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What would be everybody's favorite ice cream flavor??? I must know please mama😣😣🍦🍧🍨

Mikasa: Strawberry
Reiner: vanilla
Bertholdt: Mango
Annie: Chocolate
Eren: Stracciatella
Jean: Cinnamon 
Marco: Cherry
Sasha: Choclate chip
Connie: White chocolate
Historia: Coffee
Armin: Vanilla
Ymir: Mint
Levi: Green tea
Hanji: Cookie
Erwin: Toffee
Nanaba: Stracciatella
Mike: Lemon

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I love your aus so much! your writing is one of the things that i look forward to the most on tumblr! i hope you're having a great day! and can i request a small au for the8 please? ◕ ◡ ◕

thank you sm!!!

  • professional figure skater!minghao 
  • performs solo and always chooses dark, dramatic classical pieces because they challenge him more
  • also because can you imagine him in a silken black shirt, poets sleeves, bedazzled red jewels around the open collar and then,,,,,ofc,,,,,The Eye Makeup
  • a dashing blood red eyeliner that glitters when he steps out onto the stage
  • and holy moly,,,,,he’d look like some kind of,,,,,,evil prince,,,,,evil handsome prince,,,,,,,im crying writing this
  • his long legs look amazing when he’s on ice and doing the turns and complicated jumps
  • and like,,,,,,hoW CAN someones body be so flexible and look like Actual Water when they move????
  • idk but minghao manages to pull that off. while on ICE
  • and the skating ring where he practices is open to the public on some days and ,,,, you happen to be there because a friend of yours dragged you along
  • and you,,,,,,,cannot skate to save your life. or anyone else’s for that matter
  • and your friend is having a grand old time skating backwards  and doing little turns and you’re stuck clinging to the wall for dear life
  • until suddenly you bump into someones back whose  also on the wall and you’re like!!!!!! im sorry,,, i just suck really bad
  • but when you look up,,,,,,,,,,,,you see a somehow familiar face,,,,,,,,a very handsome ,,,, familiar face
  • where have you see him before???????
  • and then you realize,,,,with a small sound,,,,,that you’re looking at XU MINGHAO,,,,,,,,,,,a world champion figure skater?????? and you’re like oh my god this is ten hundred times worse,,,, i made a fool myself on skates in front of a literal gOD of skates
  • but minghao is thinking the total opposite, he’d been leaning against the wall watching you try to wobble your way across the ice,,,,,,and tbh he found it really charming
  • and as you’re standing there, flustering over what to do, he takes your hand off the wall and he’s like “let me teach you, you’re not gonna learn if you don’t try.”
  • and your speechless,,,because??? he’s an professional????? how?????
  • but somehow you don’t feel scared with his hands in yours as he leads you to the center of the ring and he’s like “let’s first learn how to stand, ok?”
  • and,,,,it’s some kind of magic,,,,,minghao magic that he’s making ice skating fun for you,,,,,,,,,the person who was least excited about being here
  • and every time you look up, he’s smiling and his eyes sparkle and you swear,,,,,,you’re looking at an angel
  • and he’s gently still holding you but you’re learning fast and suddenly he lifts his hand to twirl you around and you’re like oh,,,, oh my,,,
  • but you successfully do a twirl
  • and minghao leans down and is like “im more of a solo skater, but soon enough you’ll be good enough to be my partner ^^”
  • and you’re like gfkdhsljafdls,,,,turning super red and hot in the face even though this indoor ring is freezing
  • because wow xu minghao just flirted with you,,,,,,,,and it was really cute and oh his hands still on your  waist,,,,,,,,,,,,don’t lose your balance and fall on the ice!!!!
I Don’t Roleplay an NPC.

A little OOC venting about to go down rn. This has been something that’s been bothering me for a while, and I see it a lot on characters who play a specific role in RP. 

People don’t roleplay NPCs for your story. 

Guard roleplayers don’t exist to solve your problems on command. They’re not dogs. That’s their IC job, but there are characters behind the guards armor. The lovely @percy-aldenhardt is a character that I’ve known and roleplayed with since 2015ish, I’ve seen Percy, as a character, start off as a paladin squire and move forward from there. He’s had love interests, he has family, he has a plotline and story outside of “Commander of the Guard.” Sure, that’s what he’s known for, that’s the role he plays in roleplay, but Percy isn’t an NPC. Similarly, he can’t just be killed off because your character is super bad and can kill any guards that come after them.

