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Halatang inactive na ko dito HAHAHAHAH 21 na ko ngayon pero yung blog ko diko pa naeedit yung sa age 19 pa rin hahah push ko na lang yon bahala sya don luh hahahah salmat sa mga bumati through pm’s and post! :* Mahal ko kayoooo

Imagine Thorin sabotaging your braids every night so that way you eventually ask him to help you

You:*puts your hair in a braid before you go to be at night *

*after you fall asleep*
Thorin: *undoing your braid*
Dwalin: what in Mahal’s name are you doing to the lassie’s hair? It’ll be tangled in the morning if you do that.
Thorin: that’s the point, I want her to come to me for help.
Thorin: *does this every night for the next month*
You: *sighs* will one of you help me with my hair

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Imagine Thorin not telling you how he feels about you until he's in the midst of his Dragon sickness

Thorin: where is my queen?
Kili: what?
Thorin: where are they?
Dwalin: who in Mahal’s name are ye talking about?
Thorin: (y/n), of course!

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Brain freeze headcannon!

You’ve made the company ice cream and these are their reactions to getting brain freeze!

Thorin: he thinks you’ve poisoned him. He feels funny, and cold.
Dwalin: he’s eaten enough snow to know what brain freeze is.
Balin: he barely even notices it through the heart freeze
Fili: (see Gif below)

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Ori: this baby just sits there, it’s like an organic “error404″ message
Dori: *internal screaming*

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Nori: handles brain freeze like a pro, although he attempts to counteract it with vodka when you are not looking.

Bifur: Everything in his body gets cold, even his ax is cold to the touch.
Bofur: the hat helps fight brain freeze significantly so what little effect he gets he doesn’t really notice.
Bombur: this guy is totally immune to brain freeze due to all of his fat deposits 
Oin: trudges through the brain freeze just you get more creamy regret into his body
Gloin: he’s lactose intolerant but eats the ice cream anyway. when the brain freeze hits he’s shivering.
Bilbo:see gif below

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Where you go, I follow

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part 1

Part 2

pairing: Thorin x reader

Warnings: angs, mild violence ( maybe )

Here it is, second part of Where you go, I follow. Special thanks to @xxbyimm who helped me when I hit a wall and didn´t know how proceed with this one. :) Any mistakes / errors that are occured grammatically….well, you have been warned, again. Enjoy! If you want to be tagged in this, let me know.

You sat down on a chair in the corner of the forgery and watched Thorin to start working on your sword. You kept wondering what happened earlier. You were sure that you saw the same craving in Thorin´s eyes what you were feeling but now….as you watch him hammering the hot, glowing piece of metal into a shape he wanted it to be, you felt somewhat disappointed. Of what? You didn´t have any reason to feel that way. You were here to get yourself a new sword and then you could continue with your journey to Rivendell. You were good friends with the elves and especially with Elrond and you couldn´t wait to hear some elven stories that never stopped to amaze you. So, why you were having a hard time to keep yourself from crying?

Thorin didn´t glance at your direction at all, not even once. He kept his focus entirely on your forming sword. He didn´t have the luxury to be fawning over a ranger he hardly knew. So he decided to distance himself from you now that he still could. It would be best for both of you. He examined the piece of metal he was working before dipping it into the fire and started hammering it again againts the anvil with a stone cold determination. Once this sword was done, he would bit you farewell and concentrate on making his people a good life in Ered Luin. But there was a snag in that plan. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn´t shake that odd feeling in his chest and it started to frustrate him even more to the point where that feeling was so thick, you could almost touch it.

The air in the forgery was stifling, you were sweating but couldn´t get yourself to move outside to get some fresh air. You were deep in your thoughts, playing that scene over and over again in your head. Did you offende him unknowingly? Did you say or do something wrong? You must have done something, why else Thorin would be suddenly so distant and cold towards you. Absent-mindedly you watched him from the corner of your eye how his muscles flexed everytime he lifted the hammer and hit with calculated precision to the metal. God, he was so sexy looking that you could feel your panties starting to moist. No! Not going there again! Sighing you finally decided to go out, it was going to take some time before Thorin was finished and you needed to cool your head. “I´m going out for a bit.” you announced standing up and glanced him. Thorin didn´t look up, just nodding to let you know he had heard you. Honestly, were all dwarves this quick to changing their moods? You huffed and walked outside feeling annoyed. You took a deep breath and looked around. It was almost midday and more people was now on the streets chatting cheerfully carrying their belongings. You brightened up a little and started walking searching some place to get something to eat.

