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moral dilemma in a video game
  • npc: you can kill this evil person.........or NOT kill them
  • player: i think i will not kill them
  • npc: well done! you did the Right Thing! here's a gold star! we learned a very important lesson today, and that's killing certain people is bad. all those mooks you shot on the way here were fine though. don't worry about them.

Actually you know what. Just don’t mow. Get rid of your lawnmower. Turn your whole yard into a wildflower field or an edible garden. Lawns are the invention of the upper class to show wealth through wasted plots of grass that is meticulously tended for no reason other than to be grass. It’s literally an empty plot of land they kept because they had so much money they didn’t need it to grow food. Not using a yard as just a yard is an act of rebellion.

One of the main industries still supporting lawns is chemical pest control companies, and they’re also responsible for the insecticides that crashed the bird populations in the 40s and 50s as well as a lot of what’s killing bees and butterflies now. The herbicides they produce specifically targets “bad” plants like dandelions, buttercups, and clovers, which are plants bees rely on for early spring feeding. Grass is just grass; it would be great for feeding small mammals if people would let it grow more than three inches, but they won’t.

So, yeah. Kill lawnmower culture. Plant some native flowers. Grow some vegetables and fruit trees. Put out bird feeders and bee sugar spots and homes for both. Be kind to bugs and birds and rabbits and opossums and whoever else might wander by. Make your neighborhood a lot more beautiful.

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So ok here's the thing. What do you do when everyone know your bisexual in a homophobic country? Bc i live in a very homophobic country and literally everyone from my town knows about my sexuality and I'm scared bc I'm starting high school in September and everyone is gonna know about me and i feel like someone's literally going to kill me

That sounds awful. Unfortunately I don’t know much you could do, except going back into the closet like ‘hahaha it was just a phase I’m super straight, yo!’ but that’s not really good either… Maybe some fellow seedlings have any ideas?

"Mom’s going to kill us.”

George Weasley ~ Harry Potter

You are pregnant, fam.

Requested by: No

Written by: Head Honcho

Reader: Female

Warning: Teen pregnancy

A/N: Order of Phoneix time frame when the twins are in their last year, also idk if there is a difference on how wizards find out they’re pregnant ant muggles/humans do… so I just went with the good ol’ test.


Order of Phoneix Headquarters
Beginning of Christmas Holiday

You bury your face in your hands as you sit on the edge of the bathtub. The literal fate of the rest of your life is resting on the three sticks sitting on top of the basin of the sink.

You take a glance at your watch and let out a deep breath. There is still two minutes left and you’re dying inside. All the thoughts on how this will affect your future along with George’s… don’t forget the timing of it too.

Your thoughts get cut off by the bathroom door flinging open.

“Ron!” You shout.

“Oh… sorry.” Ron awkwardly apologizes, eyes snapping from the basin to you then he slams the door close. You can feel your heart pounding against your chest.

Living Room Area

You plop back down on your spot on the couch next to your lovely red-headed boyfriend. He wraps his arm around you, pecking your forehead causing a smile to appear on your face.

Once you hear him go back to the conversation, you take a glance over at Ron. He raises his eyebrows, silently asking, you nod. His eyes light up and he looks over at his older brother, a different kind of feeling when he sees him talking.

He turns back to you, mouthing a ‘congratulations’ in which you smile at him. Your focus gets snapped back to George when he squeezes your thigh, signaling you to join the conversation.

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I have a bunch of paragraphs that might one day become an absurdly long fic about Lance and the Blue Lion being BFF.

(The basic plot is ‘You can keep mental conversations with your lion and Blue really likes having someone to talk to after spending 10000 years stuck in a cave on Earth. Also, Lance is her Paladin and she goes full Mama Lion on him’.)

Anyway, I wrote the Mandatory Angsty Scene that doesn’t fit anywhere and that only exists because I’ve been lurking on the “Lance McClain” tag for a week and it’s full of langst (what did this kid do to us that we keep hurting him?), so of course I was influenced, but which I don’t think I’ll ever use for anything, so here it is, in all its glory.

He’s about to get killed and his first thought is that he didn’t fold his clothes before leaving his room.

It pops into his head, that his clothes are strewn across the room and someone will have to go in there to put everything in order at some point. Thank goodness it won’t have to be his mom.

He’s never seeing his mom again.

He’s never going home again.

He’s never taking Blue to Cuba.

Blue might be destroyed here.

“I’m so sorry, Bonita,” Lance whispers, not caring that the others might hear him through the comms.

Blue’s warm in his head, as sorrowful as he is. She’s mourning him, because she might survive, but he most definitely won’t.

“You could at least try to comfort me,” he tells her, sounding far more amused, far more cheerful than he feels.

He can distantly hear the others calling him through the comms, giving instructions to try to help him, or just repeating something (his name, the word 'no’, pleads), but he can’t pretend he has any chance of surviving.

“I’ll remember you,” Blue says.

And, okay, that is actually a comfort.

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can you write a headcanon of how the lords would be if they had a daughter? :D love your writing!

Hello! I wrote only the first 6 lords because school has me a bit busy, but if you want the other 6 feel free to send it in another ask. The rest under the cut to save dashboards.


  • Overprotective as hell.
  • Proud dad™
  • Takes his little girl everywhere.
  • Literally everywhere.
  • Mitsuhide sighs in every war council because there’s the baby
  • It doesn’t matter if he’s talking about killing every single person, he can also play with his daughter
  • Proud dad™ x2
  • If she spends too much time with her mom, pouty Nobu
  • Jealous as hell
  • Gets all grumpy if he can’t be with her because of work
  • Ditches work anyway because his daughter is more important
  • Mitsuhide has to chase them both
  • Only shares his konpeito with her because that’s his girl

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((You're killing me o m g This is so c u t e))

((Hey there so much angst let’s kill everyone with a little fluff. (Then we get back to the angst)))

Hi, a friendship between Christine and Erik would’ve been adorable. No love is even necessary, just her forcing him to get out of his CAVE, get some sunlight and for GOD’S SAKE STOP KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE. Oh, and trying to force Raoul and him to get along is an added plus.

First thought after  Arrow 5x17

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They delivered and then some.

They made do on their promise.

Oliver is broken.

Felicity is hurting but soon she will be on “Killer” mode.

Diggle is shocked but he’s going to be Yoda.

I’m crushed… as I should.

And now can we please move on…

Oh yeah… can someone just kill Evelyn… it’s way easier than killing Prometheus…

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Vendy’s beam once again KILLING ME. Also a legit 51.2 when she hits all four events is pretty awesome considering her bars are a disaster (but she made UB finals in Doha today VICTORY) and she vaults a tsuk back pike like a toddler. I LOVE HERRRR. 

This was at a test for Euros, btw. She’s a lock, and the other two will probably be Veronika Cenkova and Vendy’s twin, Adela Merkova. Adela missed the test last weekend due to illness, but we DID get to see the return of Aneta Holasova, who injured her knee at junior Euros last year. She’s only back with basic routines on bars and beam, most of her big skills are gone, but apparently she’s only been in the gym for two months so she’s nowhere near competitive at this point…and yet she still had the second-best scores on both of her events because CZE is a mess.