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The sloping dunes and curving shadows at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve in Colorado make this special park a photographer’s dream. Ranger Patrick Myers has been capturing amazing scenes here for years. With golden sunrises, epic blue skies and every color sunsets, taking pictures never gets old. Photo by Patrick Myers, National Park Service.

It still annoys me that there are still types who think they’re superior to other types? Just because you’re an introvert and an N doesn’t make you better or “deeper” than other people. S types and extroverts see the world from different sides, perspectives we would never think of. They’re just as complex and interesting.

See individual people, not just letters.


  • Someone: What's your myers briggs personality type?
  • Me, extremely excited someone asked: OMG you know about MBTI? I'm an INTP!!! What are you?
  • Same person: Oh I'm a mix between a ENFJ and INFJ because sometimes I get introverted but I also think I'm an ENFP too as sometimes I'm not as judgy.
  • Me, biting my tongue really hard as I know that's not how it works but I just met this person and if I correct them now they'll probably get offended that I'm talking to them like I know their personality more than they do, plus cognitive functions is a big concept that I can't really explain in a short conversation, although I know it's important for the facts to be correct however, I might lose a potential friend so: OK.....neat!
This is how losers feel. I am a loser. And you're here to remind me that this is how losers feel. (SAD GIRLZ PLAYLIST)

Yo so I thought I’d try my hand at making a playlist for you guys to check out. This one has been putting me to sleep for the past couple weeks, thought it might do the same for you or at least elicit some sort of emotional reaction. Songs here aren’t confined to a specific genre, but they are all sung by women, and are all sad, or at least deal with emotions deemed “negative." 

It’s all fucking raw though. You can actually feel the lump in Jenn Ghetto’s (Carissa’s Wierd) throat when she gets choked up towards the end of "So You Want to be A Superhero;” you can understand Meg Myers’ frustration when she shrieks in “Heart Heart Head” as if it’s then only thing she can do to maintain her sanity, and First Aid Kit’s ever casual use of the f-bomb will slap you in the face on “Master Pretender”. Songs are sonically diverse as well; Soap&Skin’s “Fall Foliage” begins as a piano ballad, but takes a sharp turn for the industrial halfway through and will knock you on your ass. Tiny Vipers’ “Dreamer” is simplistic in structure; a repetitious (but beautiful) acoustic guitar pattern plays throughout as Jesse Fortino grows increasingly desperate and cries “I’m dying for a way out!” at the end of the song. Didn’t put much thought in the playlists’ structure until the last two songs - Pharmakon and Julianna Barwick’s music might be described as “minimalist,” but the former plays songs you’d expect to hear in hell and the latter’s music is ethereal to the extreme. Wanted to end it on a high note.

Common themes in this playlist include depression, betrayal, heartbreak and suicide. If you’re happy right now, this might make you sad, and if you’re already sad, this might be oddly therapeutic. But here’s a link so check it out motherfuckers:



1. S - Losers

2. Jessica Lea Mayfield - Oblivious

3. Chelsea Wolfe - We Hit a Wall

4. Dear Euphoria - Naked Before You

5. Soap&Skin - Fall Foliage

6. Tiny Vipers - Dreamer

7. Angel Olsen - Stars

8. Carissa’s Wierd - So You Wanna Be A Superhero

9. Grouper - Call Across Rooms

10. Flower Face - September

11. Low - Just Make It Stop

12. Bat For Lashes - Siren Song

13. First Aid Kit - Master Pretender

14. Meg Myers - Heart Heart Head

15. Chvrches - Night Sky

16. Gazelle Twin - Changelings

17. Emma Ruth Rundle - Shadows of My Name

18. Julie Doiron - Condescending You

19. Haim - Running If You Call My Name

20. Pharmakon - Intent Or Instinct

21. Julianna Barwick - One Half

Types of people I know (by INTP)

I’m not so social to know all 16 types. Still some of the types I know don’t entirely match the stereotypes, so I wanted to show that, too.

- nerdy jokes
- writes actually cool poems and posts them everywhere
- sends you selfies with geeky t-shirts
- doesn’t mind listening to you babbling about your problems
- wants to help
- gives you awesome presents you didn’t ask for, somehow knows what you’ll like.

- honestly, I don’t like them much, so it’s not 100% even-handed description
- they have their cool moments and jokes,
- can listen to you but after 2 mins they are bored and check their phones
- selfie queens and kings
- always dating someone/breaking up
- great cooks, really great.
- Mood Changing Championship winners
- they can’t handle criticism and try to explain why is something bad/wrong instead of making it better.

- queen of nerds and memes and jokes
- will watch their favourite show for the 7th time just to watch it with you
- conspiracy theories 24/7, aliens and shit.
- can’t into emotions
- faux pas
- builds complicated stuff based on the internet blueprints. It works.
- easily stressed, can run away from responsibilities

- precious buns, must be protected
- overuse stickers on fb messenger (not that I mind)
- stubborn as hell
- remember about you after a long time
- try to help, they actually care about you

(not sure if I typed him well)
- witty jokes or dirty ones
- center of attention
- breaks rules on daily basis
- made a birthday gift map like in Indiana Jones
- sensitive, has many insecurities
- fast mood changes

- depression is his second name
- sensitive as hell, takes everything seriously
- talented artist
- knowledge is power
- many hobbies, practice makes perfect.

- actually has a plan for the whole week
- like, seriously, planned dinners and work during specific hours
- sticking to this plan is a different thing, but usually works more or less
- dirty daddy jokes 24/7
- woMAN in womans clothes (lol jk clothes are also manly)
- secretly a nerd, loves airsoft and swords and epic battles, you’d never tell

- happy cinnamon rolls
- creative and talented perfectionists
- always happy, unless they have a really good reason not to be happy
- walking chaos but somehow manage to make a living (yea right…)
- 10000 ideas a day, some of them actually come to life, most are just impractical/unrealistic tho
- spontaneous social activities
- make friends in 10 seconds (seriously how??)

- born leader, but doesn’t throw orders everywhere
- try their best. Always. Sad when something goes wrong, even when it’s not their fault.
- awesome music taste, they explore different genres
- does everything with 100% accuracy, talented.
- 4chan king

- try to help you using logical arguments,
- understand their feelings and handle them quite well, easily triggered tho
- constructive criticism
- joke usually by using funny analogies. Or throw puns at you.
- the “start talking about feathered lizards, end with tusken raiders sex” squad
- medically explains how to make a giant cyclop with one surgery and hormones

 (I didn’t check if it’s 100% his type but it suits him best)
- says stuff which is basically translated into “I’m brilliant!”
- Actually is clever, but kinda throws it at you
- does research on professors for the sake of it, finds really cool stuff
- finds memes and ridiculously funny youtube videos, sends them to you
- whispers to your ear their conspiracy theories right in the wolf’s den

- perfect perfectionist perfection
- creative descendant of a female dog, (I’m jealous 24/7)
- talks in binary, can’t into feelings
- helps everyone with hard school stuff
- actually cute and shy, hides it well
- asks me for relationship advice, poor thing

- “It depends”
- remembers tiny lil’ facts from books, doesn’t remember to eat
- can’t into feelings (and actually tries to date INTJ)
- memes, puns and chaos
- “Lol poke it with a stick and see what happens” squad
- has awesome ideas, giving them life is another thing
- Can spend 5 days in a room and go out just because humans have to eat