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No. 79: "I can't get you out of my head." & No. 23: "Delete that immediately." —Write a drabble where Lance is singing and dancing to Kylie Minogue's 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head', however he isn't alone. 😂

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23. Delete that immediately 

79. I can’t get you out of my head

You were sure there was a noise coming from inside. But it couldn’t be, Lance wasn’t due home for another two days. Carefully you pull your phone out, ready to call 911. Slipping your key into the lock, you hear the noise again. You recognise it as a voice and tremble slightly from fear. Walking through the house quietly you round the corner, the voice rising in volume. You paused and listened, a familiar voice singing from the living room. You wracked your brain before your recognised Kylie Minogue’s song I Can’t Get You Out of My Head. It couldn’t be that was the favourite song of –

“I can’t get you out of my head” Lance’s voice rose above that of Kylie’s. You rounded the corner quietly, a smile on your face. Bringing up your phone you began recording as Lance shook his booty to the song, singing all the words. His back was to you so when you coughed he almost slipped because he spun so fast.

He registered the situation, the phone in your hand. “Delete that immediately” he groaned, approaching you.

“Too late, I already been posted to twitter” you grinned, dangling the phone as he vaulted over the couch to get to you. You squealed, running through the house with an Olympic athlete hot on your heels. Life was certainly better with Lance around.


Kylie’s show is 100% created to create sympathy for her. But in reality, she’s in a family of millionaires, was able to buy mansions and create her own dream company aged 18. She just seems even more out of touch saying “money cant buy everything” nah but your cars alone are worth hundreds of college educations people work their asses off for - when you did nothing to deserve them. Miss me with Kylie’s pity party.


honestly the resumed of life of kylie is so dramatic and even basic for a girl who grew up with no idea of what the society is really, but everybody will be agree with, Life of Kylie’s idea behind is definitly how to ask to people mercy on my fame because like you guys can see my life is hard to handle, it is really a tough thing. Poor Girl only 20 !!! and I don’t even talk about others because Kylie is only one who at least show that they don’t have any educations on real things of life. 


The Notorious B.I.G.’s mom is PISSED Kendall and Kylie Jenner slapped their portraits over her son’s image just to peddle t-shirts. 

Biggie’s mom, Voletta Wallace, posted a photo of one of Kendall and Kylie’s new “Vintage T-Shirts” which launched on their site Wednesday. Voletta ripped the biz move as “disrespectful and exploitation at its worst” – and not just against her son.

A post shared by Voletta Wallace (@volettawallace) on Jun 29, 2017 at 9:31am PDT

Voletta’s also pissed about another shirt that features Kendall’s face over a Tupac image. 

Kendall and Kylie were selling at least 3 of these type of shirts with Pac and Biggie … at $125 a pop. All 3 shirts are no longer available. 

It’s unclear if the gear sold out, or if it’s been removed from the site due to the backlash.

Little Rant

Guys, stop disrespecting Gaia on Instagram. She’s a real human being with real feelings. I know we sometimes detach “celebrities” with feelings but they aren’t robots. They are real humans beings who have feelings just like us normal people. No one should be receiving hate for actually being happy with someone else. Chris is not your boyfriend and you have no right to hurt her unless you have a better reason than “she’s dating Chris, my smol son”. Let him be fucking happy and deal with the fact that he’s dating Gaia. You have no control over Chris, as heartbreaking as that may sound to some of you fangirls, fans and fanboys. You have no right to Chris’s dick as well. You are not his girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other/partner. Get over yourself and stop attacking Gaia for being with someone she loves because love is a beautiful emotion and I wish some of you “fans” can see how happy they are together. Real fans do not attack the significant others of band members. So if you are attacking Gaia, Ryan Ashley, Jamie, Kylie or anyone else current of past Motionless In White band members are dating and/or are engaged to, you need to see your way out of the fandom and go back to a fandom that somehow tolerates that shit. Motionless In White has done nothing but preach love and acceptance. So what to some fans do? They turn around and attack the band member’s significant others. That is not what Motionless In White is preaching and you’re disrespecting their message if you commit such an act as going and attacking their significant others. So again, if you are doing that stop and really consider your life. I’m not asking you to leave the fandom, but I want you to think long and hard about the message of Motionless In White. Would you rather be someone who is called rude and disrespectful or loving and kind? It’s up to you eventually, but you lose a lot of good people and make enemies being rude and disrespectful, especially towards people that a lot of people love.