Thorin threw his hammer against the wall angrily. What on Mahal´s name was wrong with him? Everytime he saw you moving from the corner of his eye his concentration was cracking, when he heard you sighing it went straight to his groins and the frustration grew even more tense in his body. And when you had got up, telling him that you were gonna go out with that exasperated tone of yours, he wanted to grap your face and kiss you with passion and let you know that he wasn´t going to allow you to talk to him with that tone. But the way you completely ignored him when you were sitting in that chair and the way you stormed out the forgery told him that the lust that was there few hours ago weren´t there anymore. So why would he care what you were doing? Sighing he sat down putting his elbows to his knees dropping his head into his hands. Women. Why they had to be so damn comblicated?

You sat on the table bowl of stew and bread in front of you. You were starving and dig right in to your food. The tavern called Stonehaven you had found was quite nice and cosy, merry sounding people sat around you. The keeper was little chuppy, grey haired old lady who reminded you of your grandmother. You couldn´t hold out a smile when she had tapped your hand and said that you were looking like a scrawny little squirrel and had handed you bowl full of food. Well, you hadn´t eat properly in weeks so no wonder she had said that to you. Two tables away sat couple of men who were whispering with each other. When you weren´t paying attention, they sat down on your table giving you quite a disturbing smirk. It wasn´t the first time when some men tried to seek your company. Mentally preparing yourself what was going to happen next, you took a deep breath and grapped on to your hunting knife that was hanging on your waist. “Hello there tootsie. Want some company to your bed tonight? I promise, me and my mate can make you feel so good.” that raspy voice made you want to vomit. Five minutes…for five minutes you wished to be left alone. Was it really too much to ask? “Sorry fellas, but I´m not that kinda girl. You might want to seek your bed partner somewhere else.”  Your answer didn´t please him and he took a firm hold of your wrist and stared you down…or tried anyway. But you couldn´t care less about his wanna-be-badass attitude. You had faced far more worst than couple of horny men in the past so you were unimpressed. Swiftly you took your hunting knife and with one sweeping motion your knife take a contact with cheek. Shocked he jumped up and backed away from you with a yelp covering his cheek with his hand. “ I don´t like repeating myself.” you snarled staring at the men with a deadly look on your face. “This isn´t over girl. I`ll come back and when I do, you`ll wish that you should have accepted my offer.” Rolling your eyes you put your knife back and return to your stew. Males. Honestly, why they have to be so damn irritating?

Thorin had been working on your sword quite a while now and feeling that he needed a break he set the unfinished sword aside and grapped a towel wiping his face. Frustration starting to build up in his body again, he decided that he needed release it somehow. He took his sword from a rack and walked out towards the forest.
He didn´t know how long he had been in the woods hitting his sword ruthlessly against the poor spruce but his anger didn´t seem to disappear no matter how much force he used or how wildly he swayed his sword. He was breathing heavily, his robust frame indicated that he was fuming, eyes fixed on the tree trunk. “By Mahal´s name, why??” he bellowed and hit the tree again with all his might. The shout echoed through the quiet forest, scaring a few chaffinchs to fly from their resting place elsewhere. He had never been this angry. The feelings towards you was almost feral, something he hadn´t never felt before and he didn´t know how to deal with it or how to handle the situation. Too many emotions was running through him at the moment….anger, frustration, confusion, uncertainty and he was sure he was suffocating because it was suddenly difficult to breath. Why? Why he was feeling this way? Tilting his head and taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes trying desperately to calm himself. But it wasn´t working and before he could think straight, he swayed his sword again with burning look in his blue eyes.

