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remember when Nicole Richie went on America’s Next Top Model just to start shit and then left

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Changeling Study (Eyes)

So besides being able to turn into s human what makes a Changeling so different from a troll? Well a big difference I think is their eyes. Changelings have yellow or green eyes (the sclera) and thin cat like pupils instead of round.

Both Strickler and NotEnrique have yellow eyes. Strickler is shown with mostly yellow eyes, but turn green in the dark. However, Nomura is only shown with green eyes, even in the light.

Except Gladysgro did have the correct color, but had rounded pupils/irises, however she was a minor character and it seems they reused a background troll model for her.

The same goes for two other background trolls. They have thin pupils, but they just seem to be a slightly modified version of Numora’s model.

So aside from Gladysgro and two background trolls, changelings having slit pupils is constant. They have yellow and green Sclera with either red or black irises or pupils. With the exception of Nomura we can assume Chnagelings mostly have yellow Sclera that glow green in the dark. And the only reason we see regular trolls with slit pupils and Gladysgro with rounded pupils is because they are resided character models.

punkrocknerdfighter  asked:

this is an entirely sincere question: renly's model of government, aka "the strongest son takes what he wants regardless of right", has been explained by asoiaf writers to be a model that would introduce chaos. but aren't there models of that kind of inheritance in real life? like the ottoman sultans didn't come to the throne in the same clear pattern of inheritance as in england, and murdered other claimants. so really, what makes that kind of model different from what renly was trying to do?

@warsofasoiaf, you know your way around the Ottomans. Any thoughts here?

Character: Cece Parekh 

From: New Girl 

Representation: Indian, LGBTQIA+ 

Their Importance: Cece is probably one of the best portrayals of an Indian character that I’ve seen on TV. Most of the portrayals I’ve seen have been incredibly stereotypical - characters are uptight, awkward, and have thick stereotypical accents, and aren’t often shown in a positive way. However, with Cece we have a character who is Indian, and this isn’t stereotyped. Instead, when they show her background, it is done in a casual - and in my opinion - often realistic way. Her wedding/engagement is shown to honor her culture (along with her husband Schmidt’s Jewish traditions), she’s shown wearing saris at special occasions, and it’s shown as just a part of her character. This is small, but she’s also a model and to see a desi who’s not in a medical/engineering/lawyer profession is amazing; as we (and stereotypical portrayals of us) tend to focus on that a lot. 

She’s also shown to be LGBTQIA+ - when she meets her ex, Reagan, the two explain that they were together about 10 years ago, and they have a friendly relationship afterwards. Cece never explicitly states her sexuality, but knowing that there is a queer Indian character on tv makes me happy. As a bi Indian, I cling to both Indian and queer characters, and to see one who is both queer and Indian - and is treated like every other character and not a stereotype - makes me feel more validated myself. 

anonymous asked:

I personally kinda like when characters go /slightly/ off model cuz it makes them look squishy and moldable, as long as it's at an appropriate time, not during something serious. But it drives me crazy when they go so off model it looks ridiculous, or they're just plain lazy. Like when steven was on his knees yelling at cloud rose floating above him, that scene was dramatic and serious but his face looked so off?? It distracted me from the emotions I was supposed to be feeling

That’s squash and stretch rather than actually going off model, it’s what they do in animation to make things look more dynamic and bouncy which is always good. What su does is just going off model for no reason at all, like you said it can make dramatic scenes look awkward. The crew just need to have stricter models and only allow going off model to exaggerate emotions and stuff like that.

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What's your cutest Len model? 😁

len iS NEVER CUTE HE’S !!!!!!!!! trash

kidding hehe my personal opinion of my probably cutest len model is my latest downloadable len which is snowman/christmas len

add on blush and an uncomfortable look and he looks like he hates winter and going outside and he still looks kinda cute and that’s #relentable


Training with Victoria’s Secret Model Karlie Kloss & Adidas

Amy Lee
Published on Feb 23, 2017

Highlights of the #NEVERDONE event hosted by international model Karlie Kloss and Adidas in Melbourne, Australia. Held in conjunction with the launch of the Adidas SS17 Training range, the event was designed to bring to life the campaign theme and mantra - #NEVERDONE.

The event brought together Adidas’ top female influencers from the Asia Pacific, in a high-energy workout session, specially designed by Tanya Poppett, and inspired by Karlie’s fitness regime.

After the workout session, all influencers gathered for an intimate lunch session with Karlie Kloss, followed by the content co-creation session. It was a challenging and inspiring day!

harryhenry1  asked:

I'm surprised more critical SU fans don't mention/call out John Kricfalusi that much. Why? Because his whole "specific expressions/never draw something the same way twice" philosophy is largely why the show gets so off-model/looks so weird nowadays. What do you think?

personally i would rather call out john k for being homophobic, sexist, and abusive towards his staff. 

plus the problem isn’t characters’ expressions looking off model, it’s their entire character looking off model throughout episodes out of what just seems like lack of care. having a weird expression is fine for artoonish effect, but if nothing needs to be exaggerated then it’s just weird.

this is a briefly cartoonishly off-model expression for comedic effect.

this is a character being off-model in a scene where it doesn’t accentuate anything, and thus calls attention to nothing but the fact she looks off model.

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⭐️⭐️ Hit me with that Gay Shit my dude

(( I’ll try to think of ones I don’t elaborate on. hmmm..

Kanaya has tons of still life, nude drawings of the Dolorosa with or without outfits on them. It’s practice and appreciation. They are never… sensual? Like she’s just naked, and never completely accurate, because when she tries to draw the muscles she gets really sweaty and sometimes certain clothes are just excuses so she doesn’t have to look at the entire naked hot body of her ancestor while drawing. I mean, she gets flustered but they’re models, Rosa’s a great model. Very attractive. Very nice to draw. Also Kanaya needs like an actual posture reference, she has a near photographic memory but she’d die if Rosa actually posed for her 

You know that part in Steven Universe? Where Steven tried to cut Connie’s friendship off to protect her? And she straight up said if he didn’t want to be friends he should just say it to her face and yeah you know how that scene goes 

Kanaya and Rosa had an argument once and their arguments are horribly painful because neither would be wrong, they are just correct from complete opposite viewpoints sometimes, and Kanaya came back a while later probably to assert she was right all along, but she actually looks up and she’s fucking sobbing. she doesn’t wanna be mad at her mom. it hurts.