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Autumn Leaves

what’s this? a Jack Lowden imagine another one that wasn’t asked for.

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There’s something about the overcast weather that fills your heart with warmth. Fall is settling in England and with your knit tights, wool coats, and a vast array of scarves, you are more than simply prepared. You’re elated.

You’re walking home from your office hours at Kings, the one downfall to being a graduate student, and the night is falling fast. Now that the clouds are low and the days even shorter, it was to be expected.

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Just had my first IMAX experience watching Dunkirk for the third time.

Wow! It blew me away. I totally understand why Christopher Nolan said that this is the way it needs to be seen. Wow! Wow! Wow! (And what a treat to see Jack Lowden’s face 60ft tall!😍😆)

Watching it for a third time I keep noticing different little details each time.

Would watching it for a fourth time be too much?

P.s. Gibson deserved better 😢

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spotted cara delevingne buying a pregnancy test in a pharmacy in scotland and coming back to jack lowden's flat.

What is this, Skwad pregnancy season? I always knew there was something fishy about that “random Vegas wedding”. Babyjail anyone?