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Many in the Rebels fandom were pleased with An Inside Man. But I did have one quibble with the episode. We finally have an episode taking place on Lothal and all we get is one brief glimpse of a loth-cat. And where was Ryder’s snow white loth-cat? At the end of A Princess on Lothal, I thought it had been abandoned because I assumed Ryder was fleeing Lothal with the Ghost crew. So it was good to see him remain there. But we did not see his loth-cat in this episode.

boyfriend! hansol

( hs || ww )

  • very cute very shy
  • skin ship is very important 
  • first it was a little awkward with him but now you’re both comfortable with it
  • he writes lyrics about you 
  • listening to music together
  • recommending tracks to each other
  • creating playlists for different occasions
  • deep talks
  • emo talks
  • you have a very deep long term relationship
  • he randomly comes over
  • sometimes you wake up and find him lying beside you and that’s something that gives you a lot of   comfort
  • works a lot on his lyrics
  • bringing him food to the studio when he’s working a lot
  • he’s an angel and loves having you around even when he is stressed and overworked, you give him strength
  • passionate sex (with drake playing in the background because y’all are just SO DEEP)
  • you are on good terms with each other’s families and that’s something both of you value 
  • shopping mall dates
  • you prefer staying inside and spend some quality time together
  • when you move in together, your apartment probably looks like those aesthetic apartments with white walls and plants because he’s an aesthetic hoe and u prolly too cuz ur dating him
  • spending lots of times with seungkwan
  • he isn’t someone to spill his feelings out and rather keeps it to himself but since you’re not only his s/o but also his best friend, he talks to you about whatever is on his mind, and it’s what keeps him going, having someone like you who is there and who loves him even after getting to know his flaws, seeing him angry, seeing him anxious and crying, seeing him at his worst
  • you tease him about how he raps in his sleep
  • travelling together aesthetically
  • eating breakfast at a coffee shop aesthetically
  • y'all are the aesthetic couple
  • skinship consists of lose hand holding, random pecks, lying cuddled up in the weirdest way while just talking like ur on ur back and u have ur leg tangled with his while talking about world peace
  • his smile when you wake up and catch him looking at you
  • he takes you very seriously and makes sure to keep you happy at all costs
  • likes to talk to you on the phone or facetime before a show
  • calls u baby /babe all the time 
  • wearing his clothes and sweaters      
  • napping together                                                                                          
  • ur foods consist of takeout mostly                                      
  • chill couple but u have ur moments where ur just so much fun together
  • lots of kisses
  • playing w/ his hair before bed because it makes him sleepy
  • memeing, because after all you’re just 2 big meme’s with a really good taste in music
  • you’re each other’s E V E R Y T H I N G
  • “you know it can’t get any better than this babe”

Marty quirks I fall in love with every time:

  • Inexplicable Canadian accent courtesy of MJF lol
  • Runs his hands through his hair when stressed or upset
  • HUGE blue eyes that always open really big when he’s scared
  • Cries with no shame
  • Loves and respects women
  • Kicks the ass of anyone who messes with his loved ones
  • Romantic and unashamed of it
  • Stumbles a lot
  • He’s a real trooper considering how many times he gets hurt and knocked around
  • Anxiety (with tendency towards self loathing</3 pls love yourself like I do Marty)
  • Curious, enthusiastic, and passionate
  • He’s a hugger…. He’s generally just very affectionate.
  • Loyal to the very end because he loves with all his heart and nothing less.

sORry for all the Marty talk today???? I’m all hyped up and you can’t stop me once I’ve started–

Mid Season trailer GIF(s)

Some of it are Mandalorians….

Go Space Dad !

That’s a yellow Tie Fighter… (Imperials…)

As we can see it also from here

Sabine did a really good job painting Space Dad’s helmet… (Loth Cat patterns ?)

Those are 2 different kinds of Blasters (I think…) Maybe It’s just me…

Colorful Explosions !!!


I can see this all day… XD