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Little Rant

Guys, stop disrespecting Gaia on Instagram. She’s a real human being with real feelings. I know we sometimes detach “celebrities” with feelings but they aren’t robots. They are real humans beings who have feelings just like us normal people. No one should be receiving hate for actually being happy with someone else. Chris is not your boyfriend and you have no right to hurt her unless you have a better reason than “she’s dating Chris, my smol son”. Let him be fucking happy and deal with the fact that he’s dating Gaia. You have no control over Chris, as heartbreaking as that may sound to some of you fangirls, fans and fanboys. You have no right to Chris’s dick as well. You are not his girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other/partner. Get over yourself and stop attacking Gaia for being with someone she loves because love is a beautiful emotion and I wish some of you “fans” can see how happy they are together. Real fans do not attack the significant others of band members. So if you are attacking Gaia, Ryan Ashley, Jamie, Kylie or anyone else current of past Motionless In White band members are dating and/or are engaged to, you need to see your way out of the fandom and go back to a fandom that somehow tolerates that shit. Motionless In White has done nothing but preach love and acceptance. So what to some fans do? They turn around and attack the band member’s significant others. That is not what Motionless In White is preaching and you’re disrespecting their message if you commit such an act as going and attacking their significant others. So again, if you are doing that stop and really consider your life. I’m not asking you to leave the fandom, but I want you to think long and hard about the message of Motionless In White. Would you rather be someone who is called rude and disrespectful or loving and kind? It’s up to you eventually, but you lose a lot of good people and make enemies being rude and disrespectful, especially towards people that a lot of people love.

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The antis are mad because our point is becoming true there's a lot things that we don't know but I believe that we're going it for a good path. Everything screams "Grey side" for me. They gonna show Ben Solo, well maybe they're doing it right now with the posters of the movie and game (and maybe the clip of trailer, he against the first order? don't know). As a reylo shipper I'm happy with the trailer.

Yep, they’re extra belligerent at the moment because we’re basically being vindicated by official materials. Everything - from the poster to the teaser - seems to be preparing us for the kind of story Reylos have been anticipating (about balance and separate stories that put Rey and Finn on different paths) rather than the one antis have been insisting will take shape (about a clear light/dark binary and Rey, Finn and Poe teaming up to kick Kylie Ron’s ass).


florence dress, my newest wip! I´m really happy with the result, kinda reminds me of effy dress <3 

so, a little update.

     This week my classes got back, soo I am not going to be to much active anymore, but I will try my best to be present here :) I also planning to post that kylie cosmetics valentine collection !!, I already done the red minis and the kylie´s diary eyeshadows… The second model is using the eyeshadow, I really liked the result, and I know you guys are going to like it too! 

Have a nice day :)