s myers

This is how losers feel. I am a loser. And you're here to remind me that this is how losers feel. (SAD GIRLZ PLAYLIST)

Yo so I thought I’d try my hand at making a playlist for you guys to check out. This one has been putting me to sleep for the past couple weeks, thought it might do the same for you or at least elicit some sort of emotional reaction. Songs here aren’t confined to a specific genre, but they are all sung by women, and are all sad, or at least deal with emotions deemed “negative." 

It’s all fucking raw though. You can actually feel the lump in Jenn Ghetto’s (Carissa’s Wierd) throat when she gets choked up towards the end of "So You Want to be A Superhero;” you can understand Meg Myers’ frustration when she shrieks in “Heart Heart Head” as if it’s then only thing she can do to maintain her sanity, and First Aid Kit’s ever casual use of the f-bomb will slap you in the face on “Master Pretender”. Songs are sonically diverse as well; Soap&Skin’s “Fall Foliage” begins as a piano ballad, but takes a sharp turn for the industrial halfway through and will knock you on your ass. Tiny Vipers’ “Dreamer” is simplistic in structure; a repetitious (but beautiful) acoustic guitar pattern plays throughout as Jesse Fortino grows increasingly desperate and cries “I’m dying for a way out!” at the end of the song. Didn’t put much thought in the playlists’ structure until the last two songs - Pharmakon and Julianna Barwick’s music might be described as “minimalist,” but the former plays songs you’d expect to hear in hell and the latter’s music is ethereal to the extreme. Wanted to end it on a high note.

Common themes in this playlist include depression, betrayal, heartbreak and suicide. If you’re happy right now, this might make you sad, and if you’re already sad, this might be oddly therapeutic. But here’s a link so check it out motherfuckers:



1. S - Losers

2. Jessica Lea Mayfield - Oblivious

3. Chelsea Wolfe - We Hit a Wall

4. Dear Euphoria - Naked Before You

5. Soap&Skin - Fall Foliage

6. Tiny Vipers - Dreamer

7. Angel Olsen - Stars

8. Carissa’s Wierd - So You Wanna Be A Superhero

9. Grouper - Call Across Rooms

10. Flower Face - September

11. Low - Just Make It Stop

12. Bat For Lashes - Siren Song

13. First Aid Kit - Master Pretender

14. Meg Myers - Heart Heart Head

15. Chvrches - Night Sky

16. Gazelle Twin - Changelings

17. Emma Ruth Rundle - Shadows of My Name

18. Julie Doiron - Condescending You

19. Haim - Running If You Call My Name

20. Pharmakon - Intent Or Instinct

21. Julianna Barwick - One Half