L. Martin.

This isn’t the first time Martin has graced “The Flash” with song, but we did not expect him to reappear in this alternate musical reality in a relationship with Garber (who started on “The Flash” but is now on “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”) belting out “More I Cannot Wish You” from “Guys & Dolls” together. They were just a couple of theater-style gangster dads singing classic Broadway songs to their TV daughter, and that was stupendous. Why? Because it was ridiculous, and all heart.

And heart is one thing you can depend on from “The Flash” and “Supergirl.” When these two shows commit to acts of adorableness, they go full basket of puppies. There is no in between, no treading water. There are only soft-shoe duets between superheroes with actual lyrics like, “I’m your super — that has a double meaning — friend.”

If you’re going to do a musical episode on television and compete with legendary greats like “Once More With Feeling” from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” or “The Nightman Cometh” installment of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” the key is to commit.

“The Flash” accomplished this by doubling down with a happy ending that wound up with the title character proposing to his love interest, Iris West (Candice Patton), through song. The number, penned by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul (who just won an Oscar for “City of Stars” from “La La Land”), hits hard when the world’s fastest superhero starts crooning “Runnin’ Home to You.”

“Duet” was sweet, sweet cheese. It was a kitten delivering a Hallmark card with the words “you’re purr-fect” spelled out in glitter. But it knew it and steered into the delightful.

In a TV world awash in procedural dramas and murder mysteries, sometimes it feels pretty great to take a song break.

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For all those freaking out about Octillian, I think it's important to remember that Flarke, Linctavia, CL, and even Memori began with lies and cheating, capture and torture, deceit, manipulation and betrayal (twice over for the last two). The show gives us Kabby, Marper, Jasper/Maya and Bellarke as "healthier" options. But even Kabby began with great antagonism and disdain. It's the nature of the show. You don't always want what's healthiest for you--and some things evolve to be ok or even great

The parallel for Octilian is actually clarke and niylah I think. It’s honest. It happens at a time when Clarke or Octavia is at the edge of sanity and needs to come back, it’s reaching out for human contact and feeling. It is what it is. It’s not a replacement for anyone else. It’s not love. It’s sex. 

I actually think it’s a lot healthier than a lot of relationships we’ve seen.

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"No terfs" pshh. Easy for us to say, We are capable of experiencing attraction to either sex. Lesbians and gay men however, do not and it's natural and not derived from a "phobia" of any kind.

hi there! so i’d like to say firstly that i identify as a lesbian. i do not experience sexual attraction to men, nor do i see myself ever being in a romantic relationship with a man. it is true that when i started this blog, i identified as bi, but i have since realized that that was due to a whole mess of compulsory heterosexuality, etc. etc. anyways! the thing is, i would date a trans woman, because i am attracted to women. trans people are not an “in between” gender, nor are they any less male, female, etc. than their cis counterparts. a trans woman who was amab is a woman just as much as a cis woman who was afab is. being attracted to women does not mean being attracted to a particular set of genitals. female genitals come in all shapes and sizes, and some of those shapes are penises!

it is easy for me to say no terfs, because i do not want someone on this blog who believes that a person’s gender is derived from their genitals. genitals mean nothing. trans women are women, and this blog supports and advocates for trans wlw as best as i can.

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out of curiosity, what brand of coffee do you drink? (im totally not asking you and a bunch of other writers because the one im drinking is getting ineffective… totally not.. hahaha..)

I have a Keurig (I know it’s bad for the environment I’m sorry don’t hate me) and I drink Green Mountain Coffee!! I usually get hazelnut flavored. I also use Coffeemate’s Natural Bliss hazelnut coffee creamer and milk!

My ratio for coffee:milk:creamer is about 5:3:1

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Didn't he hold Tamara's hand (or what's her name?) perfectly naturally. He has no problem holding hands (men or women) he likes

i was just thinking about that and we found out they go way back as friends so you’d think he’d be able to hold the woman’s hand he was with for four years normally but nope