Characters like Archelaos – He’s a bad guy! That’s the role he plays. He’s a bad guy, and he makes other people into bad guys too. He’s an antagonist. However, that doesn’t mean that he’s not a person behind the role. Archelaos has a rich history, he has friends, lovers, family, tons of personal plotlines and guild plotlines that he’s deeply invested in. As such, he’s not an NPC baddy that, once he does something bad, he can just be killed off so justice can be served and the hero wins the day.

There’s some people who roleplay temporary characters who were always planned to be killed off, and those are a lot of fun! @elias-toulouse was a great example of that. However, characters like Elias aren’t the default. The default is that, even though they play a role in a story, these characters are not disposable. It’s not “refusing IC consequences” to not consent to our characters being killed off so you can feel vindicated and strong.

If these are what you’re looking for in your good guys and bad guys, just NPCs whose sole role in RP is to either aid your character in looking like the hero, or to be killed off so you can be the hero: Use NPCs.

It’s incredibly disrespectful to your RP partner to treat their character like they’re disposable and that you have priority over them. I’ve been seeing this happen tons with both guard roleplayers and antagonist roleplayers, which you wouldn’t think would be grouped in this, but they certainly are.

Respect your RP partners.

Respect their character.

To all you so called hip hop heads go listen to ice cube’s Amerikkka’s Most Wanted and Death Certificate, go listen to Public Enemy’s It Takes a Million to Hold us Back, this music shit has come a long way and it makes me sad my kids will never understand how great music can influence culture but the greatest advice I can give someone is, do your research and you’ll never listen to wack shit, good night and God bless!

3/23 Interview with Sui/Han from Artistry on Ice’s weibo. Rough translation:

Asked about whether they made any changes to their programs between 4CC and Worlds, Wenjing replies yes, they changed some positions that were uncomfortable and made other changes that they think will express the music better. Every performance of their programs will be slightly different in hopes of making the programs more complete and beautiful.

Leaving for Worlds soon, how are they feeling? Wenjing replies they are a little bit nervous but the goal is to control their nerves and skate their best in competition.

Why is Han Cong smiling so much? (He started smiling during Wenjing’s last response.) Han Cong: “Today I’m just backup, I just think what she said was good.”

Interviewer asks Han Cong to talk about how he feels. Han Cong says they have done everything they can in practice, and at Worlds they just want to skate the best that they can without thinking too much. They want to go into Worlds like 4CC, put emotion into their performances, and skate programs that they can be satisfied with as part of this season.

Interviewer mentions that Wenjing was very emotional after they won 4CC. They have won 4CC many times before, what was different about their feelings this time? Wenjing replies that in the past year they have really gone through so much. She can’t express in words what they’ve experienced. Every day was extremely difficult but they grit their teeth and stood up bit by bit. In the previous season they achieved nearly everything, despite some mistakes, but to come down from those heights, it’s possible you can’t recover. Since the surgery, she had to completely start from scratch. She had to control her own emotions, she had many bad thoughts during those times. The biggest question she had was whether she would be able to skate again. She couldn’t imagine her life without skating. After she came back to the ice it was very hard, they got through it bit by bit. The free skate tells their story from the past year. After they finished the performance, she felt she had no regrets left. As long as they could stand on the ice again, they were happy. Before 4CC she was very nervous, because they hadn’t competed for a year, and everything had changed. She had to relearn how to walk, how to do everything. A fan told her that even through the screen, they could feel her nervousness, and it was the first time they got that feeling from her. Usually she is a very outgoing and open person, not afraid of anything. The fan told her it doesn’t matter how they skate, fans will be happy just to see them back on the ice. After their performances at 4CC, she thought that she must keep those words in mind and enjoy every day on the ice. She was incredibly fortunate to be able to come back and every day she feels how lucky she is.

Interviewer asks if while Wenjing was recovering, Han Cong felt very anxious and supportive of his partner. Wenjing: “He said I got fat (laughs).” Cong: Wished that Wenjing would be able to return quickly. After their 4CC performance he hugged her fat self. (Wenjing laughs) He trained by himself, after Wenjing came back they added more strength training to his regimen. Now that they’ve gotten through that period, they’re looking towards Worlds and aiming to do their best there.

