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Whats your opinion about what happend to the situation your girlfriend is in about people harassing her?

She seems to be coping okay on most days, but sometimes there will be days where it’s too much for her and she breaks down. Like for instance, a few weeks ago there was this fan that kept demanding her to talk to them… every second of the day. But what was even worse was that they blackmailed her by saying they would cry and hurt themselves if she didn’t respond. Clearly this person just wants to get attention, right? However, maybe there’s more to it than that… What if this person was young and still has their emotional/social areas of their brain being developed? They might have their whole life based around her and the community. To them, being shutout and ignored by their role-model, Ania, might cause them to overreact, send hate messages, dislike videos, threaten and sometimes even stalk her. But I’m guessing to them this seems rational and fair, not until someone tells them off. So the question is, did Ania’s video help stop the hate? 
Yes, I think it did.
However, I also think that no matter how much you try, there will always exist people that disagree with you and try to give you a hard time, especially with Ania’s fan base. The best way is to learn how to tolerate hate and not let it affect you as much as possible. And instead focus on the positives and listen to constructive criticism.

Maybe it’s because you’re incapable of empathy, or maybe you’ve just convinced yourself of that. You see, I think you could get it if you wanted to. I’m not sure how much I buy into this idea that you can’t empathize with another person, put yourself in their shoes. It’s more a matter of perspective, and, if you choose, you can adopt one other than your own. You’re just too stubborn to try.

may i enlighten you with the cover of Good Omens from the official Dutch translation:


My contribution to Anna Weekend 2017, day 2 prompt: Rain. Done with pastels, then edited a little in Photoshop.

I know it was about rain but I couldn’t help adding a lightning, it sets the (angsty? lol) mood imho. It’s my first gif so please be kind :D

It’s the first time since the end of the movie when Kristoff had to go for a reaaally long harvesting trip, and the first time they are away from each other since the thaw. Anna is afraid of the storm since her parent’s death so when it starts to rain she starts to worry about Kristoff, and she gets almost terrified when it changes into violent storm. Elsa is away on some diplomatic trip, so she’s even more lonely, scared, and misses him even more. Plus, she’s still haunted by nightmares about Hans. Kristoff was to return that day but didn’t, so she went the stables where they usually set their little meetings, and cried, looking through the window, hoping that this way, she’d see him sooner.

(I know the picture looks depressing but don’t worry, Kristoff actually did come back, he just waited for the storm to stop to be safe.)

Happy Anna Weekend!

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Before TFA came out there was a lot of speculation over max von sydow's character (there were a lot of "rumours" he was rey's father which I think some people still think) but as we know he died after just a few minutes in the film, establishing Kylo's apparent villainy I suppose. It reminds me much of all the speculation on Benicio del toro's mystery character,he could only be in the film for a short period, people speculate he's Ezra, a sith, a crime lord, what do you think about him?

I definitely don’t think he’s Ezra. My bet would be that he’s some kind of crime lord or mob leader type, but we really have no idea. Whatever he is, I expect there will be some kind of twist concerning his character - I reckon there’s going to be more to him than what first appears to be the case.

quick thing

I am a bit late to this bandwagon but here I am 

but for real I like this game. it kinda didn’t give the player enough time/interaction with some characters to build a connection to them, but it definitely hits the neosteampunk/casual fantasy mark for me. and that urban legend-creepypasta vibe. and that glitch-in̚͏̜̗-̱͖̣̼̱ͮ̓ͪ̚͡t̳͓̻̪̗̊͋́̅ͯ̽ͅh̭͓̄̂̅ͦé͙̙̼̮ͦ̽̏̈́͆͠-͚̄̔m̼̼̜̟̲̺̀͛͋͋͌a̘͕͖͉͕ͧ̏̚ṱr̷͙̩ï̘ͦ̂̔̏͐̚͡x̺͓̻͆ͦ̈̂ͩ̂͟ kinda fallout– 


How did I manage to get this done in like…less than a day o-o

So I mashed Genoary days 8 and 15 together, sorta, more or less, kinda?
Anyway hope you all have a good day~

Geno belongs to @loverofpiggies
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I bet Sangwoo actually really wants Bum to model that bra for him (◔◡◔✿)

(p.s pretend Sangwoo isnt crazy here obvi i don’t support them being together (✿´ ꒳ ` )) 

like this wouldn’t happen after Jumin got back home~

baby girl spends part of her day thoroughly confused.

@hachiimi i changed the color of Mi-joo’s eyes, i hope you don’t mind.