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Hello! What if the nordic's averagely clingy S/O suddenly got REALLY clingy, and wanted a twenty second hug every two minutes?

Norway- he has his clingy moments as well, and at first assume it would be just that. As it continues he’d get a little more skeptical eventually asking if anything was wrong. Whether or not something was or wasn’t he’d be more than willing to shower you with attention as long as no prying eyes were there to watch as he’s very shy with affection.

Denmark- him and fin would be the most to comply with it. He’d be a little oblivious to the fact you were more clingy than usual, but would eventually get the hint something was off after a while. He’d sit you down and ask what was wrong if you were willing to tell him- and if anything was even wrong- but he’d for sure give you all the cuddles and attention you want.

Iceland- this poor baby wouldn’t even know where to begin. He’d find it a little annoying at first as he’s very closed off with the pda and such, and after he got frustrated enough he would as what was wrong. After apologizing about his little blow up, he’d be willing to give you some attention within reason.

Sweden- he’d be a little confused like iceland, but wouldn’t complain. He’s always insecure about people finding him intimidating so your extra clinglyness wouldnt bother him. He would get worried after a while and would wonder if something was wrong.

Finland- like den, would be oblivious to it at first, but after he caught on he’d be asking more questions than the number of hugs you wanted. After clearing things up, he’d be more than happy to cuddle with you.

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An Ice Cave inside Iceland’s Vatnajokull Glacier


Iceland becomes the first country to require companies  prove they’re paying all genders equally

  • Iceland just made history by becoming the first country in the world to require companies to prove they pay their employees equally regardless of gender. Fittingly, the Icelandic government announced the new legislation on International Women’s Day. 
  • According to the Associated Press, the Icelandic government will introduce legislation to Parliament later this month that will require any business with more than 25 employees to obtain a certificate confirming that they pay all employees equally for equal work. 
  • Similar certificate programs exist in other countries and in one U.S. state, Minnesota. But Iceland will reportedly be the first country to mandate a certificate for both public and private companies. Read more (3/9/17 11:52 AM

I had dreamt of seeing Iceland for so long, but now that I look back on the photographs I took there, it still feels like just that - a dream.

Various locations on Iceland’s ring road. May 2016. (Instagram)

People on here treat languages pretty much the same as how people treat music tastes, I’ve noticed. 

Like there’s the pop music where a lot of pretentious people judge saying you’re not a real language fan if that’s all you’re learning : Spansih, French, Mandarin…etc. 

And then there’s like that indie bands that suddenly got popular, so they’re not really indie anymore: Irish, Norwegian, Icelandic…

And then there’s the really indie music where a lot of the listeners think they’re better than others because it’s so indie: Zulu, Czech, Tibetan…

Then there’s also like parody music like weird al yankovic where there’s that one annoying kid in class that thinks it’s the shit: Icelandic-Basque Pidgin, Old Church Slavonic… 

and then there’s like the rap or heavy metal fans who have to defend it because some people say it’s too harsh or violent: Russian, German…

Iceland becomes the first country in the world to make companies prove women get paid the same as men
The Nordic nation has pledged to eradicate the gender pay gap by 2022

On International Women’s Day, Iceland became the first country in the world to force companies to prove they pay all employees the same regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality or nationality,

The country’s government announced a new law that will require every company with 25 or more staff to gain a certificate demonstrating pay equality.

Iceland is not the first country to introduce a scheme like this - Switzerland has one, as does the US state of Minnesota - but Iceland is thought to be the first to make it a mandatory requirement.

Equality and Social Affairs Minister Thorsteinn Viglundsson said that “the time is right to do something radical about this issue.”

“Equal rights are human rights. We need to make sure that men and women enjoy equal opportunity in the workplace. It is our responsibility to take every measure to achieve that,” he said.

The move comes as part of a drive by the Nordic nation to eradicate the gender pay gap by 2022.

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Sooooooo, apparently there’s an Icelandic hotel called the Radisson Blu Saga Hotel that has a Lazy Town family suite…

I wonder how they’d feel about a single teenage boy renting it out.

The mystical palagonite landscape of Hvanngil valley, in the Icelandic highlands north of Mýrdalsjökull glacier

JRR Tolkien was very inspired by Iceland. the landscape of Tolkien’s Middle-earth (except for the very-English Shire) is Icelandic. Tolkien’s trolls are Icelandic trolls. His hobbit holes are like Icelandic turf houses. Bilbo’s ride to Rivendell matches, more or less, a ride through the Icelandic landscape and Gandalf’s character comes from Icelandic tales of Odin. 

Canada's contact names
  • America: My bitchy brother
  • England: Ooh them eyebrows
  • France: Papa
  • China: Won Ton soup
  • Italy: Mamma Mia
  • Germany: Potato
  • Japan: Dragon Ball Z
  • Prussia: Potato #2
  • Romano: why is he so salty
  • Cuba: Ice Cream
  • Norway: He's kinda weird
  • Iceland: ICE ICE BABY
  • Denmark: Ear rape
  • Finland: Santa
  • Sweden: ABBA
  • Latvia: Sympathy
  • Lithuania: Sympathy #2
  • Estonia: Sparkles
  • Poland: Fashion expert
  • Hungary: Skillet
  • Austria: He plays good.
  • Spain: Dat ass