You had been practicing your archery in the woods after you´d finished your dinner, when you heard angry shouts coming from somewhere in the forest. At first you ignored it and lifted your bow and arrow taking aim to the pinetree where already you had loose three arrows and was about to do it again, when that outraged noise was echoed again. What on earth was going on? You frowned and walk to the tree pulling the arrows off of it´s trunk and put them back to the guiver, then turned on your heels and started to walk towards the noise cautiously, bow and arrow, that you didn´t get to shoot, on your hands ready to defend yourself if the situation was to get dangerous. When you got to a small clearing, on the opposite side you saw someone taking his anger towards a tree. You walked about half-way before stopping and tilted your head little amused. Not that the situation was funny at all but you couldn´t help a small giggle escaping from you. “What that poor tree ever did to you?” you asked trying your very best not to burst out laughing. But when the person turns around hearing you his sword raised up ready for a fight, your first instinct was to take aim at him to warn him not to attack or you would shoot.
You stared at each other with intense look on your face. Suddenly you recognize those eyes but it´s different kind of look than first time when you gazed upon those clear blue eyes. The gaze was hard and cold, full of anger. “Thorin?” your voice was thick from the emotions that crashed through you at that very moment when you saw those beautiful eyes of his. 

Thorin blinked and seemed to notice that it was you who was aiming an arrow towards his head. He lowered his sword slowly and raised his free hand signalling that he didn´t mean any harm. He also realized that the minute he was looking at you, his anger was starting to fade away. That was odd, considering that you were the very reason in the first place what made him angry. Sighing he layed his sword against the tree trunk and turned to look at you. “ I think we need to talk.” his voice was quiet and low.
You lowered your bow, putting the arrow to your guiver and walked over to stand in front of him. “ Yes…I agree.”

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Na bak! Aya bak! Kış gecesinin mübarek ayına bak! Hem yürüyorum, hem sanki düşünüyorum. Durdum. Bir ağaca yaslandım. Ağaç rüzgardan sallanıyor. Ayın on beşi değil ama yine kocaman bir ay, caddenin kocaman ampulünden kararmış madeni bir ışıkla bakıyor. İçimi deliyor sokak köpeğinin güzel gözleri, mahzunluğu, açlığı… Ah bir simit olsaydı cebimde! Otursaydım şu ıslak çimenlerin üstüne, köpeğin yanına. Ulan deseydim, koca herif, şu dünyada bir sen, bir de ben varız, bir de na, şu kısa kısa adımlarla yürüyen herif, bir de ay, bir de na, şu geçen otomobil.
N'apalım şimdi. Aya bakıp şiir yazamayız. Otomobili durdurtup binemeyiz. Şu herife yetişemeyiz. Yapacağımız bir şey var. Oturup seninle şu simidi paylaşalım.
—  Mahalle Kahvesi, Sait Faik Abasıyanık

I’m watching SD rn and I really like Jinder Mahal’s parades and the fact that he always makes references to his culture, but his whole reign is leading people to openly disrespect foreign cultures (especially young kids), and the crowd booing that Indian lady who is singing in the middle of the ring is really disturbing me tbh. I wish the audience was a bit smarter than that and the WWE less US-centric.


TORO: What’s on your mind, mahal ko?

ZEVRAN: It’s just, we’ve done it all, babe. Two kids. Owning a home. Weird greeting cards. Through fifty-seven years of our unnatural lives, we’ve done it all.

TORO: We sure have. But…why do you bring it up?

ZEVRAN: Why aren’t we married?

TORO: Oh, I dunno. I…I guess, this…just felt like the natural outcome of things. It’s always felt so real, and present, and true. I’ve never needed that confirmation from someone in a public service office.

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Hello, I just read the hcs of bakugo having a Latin s/o and I really enjoyed it! May I request something similar? Like, todoroki having an s/o who's filipino and calls him mahal (love)? And whenever she feels a strong emotion like maybe happiness or whenever she rants, she speaks in Filipino? And she also sings some Filipino sometimes and compliments him in Filipino? Have a nice day!

Sure thing hon! 

Todoroki Shouto

  • Shouto loves hearing his s/o talk in Filipino, he loves trying to pick up little bits here and there and repeating them back to them to see their reaction! Their smile is all he needs to know he got it right!
  • He finds it sweet when his s/o calls him “mahal” and will say it back to them when he can! Although he doesn’t entirely get what they’re saying when they compliment him, the blush on his s/o’s face tells him it’s something good!
  • The rants catch him off guard a bit, especially if his s/o is a fast speaker! Still, he’ll ask about it afterwards, maybe prompting his s/o to realise that he couldn’t understand them when they were ranting!