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R A R E VINTAGE unused disguises from Robbie’s early days of villainy

People call him the Master of Disguise for a reason, you know. But some of these probably wouldn’t fly in LazyTown.

Political Commentator McBeardface

Drag Queen Daniel Radcliffe

Baby on Board

Extremely Alcoholic Doctor

Flashing Abs Man

Squinty Catholic Priest

Angry Leek Chef

Walt Disney circa 1934

Robin Williams

Confused But Intrigued Waiter (with bonus Nenni)

Conspiracy Country Bumpkin

F-Bomb Security Detail

Accordion Not-Swearing Sailor

Nosferatu Cellphone Gremlin

Turtleneck Poker Mobster

Important™ Political Adviser

Tropical Vacation Tourist

DudeBro Ad Executive

Captain Iceland, Anti-Smoking Crusader

(All of these are from a comedy sketch show called Áramótaskaupið that Stefán Karl was in. It’s all in Icelandic, so I have no idea what the hell anyone is saying but you can glean some of it from just the context and it’s amazing.)

Allies/Axis and the Nordics reacting to accidentally touching the s/o's chest

















A Basic Guide for Pronouncing Icelandic.

This is a subject that I frequently post about, and yet its basics have yet to be properly discussed. This post will help you to achieve familiarity with the Icelandic language, both in terms of written characters and their respective sounds. This guide may also be used as a method for pronouncing Old Norse. It is a lengthy guide, but that is because Icelandic, in all its beauty, is a bit difficult for most people to pronounce. In the end, this quite is only “basic” because it does not delve deeply into the linguistics behind certain sounds involved. Nonetheless, this guide should provide to be very helpful!

When working through this guide, try to avoid becoming overwhelmed. I strongly recommend working through only one section at a time.

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Nordics' reactions if their s/o were to fall under the ice while skating.

Norway- he’d probably just jump in right after you in an attempt to save you. He’d be panicked all right, but he does what he can to help you.

Denmark- probably shouts into the ice for a couple of seconds to see if you resurface or not. If you don’t he jumps in after you, if you do, he pulls you out and makes sure you don’t get sick.

Iceland- probably stands there panicking for a little and looking under the ice for you. He’d need to call someone for help, and you can bet he’ll be worried sick about you for the next week or so.

Sweden- another one to jump in the ice to save you. (Look at norway’s)

Finland- He’d be a mix of the other four. He’d be panicking and shouting your name before finally deciding to jump in if need be. Expect a lot of hot chocolate and blankets to warm you up after.

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Rebellious phase*?

America- The revolutionary war
France- The French Revolution
Russia- The Russian Revolution and that time when Peter the Great made a law making all men not have beards.
China- The opium wars
Canada- That time he burned down dc in the war of 1812
England- All of the British Invasion of the music scene.
Germany- The mid to late 1800s. He was probably a teen then and wanted more control over stuff. And more dogs.
N. Italy- When he stopped being Austria’s servant and became his own country.
S. Italy- He’d prob say his whole life but in all honesty probably when he broke away from Spain.
Prussia- From the time he hasnt been a country to now. He seems like the dude you see at walmart at 3am buying ramen
Hungary- When she left Austria’s house.
Japan- When he fought China
Sweden- Leaving Denmark and continuing to fight him for about 800 years
Finland- Finnish-Russo wars
Lithuania- Leaving the USSR first.
Netherlands- Leaving Spain then taking over trade.
Portugal- Making the spice trade route after being cut off.
Iceland- Not saying big brother


natgeotravel Video @ladzinski / #sponsored by @djiglobal // Exploring Iceland’s remarkable interior and endless waterfalls. //


Kind of the Nordics live in something called the Wilds there not really part of any of the kingdoms. Most of the land is unexplored and has harsh un real terrain full of dense forests and chilled swamps (that’s not a typo there are legit swamps that are freezing)  There are stories told to young children of what lurks in the Wilds and people getting lost in it’s twist and turns or just go missing lingering on it’s boarders,

The boys are bodyguards to Manon who’s a Diamond Ace (she’s born after Peter dies) she escapes during the exchanged between Clubs. The people the Nordics belong too are a very superstitious people who have no magical talent so Manon’s power is view god like (not sure what that power is it is yet)

Here’s the little clip from 1994’s Icelandic comedy television show (Áramótaskaup) featuring the one and only Stefán Karl back when he was 19. I will post the full YouTube link below if you’d like to appreciate Icelandic comedy I personally think it’s brilliant ♥

Resource: https://youtu.be/i9zHs86NPmU

Side note,
He’s so fucking gorgeous ughhh, just look how fabulous he is like GOODNESS. Stefáni Karli Stefánssyni is a jack of all trades hands down. I love him ♥

You Sneeze Like A Cat?!

Hey hey anon, this is for you~! This is how Lithuania, Iceland, Norway, America, England, Greece and Belarus would react if their s/o sneezed like a cat. :D Hope you all enjoy~!

England: He’s highly amused but tries to hide his laughter behind a cup of tea.

America: He just outright laughs at his s/o.

Iceland: How is that possible?! What the heck?!

Greece: His s/o sneezes like a cat! He loves them even more now. 

Belarus: She pretends to be a cat for a while after hearing how cute her s/o was.

Lithuania: His s/o is super cute! Aww <3

Norway: He kind of thinks it’s cute but is mostly confused.

-Mod Lily