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So I saw this absolutely adorable drawing by @taluhkk and could not RESIST papercrafting it. It was so much fun, too! Though it looks like there are some bits that need a little extra glue if the shadows are anything to go by. (And once again photos are terrible, but the paper is glittery silver/white so it’s much cuter in person, promise)


The Beard Sequel has arrived
You guys know Chris is Full Chop Bald now right





Multiples Bonuses because I cannot stop:

Picture I did for the Sheithzine  back in Nov!

This version is actually a little different than the actual one I submitted for the zine. I struggled a lot with the BG and didn’t like the results;; >< Sorry for the change;;

Thank you to everyone who supported the zine! I’m so thankful that I was able to participate!