After 4CC, do they feel like the pressure has decreased a bit, if they feel more ready to take on the new season? Wenjing says yes, they have won 4CC before, but this time it gave them more confidence, and the judges’ response to them was stronger than before. It’s encouraging and gives them more motivation to continue to improve in the future. Han Cong says it’s also a reminder for them to always put forth their best effort and to remember how they got to where they are.

Interviewer asked them before 4CC who they thought their main competitors were, and Wenjing had said, “Myself.” At the time they had just returned to training, how is her self-confidence now? Wenjing replies her self-confidence comes from practice. If she can do it in practice, then she has confidence. She puts a lot of effort into everything she does, not just skating, studies and everything else too. Her only enemy, the only person she has to surpass, is herself.

today at work I decided to doodle instead of napping, and filled a page in whatever character I could draw/remember how to draw. This is done in ballpoint pen so I wasn’t able to fix any mistakes (i.e. Discord).

I’ve got Discord with tea, Milo Murphy with a broken arm, Wander looking through a Villain’s Monthly, Hekapoo with large Scissor swords, Randy Cunningham hopping out of a NINJA SMOKEBOMB, Kravitz slicing the inky tar, Bill Cipher “looking” menacingly, Marceline whining for attention from an overworked Bonnibel, Connie looking awesome with Rose’s Sword and Ice King losing at chess against Gunter.

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talk to me abt ellirius

it’s fire. it’s clenched fists and blazing eyes. cutting words and sharp smirks. it’s fierce, it’s intense - and it’s only between him and you.

it’s also bitter love confessions, late at night, lying on your backs on the quidditch pitch. against the wall at polly morgan’s party. finding yourself in his bed on new year’s eve.

‘i hate you,’ you say, pressing kisses to his knuckles. 

he finds the hollow of your throat with his lips. ‘i hate you. fuck, but you’re gorgeous.’

i could say the same for you, you think.

it’s ice. it’s magic. unadulterated bliss and terrible pain - i’m a mess, he warns you, nimble fingers paused at the buttons of your blouse.

not the only mess, you whisper back.

when he kisses you, he’s smiling.

he’s a lost boy. you’ve found him. 

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TJ and Pally go to get ice cream and TJ is appalled by Pally's favorite flavor

“I’m just…I’m not sure how I didn’t know this about you.”

“It’s just ice cream,” Pally says, plopping a spoonful of mint chocolate chip in his mouth.

“Yeah, but it’s green. And minty. It tastes like, I dunno, toothpaste and those shitty after-dinner mints. It’s awful.”

Pally takes another bite and smiles. “A lot of people like mint chocolate.”

“And those people are wrong,” he yells, gesturing wildly with his spoon. 

Pally snickers at him. “Not everyone likes things as sweet as you.”

Tyler frowns into his cake batter with sprinkles and marshmallows. “Sweet is the point.”

“We agree to disagree.”

He huffs and eats his perfectly normal ice cream in silence. Pally hooks his foot around Tyler’s ankle and the quiet turns warm and companionable. It’s a hot day, the first glimmer of summer. Tyler scoots down in his chair and basks in the sun. 

Eventually, Pally scrapes his spoon along the bottom of his cup. “You wanna take the dogs to the park later?”

“Yeah. Or we could take ‘em down to the beach for a run.”

Pally nudges him in the shin. “I could think of a less terrible way to get sweaty.”

“After you wash your mouth out with something not so minty.”

He blows his minty breath right in Tyler’s face on his way to the car. And Tyler shouldn’t reward the bad behavior, but he tugs him down by the neck of his shirt and kisses him anyway. 

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(◕ ◡ ◕) what's your favorite ice cream flavor??

Actually, my teeth are pretty sensitive to the cold so I can’t eat ice cream at all! sometimes, I like to look at the colors they have in them! my favorite is birthday cake

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Just a thought, but what if Ice was voiced by Zhang Yu, the voice of Mei from Overwatch. She's an ice based character.

i don’t really know anything about overwatch it never interested me, and  ice’s  voice actor is Elizabeth Daily